The End

I started playing PES2018 on 12th September 2017.

I stopped playing PES2018 on 8th March 2018.

That’s a few days short of 6 solid months of play, which is fantastic value for 30-odd quid.

Whatever else I have said and will say about PES2018, there is no faulting its value for money. And the same was true for all the ‘nuPES’ games, from PES2016 on.

I’ll get to my full overview of PES2018 in Tuesday’s post, which will be my full End Of Year Review of the game. (Thumbnail preview: good football game, not-good PES game.)

For now – Season 8 of PES2018 has ended.

I failed to overhaul the leaders, and missed out on the Premier League title by 3 points.If just one of my draws had been a win… if just one of my defeats had been a draw.

No matter. I was not too bothered. If there had been a Season 9 in this game I am sure I would have won the title at a canter. I am not leaving with a sense of unfinished business here.

My two big successes were in the two Cups. The FA Cup and the Champions League.

The pic at the top of the post gives away how the Champions League turned out. But the FA Cup first:The FA Cup first, and my final opponents were Leicester City. At this point I want to mention something weird that happened in the latter part of this final PES2018 season. Recently I have bemoaned the absence of true PES-style individuality from the game – and suddenly, my forgotten striker, Stepinski, emerged as one. As an individual. Seriously, he has made a late, late clam to be the individual of PES2018 for me.

Take a look at this mini-compilation of goals from Stepinski, from my run-in. The second goal is a bona fide long-ranger, only my second or third such in PES2018 as a whole. The final goal nicely showcases one of PES2018’s loveliest animations, the outside-of-the-boot lob:

Also in the above clip is a bonus shot of the closest I got – or will ever get – to scoring from my PES2018 corner routine. If that one had gone in…

So Stepinski was The Man of the run-in, and won me the FA Cup as seen in the screenie above.

The overall top scorer for the Premier League, though, was my much-maligned Harry Kane. Despite never really standing out as an individual on the ball, he continued to rack up the goals.

And so to the Champions League final. The opponents: Manchester City.

I groaned when I saw it’d be them. I would have liked to have come up against a proper Continental heavyweight. It was to be my last-ever match on PES2018. This football game has been part of my life for 6 months. That’s half a year. We don’t get to live all that many years as human beings. Some marriages don’t last 6 months.Matches against Manchester City have been among my very worst nuPES matches, full stop. Fast and frenetic, relentlessly end-to-end, whenever I want to think about why nuPES is a shocking betrayal of sacred PES values, I tend to think of matches like this.

So it was again. The fouls count at the end of 90 minutes was, of course, 0-0. I do not remember a single thing about anything that happened in the match. But I was a 3-1 winner in goals.

The European Cup (as we must always call the trophy itself) is one of the few actual trophies that you get to see presented in PES2018. No, I don’t know why either. But there it is, looking good.

For some reason, though, you only get to see some of your team in the traditional group shot. In the picture below, it looks to me as if there should be a full complement of players around the Cup. But it seems we have to have either an Invisible Cup or Invisible Players. Strange.

And that was that.

The game loaded up its next in-game week, forlornly flashing up the usual squad messages and so forth – but that next week will never be played. Not unless I have the kind of change of heart experienced by St Paul on the road to Damascus. Don’t make me tell that story again.

Tuesday’s post will explore the main reasons why PES as a living, breathing, annually-renewed force, will no longer be part of my life. Spoiler: because PES was usurped several years ago, and the pretender can no longer be allowed to occupy the throne.

Updated: 9th March 2018 — 11:12


  1. Not an original viewpoint I know, but I detested The Last Jedi so much. More of a Guardians of the Galaxy effort than a Star Wars film.

  2. NG – Still haven’t seen the Last Jedi but have heard its not one for ‘true aficionados’ of the series.

    I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, the second one even more so, for what it was,a good fun film, nice mix of action and humour and with a killer sound track.

  3. Paul — agreed about GoG, but it’s jarring to see that sensibility ported into Star Wars, and not even in a way that makes sense. nuStar Wars, we might call it….

  4. I believe its on Sky Cinema, if not now, soon so will watch it, just to see, Black Panther was a superb film.

  5. Dave Bautista steals the show in Guardians of the Galaxy. I was a fan of his when he was in WWE (as Batista), and after listening to him in some podcasts & interviews, even more now.

  6. I was utterly bored watching Black Panther. I was also more than a little disappointed with Last Jedi. It felt a bit prequel-y in places.

    It happened didn’t it? I commented last week and Brighton lost for the first time since the last time I comounted! FA Cup this week, surely the jinx doesn’t apply.

  7. Paul – What a sad indictment of modern society that ‘skip intro’ function is. I do like Skip Intro as a ML default player name though. I might edit him in alongside Colin Coynborough.

  8. Shed – I noted that, I deliberately didn’t mention newcastle’s six pointer for the same reason.

    I have missed pretty much all of the last few big films – Thor, Spider-Man, gog2, dr strange etc etc. I just don’t go to the cinema any more and Netflix uk hasn’t got the marvel clout since they said they’ll be doing their own subscription channel. I don’t like Star Wars in any form. What I tend to end up going for are the trashy action things that Liam neeson has been topping up his pension doing, or denzel Washington as a hard man. Mindless stuff.

  9. Shed, as a cinematography and motion graphics fan I love watching movie and tv show intros but when you watch a show regularly, by the 7th season you have pretty much seen the intro enough times, so the skip intro button is great.

  10. Any of the nerd PC brigade aware of any issues with playing the likes of Civ and FM nowadays on an older laptop? Likely to be more Civ 4, FM 2014 etc on windows 8, spec seems fine but ever since I put steam on the older older one I had it started running like an old dog. It’s just for those time when I may find myself supposed to be working.

  11. Uncle Turf – you shouldn’t have a problem running either of those games on any machine younger than about 6 years. The newer the better of course, and you might have to tinker with graphics in-game for best outcome. PES5, of course, runs on everything.

    No issues with Steam myself on any machine, but when it’s updating in the background it is a resource and bandwidth hog.

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