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Just before the pre-season transfer window closed, I realised I needed a new left-back. Kenedy has been my left-back for four or five seasons and was a ‘My Favourite Players’ a season or two ago. But his decline has set in – OPR down to 79 – and some new blood is needed.

I found Passlack via Scouting, always the best way to waste the least amount of time, as they’ll always discuss terms.

So far so good, and he has already displaced Kenedy for first choice.

I also like Passlack’s name, which is very footbally.

It gives me the idea for possibly the most tricky Custom XI ever: footballers with names whose first part is something that they would do in football (such as Pass), and the second is a modifier of that action (lack). So this XI would need players with names like Shootmore and Tacklemuch and Savewell, etc. Are there enough such players to make a Whimsical XI?

Season 7 on Top Player has started encouragingly, in such a way that I already know it’s going to be a successful one in terms of final position. The table after 10 matches:

I’d be up there in the top 4, but I suffered a couple of careless draws and took a surprise mauling at the hands of Sunderland (who’ve got Regen ‘Ibra’, as I call him, what with him being my mate and all).

I’ve started winning on Top Player a lot more than I lose. Some of those wins are comfortable ones, but not all of them. There is still more than enough of a challenge in Top Player to continue.

How is nuPES-watch going? This is where I monitor, through gritted teeth, how the multiplayer-oriented game that PES most certainly is now, behaves itself (or doesn’t) in single-player. Every PES fan worth his salt knows that single-player is all that truly matters when it comes to this series. No single-player excellence = not a true PES game. QED. It’s the only formula in the Universe that counts.

It’s not proceeding badly. I’m liking it more than I’m not.

But all the gruesome multiplayer flourishes are still there in bucketloads.

The incessant ice hockey-style flow.

Precious little individuality – any player who shows a spark of individuality, becomes ineffective for several matches afterwards.

Effectively zero fouls – my per-match foul average must be around 0.1 now. Not an exaggeration.

No penalties, ever, no matter how obviously I’m barged and clattered off the ball in the box. It beggars belief that there are still those who believe no-fouls and no-penalties is a Fox Engine thing. It’s not. It’s a programming-and-marketing decision thing.

So while I’m playing PES2018 with enjoyment, in the nuPES Zone of Judgement I remain as unforgiving and ragingly fundamentalist as ever.

I am gleefully not going to bother with PES2019. Seriously, dropping support for the nuPES bastardisation of the franchise, will be one of my great pleasures of 2018. I feel all worthy already. There’s a nice little glow of anticipatory satisfaction.

And PES2018 isn’t that far from the end of its time. At the moment, I really am thinking just this season and one more, and that’s all folks. I’ve got a week off work coming up and should motor through a good chunk of it then.

8 seasons. Maybe one more season after that if things are interesting at the close of Season 8, but I don’t see PES2018’s ML making it to double figures. It might make it to February, though, which is a decent performance to be fair.

Updated: 16th January 2018 — 10:53


  1. I’ve had Passlack for 2 seasons now, play him at RB, great player, pace, good positional awareness and can shoot too!

    A premature end for PES 18 then? I thought you’d at least get to a point where you win something on TP, then give SS Another bash.

    I’m really enjoying having european football in the guide of Europa league to look forward to, its a nice break up from the usual english teams week in week out.

  2. Paul – there’d be nothing premature if I win something, which I think I will. 8 or 9 seasons is about average for a PES like this one. The only ones that tend to make double figures are the likes of PES2010/12 etc

  3. There must be a passmore. And bound to be a Slav with an ‘ov’ that could work – I’d not want to know what yankov did for the team though.

    Paul – the murder thing is on the back burner, I finally got round to sticking breaking bad on. How I’ve missed ever seeing an episode I’m not sure but nor do I know anything about the series apart from the opening premise. Yes, Terry Hayes – I picked it up purely as I’d got some cash left on a gift card, never heard of it before but it seemed to get good reviews a couple of years back.

  4. Turf – like you I missed out on Breaking Bad first time around and tried watching it on a box set. I gave up after about three episodes as it just didn’t wow me enough. Couldn’t really see what the fuss was about.

    How about or

  5. I’m a Breaking Bad fan Turf, the opening episode with him in his pants by the side of the caravan, classic!
    Sons of Anarchy is also superb!!! If you like violence, sex and gritty story lines.

    So not tempted to play for a Treble as per usual NG?
    I’m going to finish this season, then have another season back on Superstar and see how it fares. TP won’t keep me entertained for much longer, I’m winning nearly every game, a few draws here and there, and the odd really tough game, but I’m always confident and pretty sure of the victory

  6. n-G – I don’t doubt you for a moment but it’s going to be interesting to see how ambivalent to PES 2019 you remain once PES Day rolls around. I suggest a thumb shot of whatever you’re playing anyway.

    The fact you’re on season seven of ML and I’m only just about to start season four really highlights how little I play now compared to a couple of years ago. I think I managed six or seven seasons of PES 2017. One thing that used to put me off FIFA was that its Career Mode has a maximum of 15 seasons. I’m not sure I’ll ever get up to double digits on a CM or ML now.

    I find myself rather looking forward to my debut season in the Premier League in PES 2018 now I’ve returned from the shed having scratched my PES 2011 itch. That game still holds up but I need to get to some kind of end with PES 2018 if I am going to embark on a full ML.

    Playing 2011 did make me realise how hard it’s going to be to settle on an old PES and ride out those inevitable frustrations with a whole catalogue of other PES/FIFAs ready and waiting.

    Anyway, back to PES 2018 for now and still undecided to start the Premier League on Superstar or stick with Top Player. The latter seems most likely.

    Paul – Your description of Passlack at RB could almost be mistaken as player individuality.

  7. Paul – I hope to try for a Treble in Season 8 (thinking I can close in on the title this current season). I really am not fussed about PES2018 having no longevity beyond that. It’s an empty shell of a PES game, just like its two immediate predecessors sad to say. I’m licking the chocolate off the outside.

    Uncle Turf – as Chris99 indicates, you’ll know within a couple of episodes if it’s for you. All I can say is that watching it was one of the best times of my life! No matter what else happened, all I had to think was ‘couple of episodes of Breaking Bad tonight’ and everything was better.

    Shed – I will surprise you then. I’ll be following the summertime preview season as closely as ever, and poring over the early multiplayer-only reports for whatever crumbs of single-player information we can glean amid all the gushing, but I’m not expecting to see anything other than another member of the PES2016-17-18 family. For me to change my mind I would want visible evidence of post-game stats in single-player showing a minimum of 4 AI fouls per match on average, along with sworn testimony from experienced PES players that a sea-change has occurred. Nothing less in short than a complete about-face away from nuPES will do. PES2019 will have to be as different from PES2018 (and all its accursed brethren) as PES2014 was from PES2013. Do you think that will happen? Not the remotest chance, ever, of that happening, and so PES2018 will be my last ever current PES game.

  8. Shed – Whilst I agree with NG in that player individuality seems much more diluted these days, it is still there.
    I have several players whom I can instantly tell when they’re on the ball, and I know what they can and can’t do well, and when they don’t player, their stand in feels different.
    But have also signed a few players that have played a handful of times maybe over 1 or 2 seasons then moved on, as they felt very ‘identikit’ and didn’t stand out.

    I’ve just signed a 90 rated Lukaku, for £44 million and £9 million a year salary.

  9. In regards to player individuality: played a few matches with Portsmouth on FIFA18 who I’m planning to use for a Career Mode on there in a few weeks / month. Very pronounced difference between players, loved it. Of course this all but disappears if and when teams get better but still, refreshing to see. Certainly better than the PES defaults this year.

    As it is, I’ve business to conclude with PES first before that comes to pass. Currently undecided on whether to continue on with Ajax (downside: no D2 so no promotion. quite easy thus far as well) or AC Milan in the Serie B. Championship is a no-go after the corrupted Liverpool save. Not going through that slog (again), reserving that for FIFA18.

    On something unrelated entirely: I think derby matches in PES are very well done this year. Not 10000mph, no-fouls affairs, quite the contrary. Well in the Eredivisie at least. Got played off the park just now by Feyenoord in a proper match with lots of fouls. Very enjoyable.

  10. #1 – Last night I had a derby match vs Leicester, one of the best games of PES I’ve ever played.
    I was on the back of a 9 game unbeaten run, and they pressed me really aggressively right from the 1st minute to try and win the ball back high up the pitch, they also man marked my star CF Embolo really tightly and as soon as he got the ball they smashed him.

    Once they won the ball they passed it around nicely with a mix of long balls to hit the CF, wing player and actually tried a few long range shots, was a marked difference from any style of play I’ve seen from the COM for ages.

    It took some proper focused concentration, keep ball, and eventually a sub to bring on a very pacy winger to get behind the defence to set up the first goal, then as they pushed forward late on to try to equalise, I picked them off with a crisp counter attack to slot home a curled instep effort into the far corner.

    A proper mini chess-game within a match it was, and very enjoyable.

  11. Paul – was that the AI that you need?

  12. Paul – sounds very good and similar to what I am seeing. The key after some observations seems to be in CPU aggression: straight from kickoff the COM’s ATT/DEF is on “red” (one above neutral). This makes them press you and also commit to errors (more passing error and more fouls) and more creative play. Now as a PC player: why in tarnation is there no mod that raises ATT/Def to “red” for each match?

  13. NG – That one single solitary match is an example of a play style individual to teams, that should be on show for each team.
    If I then played Arsenal and they passed the ball fast and attacked with pace and had skillful players doing flicks and stuff, then I played Chelsea who were dogged, compact and well organised defensively, or Liverpool who attack with ferocious pace, and press really aggressively, or even a Stoke, who are very physical, and play long balls, then THAT would be the AI I need.

    One single varied team style in over 300 matches is not the AI I need.

    #1 – Just adjusting every COM teams att level to Red would be too crude a ‘fix’ – You’d then get every team playing aggressively in the same manner, so we’d be back to square one.

    Every team should feel different when you play against them, I realise some teams play similarly but the nuances they have with different types of player would make their style feel different enough. The clue is in the title – Intelligence, currently it is not and it needs to be.

  14. Paul – wholeheartedly agree, every team SHOULD feel different and to a certain extent that was the case in last years’ PES. However so far from what I’ve experienced, all teams play exactly the same in PES18 – a few exceptions here and there – anyway, whether in the Championship, Serie B or Eredivisie and I suspect every other league. Therefore I’d rather have that same situation (since that will not change this year), but in the more aggressive style that yields more fouls from the CPU at the very least.

  15. #1 – I didn’t find PES 17 any better in terms of different play styles, the game was so easy it was irrelevant anyway. By season 5 I had won everything in sight, my current team were 11 out of the top 15 rated players in the game, so new signings were pointless..
    PES 18 is much harder but hasn’t progressed the AI any.

    If you go into edit mode and change each team in the league you are playing ins team strategy to aggressive pressuring and high defensive lines, and win the ball upfield, you would get a similar effect, but you’d need to start a new ML obviously as any edit changes don’t carry into an existing ML.

  16. I did notice a significant difference in playing styles across CPU teams from season 1-3 on PES17, roughly. Granted there were only a few “archetypes” in reality (counter, long ball, possession etc) but even that has gone out the window. By season 5 as you say it all became a generic blur though I had some flashes of individuality in the eredivisie at that point. perhaps because I offloaded a whole lot of “name” regens at competing clubs.

    As it is I find myself trying to find excuses to play the game. Fallout 4 is wearing thin (almost done with the expansions) and I find myself in need of a solid footy game. I’ve got FIFA18 waiting in the wings but want to conclude things with PES first.

    My “problem” though – Championship is too much of a slog after having my initial save wiped. Serie B is almost barren and the most generic of all leagues so far (I imagine that holds true for the Ligue 2 and second spanish division as well). Eredivisie – enjoyable but too easy on Professional and no D2. So, sticking with Eredivisie for now since at least I am enjoying the matches. Currently 2nd in the league at the midway point so can qualify for the CL in the first season. If that happens it’s up to Top Player immediately. If I win anything on that I’m requesting a transfer to the Premier League. Already had the possibility to go to Lazio btw – crazy.

  17. #1 – Quite fancy moving on to a foreign team after concluding my business with my current ML team, ie, once I’ve won league and European honours, departing for a lower based European side and try to repeat the process.
    Its either that, or move on to FIFA 18, and it would be a shame to not experience FIFA and its career mode.

  18. Paul – I often notice an AI team as a whole doing something that seems different and unique from the norm, and ditto individual AI players (a scissors kick, etc.). But on the whole, yes, it’s the same AI over and over again.

    #1 – I remain genuinely taken aback at the non-appearance of intricate, detailed mods for recent editions of PES. Bulk Edits don’t count, and don’t work anyway. It’s a strange mystery indeed as to where the tools are that implement the kinds of wholesale gameplay changes the games now need to be proper PES. It could be that the Jenkeys of the world accepted a couple of PESes ago what I only recently have accepted – that the series is effectively a whole new football game series that has taken on the name of PES.

  19. But the Jenkeys and Neesa’s of this world have the ability to stop NuPES descending into the abyss with their changes, Neesa still makes graphical mods, but Jenkey seems to have given up PES editing a couple of years back, great shame.

    I too see players do different things NG, but the trouble is its not linked to any type of player stats or anything, so one match I may see Ozil do a drag back and fade skill to elude a marker, great, we should be seeing that occasionally, the trouble is in the next match I will see Ashley Williams, a lumbering less than average CB, perform the same skill. There’s no intelligence behind what happens.
    Same with the laser guided passes, backheels, etc, they are all great in the right situation and context with the right players, the trouble is everyone does them, all the time regardless.

  20. Paul – i highly recommend switching clubs at some point. Did that on pes 17 and had a great time. It’s kind of a necessity for me as the eredivisie does not have d2 and master league without promotion just doesn’t feel right. So what I did was – championship, promotion to premier league, win a few prizes and then move to Ajax. Proceeded to win everything there was to win and then moved back to the Prem. Glorious times.

    Re. FIFA, you are definitely right. Have the week off so had a bit of a kick about in career mode. It’s so rich on and off the pitch. You can do transfer negations yourself in real time. Realistic budgets which you can adjust. Commentary that doesn’t make you want to strangle the commentary team. Solid, solid gameplay and it looks the business as well. I will say that it’s too soon for me though. In a few months I’ll be back on it as gameplay is still where pes is the better footy game. Only just, though…

    As for jenkey – very curious how he managed the pes 2013 gameplay patch, as in what where the underlying mechanics? Not sure if he’s still active on the forums but would love to ask him. If only SOME things could be tweaked.. We’d have a year-long game on our hands.

  21. NG – your remarks regarding wholesale changes got me thinking about the elder scrolls. As you may know a series I hold in very high regard only based on the very first elder scrolls I played – morrowind. Neither oblivion or skyrim never reached the same heights or even spirit of that game but still, they were elder scrolls games. Licking off the chocolate as you say. Regardless the requiem mod for skyrim I was going on about last Year has shown me that wholesale changes ARE possible and can change games in what they are “supposed to be”. I still have that same hope for PES. The existence of the Jenkey patch for pes 2013 is proof of that. (going on your description of it)

  22. Regarding of patches, I remember looking for the pesedit patches some years ago and they posted on their website that they were going to stop releasing them because with the new engine and coding it was really hard to modify things in the game other than kits. I think that edition was pc 2015 if I am not mistaken.

    But I have the PTE patch for pc 2016 and you can tell teams play different, but maybe in that game the formations and tactics play a bigger role than in 2018.

  23. #1 = I’m looking forward to bringing PES to a satisfying conclusion whenever that may be, and sampling FIFA 18’s CM.
    I never understand when NG or others say they can’t play FIFA for more than a week as the games don’t mean anything, I find that completely nonsensical in every way, they mean everything, more than PES, way more, match days feel alive, the commentary immerses you, you interact with players so actually feel like a manager, and when you win a trophy, you actually get to see the bloody thing.

    Yep, with the move to Fox Engine, the game exe is compiled in a much tighter way, Konami lock down most of the assets, so before on PC alot of settings were stored in xml text files in various folders so was just a case of altering values, but now its all locked away in compiled files, so much harder to get to, hence the lack of any real game changing mods.

  24. Paul – I’m with you on that one. Though I must say that I’ve only found FIFA comparable in a gameplay sense from FIFA15 onwards. (that FIFA was superior in every way to PES15 IMO, ESPECIALLY gameplay. Didn’t hurt that I got it for free either back then). Before that I used to be of the same mind (as in “matches do not matter on FIFA”) but only because the difference in gameplay was much more pronounced.

    In any event it’s a nice feeling knowing that such a good, complete football game is waiting in the wings. On the one hand the fact that PES / FIFA are almost indistinguishable on the pitch is lamentable from a historic point of view, on the other hand it’s a blessing in disquise.

    On the PES18 ML front: I’ve decided to not go the Eredivisie route anyway. Playing CL in the first season dilutes the experience and is not something I care for. If I can win it all with the defaults, what’s the point of squad building? So – CHampionship it is again, this time with a nice Chant pack, extra callnames and upgraded turf mods installed. Just icing on the cake but it does enhance the atmosphere and overall feel of the game.
    Have decided to skip the matches I’ve already played in my corrupted save that I KNOW will be shit to alleviate the slog a bit. Overall having a very good time of it and am sticking with this. For the second time ever I’ve won the first FA cup match as well. Last time I managed that I won the whole thing (on PES17) on my first season which meant Europa League in the second season along with promotion – weird but wonderful start that was. Wonder if I’ll manage again…

  25. #1 I agree. FIFA 08 was pretty good, as was 10, but not a touch on PES in those days, the last few years though whilst FIFA and PES are now very similar on the pitch, and thats Konami’s fault, FIFA has always been FIFA, Konami are now just copying them, FIFA is much more complete in terms of everything I want from a football game, the overall package.

    But, PES is PES, we have an affinity with it and thus I keep on playing that first and foremost, but am relishing starting a FIFA 18 CM, just undecided whether to go for MK dons and try to work up, a championship side and aim for promotion, or start as a Premier League team and attempt european football.

    Would love to see a video of your souped up pimped out PC PES 18, get one stuck up on here with the added commentary and turf mods etc.

  26. Pes is pes is right : otherwise I fear it wouldn’t even get a look in these days from most people. As for fifa 18 personally I will be going with a mid table championship side with a licensed stadium (hull city come to mind) or transplating a low prem side to the championship.

    As for the video of my modded pes – no problem there as far as I’m concerned . What is recommended in terms of recording software? I’m clueless on that front. I have an Nvidia GPU, it probably has a built in function in the “GeForce experience” suite. I’ll have a look in and record something if it’s fairly straightforward. (it should be)

  27. #1 – I can say that my GeForce setup on the new PC has onboard recording software, so hopefully you’ll find it too. ALT+Z brings up the screen recording HUD on my machine.

    And yes, PES and FIFA are so similar now. The differences are still there, but the overall ‘taste’ of both games is just the difference between fizzy orange and still orange. (Which one’s which? Both are both.) I think it’s a tragedy personally, for both games, but particularly for PES. Microtransactions and no-fouls and the same damn AMF over and over and over and over and over and over again. Even in the shakiest days of the PS3 era, did we ever think it would come to this?

    Paul – FIFA for me has to happen pre-PES, or it doesn’t happen. After several seasons of ML, I just don’t ever seem to get into CM. Now that I enter a new phase of my football gaming life – no more new PES games, ever – we’ll see if I manage to ‘get it up’ for FIFA.

  28. NG – cheers for that, will have a look as soon as I get home. As for the games becoming so similar ; I for one did not see this coming. I remember struggling in vain, WANTING to like fifa 09 for all it did off the pitch but it was just not to be. A sigh of relief: luckily there was pes 09 ‘s gameplay to go back to. I suspect that in a year or two at the most, the games will be interchangeable for all intents and purposes.

    Also just had an epiphany of sorts. On this years’ PES I find myself struggling with the early season “slog” much more than usual and I found myself wondering why. Those early seasons are usually the most enjoyable after all, building your squad slowly, identifying with your players, a general feeling of reward as soon as you start winning things and get away from being The Most Shit Side In The World. So why am I struggling and flat out not enjoying it, to be honest?

    It’s because there is nothing there. The slog is rewarding – and let me make another elder scrolls comparison here – only IF the game has the right conditions to immerse you in its world. This is what elder scrolls games do so well with their world building . That used to be the brilliance of master league as well but it falls flat these days. No trophies, no acknowledgement when getting promotion, way too easy to get good players early, commentary not recognizing anything you do (e.g. Getting a player that used to be at your old club as well after having switched teams), NO TROPHY for God’s sake if you win the Prem (eredivisie has a trophy btw and I suspect the French league as well), and worst of all the generic pasta of players running around. It RUINS building a team – which is the foundation of master league and always has been – and by extention PES more than anything. MORE than no fouls even:there were precious little fouls in the silver age (ps3) to begin with. But they had those solid, good, master league features. Worst of all : it doesn’t matter for Konami that these features are missing and it will only get worse from here. Reason being that in their vision, myclub and online gaming provide the immersion for you. And the cash in their pockets. Which makes it all the more peculiar that EA actually keeps investing in career mode even if their online base and revenue is far greater than Konami’s.

    Leaves me wondering what I should do next. In any event this PES won’t last me more than a few seasons I’m afraid. Think I should sample the good stuff sooner rather than later and leave the slog for what it is. I’ve been fussing more than I ever have with the game. Shows you that “pes is pes” alright. Any other game would have gone out the window by now.

  29. #1 …. Great Comments. Agree wholeheartedly.
    Thats why I could never ever get my head around the ‘The games don’t mean anything in FIFA’ claim, this claim only comes from people who solely play PES for any length, and when you compare the two, its highly contradictory.

    As you mentioned, in PES, theres no player interactions at all, and no injuries, no presentation elements that give the feel of a manager or even footballing world, you literally pick a team, play a match, sign a player, rinse and repeat.
    Years ago even basic interactions like that little shit Shimizu, a 16yr old Youth promotee, demanding the no. 10 shirt then sulking when you don’t give him it, even something as basic was still welcome, so none of that now, then when playing a match, the commentary is absymal, doesn’t refer to anything in the ‘footballing world’ just match events which are often incorrect or misplaced, then when you’ve slogged through 40 odd matches a season and win the league, whats your reward??
    NOTHING. No presentation, no trophy, no commentary piece, nothing.
    And yet people say the matches in FIFA don’t mean anything, its laughable.

  30. I completed season 1 in the Championship yesterday, finishing in 19th after a terrible run of form in the second half of the season. I sold Arcas and Casteldine and didn’t recruit well so had few options to break the opposition down. I tried all sorts of formations too but nothing was working. Despite this under performance I was rewarded with ample transfer and wage budget increases. For me this is the worst part of NuPES, the budget is far too generous making team building easy. A deeper ML would be good but if the allocation of budget is too generous it doesn’t matter. With my new found wealth I bought a few decent players and won my first two games in season 2.

    I’ve a couple of house rules to try and increase enjoyment, no free transfers and only scouted players. I enjoy the game more with the lower rated players, picking a forward who only has speed or good in the air or a wicked shot requires a slightly more strategic approach to each game.

    I like the gameplay when on the ball this year, the weight of the players is sublime, especially on -1 speed. As long as I remember to not get drawn into the end to end nonsense I still think it’s the best since 2012. The AI does become tiresome and repetitive though.

  31. Just another example of PES’s inadequacies and failings Cook.
    ML was reknowned for being tough as nails in the first few seasons due to starting with a team of largely hopeless defaults, and having to cobble wins together to earn enough money (or points as it was back then) to try to sign a player that could help improve results, it was a slow gradual building process.
    Now, even after finishing bottom of D2, then 14th, then 6th, I had over 50 million to spend, and was able to sign a 38million pound CF, when was the last time you heard of a mid to lower table, or even top championship side spend 30 million + on a player?

    I’ve won nothing in the game yet, not qualified for champions league either, and yet I have 300 million to spend. Ludicrous.

    The complete sole of ML has been ripped out to make way for easy access, casual online style gaming.

    Having said all that, I too feel that the absolute granular core mechanics of the game play itself is the best for years, mostly due to the better graphics and animation flow, and am really enjoying the game for what it is at present, having had to accept to 1000001 things it doesn’t do, doesn’t do right or are missing.

  32. Spot on Paul. Konami could easily put a few options to adjust ML difficulty to bring back the glory days. I wonder what the future holds, would you accept some micro transactions in ML? It’s the only way I see any attention being paid to the game mode.

    Pay 500 coins to unlock Mr Tightars Chairman etc.

  33. #1 – Ligue 2 does indeed have a trophy, I won it a couple weeks ago.

    Paul – I loved Shimizu, fast as a whip, useless shot, but when he did score it felt wonderous! Thats why my players are all homebrew defaults, but even adding diff hairstyles, running/hunching movements still sometimes falls short of individuality we all crave.

    8 hours on Breath of the wild on Wednesday!

  34. Hey Werd, long time no see.
    Its not about players running styles, its all the facets that make up ML ate are important.

    Cook – if Microtxns ever appeared in offline ML, I’d boycott the series for life.

  35. Paul – agreed that the ML is stripped down to a virtual league mode.
    The animations etc for me keep the illusion of individuality alive, but for how long? Micro transactions are all over the gaming world now which is a crying shame.

  36. I think the treatment dished out to ML players is comparable to how Sony spitefully removed PS2 back-compatibility from the second generation of PS3s. Too many people were playing old PS2 games on the original phat PS3 and that was impacting the ‘attach rate’ as it’s called (the number of new PS3 games bought at the steeper price), so Sony’s solution was elegant in its simplicity: stop PS3 players playing PS2 games on the console.

    A similar calculation may have gone on in regard to Master League. Instead of it being removed, it’s been dis-incentivised. The bare bones are still there but the irresistible magnetic pull of old ML is gone, for various reasons, all exhaustively documented here. Sheer market forces have moved PES back in the direction of FIFA. They’ve gone from being Black and White 10-15 years ago to two slightly different shades of grey today.

    I’m really not fussed about it. I’ve accepted it. There’s a staggering back-catalogue of PES games to dive into that will easily occupy me for the next 20 years, some of which I never played properly at the time (PES1, PES2011, even PES2014). There are all the ‘lost’ PS2 PESes from PES2009 onward to explore (several years’ worth of gaming right there). PES has not died for me and never will. New PES pretty much has though. It’s a different game for a different market in a different era.

    There are some interesting discussions going on on the forums at the moment. Maybe it took all 4 editions of nuPES so far for it to sink in with the old school players that our time is past.

  37. NG – it would stand to reason that such a realization takes time. But like you I have no issue with the fact that pes is no longer pes, and the same can be said for fifa.

    Paul – funny you mention Shimizu as he was indeed a little shit with his pisspoor weak shot. Still, most everyone went and got him anyway, me included. I got a lookalike in my Liverpool squad now with much the same traits – Saito he’s called. Showing promising signs of individuality (in so much as pes allows nowadays)
    Good call on the granular core mechanics. Could not find the words for that myself but that is one area that I feel pes cannot be beat in. It makes everything from a simple pass to a little flick on the ball that much more engaging. As you say there is still a lot Konami gets right. Like i said a while back I feel derby matches are done MUCH better this year and I thoroughly enjoy them. (for the love of God KILL team spirit next year as this contributes to the identikit, drone like feel as soon as it goes up)

    Quirky update on the modding front : its possible on pc to swap in the commentary from pes 15! Meaning you get jon champion again. Just tried it, really simple to install. Observations : champion is better than Drury. Beglin still has (exactly!) the same lines and is shit. Fun fact : player names are tied to player IDs and to my surprise the old default names kept getting called (jacomorac, minandinho, Castolis et al). Which means Konami kept the player id’s the same for the defaults and just gave them a different name and paint job. Lazy gits!

  38. #1 – I had Saito in my team for 4 seasons, excuse the pun but hes a nippy little Jap !!
    really good player, skillful, good balance, and dribbling and can unleash a mean shot.
    I got him towards the end of his Career, he was already 29, so started to fade stamina wise but I always felt confident having him on the bench.

    Watch from 2mins, Saito in Action 🙂

  39. Paul – great first time volley with the little jap fellow 😉 nice direct free kick with coutinho as well at about 1 min : have yet to score anything like it!

  40. You’ll get some nice goals from the little fellow #1
    Have to make the most of FK’s as they are few and far between !

  41. Paul/#1 – Shaqiri in PES2018 also looks like another Shimizu and I keep trying for him with my £300million burning a hole in my pocket, but no dice.

  42. Hopefully the original 16yr old Shimizu is now a washed up old 30yr old has been, serving noodles in the Tokyo branch of Waga Mama, suffering from crippling bouts of Gout.
    Hated that useless little whiny Jap kid.

    Is something like this any good Shed? Wasn’t sure if you wanted to keep the traditional Brighton Stripes, so did a variation on it, can supply a GK and Away too if wanted.

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