That Stoke isn’t funny anymore

Season 7 kicks off with my squad looking the best it has ever looked. It’s what you would expect after 6 full seasons of Master League, but PES2018’s ML throws an unexpected (and almost certainly unintended) obstacle in the way of growing your team. There’s a massive disparity between Transfer funds and Salary budget.

At the start of this window I had around £230,000,000 (TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY MILLION) in the Transfer pot.

My Salary budget? £9,000,000 (NINE MILLION).

Not enough wages for even one great player, not that they would come to my team at the moment anyway.

Still, I have fluked my first player rated 90+. I put in a bid for one Renato Sanches, whose ‘Chance of signing’ was 2/6, and he accepted. Scared of breaking the magic spell that had got him, I didn’t even negotiate the fee (a piddling drop in my quarter of a billion ocean), and so he became my first 90-rated player.

My full squad, First XI, and Formation for Season 7:

Much other wheeler-dealering took place as well. The highlights were a new keeper, Posavec, a new CB/RB, Danilo, and a promising young 88-rated striker, Raya. As well as a few others.

It’s only been 5 or so matches of the new season, but so far none of the new players seem very different from the others. Raya in particular looks and plays exactly like Lacazette, Stepinski, et al. The almost total erosion of player individuality in nuPES is by far its biggest sin against the illustrious name of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’.

But, as I have mentioned quite a lot now, PES2018 still has something, and that something is keeping me playing. So who’s to say the magic isn’t still there, albeit in another form?

I’m firmly on Top Player now. By ‘firmly’ I mean that there will be no more occasional bouts of Superstar to see if I’m ready yet. I’ll be ready whenever I convincingly win every match on Top Player. That time seems a long time away.

I might well stay on Top Player for the remainder of my time on PES2018, however long that is. I’ve stopped berating myself for being still on Top Player when I ‘should’ be on Superstar by now. That rule of thumb might have applied in previous editions of the game, but not in this one. The AI (that we need) sees to that.

5 matches into Season 7 on Top Player. 2 Draws. 2 Defeats. And 1 Win, against Division 2’s Birmingham City in the FA Cup.

One of my defeats was an absolute thumping at the hands of Stoke. And I mean a proper mullering. I was hammered 4-0, at home. I have the slight excuse that when only 1-0 down I pushed everything up looking for an equaliser, then got done on the break, and then again and again when I still tried to push for a goal. But it was the kind of uber-tough AI performance that had me checking the settings afterward to make sure I was still on Top Player.

As January eases its way toward its middle, and the days start to lengthen again, PES2018 is doing well, overall, to still be with me.

Updated: 12th January 2018 — 08:44


  1. Wonder why, with only 1 season between our ML’s, that my wage budget is so much higher than yours?

    My wage budget is £50 mil, with a transfer kitty of over £300 mil.
    Also finding TP relatively easy now, 7 matches played, 6 wins, 1 draw, and an 8-0 win in the FA Cup, and a 4-1 away win vs Inter in the Europa League.

    My squad is largely inferior to yours too, with only a few players in the 80s, most mid to high 70’s.

    Whats your TS rating ?

  2. Good session on FIFA last night with two draws and a win in the league, punctuated by a resounding victory over Grimsby in the Carabao Cup or whatever it’s called. With very little funds left I made my second signing to bolster a thin and aging squad, namely Gerrit Holtmann from Mainz ( He can play in several positions on the left and will hopefully grow into a starter with some training. Also looking to sort out a loan deal for Wolves’ Bright Enobakhare ( as I need cover on the right.

    Despite posting FutWiz links I like to rely purely on in game scouting to find players. Whilst it can be precarious at times, at least I don’t end up with a team of FIFA wonderkids and ‘hidden gems’ that so many others have. How do other people find signings in FIFA?

  3. NG, I think PES 2018 is really hard to modify, because otherwise there would be a mod to add a slider to the finances like in Fifa. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Chris99: I rely on scouts solely, and on my youth squad. Since I always start with a League two team, those wonderkids won’t come to my team anyway. Free agents is what I sign most.

  4. JS Hutt- to be fair the modding community is quite small nowadays for PES or so it seems, so it could also be that.

    Found Lobato in the free agents btw – picked him up for a pretty hefty wage (for my squad at least) , bagged 2 in his first game including an impressive first time volley. I wasn’t on the Lobato hype train last year, but if he continues on like this…first hint of individuality i’ve noticed thus far. Noticed he has quite a few player cards as well.

    Getting some good PES-like games in as well even though the patch I tried turned out to be fugazi. What I cannot seem to escape from however are the severely deflating moments that are in almost all matches. The hyperscripting or whatever we collectively called it last year has really been dialled up six notches. Every setback feels so cheaty and glitchy sometimes even, there really is a fine line this year between a great, PES-like match and a shit one. all too often it’s a mixed bag.

  5. That picture…if Eddie hitler signed Eddy grant

  6. #1 – I signed Lobato in my 2nd season, as a 17yr old. His stats were superb when I signed him, around 74’ish, baring in mind he was only 17 and the rest of my squad was mid 60’s and under.
    But he never actually did anything for me, I loaned him out, and he came back a year later rated 82. I offered him a new 2 year contract and planned to build my team around him, whenever he was on the ball you could tell he had something, and you expected a piece of magic, but 9 times out of 10, he did nothing, and his stamina was shocking, always in the red by the 60th min.

    A season later, I sold him for about £16 mil, so made a decent profit on him, and just the other night when doing a search for a ‘superstar’ CF or SS as I have £300 mil burning a hole in my pocket, I did a search for 90+ rated players, and he was one of only 4 players that came up, he’s now rated 92.

  7. Paul — hope the laptop runs PCSX2 well enough to give you joy. Grab a pre-updated cracked Windows if you have to. Windows 10 is 64 bit only as far as I know, but there was a 32-bit version for upgraders from old computers at the time of its release and I just bet there’s a still a version of that swilling around somewhere.

    Lobato flattered to deceive in PES2017 for me.

    #1 — I love seeing player skills, but I don’t love trying and mostly failing to perceive them manifesting on the pitch. ‘Malicia’ can just go and do one. Malicia is Konami taking the actual piss, I think.

  8. Transfer deadline saw me get Enobakhare on a loan, and also a 69 rated CB from the free agents. I now have no money.

  9. Abbeyhill – I am taking the little fella to his first tcg tomorrow, been trying to swot up on best types, how many of each card to have, etc and I have to say it’s really quite complicated. He would be lost without me having mashed together some sort of deck for him, and I feel like someone who has stumbled into the middle of a final fantasy with no previous or clue what to do. We’ve gone fire/fighting but that’s only due to the cards we have, I reckon a psychic sort of approach might be better. I’m going to build a deck myself on the quiet for the day I can reveal my true power.

    The rest of you, especially Paul, can bugger off if you’re sniggering. I reckon Werd would be a covert Alola region fan though.

  10. Chris99 – for at least 5 years Career Mode has been superior to Master League. There, I said it and won’t take it back. Just as ML rides the fumes of its former glories, so Career Mode has to live down its shoddy Manager Mode origins. Not fair.

    I wonder if there’s a way to play Career Mode, but play the matches in PES2018??? I bet there’s a pen-and-paper style way of doing it.

    Now that really is jumping the shark.

    Uncle Turf – I wish I’d got into trading card games as a lad. Our era’s Panini sticker album crazes were great enough, but TCG is a whole other level again.

  11. nG – I’m sure you could do it with two D20s and a thick rule book.

    This was a good transfer deadline day. Normally the are fraught affairs. I did smile as the breaking news came up to announce Coutinhou’s transfer to Juventus.

  12. After a few weeks of not playing it, I went back to complete my season 4 of my ‘PES PSP ML – can’t buy, can’t sell’ series. Last season we missed the european competitions for just one point so the objective now was to get to the EL, at least. I think I said it here that if we wanted (even more) european football, we’d have to improve on our defensive organization because Boca Juniors grabbed the last EL spot last year having 20 less goals conceded than us. So, season 4 kicked off and in the first half of it we barely conceded and won most of the matches, which put us fighting for the top 3 spots alongside Olympiacos and the inevitable Shakhtar, 2-time winner of this mock competition and current titleholder.

    But the second half of the season was much harder for us and we lost the train of the battle for the first spot – even ended up losing the 2nd for Shakhtar which was at a time 10 points away from us. By the last third of the season, we only had to secure the third place and be careful not to drop to 4th – the last CL qualifying spot – and it was fairly easy because everyone else was just too far away from us. It shows how important it is to start a season in a good form, such performances early on put us in the driving seat pretty much all year long. We got the 3rd place so we’re going to the CL!
    We ended up with the 2nd best scoring record, the 4the best defence and Volpato was league’s top scorer for the second time in a row.

    As for the cup…we just can’t manage playing knockout competitions. Got pounded 6-1 in the very first round for Dynamo Kiev, which strangely ended up relegated after getting the 4th spot last year.

    I think this amazing upgrade compared to our performance last season is due to the maturation of most of our best players. Our midfield duo, specifically, was D2 level two seasons ago and right now is clearly top-8 in the league. Now our starting eleven has an average age of 26 so I’m guessing the next 5 years will be our peak period.

    Financially we hit a turning point: if we didn’t qualify for european football this season, thus getting its sweet money, we wouldn’t be able to renew crucial contracts such as a few of our starting-11 players and would have to let go of one or two other contracts just to hold on. Thankfully, CL’s prize money paid all contract renewals and we were able to keep our 28-man squad.

    I have a few objectives for this season:
    League: make the top-4 (qualify for CL), have less than 5 defeats, concede less than 30 goalstop-4 in goals scored, top-3 goals conceded, make Volpato top-scorer again.
    Cup: get to the semi-finals
    CL: qualify for the round of 16.

  13. NG – closest I feel I got it to it was those ‘you choose what happens next’ forest of doom type books that came out and a six month flirtation with role playing games in my pre-college days. All very naive and straightforward. The tcg of which I speak is really quite complex and very reminiscent of final fantasy to me – yes your red xIII might be powerful but my aeris can heal us and if I use x with the z spell it will affect all the enemies at once, etc etc. Then you chuck in multiple boosters, chance and before you know it some snot nosed Herbert with a basic mushroom and a good idea of how to play can wipe out your supposedly awesome dragon. I’ve got no interest in the collecting side the lad goes for but a definite curiosity about the strategy of the game side. The bloke in our local anime shop told me Yu Gi Oh was the one he was asked for the most. I know it not.

  14. Turf – one of my current favourite strategies is to try to evolve a Goldeen into a Seaking. Seaking on the face of it looks a pretty uninspiring stage 1 Pokémon but its basic attack of 10 scales up to 90 if you heal it in the same round! So if you can attach a healing ring to the Seaking then each round heal with an energy card and then dish out 90 damage which obviously doubles to 180 if you’re up against fire types with elemental weakness against water attacks. And if the Seaking has no damage to heal then just use its special attack which inflicts 40 damage but also 10 self damage meaning you can heal it next round and then go back to basic attack causing absolute carnage

  15. Did you design that yourself or is it from an established deck Abbeyhill? I’ve seen those tins of ‘this will get you going’ but we’ve just got a boatload of ebay purchases and whatever he has left from swapping all the ‘swaps’ he got in a couple of those tins. I was thinking I might go for fairy (please Paul, don’t be predictable) as its a bit leftfield. Only problem is we have few Pokemon and zero energy. Most of our trainer/supporters are draw cards not effects.

    Basically I’m a blind cat in a dark tunnel at midnight.

  16. to be honest I’m as confused as you, Turf. This is from my basic efforts on the app, where they are part of my ‘water deck’ for battling against AI trainers in the gold league. But the rest of my family seem to be battling online against random players around the world. And my son has the physical cards for playing against and trading with other 5 year olds at school. All very perplexing

  17. Yes, I’ve just played through the tutorial on the online game but am not sure I fancy the idea of ‘people’ having some sort of interaction with my digital self. Its good for getting an idea of the rules and way the turns work. I have realised though that you can collect the physical cards or build a deck but to do both is tricky as you’d either end up with vast quantities of cards you don’t need or multiple swaps in a particular type. For ages I assumed the shiny ones were powerful, the kids go nuts over them – they’re not, they’re just shiny, it’s the junior Achilles heel, they’ll trade away powerful matt characters for glossy rubbish. (Starts twiddling moustache like aladdin’s uncle).

  18. Where online do these Final Fantasy-style card battling sessions take place? Asking for a friend. The TGC site seems to be just that, a general trading cards game site without any online dimension.

  19. Paul – I bet you miss the good old days of cricket discussions.

  20. not-Greg – your friend can find the Pokémon TCG app in the download store for iOS or Android, or the windows version at

    I will dig out the Mac version for Paul later

  21. Yes, that’s the app I am on. It is quite a cluttered interface – there are numerous AI matches with given cards for which you can earn rewards but over to the side is a section to do all that online stuff. Simply going into the build a deck section baffled me for ages, lots of trial and error.

    Rather like being scorer and trying to spot the umpires signal for one run short when there are numerous fielders around him Paul.

  22. Ah, Pokemon, I did not realise. I’m more a Magic The Gathering type of fellow. I once played some of a Pokemon game on the old grey DS and enjoyed it’ but could have done without the setting and just played the battles.

    Given that the Triple Triad card game was one of my favourite parts of the best Final Fantasy game – Final Fantasy 8 (EIGHT) – I have always felt since that I need an actual card game in my life that isn’t tied into another game but stands on its own. I know there are plenty to choose from and I’ve tried many of them.

  23. NG – might be wrong here as I’m not a DS veteran but from what I saw on the lads Pokemon DS it’s completely different. There he had a basic Zelda type rpg which from time to time led to Pokemon encounters and battles with characters which involved choosing an attack and just firing off his choice. The card game requires decisions in multiple rounds – pick a Pokemon, add an energy card, add a trainer/supporter/item etc card, choose a move, possibly repeat the previous decisions or stop an aspect of the opponents next move. Fortunately there’s a degree of assistance in the app which helps noobs like me.

  24. let me cut through the card game talk with a good old fashioned PES update. Just as I was getting into a groove with the game and enjoying my Liverpool ML despite all its shortcomings, disaster struck. Both my System Data file and my Liverpool save were corrupted and a goner. Guess that’s PC gaming for ya. Also, the dreaded micro-stutter is back for no apparent reason. Restarted ML as Ajax as a last-ditch attempt. Had one horrible match and a couple of good signings.

    If it fails to deliver then it’s three strikes (or four, or five actually) and PES is out. Full FIFA mode from then on. Would like to complete at least 1 (ONE) season on PES before that happens though.

    Oh and NG – I’ve got arguments but no time now – FF8 is certainly not the best. In my view, at least. Why do you rate it so high?

  25. Sorry to cut back to Pokémon… My boys have been playing for a couple of months and I’ve invested in my own deck as well, all great fun.

    We bought the starter trainer deck which has a step by step guide for a match which really helped.

    Also I’d recommend magic mad house for buying cards, can buy single cards to build/grow a deck cheaper than boosters (the boosters are also pretty cheap there)

  26. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. seen it all now.
    You may want to get a CRFB check certificate before you go out battling Pokemons Turf, wandering around fields with a small child in tow, battling fairies and water demons or whatever it is you do ……. you may inadvertently end up on some kind of register.

    As for the PCSX 2 trial….
    Finally managed to get Windows 7 SP1 installed, which allowed me to install the C++ redistributable, and then PCSX2 loaded up fine. A quick scramble round the web for a PS2 BIOS file and I was good to go..
    The old laptop stolen from mum wasn’t even capable of running PCSX2 – both PES 2008 and PES 2006 loaded up but labels were missing from menus on screen, it was jerky, stutter, then when the match started, the sound was Dalek like and the match spluttered and jittered along at about 20% speed, with players disappearing and all sorts. SO that was the end of that trial.

    I then installed an app on the Mac called Crossover, its like a container, WINE-like, that lets you run windows programs without even needing to install windows anywhere, PCSX2 is fully compatible with it.
    A repeat process of installing BIOS etc, and loaded up PES 2008, which worked fine, but took me an age to get the windows Control pad working, then the players in the game would only pass backwards, WTF.

    Plan one last final tinker later.

  27. You’ve got your forms a bit mixed there Paul, trying to catch us out eh?! As you know the Pokemon go game requires you to walk about catching Pokemon in random encounters – chuck a ball on your phone, bingo bongo, there’s a turtle thing in your app. No strategy, no skill other than walking and a mini subbuteo flick. The card game is also available on app but it’s simply recreating a physical game, e.g with online poker. I’m simply playing the card app to try to learn the rules, long term I want to look those pimple faced youths in the eye as I take them to the cleaners. At no point will I be required to be in some sort of Yewtree scenario! Hell of a knock from Roy as well didn’t you think?

    Pete – there’s a lot of good advice on line and I had considered buying one of those boxes to get going but I thought there was a good chance I’d end up fighting an identical deck. The app has a wizard which allows you to choose two cards and it builds a deck from them e.g. If you choose water and fighting it will build a deck that supports those types. I’m fannying about making loads then deleting them once I’ve seen the mechanics. Hugely hungry on storage space though. For the physical deck I’ve bought quite a few cards in specific packs of 10s on eBay as the random pack is not the way. Far too much chance of getting useless stuff. There you can specify you want 10 fire or 10 trainers, etc.

  28. Paul – your trial is more accurately one of ‘trying to get PCSX2 to run in various sub-optimal environments’ rather than a PCSX2 trial as such. I can report the app runs like butter in the one it is, sadly, programmed for – Windows 10 with a shedload of RAM behind it. Get the Fierce PC!

    #1 – there is no objectively best anything of course, apart from PES5, but FF8 is mainly my favourite for the combination of story (the best and most affecting love story in gaming), the setting (a sci-fi world with magical trappings, rather than a fantasy world with a sprinkling of steampunk: personal taste inclines me to the sci-fi side), the battle system (junctions beat the materia slots in FF7), and last but by no means least, Triple Triad, the in-game collectable card game. I played FF8 from start to finish about 4 times. One of those times was just to get every card.

    Uncle Turf – you’re right indeed, DS Pokemon was and is a Zelda/FF-ish world with Pokemon battles in it. I’m past the time when I had time to walk a sprite around a pixelly town between tactical battles. Give me the tactical battles.

  29. NG – understood. I regard the materia system and ff7 as a whole as one of the weaker final fantasies. The first to be hyped to high hell and back though. So ff8 definitely wins out there. It’s an odd one out as it was one of the first “serious” final fantasies and IMO the junction system was a bit awkward at first. I still regard ffiv and ffvi in particular as the very best but enjoyed ff8 for what it was after I “got” the junction system. Very good atmosphere as well… I still vividly remember the time travel sequence at the end when you’re standing on that giant chain… Haunting music to go with it. Good times. Just realized that 8 is the last FF I ever completed with the exception of FF Tactics.

  30. Finally finished season 3 of my PES 2018 ML with Brighton promoted from Div 2 in second. As others have found, the game just wouldn’t let me pip Swansea to first despite a rampaging run of form in the second half of the season. Also worthy of note was Maxi Gomez, my CF, scoring an incredible 34 goals in 40 games.

    That was Friday night. Saturday I picked up a bargain PS3 to replace the console midi-Shed nicked for his room. Thankfully I still had a stick with all my old data on so after some updating and fiddling I now have a dedicated PS3 in the shed with PES 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 all ready and waiting with option files. Not to mention Skyrim and my old coastal exploration tour of the map still in progress. Netflix in the shed too!

    Played a couple of very enjoyable PES 2011 ML matches yesterday and it really showed up how the newer games are lacking. You miss some of the movement and animations but my word that game holds up well. I even scored a free kick in-off-the post via the keeper that had me out of my seat.

    A little question though, did you have to unlock Superstar difficulty on PES 2011? Not that I’m finding Top Player easy at all.

  31. #1 – FF7 was so many gamers’ introductions to the genre (mine too) that it tends to displace all the others, and at the time I played it I thought it could never be bettered. But FF8, after a dodgy first hour or so (easy battles were my main worry) really took off in every direction.

    Shed – Superstar appeared for the first time in PES2012, Top Player is the highest in PES2011.

    At least you got the promotion in PES2018. I also went up in second when I went up and have still won nothing in the game to this day. Top flight football is interesting in season 1. I was almost relegated…

  32. Dress it up however you like Turf, you are playing silly card games with minors, be careful.

    NG – Yeah the whole point was to trial whether I could get PCSX2 running on either a mac environment or an old windows laptop. Quite surprised the 2GB Ram Pentium 2.2ghz laptop didnt run it, as it cant be that graphical intensive a game 10 years old.
    I will have another play with the PCSX2/Crossover install in the iMac later, but no way am I paying 700 quid for a high spec PC just to run old PS2 games, I may as well go and pick up that Silver slimline PS2 console from CEX for £20.

  33. n-G – Thanks. Funny, I had completely forgotten that Superstar is a relatively new thing in PES.

    Right now I feel little enthusiasm to sample life in the Premier League in PES 2018. A PES break is on the cards I think. It used to be that I would be gagging to play straight on following a promotion from Div 2 but no more.

    RIP Cyrille Regis by the way. I take it you must have seen him during his Coventry days n-G…

  34. Paul – there’s a lot of graphics card/RAM-intensive work going on under the hood with emulation. It’s only got so good because our current-era tech has outstripped 10-15 year old games that ran on a console by some magnitude. PC versions of the PES games in question would run on your 2010 laptop no problems, but the emulated PS2 versions, it seems not.

    Shed – Cyrille Regis I saw play nearly every week when I was a Highfield Road regular. I always remember Alan Hansen saying that if Cyrille was in the right mood he could destroy any defence. I heard the news on the radio first thing this morning on a few bulletins and there was not one mention of Coventry City despite him enjoying arguably the best years of his career here, including of course winning the FA Cup at a time when that really mattered. The news all is all about West Brom and the Three Degrees and Big Ron etc, which isn’t the wrong angle to take, but it’s curious to see that presented as the only angle. Tomorrow’s newspapers will probably do a better job of it.

  35. Yeah that’s what I assumed NG. its all the overheads of the emulation that rape the resources, not the actual game.

    I may well reformat the iMac back to factory state and partition the 1TB HD as a windows bootcamp and use it as a dedicated PC, now that I have the new MBP, i’m sure it would run fine on that.

  36. n-G – Sky Sports News has given Coventry a fair mention in relation to Cyrille. They even used a pic of him in that lovely 87/88 Coventry kit.

    Paul – That all sounds a bit of a nightmare just play old PES. I bought a gadget that made PES 5 passable on a HDTV via a good old PS2 console. Works quite well but those PS2 era PESes are starting to show their age.

  37. Paul – to turn an iMac into a Windows-only machine would be criminal. Give the Bootcamp thing another go, or give up the PCSX2 notion entirely, or follow Shed’s suggestion for whatever that HDTV gizmo is and get a PS2, or just play the PC versions of PES3/PES4/PES5/PES6 (all identical to their PS2 counterparts). I am typing these words on my trusty old 2009 iMac, the best computer I have ever owned. I think the iMac is the best Mac – Macbooks and MBPs are great too, but iMacs are better. (I keep eyeing up proper old Mac Pros on eBay, and one of these days…)

    Masked ninjas will hunt you down if you turn an iMac into a Windows-only machine. It’d be like installing Android on an iPhone. Just… not… right.

    Shed – Sky Sports News have the airtime to dig into a subject in some depth, so it’d be even stranger if they didn’t cover Big Cyrille’s CCFC days. The main news bulletins though are all about West Brom etc. Understandable of course – the Three Degrees angle is always going to be more news-worthy.

  38. That’s a strong squad NG although Team Spirit is still a little low. One of the player roles can add 20 TS easily if necessary.

    I have a bit of stuttering using PSX2 with 8GB RAM and a 3.5 GHZ processor but it generally runs well. My PES 2008 ML ended with game over at the end of the 2nd season. I gambled on a few friendly results to get enough points to pay the wages but a last minute winner by The Goliaths put paid to it, the anti NuPES scripting. I have a save I can roll back to, release a few players to avoid game over if I want. Instead I’ve decided to try another ML on PES 2018 but this time on PC with all the graphical mods installed. I found an option file with MLS, CLS, classic players all sorted etc and started again yesterday afternoon on SS, only scouted player transfers only house rule. I have mods for scoreboards, advertising boards, Premier League theme, extra graphical mods for ball boys and I’m considering getting some referee kits sorted if I can work out how to do it. It’s a shame there’s not a gameplay mod (I assume there won’t be now) but the core game is pretty good for now. I really like the first few seasons in any ML so good times for now.

  39. Shed, are you referring to a PS2 to HDMi converter, that allows you to play the PS2 in 16:19 widescreen ?
    I think if I do want to play retro PES the actual PS2 console, and the converter is the way forward.

    NG – It wouldn’t matter so much as my new MBP is a better spec than the iMac from late 2013. Now i have the MBP I only really use that, the iMac is surplus to requirements so why not windows-ize it ?

    Did you get any further with the Netflix Unabomber show?

  40. Paul – not sure how you use multiple machines at home but to me the likes of Dropbox/iCloud/GDrive/etc mean that there can be a seamless transition from one machine to the next, with platform-specific software making that a huge draw. E.g. what if the time comes when you’re working on a video project on the MBP and want to sit at the iMac to finish it off for whatever reason (bigger screen, dedicated mouse, whatever). Just one example off the top of my head. Besides, the main reason not to do it is that it’s just wrong. Like installing Android on an iPhone, as I said. Masked ninjas…

    I’ve watched a couple more episodes of Unabomber and should finish it tonight or tomorrow. Was there really a suggestion that the case could be thrown out due to forensic linguistics not being a real discipline and Fitz not having a formal qualification in it? That struck me as far-fetched, a bit like saying eyewitness testimony should be automatically thrown out if the eyewitnesses have no specific expertise in looking at things and describing them. I also really don’t like the main character. Robbie Coltrane played the best Fitz.

  41. I don’t really use multiple machines at home NG, it was just the iMac, until xmas, now just the Mac Book pro.
    I edit video on the MBP, and screenshare to apple tv, so can edit on a 55″ 4K Tv anyway, and use the touch bar on the MBP to scrub through video timelines etc, so as I said, I have no real need for yet another mac when I have all the s/w i need on the MBP.
    But, I do have a need for a dedicated windows machine….. hence windows-izing the iMac, even if just temporarily, can always revert back to full Mac OS anytime.

    But you can’t install Android on iPhone due to its locked architecture, not even with a jailbroken iPhone so that analogy doesn’t hold 😉

    I would assume so re Unabomber forensic linguistics, they made such a thing out of it, it had to be a key part of the case, surely ?
    I don’t like the lead character either, a bacon butty gulping, coffee swilling, chain smoking Fitz is the standard. Cracker was a great show.

  42. Paul – I’ve read a lot about the real case over the years and don’t ever recall a suggestion that the case was in danger of being undermined by forensic linguistics being pretty much invented on the hoof. I know how he was caught as well, and (spoiler alert) ‘what led you to my cabin’ wasn’t forensic linguistics as such, but a concrete tip-off from his brother. I’ve got 3 episodes to go so I’m not sure yet but I think this was invented for the sake of creating conflict in the show and making Fitz even more unlikeable, as he’s so passive and weird when Ted delivers his speech about it. On a sombre note, a girl I work with, 20, has watched this show, and was greatly amused to hear that I was not only alive when the original bombings and manhunt were going on, but older than she is now.

    Re. Android on iPhone, it doesn’t have to be literally possible for it to be a very capable analogy that holds water, and it does hold water.

  43. I’m not claiming that the forensic linguistics thing was an actual part of the real case, I’m just assuming as it was such a pivotal part of the show, if its been created for dramatisation, then its a good call, definitely adds to the story.
    If you’ve still got 3 episodes to go then I won’t say much, but Fitz’ speech when he attempts to get Ted to enter his plea is pretty damn good.

  44. I finished it, was always interested in watching without ever really being gripped. I’d read that Fitz was a composite of numerous agents and the role of the manuscript was really in being recognised by his brother who then provided the hard evidence. I see the validity of the linguistics though, it doesn’t seem like some graphology hokum or those ridiculous Myers Briggs job questionnaires, but without them publishing the manifesto they would still be no closer, th language simply confirmed the same author was likely, not who he was. My sympathy ended up with Ted, possibly because Paul bettany is a great actor.

    In case you stray onto the magnificent seven on Netflix, don’t. Much as I like denzel it’s an absolute travesty. Any recommendations for other dramas? Because the mrs watches Gilmore girls and the small fella pokemon I get insane ‘because you watched..’ suggestions.

  45. Paul – Yes, that’s the gadget. It’s a little awkward as it has to plug in for power (via USB) but having tried all sorts of settings, the convertor certainly improves the picture quality. Sadly PES and footy games in particular do look crappy on modern TVs due to the panned out view and the want for minute details like kits.

  46. Paul – oh forensic linguistics definitely was part of the real case, the Unabomber case is often mentioned in linguistic textbooks and on the blogs I follow. What I think has been invented for the show is purely Ted’s belief that he can get the case thrown out because there was no such discipline and Fitz was just a graffiti cop, etc. I’m not 100% sure but I think that was made-up for the drama of it.

    Uncle Turf – there’s only one Black Mirror. It’s the only reason I currently have Netflix, as the crafty devils offered me a free month just when the new season was released.

  47. NG – Yes that’s what I meant, i know forensic linguistics was a key part of the case, like you, I meant I’m not sure if the getting it thrown out part was ever real or made up.

    Turf – depends what you like, if you haven’t seen it already and are interested in the American judicial system, then Make a Murderer is a must.

    Shed – If i go that route will definitely get the convertor, playing retro PES in 4:3 is a no no.

  48. I’ll check it out Paul, think I’m in a post-Christmas lull – I haven’t played any games since New Year, I just get to evening and think I can’t be arsed. I’m also halfway through what’s shaping up to be a really good book – I am Pilgrim.

  49. Definitely do Turf – its a Netflix produced docu-drama following the investigation of a guy that was wrongly imprisoned for murder and served 18 years in jail, was then aquitted and released and the subsequent plot (or not) by the sherriffs dept to re-frame him for other murders, it follows the evidence, the court case etc, really interesting.

    Is the Pilgrim book the Terry hayes one?
    I bought that for the wife and she read it on holiday last summer, she said it was good.

    Lost my first match of season 8 last night, lowly Wolves, 5 defeats on the spin, snatched a late winner to beat me 2-1, gutted, first defeat in 14 games, I then made amends by cementing my Europa League KO spot with a final group win beating Napoli 5-2.

    Really enjoying PES 18 at the moment, some of the animation flows are really nice.

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