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Season whatever-it-is-now – Season 6 – has come to an end. Not the most carefully-reported season of my blogging days, this one, due to a few factors.

Swanning off to FIFA in the middle of the season in a foul strop about PES was the main reason.

And then there was the distortion of spacetime that Christmas and New Year always brings about.

FIFA17 didn’t quite stick with me (this time…), and I’ve yet to get into PC PES (yet…), so PES2018 gets the nod.

It’ll be my footy game from now until its completion. Whenever that is.

There’ll be no PES2019 in my life at all – not without a radical shift in philosophy away from the awful crowd-pleasing ‘fun’ of the past 3 editions (at least) and back to the relatively sober seriousness of The Good Old Days.

For various reasons, that won’t happen. PES is always what its target market wants it to be. From ISS1 in 1997 to PES2012 or so, I was its target market.

From PES2013(ish) to PES2015(ish), I was still sort of in the equation when the Konami moneymen drew up their charts and graphs and decided what kind of football game they should make.

I’m not in the equation now. Since PES2016, I’m not the target market. I have finally recognised and accepted this truth. nuPES and I will be no more after PES2018.

I almost can’t wait for PES2019’s pre-release routine to get into gear, so I can demonstrate that my parting of the ways with nuPES is a real thing. I can’t wait to smirk at all the previewers’ returning from playing each other to gush about a game that they never actually played. I can’t wait to scrutinise the Gamescom footage (which I will do, avidly), see Fouls 0, and feel the relief flood through me that I’m not going to go through all that shit again.I spent about half my Season 6 on Top Player in the end, and results reflect that.

Top Player is often a touch too easy for comfort, but I can’t step up at the moment. Superstar is borderline unplayable for me. What I like about Superstar is the resistance to my attacks from the AI (that we need). What I detest about it is how, when you lose the ball, it feels imbalanced – in the sense that it feels predetermined that the AI will work the ball upfield with endless flicks and backheels, and you can’t get near them.

If you’re a goal down in a Superstar match and there’s 85 minutes on the clock, and you lose possession, the chances are you won’t see the ball again. The only way to give yourself a chance of getting the ball back is to spam-slide all over the place, hoping either to win the ball or at least halt things with a foul.

Top Player feels much more balanced in this sense. Maybe when my players get better and/or I get better, I’ll be able to step it up a notch.

The final table:

My current session-to-session experience with the game is decent. Things have stabilised at around the 7-to-8/10 mark, which is pretty good going for the flashy multiplayer game that PES2018 is.

Updated: 8th January 2018 — 17:10


  1. At what match number point did you switch back to TP?
    I see your goals for average is at around 1.2, that’s low even for Top Player, I guess that season 7 for you will a title challenge and european qualification season.

    I’m 6 games into season 8, so only 1 season ahead of you in ML curve terms, on TP, and have won 5 of my 6 league games, beat Burnley 8-0 in the FA Cup, and beat Inter Milan 4-1 in the Europa League away at the San Siro, TP is too easy 70% of the time, once you get to this stage with better players.
    But the jump to SS as you mentioned is very imbalanced, SS has ways of cheating and scripting and those back heels, laser guided through balls and pinpoint sots for 30 yards with every team, get very tedious and agitating very quickly.
    I plan to stick with TP for the rest of the season, and see what happens, runaway success will see me shift back to SS, where the future of PES 18 will be decided by how that treats me.

    Like you though, now with the begrudging acceptance of what PES 18 is, is not, and what the issues are, my current session to session enjoyment levels are around an 8 too, pretty decent.
    PES 18 can play beautifully, with my broadcast-esque camera angle and formation change I’ve reached a peace with PES 18, so I’m enjoying more than not these days, thankfully.

  2. Paul – – I was back and forth between TP and SS for most of the season, feeling that by now I ‘should’ be SS-ready, but constantly finding I’m not. By all the customs of recent PESes, the game should be collapsing by now, but it’s very gratifyingly not collapsing. The AI that we need! Except for the aggravating SS keepball routine of course.

    I too have made my peace with PES2018, and with the effective end of the franchise as we have known it since 2000.

  3. Early days for me and I’m in a low division with the accompanying under powered opponents but I’m quite liking 2018. It’s definitely shaping up to be the hardest pes I’ve played for many a year, and that’s got to be good given how quickly my experiences of 15-17 ended. I have no doubt the regens will come thick and fast and by season three at the latest I’ll have a complete new squad with ridiculous junior World Cup winners but the difficulty of working openings seems a good balance. As soon as I get a 9-0, centre forward gets 7, it’s all over but I’m not seeing that possibility yet.

    Of course the fouls, injuries, individuality, relationship between speed stats and actual movement aren’t there but all of that only existed in the greatest football game ever made….subbuteo.

  4. Another who has made some kind of peace with PES 2018 having done the FIFA fling again – only a £2 copy of FIFA 17 this time mind you.

    I’ve no time for long sessions on the game but I’m enjoying the odd match here and there. Eight games to go in season three and promotion from Div 2 looks almost certain.

    I had hoped to up the difficulty to Superstar but I too will be staying with Top Player with a few house rules to keep things interesting and of course make up for the lack of effort in the ML mode.

    Finally, here’s the goal in my first match back on PES 2018 after my FIFA 17 stint that made me happy to be back.

    EDIT: YouTube link not working. Please stand by!

  5. Turf – You may be pleased to hear that the youth re-gens have had their uber-development curves tweaked this year and they don’t all become world class stars within a couple of seasons, I’m sure NG could back this up too.
    You do still get a few re-gens start as 16yr olds that are rated a little too highly to begin with, for example I have Giroud, hes 17, and rated 76 OVR and plays very well, but I also had other well known youths who’m I promoted and either gave games too or loaned out and their growth curves were a lot more realistic, certainly no 90+ rated players as of yet.

  6. Well that would certainly extend the potential lifespan. I would never do the difficulty switch up to legendary from where I am now as I hate the idea of a mid career alteration, I would have to restart, but I suspect it’s not a level being played much. Superstar seems a good place. If only I could have got a half decent striker I’d be much happier – I was once an Arcas fan but now he feels as lumpen as the rest.

  7. Uncle Turf – I can confirm at least that the Regens are hardly ever world-beaters. No more getting ‘Ibra’ (as I matily call him) at 16 and putting him in the seniors and he’s ace straightaway. However, the old selling-them-after-half-a-season thing still very much does work. BUT, you don’t need to perform the trick.

    Just playing normally, buying and selling what I can where I can, not trying to maximise revenue, at the start of Season 7 – with my highest league finish the one on show above, and having won nothing – I have £240,000,000 in the bank, coupled with a £9,000,000 wage budget. That’s almost a quarter of a billion pounds to spend on players, but only enough wages for maybe 2 good players about the level I’ve currently got, or 1 great player who won’t sign for me anyway. The net effect of the finances is that it doesn’t matter how much you wheeler-deal the Regens or any other players, there’s a wages ceiling you can never get past. Which I actually like. I doubt that it’s working as Konami intended, but something is needed to keep the nuPES ML turnover of identikit AMF/SS hybrids down to a minimum.

  8. Shed – where’s the goal?! And even Top Player gives me a good game most of the time. Last night I got through to the start of the season, played the opening two matches, drew one and lost one (a thumping from Man U), and it was so rock-hard that I checked between matches to make sure I was definitely on Top Player.

  9. Start of season 8, I have 320 million to spend, and a wage budget of 48 million, thats only after finishing 14th in the prem last season.
    It is a struggle to spend the money, as NG rightly said, even with nearly 50 million to spend on wages, any player above say 82 OVR, which would be the players needed to strengthen my squad positions, will not come to a team who only finished 14th and are ranked 109th in the world rankings, they’re just not interested, so this money builds and builds.
    Also very annoying when doing an advanced search for transfer targets, that you can’t sort by ‘chances of signing’.

    After 2 or 3 seasons of winning the League, Champions league etc, its only then you will see the ‘chances of signing’ meter go up on the highest rated players, and then the salaries will range from anything between 8 million to 15 million a year or higher, so even with a mammoth wage budget, you could still only potentially sign 3 or 4 players of that standard/fame.

    Its a good thing, stops you amassing a team of world class stars quickly, but the surplus of cash just sits there, would be much better to have features to spend it on, such as marketing, which then drives gate receipts, youth development, stadium improvements, hiring new staff, etc …. and this is the whole infrastructure model we used to have even back as recently as PES 12, that needs reintegrating.

    NG – I find the odd match on TOP kicks up a really hard game, after 4 wins from 4, and an 8-0 cup win, newly promoted Derby County held me to a 1-1, with me equalising late on, and was the hardest match I played, pretty sure the game bumps it up to the next level above every now and then for a match just to shake things up.

  10. Paul – in advanced transfer search I sort by Overall Rating, have ‘chances of signing’ on display (tap R1 if it’s not already on), and then just page down using dpad-right until I hit at least a 2-bar chance – that’s the lowest chance of signing that can be successful in my experience. Then have a close look at the player. Finishing has to be high for a striker, Heading for a defender. If they clear those first hurdles, I’ll look deeper at skills etc. Of course with what we’ve discussed above, the effective wage cap in ML, you’re only ever looking at players around the same level you’ve currently got. Although I did just last night manage somehow to tempt a 90-rated player (a veteran soon to start declining), using all my wage budget.

  11. In my 2018 ML my highest earner is on £23m per year now but still plenty of cash in the bank. Early seasons are good in PES 2018 ML but it did get a little easy for me later on on Superstar difficulty. I tried Legendary but it was brutal. The difference between SS and Legendary was similar to the difference between Top Player and SS.

    I’ve played to the end of season 2 in PES 2008 PS2 ML, 2 wins in 2 seasons and game over a distinct possibility unless I shift some players. I like how difficult old ML is but it’s a shock to the system after being molly-coddled for so many years. For season 3 I’m going to try shifting 5/6 players and getting in a decent CF to see if it makes a difference otherwise it’ll be game over. Old PES permadeath is sadly missed.

  12. The search facility has always been poor in both pes and FIFA. On the one hand the wage ceiling is good, certainly to restrict excessive buying, but not having it balance with revenue just looks sloppy. I always thought fifa’s slide option to rob Peter to pay Paul was a good idea.

    Not this Paul of course. Any attempt to link him to illegal activity would be met with immediate cease and desist letters. He doesn’t even know a Peter. It’s fake news.

  13. NG – Thats pretty much my approach too.
    Identify the position(s) I want to look at, set a min overall rating, out of the results returned look at chances of signing, then out of those few, look more closely at key stats, depending on position.

    Just be nice to be able to sort by chances of signing too.
    Of course if you use the scout search and set that to overall ability, the players he finds all have a high chance of signing.

    Cook – 23 mil a year??? Who was that? That’s equivalent to 442 grand a week.

    As a side note NG, as you are interested in language and the use of etc, I’m watching a superb 8 part mini-series on Netflix at the moment, it’s a fictional drama based on the true events of how the FBI task force and profilers used analysis of writing and idiosyncrosies of letters and documents, dubbed as forensic linguistics to catch the Unabomber in the Mid 90’s. It’s called Manhunt: Unabomber, well worth a watch.

  14. Paul – it was Donnarumma, he’s the best GK in 2026 but still lots of money. My point (I didn’t explain at all) was the huge budget allowance in both wages and transfer fees later in the game despite earlier seasons being more challenging.

    I solely used scouts to buy players after the first season free agent feast. They pick out the best players from the search anyway.

  15. I think, in season 8 my highest earning player is Embolo, on 4.4 million a year, rated 86 OVR. I even whinced at that when negotiating his new contract, and tried to haggle him down.

    Another nuisance is not being able to set a release fee for your players when negotiating new contracts. They set it themselves which you can use the slider to increase/decrease but to sign a young 20 yr old, develop him, play him regularly then see his rating rise to 80+ which should dictate his market value to be £20mil + to then have to accept his release fee clause of 6mil is a bit off.
    Saying that though, has anyone ever been forced to sell a player due to a release fee being met?

    Also, has anyone playing in the premier league ever had the invite to the supposedly new pre-season tournament?? Never ever seen one.

  16. I had to sell my first good CF to Newcastle due to the release clause immediately after buying a better CF. Maybe coincidence but I like to think he walked because he wasn’t first choice anymore. This was season 2 and nothing since.

  17. Paul – I just quick-and-dirtily set all key players’ transfer statuses to unavailable, and thus don’t bother with the (borked) release fee shenanigans. Another nu-ML fail on two fronts, this, as not only is the release fee thing knackered in the way you describe, but I shouldn’t be able to wall off my players from the overall ML transfer market either.

    I very much am into that sort of thing. Forensic linguistics are my rock ‘n’ roll. I had no idea the Unabomber show was like that. I’ve heard about it in other contexts and will definitely look it up now.

  18. Transfer Policy to ‘reject all requests’ – Imagine if that was available in reality, Liverpool would have a front 3 of Torres, Suarez and Coutinho.

    You will love this show, its so good The Missus and I watched all 8 episodes in 2 nights, Sam Worthington, the guy from Avatar plays the lead role, its superb.

  19. I’m watching the crown at the moment. I’m as far from a monarchist as any pit village raised uninterested northerner could be but it’s definitely illicited sympathy for Philip at least – poor sod has had sixty years of walking three paces behind dwelling on the career he wasn’t allowed. Some historical stuff I never really appreciated too. Curious to know how close to today they dare bring it.

  20. Who would know what really goes on behind the scenes of the monarchy though Turf? I don’t mean some lowly cleaner that just sees the royals walking the corridors but someone close and trusted enough to see the intimate parts, and has that person spoken to Netflix ?! I seriously doubt it so it’s all just made up for drama purposes.

    If one of my servants dared speak the secrets of what goes on inside my castle I’d hvw them up on the gallows before a public gathering.

  21. Obviously the conversations between them have to be invented but the main set pieces are based on existing information – there’s so much on public record e.g Churchill’s behaviour, the abdication, etc etc that you can show what went on. Some of the private secretaries have been quite indiscreet post retirement too. Just as I’m sure the groom of your stool has many a tale to tell.

  22. My servants have all had their mouths stitched up Turf, and communicate purely through sign language.
    I’m in no way a royalist, completely ambivolent to the lot of them, but have heard that the Crown is very good and its had critical acclaim, so can’t be doing too much wrong.

    I’ll stick with Stranger things 😉

  23. Underneath the futuristic chrome kitchen is a Human Centipede surgical room…

    I didn’t bother with Stranger Things after the first episode, just not my thing, but Mrs Turf did. She loved the first series but thought the second stank like a Tesco turkey. There’s so many drama series on there it’s difficult to get round to seeing what they’re all like – I happily don’t even bother with the superhero ones, they’re nearly always cack.

    Finding it difficult to play for any length on PES such is the drain of early default superstar. I think you have to be so much more cautious with this one, set to defend from the off and group men behind the ball rather than diving in. It doesn’t suit my usual style.

  24. Euuugh That’s one film that I almost turned off halfway through, needless to say I didn’t watch the second one.

    Quite enjoying Stranger things season 2, like the 80’s retro theme, and its good ‘take your brain out’ Tv.

    SS is relentless in the way it plays Turf, the AI is so heavily unbalanced that you’ll find even weak teams one touch passing, slaloming their way upfield with backheels and laser guided pin point lob passes and goals from 30 yards, that you are more or less incapable of doing anything to stop it.
    You may put 10 men behind the ball and go for the all out defence tactic, but having to play more or less every game in that style gets tedious and frustrating.

  25. The strobe lighting in the last episode of Stranger Things S1 really spoilt that whole would-be climax for me. I spent more time not looking at the screen than looking at the screen. I’m not susceptible to strobe or flashing, but I do find it uncomfortable enough that I can’t look at it. If that had been the first episode rather than the last, I’d never have watched any more. I have never watched the Colin Farrell remake of Total Recall for the same reason.

    Uncle Turf – come down to Top Player, the gameplay is so much better. This is where the Purity ethic undermines you. If you could only ever listen to music with the volume turned up to 11, you’d never really listen to music. (I say that as someone who never listens to music. It’s just an analogy. I dislike music and never listen to it at any volume.)

  26. You haven’t missed much by not watching the Total Recall remake NG, it could have just been any other film in its own right, wasn’t a touch on the Arnie classic in any way.

    You dislike music? All music?
    I find that incredible, music is the most powerful and emotive media in existence, it’s almost incomprehensible that somebody on this planet doesn’t like music.

    Played 2 ML games of PES 18 on thew macbook pro, whilst sitting in bed last night, via the native mac remote play app, works really well.

    My Local CEX have a slimline silver PS2 console in for 19 quid, quite tempted, I have a spare 42″ HD TV sat in a box doing nothing, could quite easily setup a retro PS2 station in the office at home, wondering if theres any up to date-ish PS2 PES Option files still kicking around.

  27. Paul – that’s the reaction everybody has when they hear I don’t like music. I’ve mentioned it before here. I don’t actively hate music – I won’t have a screaming meltdown if there’s a radio playing the Bee Gees in the background – but I would never be the one who switches on that radio, and I never listen to anything at home. It’s not that uncommon to dislike music, just as there are those who dislike TV, books, games, theatre, etc. I know of three other examples of people who aren’t bothered about music. I believe our very own Darryl is one of them.

    I’d hold off on the PS2. The existence of solid emulation options for PC and Mac renders it moot. And you can’t upscale the graphics on PS2 to near-HD levels, and you’d have to sit through turn-of-the-century loading times, etc. Having said that, 19 quid for a silver console…

  28. I’ve thought of doing that myself purely so I can play Shadow of Rome but no, it’s just not worth it for the graphical hideousness. At least on your PCs you can mod the old games and tinker with the appearance. PS2 on HD is the back end of a dog.

    Desert Island Discs with NG would be superb….I’ve got fuck all Kirsty, can I have a recording of the 87 Cup Final maybe?

  29. I wasn’t criticising you for it NG, each to their own, I was just shocked.
    I’m yet to find a decent PS2 emulator that runs natively on the Mac, I’ve looked.
    PCSX2 has a mac version but is way outdated and was a beta version, as such most games don’t work properly on it.

    Do you know of any native mac emulators then? I don’t want to and won’t bootc am, or parallel to use any PC based ones, I want one that runs properly standalone on Mac OS. ?

  30. Paul – I thought PCSX2 was a solid Mac App, but yes, I’ve only used it on Windows where it is solid.

    Uncle Turf – even on a steampowered old laptop from about 2010 or later, or whatever you’ve got, PCSX2 would run PS2 games at HD-level graphics. I recommend.

  31. No NG, PCSX mac version is about 6 updates behind the PC version, is no longer supported or developed and a lot of ISO’s wont run on it. Shame.

    Might steal/borrow my mums old 4GB Windows 8, Dual Core 2.75ghz Laptop then as she now has a macbook air, and try PCSX2 on that.
    HDMI out to the 42″ TV. Would be alot easier than having to get a PS2 console, disc based games, memory card etc.

  32. PCSX is good but not for all games. I can run PES2014 3x native resolution perfectly but fifa 14 for example lags a lot. Maybe my laptop is getting old. Also, Shadow of the Colossus is unplayable for me as well

  33. Sadly NG, as Darryl and I agreed, laptops are just not the place for games. Like playing football in wellies. Or having to drink water with your chips.

  34. Laptops are perfectly fine for a lot of games as long as that was a high priority when it was bought, and the graphics card was specced properly.

  35. Sorry, no, it’s gone upstairs for the review Chris99 but the umpires call stands – laptops and games are like fish, chips and beans or playing on the ps4 with all the lights on full. They just don’t go together.

  36. I used to happily play PC PES on my laptop. Admittedly this was before we had an HDMI television, and probably not your first choice, but technically very doable.

  37. A second appeal against the umpire’s call and unfortunately he has just realised that laptops are the ultimate gaming machine! Massive selection of cheap games, more easily mod-able, quicker to boot up than a console, more powerful, better graphics. You can use them anywhere in the house or garden as a superb mobile gaming device or plug them into a 4k TV for an amazing graphical experience. Although I would concede that PES has never felt quite right on PC

    not-Greg – you must indeed have massive hands if the 3DS XL is not a comfortable fit! Which Fire Emblem are you playing?

  38. a laptop is perfectly fine for retro PES gaming, just connect to a TV via HDMI, close the lid and pop away when done, if I was going to get a PC solely for gaming and high spec though it would be a proper PC.

    Made me giggler to myself, at the weekend was waiting for the Mrs to finish her eye appt, and wandered the high street, popped into Cash Converters just for a browse.
    The queue at the ‘exchange your old stuff for a pittance’ desk was massive, all sorts of dodgy looking chavs handing over old strimmers, gold, kids toys etc, just for enough to fund their diamond white habit then over in the corner was this big professional display, a stand all lit up with glowing flashing neon light trims on, and a top spec, AlienWare gaming laptop, brand new on display, 32GB DD4 RAM, 240GB SSD HD, 1TB Hybrid HD, 7.1ch sound card, Pentium Quad core i7 4.6Ghz, 6GB Gfx Card ….. £1,999.99.

    I mean c’mon, if you shop in Cash Converters you are not going to be spending more on a laptop than your house is worth.

  39. Paul – haha brilliant, Cash Converters have got the best laptop specs on the high street, no way Currys or John Lewis can compete with that!!

  40. Chris99 – 2018 laptops with integrated graphics would be able to run early-2000s PES (and FIFA or almost any other game of the era) with ease. Can confirm as I played PES5(PC) on a basic supermarket laptop around 2012 or so. The further we get into the passage of time since an old generation of tech, the easier it becomes to emulate/simulate. Or even, as PCSX2 demonstrates, improve on the original.

    Paul – I’d echo Uncle Turf’s caution about the shock to the system that native PS2 graphics would give you today. It doesn’t seem there is an alternative to PCSX2 for Mac. There are guides on how to get it running on Sierra/High Sierra. Did you never follow up on the Fierce PC? After 5 weeks or so with mine, it has passed the critical test that applies to any new piece of kit: ‘If something happened to it now, would I immediately have to get it fixed/get another one?’ Emphatic answer yes. It’s the little things. Windows 10’s many problems seem to evaporate with 16GB RAM and a fast processor.

    Oh, and if I was going to spend £2000 on a laptop, Cash Converter would not be my first choice. I once sold my very first Macbook (the plasticky white one) to a Poundstretcher and the guy processing it told me they’d be selling it on their eBay store instead of there as people just won’t buy ‘premium’ items in-store.

    JS Hutt – not all PS2 games are compatible with PCSX2, no. Some won’t run at all, others will run with problems. So far all the PES games are fully compatible. FIFA07 runs with huge graphical problems. I even managed to get the mysterious Football Kingdom to run, albeit with lines down the screen. Enough to see what the fuss was about, and you know what, the game has something. Grab it and try it if you can. I believe fiddling with PCSX2’s settings can make troublesome games run better, and sometimes switching firmware from US to EUR or to JAP, or vice versa, can get results.

    abbeyhill – 3DS Xl is only uncomfortable and cramped for ‘action’ games, i.e. where I have to press the buttons in response to unfolding events on-screen. For strategy titles et al, I’m okay. I definitely have biggest hands, absolutely huge mega-hands, the biggest by far. Tremendous!

    It’s Fire Emblem Fates, downloaded at full price in release week, whenever that was, and played the first hour back then but not returned to since.

  41. Never went through with the Fierce PC NG, as you said at the time, maybe the transaction aborting mid process was a nudge of fate, the more i thought about it, the less likely i was to make use of such a good machine, and £700+ just to have a few adboards in PES 18 was a bit of a stretch, if there were proper bonafide PC patches that changed up game play ie Jenkey tools, then I would have taken the plunge, but without those, it would just have been a nicer looking PS4 version. Maybe one for the future.

    If you have links to these PS2 iso’s that you run in PCSX2 I’d be most greatful, especially the PES ones, if you have to share ‘off-blog’ I understand.

  42. Paul – the first search result from ‘PS2 [name of PES] ISO’ is usually the one 😉 Sometimes you have to look deeper for an English-language version, but most of the time that’s the one you need. Download in browser, each takes average of 20 minutes on my slower connection.

    The site is Emuparadise, which despite the occasional captcha it throws your way, is legit. The files are just the ISO files.

    I got all but one of the PS2 ISOs from that route, and can vouch for their integrity.

    The only one I couldn’t find there was PES2014(PS2), which I ended up getting via torrent – all of them are on torrent if you don’t fancy Emuparadise for whatever reason.

    Of course there’s nothing shady about grabbing an ISO for a game(s) that we already own, in multiple versions.

  43. Thanks NG, I found that EmuParadise site and it looks great, a one stop shop for emulators and ROM files/ISo’s.

    The video you posted of PES 2008 running on PCSX2 a few weeks back, was in widescreen, was that native? or just after resizing the emulator window?
    I don’t want to be playing in 4:3 format.

  44. Just out of curiosity, 9 seasons in and I have never gotten a penalty or seen an in game injury. I know NG you got 1 penalty but is that all for you? Has anyone else a 0 penalty career. I am fully convinced that in game injuries don’t exist please can someone contradict this !!!

  45. Paul – it’s in PCSX2’s display settings, there are four preset display settings (4:3, 16:9, Custom, and one or two other presets). The window is manually resizeable too, can be dragged to any shape, flicked between Windowed and Fullscreen, etc. Emulation has come a long, long way to get to this stage where it really is like having a HD PS2 at your fingertips. Apart from a few ISOs that don’t work or work jankily, the future of the past is here!

    Gary – never, ever, ever have I seen an in-game injury in nuPES. A few commenters here claim to have had one, but when pressed for details they turn out to mean an injury for which your player receives treatment, then comes back onto the pitch, all of which is handled automatically by the game. The kind of in-game injury you mean (and I mean) is when your player gets injured and must be subbed, and the game forces you to the Formation screen. It was a staple feature of PES for years and a very welcome one for tactical challenge reasons, but it’s gone now. (I ask anyone reading this who claims to have had an in-game injury of that nature in any nuPES game to provide video evidence of it!)

    I’ve had 1 penalty in 7 seasons. I had 1 in PES2017 too, and I think 1 or 2 in PES2016. My experience is about average, but that means of course there are plenty who never have any penalties.

    All of these things – no injuries, no penalties etc. – are side-effects of the game being streamlined for online play. The fouling model is tuned the way it is to stop the online frantic melee being stopped all the time, as it would be. As a side-effect we have no fouls and no penalties in single-player, and no injuries either as that would be another interruption.

    I’m enjoying my time with PES2018, but at least once per session I notice that the frantic action never stops, and feel pretty disgusted with myself for dallying with a vastly inferior PES product. There’ll be no PES2019 on this blog, that’s for sure.

  46. Ah or the glorious “half injuries” where the player could play on with vastly reduced stats. I concur NG I keep going knowing its not true Pes I gave 2017 a miss my first of the series but the allure of Pes took me back in 2018. Goddamn history of greatness and all that…..

  47. Great News NG, Thanks.

    Gary – To echo what NG says, in PES 2017 I had 1 penalty in 10 seasons, and not until late on, like the 8th season or something, and not a single injury, in-game or after.
    In PES 18 I didnt have a single penalty in 4 seasons then after the November Patch, I had 4 penalties, 3 in the space of 1 season, but nothing since then, I’m now in season 8.

    I’ve had one single injury in PES 18, a 6 week lay off, but that was just a notice after a match, the player in question didn’t even go off for treatment during the previous match.

    Its this constant churn that really ruins PES, there’s no squad management element anymore, you can pick the same 11 week in week out, you may get the odd player off form but largely, its rinse and repeat.
    No idea why Konami bothered giving players an Injury stat, its null and void.

  48. Gary – Hi, I have had one injury (3 months to Marcus Rashford).
    Got cropped in match, went off, came back on. Then was announced as injured in the Master League main screen. Can’t recall a penalty though unfortunately.

  49. Keith – the Great Quest is for an in-game injury. Player gets injured, player goes off and doesn’t come back on, and has to be subbed. This pretty basic feature of football hasn’t been part of PES to my knowledge since PES2014. As I say above, many claim to have had one, but it always turns out to be the scenario you describe, where it’s a menu notification after the match. I’ve had a couple like that over the past few nuPES years, but only a couple.

  50. NG- I’m guessing it’s all part of Nu-Football fans being obsessed with the star players from Barcelona and Madrid etc. Konami don’t want these people having a massive fucking hissy fit and turning off if Neymar gets injured.

    Excuse my French but everyone’s guilty of fawning over these bellends.

    Sorry don’t know where that came from. Think I’m a bit tired.

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