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A perfect storm of events in work, life, and gadgetry means that today’s post cannot be longer than it is.

I have played a few matches in my PES2018 ML since Tuesday’s post. I continue to find flowers among the weeds and enjoy myself more than I don’t. I also continue to perceive nuPES as the ruin of PES. I find it very hard to distinguish my players from one another. I find it very easy to switch off after a few matches.

No matter. The die is cast. I AM enjoying more than I’m not. After several goalless games (where the AI scored and I did not), I got an amusing own-goal that ricocheted in off the defender and keeper. I grabbed a replay of that and uploaded it, but accidentally made it a 5-minute clip. So here you get to watch me starting the game up – from the KONAMI logo onward – and going through my pre-match routine, and then all the gameplay leading up to the goal. The actual goal is around the 4-minute mark:

I lost this match 1-2.

I won the next and drew the next, to leave me looking like this in the league table:

Still worrying. But I think I’ll be OK.

One of the reasons for the shortness of this post? The arrival yesterday of a new gizmo in my life. A new PC rigged for gaming:

Yes, modded PES is a possibility. Modded PES is the only way nuPES will figure in my gaming life once PES2018 is done.

I’ll be talking PC talk in the comments to this post over the rest of the day and weekend if anyone’s interested. Also up for discussion is how this relates to PES and the future of the series on the blog.

16GB of RAM! It’s like living in the future.

My first PC, in the early 2000s, was a laptop with 256MB of RAM. My first computer of any kind, in the early 1980s, was a ZX81 with its celebrated 1K (ONE KILOBYTE) of RAM. I remember adding a 16K RAM pack to the ZX81 and thinking it was the business.

Whether this becomes a PES machine is down to what I find, or don’t find, in the modding scene.

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  1. Nice looking PC there NG. I recently bought a new laptop with a fairly decent graphics card so I can join the master race of PES players if there’s any promise there. I’ve already had to splash out on more RAM to take it to 16 GB to play Cities Skylines with all the mods and assets. What are the specs of your machine?

    I can’t recall if you’ve mentioned it previously but do you have any rivals matches or did you deactivate in the menus? I wondered if these matches have different characteristics since the patch?

  2. Cook – been tinkering with it all day, it’s pretty darn swish. My first PC since 2005 or so, so it’s bound to feel great. Only run XCOM2 on it so far because of all the faffing involved in transferring a Steam game (I was 5GB into the download before I discovered that you can do it via USB stick from the old PC to the new in a fraction of the time).

    16GB RAM
    AMD Athlon X6 core 4.0gHz (they upgraded this from my order for a x4 core for free as a Christmas bonus)
    GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (I should’ve have gone for 6GB to future-proof it)
    256GB SSD
    1GB HDD

    That view of the components is all that’s inside the case, so it’s ripe for expansion. I worked out how to turn off the LEDs. That multicoloured button thing just peeking into the picture above is a remote control for various LED lights and pulsing effects. This is something else they chucked in for free for Christmas, as I ordered a case with no LEDs.

    Very pleased so far.

    Main downer is that the included wireless antennae are pretty poor. Piss-poor, in fact, and yes, I’ve twisted the antennae (which screw into the wifi card at the back) every which way. Finally I’ve just run an Ethernet cable from the router, which has solved the problem. I’ll have another tilt at the wifi some other day.

  3. looking good not-Greg, love the way the insides light up! How did XCOM2 look? Presumably no issues with temperatures so far? I think Turf has some useful knowledge on silver thermal pasting and fan calibration if you need some technical advice

    That memory stick saga on here a few weeks back inspired me to complete an investment article I’d been struggling to finish – check 4th paragraph from the end:


  4. abbeyhill – I’ve just managed to play an entire mission on my mature XCOM2 Long War 2 savegame and naturally I wacked the settings up to the highest possible across the board, and the machine coped, but the fans were distractingly loud so I bumped it down to ‘recommended for the hardware’ (still high) and it was fine. Plays like a dream. Exactly what I was after. Just played a few minutes of Civilization V and as you’d expect it plays that 7-year-old game at highest possible settings with no issues at all. I’d stump up the few extra quid for all the fan cooling though if I had the choice again – and the 6GB VRAM version of the gfx card.

    As things stand, though, another few days and I’ll be a proper PC gaming masterrace member. Just transferring my Steam library across now – it’s taking hours. I find myself curious as to what Football Manager matches might look like on max settings.

    Does anybody have any idea what two switches on the top of the case marked Hi/Low do?

    These two switches at bottom left here (this is the TOP of the case):

    ” alt=”” />

    They’re marked High and Low and can operate independently of each other, but I have no idea what they control. The fans? There are two fans embedded in the front of the case so that seems most likely, but playing with the switches doesn’t alter their RPM. I installed HWMonitor and it shows no effect on the fans.

    And before anyone asks, yep, there’s another shedload of USB ports on the back of the case. Every kind of port. Loving this. PESwhat?

  5. not-Greg – XCOM2 is apparently rather poorly optimised for PC, probably just it and Witcher 3 will be the only current games your graphics card will struggle with on maximum settings. Any footy games will run at 100+ frames per second

  6. abbeyhill – I love XCOM2 so much that I’ve often been tempted to get it on PS4. Now I’ve got the PC I’ll continue with it on high-medium settings, which seem to be the happy compromise. It seems pretty much everything pre-2015 will play maxed out no bother.

    And so fast – that 16GB+processor combo is really startling.

    My old 2014 Toshiba laptop would chug along with everything, and played XCOM2 on low settings only, and I could start it loading, go to make a mug of tea, come back, and it’d still be inching painfully through the loading process.

    I actually have Cities Skylines and only played it to the point where my laptop didn’t like it. I might re-dabble now. The danger with anything new like this is ‘werding’ it, i.e. flitting quickly from one thing to the next.

  7. The hi/low buttons are volume NG, they make the sound go up or down. As for the cooling, yes Abbeyhill’s right, I’d link the fan to a battery so it runs a bit faster and maybe open a window. Or invest in some of that Chinese technology ive read about.

    So I upgraded to madden 17, a few changes on the game but it’s more the franchise where I recognise more players so can get my head round some of the trading and roster management a bit better. I’d quite like my next research project to be American football based but doubt I’ll be able to swing that.

  8. Uncle Turf – what’s the Madden equivalent of sprint-clamp? And good luck on all those 4th downs you’ll be going for…

    Pound for pound, though, American sports – and the football in particular – are arguably the best in the world. Everything about them is just right. The franchises, the drafts, and the officiating most of all. Can you imagine what ‘common-sense refereeing’ in American football would result in? Can you imagine what American-style officiating in Association Football would result in? Penalties and abandoned matches galore to begin with, of course, but after that… I think it’d be pretty good.

  9. I’ve been watching a lot of the NFL recently and there are some debatable calls, particularly on holding, but from what I’ve seen and heard it’s never ‘it’s too early to give that’ or ‘you’ve got to apply common sense’ it’s always a question of whether they saw it, and saw what would be deemed a foul. The time, game situation, etc just simply doesn’t come into it.

    One amusing moment I read about in Next Man up (a fabulous bit of Feinstein writing) was that the flags have mini bean bags attached to weight them down in the wind. One referee threw for a penalty and the flag sailed right through the helmet grill of an offensive lineman whacking him in the eye. The biggest, nastiest blokes on the field, and he wasn’t happy. Paul durkin got away lightly.

  10. Uncle Turf – The holding rule in American Football has as many moving parts as our offside rule, so I’d imagine there are plenty of wrong calls. They have a ‘video umpire’ for appeals. But as you say, there is NO sense whatsoever that any NFL official observes Association Football’s ‘it’s only the first minute, can’t penalise him for that’ and ‘oh, I’ve just given this team a big decision, I can’t give them another one now’ and all the rest. Our football players and fans are aware of how football ref psychology works, and they play on it.

    I heard a player on Radio 5 midweek talking about how ‘referee management’ is all part of players’ coaching. From the very first, teams are working on the ref and linesmen and ‘training’ them to not give the next decision against them (it’s always about the next decision when you see players protesting decisions). I remember at the start of last season there was a feeble attempt to issue automatic yellow cards to any player contesting any decision. I don’t think it even lasted the first weekend. But something like that is what it’d take, and the problem of refs being too yeller to implement it would be solved by retrospective bans and points deductions for teams etc. Will never happen though. Football will go on being an almost-sport where the rules are fluid depending on context, which is not a sport at all.

  11. Hello guys,
    If any of you looking for a good PC mod for PES 2018 this year there is only one good choice:
    Creator – Kilay, did an amazing job, added thousands of things in it, plus, the most important thing, he corrected all the tactic for all the teams, so the gameplay really is a bit different, more accurate, and more realistic thanks to that.
    Personally, I can’t praise enough of his job, big big time recommendation :).

  12. By the way there haven’t been any updates for a while as the cricket in Australia was cancelled, it was too foggy or something.

  13. abbes – that’s one of the patches I’ve been watching and reading the reactions to with interest. I have to say it doesn’t sound like the team tactics changes have produced gameplay much different from the tumble-drier churn that we’ve all come to know and ‘love’ since PES2016 or so. But the proof of the pudding and all that. The PC platform really is PES’s last hope IMO, so I’ll be trying all the patches.

    Uncle Turf – I’m old enough now that I have the R4 Today programme on and they devote incredible amount of time to cricket, so I feel as if I know what happened. Stick a roof on the Aussie oval.

  14. Stuck PES on for a few matches late last night, found myself constantly tinkering and changing between camera angles, blitzing through matches without making subs and even not even bothering to check the team selection screen pre-match so starting games with several players with half stamina or orange downward form arrows….. such is the current disinterest in the game.
    Need to bring the season to a conclusion before abandoning ship in favour of FIFA though. I will try to focus the mindset and play PES properly, otherwise its just pointless lost precious gaming time, PES18 constantly, every session, seems intent on showing me in abundance just why its such a lazy p*ss poor effort, and thats hard to ignore.

  15. Paul – I firmly believe that this flavour of PES is the outcome of careful planning and calculation. The starting point is a design document that asks one question: ‘what kind of game do people like playing against other people?’ Then they draw up a list of things that people like in multiplayer, and they make a game with those things in it. You almost have to admire the sheer commercial nous, and there probably wouldn’t be a PES in 2017 without it. Business Darwinism at work. The new product happens to have the PES name on it, and there are echoes of the old beast, strong echoes sometimes, but overall it’s just not there.

    I am in the process of installing all the PC versions on my new PC, and I always have a match or two after completion. PES5, game 1, England vs Scotland (of course), D Beckham, as much an individual as he’s ever been in PES, runs into the box, turns, and is chopped down. Penalty. In the first match. I had to smile.

    PES2018 has got a few more seasons in it for me as I’ve sunk enough time into the ML to see it through.

  16. NG – PC would probably rejuvenate PES 18 for me, as the broadcast style camera angle, makes the game look gorgeous and almost a different game just from that, the patches that have been mentioned that change team tactics etc, if they can make each team play uniquely and different then there would be life in it, but at this point, im in no way inclined to spend 700 quid on another machine just to run PES, in your case you have lots of games to play, so is worth it, I would only ever use it for PES, not worth it.

    I had a bit of a twitter to and throw with Adam yesterday, as someone posted criticising the game, and Adams response was that there’s overwhelming feedback from people who enjoy playing the game so he’s not interested in making wholesale changes to a product that people enjoy.
    I pointed out that translated as meaning PES is now made for online only and offline ML gamers are an afterthought, he then accused me of being condescending and disrespectful, to which i replied back saying as a paying customer im entitled to my opinion and have supported the series since day one and give up my free time and money to provide FREE content to PES players etc, and he should respect my views….. it went back and forth and ended up in a fairly respectful convo where he states that he didn’t leave his family to move to Tokyo to carry on as is, and that his focus was offline and ML and vastly improving it, but it will take time ….

    So heres to another 2, 3 or 4 year period where PES is once again ‘in transition’ and they will apparently work on offline as a focus, so maybe by PES 2021 there might be a ML as feature rich and playable as we had in PES 2010 – they seriously need to remove the ‘Evolution’ part from the title.

    This is well worth a listen: https://soundcloud.com/thecontextualpodcast/episode-18

  17. Abbes / NG – that is the patch I am using as well. Pretty solid.

  18. Paul – it’s been 10+ years since I had a PC and over 3 years since I had a new gadget of any kind, so the 700 quid was well worth it on its own. If you ever do take the plunge, Fierce PC really do deliver in every sense.

    And remember Adam is a PR man, customer service 101 entails making the right noises. The two arenas of play are fundamentally oppositional to one another. As it says in my translation of the Bible: ‘No PES can serve two masters’ (Matthew 6:24). Single-player greatness demands player individuality and frequent stoppages in play that would penalise over-enthusiastic sprinting and tackling, as a way of enforcing proper PES/football values (fouls, penalties, fatigue, injuries, etc.). Multiplayer has to toss those values overboard to make an experience that keeps moving, which is the prime quality that makes a playable online game in the eyes of those who enjoy that sort of thing. The two camps can never be reconciled in one game. If Konami have to choose between keeping us happy or them happy, they’ll always choose them. It’s the pragmatic, sensible business decision. Adam knows this and in his PR guise he is involved in (hopefully reluctantly) making the best of the situation.

    #1 – still waiting for the Steam price to come down. No way I’m paying 50 quid. Also no way I’m dabbling with any pirated version, which I could easily do but I just haven’t got the time and energy for it anymore. If/when new official content comes out for pirated games, it’s a huge hassle getting everything properly updated. My threshold is 20-25 quid. I’m keeping an eye on all the third-party code vendors and there are a few interesting results just today, so stay tuned…

  19. Picked up a copy of FIFA 17 at the weekend while Christmas shopping with midi-Shed. £2 in Cash Convertors!

    I think I’m going to like one-year-behind footy gaming from now on.

  20. Paul- think you took those FIFA comments too seriously.Apologies.I have tried playing FIFA multiple times and every time I have come back to pes.Fifa is a much better product for offline than pes.I still need my fix of pes when I wake up.It’s as simple as that.
    Also, i tried searching pes 5 and 6 to no avail.If you or anyone has any links that l be very useful.I have recently changed job am without a tv, I can only play on the laptop so I am thinking going pes 5 or pes 6 ML with the keyboard.

  21. Shed – £2! It’s still bloody £4 down our way last time I saw. If I’m in town before Christmas (and I tend to avoid town from now until the blessed day of 2nd January), I believe I will pick one up. At that price it’d almost be rude not to. And the FIFA lot in general seem to say ’17 is better than ’18.

    As for gaming years in arrears, so to speak, I’m still migrating all my Steam games to my new PC, and Football Manager 2013 is one of them. If I ever play an FM game again (I haven’t got enough time for the few other games I want to play more, so I doubt it, but if), it’ll be FM2013, which I just started and played some of, resuming a long-forgotten Hinckley Town (!) career that I started back in 2012. There really is no need for current-year gaming to be the critical thing everyone takes it to be.

  22. Jamiey – all the PES games are available in the usual naughty places. I just went and had a look and every PES from the dawn of time is freely available. You’re not looking in the right places – the major torrent sites. (I’m sorry, I can’t provide detailed tech support for this.) If you have a console controller you can plug it into your laptop and use it. If your laptop has bluetooth you can play wirelessly.

  23. Jamiey- my responses were not aimed specifically at you. It’s in general. I hear the same tired old Fifa comments time after time from blinkered PES players who seem to think it has to be one of the other. It doesn’t.

    As NG said. Use a proxy torrent site and search for PES PC. There’s hundreds of downloads.

  24. NG – Steam prices tend to take a long time to come down to any reasonable level so the varioys cd key sites seem to be your best bet. I got it for 24 euros ultimately..which was also about my threshold.

    Played another game. enjoyable until half time, then scripting kicked in massively and it became a 100 mph shitfest. disappointing that this is happening on professional already, usually this crap is reserved for the higher levels. overall 5.5 / 10 so far for me…inclined to install the gameplay patch earlier but want to get a good feel before I do. one positive is that the defaults really are proper shit this year.

  25. NG: steam sales will start at the end of this week. At least you will have 50% off the game.

    I haven’t played PES in a while. 2013 in the 3DS is too hard for me. Getting old I guess…

  26. Thanks for the info NG and Paul.The catch however in my case is that I have an office laptop, I was hoping to get a clean link to the default game.Maybe I need to download it via phone and then play it on the laptop.This is the first time in last 12 years that I am without a pes game for any length of time.To be fair I am not missing it for primarily one reason.Player Individuality.No individuality kills the context.I remember in the days of pes 5 and pes 6, one slightly better player used to change the fortunes of the team.I used to practice free kicks cos the only chances I had were through set pieces.Individuality creates characters and characters bring attachment.

    The biggest trouble with PES now is that although individuality is there-there is no consistency.A silky SS would do the business in a one-off game and then go missing for no reason whatsoever.I mean If I take Robinho or Hoilett and dribble and beat two or three men in one game, then why on earth I cant do that for next 10 or 15 games or so with varied success.Players do get on form and do play well for a bunch of matches before going missing in real life.Ideally, if a Robinho or a Hoilett does score few important goals in few games at the end of the season or midseason, you end up falling in love with the player and thus getting the feeling of magic.AI is such a buzzword these days and yet we cant have football games with no script to challenge Human player.So in order to make an average AI challenging they have to resort to scripts.Of course, it is fine to have scripts if there is no other option to create a challenging AI.However, if I cant create magic with my players then what is the point.Pes 5 and 6 still have that.The feeling that you can win any match if you go by your gut and you can predict what your players are capable of after spending few matches with them.With newer pes, i am not confident of any players barring very few.Fouls may be one of the biggest factors but there are other factors also.There is more frustration than enjoyment with the new PES’s

  27. Jamiey – agree with every single word re. individuality.

    Re. your office laptop, I take it the machine has a disc drive. Copies of PES5 for PC are freely available on Amazon (albeit a touch expensive, but the greatest football game ever made is cheap at any price) and on eBay (some wildly varying prices on show there).

    PES6 on Amazon and eBay too.

    If your office laptop doesn’t have a disc drive but it has a USB port, you’ll need to also invest in an external USB disc drive. They’re about a tenner nowadays I think – a vanishing technology.

    Downloads didn’t really exist back in the day, so a hard copy is your only chance really.

  28. Had a go at installing WE9 LE edition last night with a 2016/17 season patch.
    I’m giving up i think, too much hassle.
    Not the complexity of it, its straight forward, just the mechanics are too painful.

    I had PES 5,6 both patched, PES 11, 13,15 and 17 all running on a Windows 7 VM on my 2013 decent spec iMac, but since I have upgraded the VM to windows 10, everything is a complete chore.
    The VM now eats so much mac resource that its painfully slow to do anything, opening folders, copying files, installation exe’s … all take an age, the mac grinds to a halt, and once WE9LE was installed, it booted up, i could navigate menus, and change teams etc, but once the loading match screen starts….. it just hangs, couple that with constant windows updates churning away and i just gave up at 1am this morning.

    Might setup a bootcamp partition on the mac running windows and try that, but all way too much faffing just to play a PES that is 12 years old, purely because its better than the shitpile we have this year.

    sorry state of affairs.

  29. Paul – Windows 10 is something of a resource hog, not surprised to hear it’s chugging away on a VM on 2013 iMac. If you’re determined to continue running football games on a VM, Windows 7 is the way to go, or Bootcamp even better. I have a Bootcamped Windows 7 partition on a 2010 Macbook and when I’m in Windows 7 on that machine it might be the best Windows computer I’ve ever used!

    WE9LE is basically Korean PES5 and is therefore the Best Thing Ever, but be wary of the fan-made patch(es). I never quite gelled with ML using it, because the patch was made with online in mind. Lukasz is the high priest of keeping that game alive and I massively respect what he’s doing, but he’s a multiplayer man and the fan-made patch is designed to maximise ‘flow’. I remember him telling me that fouls were a big problem for everyone in PES5. Did not compute…

    Had a couple of duff sessions on PES2018 yesterday, nothing truly awful, but nothing inspiring either. I was more interested in the podcasts and audiobooks I’m listening to whilst playing.

  30. NG – i only upgraded the CM to Windows 10 because I was going to attempt to see how PES 18 ran inside it and that required a 64 bit windows, of which windows 10 was available to me.
    I will probably revert it back to win 7 at some point.

    I found a thread over on evo web where some guy has collated numerous WE9 patches, and made auto-installers for them all, with links, the one I installed was ML focused as it had a ML option file save with it, with new kits, player names and all that jazz.

    This was it:

  31. Paul – one of my longer-term projects with the new PC is to have every ISS and PES and WE game on it, in every version, and playable (via emulators for the early console-only games, etc.). I will be getting to WE9LE at some point. If PES2018 doesn’t pan out on PC in the New Year, I can see PES5 or PES2011 in my future.

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