The holding pattern

A long weekend off work brought the opportunity to play PES2018 a lot more than usual.

I managed 4 separate sessions of about 4-5 matches apiece and progressed almost all the way to the mid-season transfer window in Season 2.

Richarlison will be coming in January, probably Shelvey too. I’m waiting to see if Newcastle will accept a 70% likelihood reduced fee. Quite a few players will be going. You get lots of offers for players in PES2018. It’s possible I could have a Default-less squad by the end of the season. Oh, Master League, how you have changed.

I played quite intensively on Friday and Saturday. I went from post-Season 1 to the stage you see above – played 19 league matches, and got knocked out of the cup in the second round. I gave the game a rest on Sunday. I had to.

PES2018 feels just like PES2016 and PES2017 after a while. Yes, we can point to this or that mechanic or animation that’s different (and much better) than those games. But the overall feeling of frantic flow is exactly the same.

nuPES, as I unaffectionately call the games since the advent of the PS4, has done quite well to last 4 editions without insulting me too much, but the point has been reached, and I do now feel insulted by its lowest-common-denominator general gameplay. I ain’t some kid. There’s a lot riding on the Great Patch.

Veldwijk continues to rack up goals, and would have a lot more if he wasn’t hampered by the infuriating and transparent nuPES ‘thing’ of nerfing him for a match or two after he plays great. Seriously, if Veldwijk gets a goal or two in one match, he might as well not be playing in the next match.

I managed to get my first players into the Team of the Month, for November, Season 2:

That L BAKER is a 16-year-old Youth and is now my first choice CMF adjacent to the DMF position. He’s not an AMF as in this picture – not yet.

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  1. Hallowe’en outfit? Oh dear, oh dear.

  2. yes Chris, we have a big halloween themed party every year, friends and family over, drinks etc, whats up with that?
    you dont like socialising i take it?

  3. Pics of you in outfit or it didn’t happen

    Awesome find there, Paul. Clas Ohlsen have a 32gb 3.0 for £8 which will more than suffice. Just hope the PC doesn’t hold back the speed of transferring that end!

  4. Jay – you can find them in the members area of my website

    yeah your pc needs to have a USB port for it to work otherwise it will revert to the USB2.

  5. As much as it feels an import of Americana and thus complete fakery, I’m also going to a Halloween party (I don’t like Halloween and I don’t like parties but there’s no avoiding it). In a nod to robin hobb and others I’m going as a jester. There will be very little smiling.

    Started a modest minecraft build last night with the intention of creating a flat earth.

  6. Paul – What I dislike is the appalling commercialisation and Americanisation of Hallowe’en (I’m insisting on the apostrophe).

    BTW thanks for the USB link. I shall trial them with a 2TB purchase, which is frankly a ridiculous capacity.

  7. Chris – it’s just another hallmark Occasion agreed but it’s not about the actual All Hallows’ eve part. It’s just a bit of fun, a get together and a chance to spend time with close family and friends.
    I also happen to be intrigued by the paranormal anyway so it is what it is.

    No worries. Yeah the 2tb is huge. Enough to backup my entire PS4 4 times.

  8. Paul – given that NAND flash memory contract prices are running at about £6 for 128GB at the moment I’m also a bit dubious about your stick. Either someone is making a huge loss along the way, they are stolen or they are not genuinely 1-2 TB. However, if as you say they work in line with the spec then can’t really argue with that!

  9. Abbeyhill – can only say what I experience. It’s definitely not stolen. It comes from China. They manufacture it and sell it in ship loads so maybe why prices are low. But I’ve ordered several. Each one shows up as 1tb and I’ve had no issues copying stuff to them so ……

  10. Paul/Chris99 – I’ve also sprung for one of these £9 2TB USB sticks. Disappointed to see the 1TB sticks unavailable. A whole 3 quid extra for 1TB more?! Disgraceful prices…

    I’m fascinated to see what’s going to come through the letterbox in due course. Even if it’s just a framed picture of a USB stick. If it turns out to be an actual 2TB USB stick with twin connectors, that shows up with 2TB available memory (or 1.91 or whatever), that transfers at USB 3.0 speeds, and doesn’t break after a few hours, I’ll be well happy!

    Paul, re your review, that’s why I wait until the end of the year to do mine – we don’t know how the patch(es) will affect things. PES2014 on release was a 4/10 game. After the patches, almost a 9/10 game for me. 9.5/10 on the pitch is probably justified for PES2018, but the problems do dilute that score right now. If no changes to fouls, for example, my final score come next summer will be massively affected by that.

  11. I don’t know what is worse: no fouls and no injuries or your best striker injured again. 3rd time in a row. At least this time is only 8 weeks.

    Well just kidding (not about the injury of my player). I think that we should start thinking about these games the way they are. They will never be the way we want them to be.

  12. NG – there are tons of 1GB sticks available, from all different sellers in different styles, the double connector ones, metal key ring style ones, just search ‘1GB USB’ on wish and loads will come up.
    Ordered another one last night for my dad.

    As for the review, that’s why I split it almost into two parts, Can only review whats released and what we pay our money for, currently overall, that’s a 4/10 … looking back maybe that was a bit harsh, possibly 5.5/10 for the whole package.
    The patch, if it comes at all, may not address everything that needs addressing, in fact I almost guarantee it wont.
    I think it may fix cursor switching, add arsenal faces and emirates stadium, but I’m not convinced that it will fix the fouls, without detrimentally affecting other things.

    Saying that I played the final 3 fixtures of season 2 last night, 2 defeats and a win, but much much more enjoyable.
    Switching to the 4-2-3-1 style formation seems to have elevated the game for me, players are making more runs, and more creative runs, as a result I have more attacking options and stand better chances in games.

  13. Paul – your posted link landed on the 2TB (not GB?!) sticks, so I went with that in the spirit of fun. Nine quid for a 2TB USB stick! I just had to see. I genuinely am looking forward to seeing what arrives in a week or so. Is there a thriving trade in reselling them on eBay for 50 quid each? If not, why not? I promise, I don’t doubt that you have 3 of these sticks and they’re working for you, but I can’t shake the instinctive feeling I’ve somehow acquired shares in a rather triangular-shaped enterprise…

    A little switch of camera style and renewed sense of purpose for me, and I am enjoying PES2018 again. I think the patch will add PES2017-style levels of fouls, i.e. 1 or 2 per match on average. Most of mine still end with zero. I’m starting to wonder if something was lost in translation over the last year or two, and all the feedback about fouls resulted in the opposite of what was requested.

  14. I would caution against anyone backing up important data on these 1 or 2 TB usb sticks there is no way, economically, they can possibly be genuine – Paul, how much data have you actually managed to store on one, and have you checked it is really there?

  15. NG – that link goes to the main page for that item, there is a drop down box allowing you to select 1TB or 2TB.
    It may take a few weeks to arrive, mine took 3 weeks.

    I have been buying various items of this website for quite a while, never received anything dodgy, some of the clothes sizes are questionable but i guess they are modelled by tiny chinese people.

    What camera view are you now using? I’m using Zoom: 1 | Height: 0 | Angle: 10 … I really like it, tried using Broadcast cam so many times, it looks superb, very TV-realistic, but you cant spot COM runs or passing options too well as its too zoomed in, and those zoomed cut-ins, are annoying and disorientating.

  16. Paul – there were no 1TB sticks at the time I looked yesterday, just 2TB ones. No matter, it was only 3 extra quid for a whole terabyte more of that lovely flash memory!

    I hope it is all real as that looks like a good site for lots of things. I spotted a rain jacket that looks like the sneaking suit from Metal Gear Solid.

    I’m back using a version of ‘Darryl cam’, Long 10:5:5. A nice mix of close-up and pitch-level, with some distance.

    abbeyhill – in February this year Kingston released a 1TB flash drive at a cost of around £800 – ‘as much as a MacBook’. The 2TB version was/is an eye-watering £1700. I’m excited to see what I bought yesterday. Genuinely worth the 9 quid, whatever it is.


    ^^ Both 1TB flash drives for sub £12

    They do all sorts on there NG, assasins creed hoodies etc, even replica footy shirts.
    I got the new deep red NB Liverpool home shirt, with ‘YNWA 96’ printed on the back and premier league patches on the arms for £13. You cannot tell its a rip off one at all.

  18. Just clicked the link! I remember this site now! I had the app when it first came out. Seems to have expanded much more since then. When it was first out it just had the most hotchpotch selection of things. I bought a £400 TEFL course on there for about £40.

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