PES2018 is here

Thanks be to SimplyGames. Here’s hoping they’re not firmly sat on before next year. This is the earliest I’ve ever got hold of PES in any release week of any year. The Wednesday was my previous record.

I never anticipated getting the game today. I have to go out and do something right now. Aaargh….

I will return in a couple of hours and spend the afternoon playing. A 1st Impressions post will appear around 7-8pm tonight. Always interested to hear everybody’s 1st impressions too, of course.

Updated: 12th September 2017 — 11:37


  1. I feel you are in for a treat NG. Enjoy !!

  2. That is sweet.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on mine. Still at work here, but will be home around 4.30 and can only hope for the same present on my mat.

    Enjoy, nG!

  3. Shed – Uploaded the new Brighton Retro kit in PES18 format to

    View post on

  4. Paul – Fantastic. Love it. Thanks again.

    Also Paul, excuse my ignorance but how do I go about downloading the kit from PESFX?

  5. Shed – nice thumb pic, that ISS pro look in good nick.

    Just checked Shopto status, says “completed” I think its with the courier now. Weds would be a gift from the Gods but Thurs would be fine.

  6. shed – just go to PES18 kits page and then click the 3d preview of the brighton kit, it will pop up the pes 18 template, right click, save image as.

  7. Paul – There’s the confusion then as when I click on the 3D image, only a blank Imgur page comes up. No hassle, I won’t be starting ML until the weekend anyway.

  8. Paul – I’m about 45 mins away from playing now. I had no reasonable expectation I’d be playing today (SimplyGames dispatched on the Tues last year, I’m sure), so I made arrangements to do a few things this afternoon. Not long now though.

    Werd – you will receive an email and/or text from ShopTo when they dispatch, which will probably be tomorrow for delivery Thursday.

    Darryl – there’s been a sudden resurgence of homeless people on city centre streetcorners in recent years. Coventry city centre currently has about 10 of them spread around various nooks and crannies. Most look mentally ill, and most probably are. Whether they’re ‘real’ or ‘fake’, drink/drug-addicted or not, it’s evidence of more cuts to a number of services.

    Shed – is that a tantalising glimpse of the shed there, Subbuteo set and all? Your ISS jewel case is in very good nick. The case on my copy is frosted and falling apart.

  9. Shed – p.s. the Brighton kit comes up for me OK. Try a different browser maybe? I’m on Chrome.

  10. Paul-Many thanks if you do manage to win on SS and try Legendary.I have few observations based on Demo.

    Playing the demo I have noticed that there is standard scripting in games.
    For away games first half you l be at least one or two goals down by half time.
    So only way to survive is to be very defensive in the first half.Attack only in second half, but if you go a goal up then you are under threat immediately and more often than not concede.So be very very careful after scoring.

    For home games attack in the first half.
    Once you are 2 goals up either away or home…Concentrate…
    Since slide tackle is not overpowered master standing tackle,its very effective in stopping counter attacks

    That is Superstar in nutshell

    Cutbacks are very effective if you are a goal down.

    NG-Congratulations for an early copy, my copy is digital so although downloaded I still can’t play until tomorrow.

  11. n-G – That is indeed a glimpse of the shed and my footy shelf complete with my retired Brighton Subbuteo team, carefully preserved ISS, a piece of goal net from the last game at the Goldstone Ground and an original print of Stuart Storer scoring the winner in that very match.

    I’m now working with my copy of PES 2018 sat tantalisingly on the desk next to me. Hoping to squeeze in the traditional opener before midi-Shed comes home from school although it might yet be tonight before I get a go.

  12. Shed – image comes up ok for me too. Tested on safari, chrome and Firefox. Try again mate.

    Doesn’t look much below, but the events all leading up to it, the midfield battles, trying to break the defence down and get behind them, then this move, felt so sleek and natural. Really enjoying PES 18 the more I play

  13. Subbuteo shed? First it was me dissing Ted, then public libraries, now the flick to win game – are we trying to kill pes day for NG?

    I’m afraid I don’t feel it, i thought I might be envious but I’m really not bothered and would not want to abandon 2015. I dare say once you all start swapping war stories that will change.

  14. Test.

    How do you add images here?

  15. Dan – you need to upload it somewhere else (imgur is best) and get the link, and then post the link here.

    I’m popping on in the midst of my session to say: better AI than the demo, and I’m actually seeing quite a few fouls! Maybe even enough! It’ll never last…

    I’m struggling to get to grips with what can and can’t be done. PES2016/17 muscle memory keeps getting me into trouble.

    Been held 1-1 and 2-2 so far by Regular and Professional AI. Much, much better than the demo. The PES2018 demo might go down as the worst PES demo ever, if this keeps up.

  16. Just arrived home about 25 minutes ago and this was waiting for me:

    View post on

    Thank you, Simply Games. Likewise, that is the earliest I’ve ever gotten PES on release week. Absolutely stoked and I’m glad I ordered with Simply Games. Hopefully more of this in the future from them! To tell you the truth, I was fearing that the first two or three days of this week were going to feel antsy as I willed time to move faster, but no longer.

    Is it wrong that I squealed like a little girl (hyperbole . . . maybe) when I opened the door and saw the package on the mat? I probably shouldn’t have divulged that, should I? *Laughing*

    Time for a few exhibition games and a tad of editing before dinner.

  17. NG that comment alone makes me think maybe I should invest when my latest tryst with 2013 ends.

  18. Dan – I got your image link and rescued your attempted comment with some internet-fu. Just pasting the link on its own works – no tags required.

  19. Paul – re. your last vid posted and remarks – finding exactly the same. Working on my 1st impressions post now. Biggest difference in quality from demo experience to full game experience in PES history, for me.

    They’ve nerfed the use of R1! In a good way.

  20. nG – I tried that, actually. Or at least I think I did. It didn’t come up either.

    But thanks for working some magic on it.

  21. Got back from work to find my copy waiting for me from simply games… Happy days

  22. good times for all. I’m holding out until I get some confirmation that PC version is up to par and patches are coming in. should take a few days.

  23. Played half a dozen exhibition games tonight. Drew one and lost five, on Top Player. It’s certainly miles different from the demo. It’s like I’m playing a different game, but I’m loving it so far.

    Promising, but too early to say anything definitive yet.

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