The last day of PES2017

PES2017 has ended for me. I started my usual Monday session yesterday, made it through a tepid 1-1, and thought, actually, this is the end of this now.

My Saint Etienne career will never have a resolution. My steam has well and truly been run out of.

PES2017 collapsed like the car at the end of the car chase in The Blues Brothers.

It’s almost the middle of July 2017. PES2017 was played more or less continuously (save for that week-and-a-half when I toyed with PES5) since September 2016.

13-and-a-half seasons of Master League.

That’s some pretty good going. The game’s stubborn longevity will be reflected in my end-of-year review of the game at the end of next month.

I will spend the time between now and the PES2018 demo flip-flopping around some more. Just relaxing and enjoying myself, and filling up my batteries for the next great campaign.

I might end up on PES5(PC) once again, and this time give it a proper go. Except, if I do, I won’t be starting over, or even resuming my Season 2 Defaults save. Instead I’ll land in media res on my long-established 7-season career. This means bypassing the long, painful seasons of acquiring better players, and skipping straight to the part where PES5 gameplay is the classic gameplay I remember.

I also have a wonderful installation of PES2013(PC), patched to its eyeballs, that I fancy stopping by for a while.

Ditto PES2011(PC). This game is arguably more PES2014-style unfinished business for me. I walked away from PES2011 back on the PS3 without ever winning anything.

And then there’s PES2014 itself, on the PC or PS3. Arguably the game’s last ‘true-PES’ instalment. We’ll look back in 10 years and say that PES2014 was the dividing line, mark my words.

That’s it. There is no more today. I haven’t played anything else yet.

I did watch a video of PES2018. I wondered how ‘responsiveness’ became the watchword for a generation, when all it seems to achieve is to make PES look like a frantic mess. And eerily like FIFA too.

But they can never take the old games from us. I’ll spend the next few weeks wallowing in the rich heritage of PES. And maybe FIFA too, who knows. (FIFA07 on PC? I might just do it, you know…)

End-of-year-review of PES2017 to come near the end of August. The score will be somewhere around 8/10. I’ve got to decide how savage to be about no-fouls. I’m thinking ‘moderately savage’ at the moment.

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  1. fair play not-Greg, it always seemed like your St Etienne career could fold quite rapidly once the fun of playing with bad players wore thin. Look forward to seeing where the footy gaming muse takes you next.

    after 19 months of virtually non-stop PES (2014 and then 2017) I have been enjoying a period of no football gaming at all. Focusing mainly on Fire Emblem but also dipping into a wide variety of other games – MGS 5 & 3, Abzu, Snipperclips, new Zelda, The Last Guardian, Life is Strange, Tearaway, XCOM 2, Witcher III etc etc. Quite happy to continue in this vein for some time to come

  2. Love the sepia thumb shot. Won’t be long before a new, full colour PES 2018 version now.

    To use your car analogy, I quietly pulled over, parked up and walked away from PES 2017 at a point where I was enjoying the ride again while managing to ignore the rattles and bangs of it’s failing parts. It is a good game though and I may one day take it for a spin again.

    Like abbeyhill, I’m avoiding footy games for a while although I have had the odd pang for PES 2013 of late. I’m yet to see anything of PES 2018 that truly excites me so I’m hoping a PES fast will have me counting the days to release come September.

    In the meantime, I’m still looking for Spam in No Man’s Sky. I’ve been looking for the stuff for so long I now even remember its full name, Spadonium. Hoping to resume my Spam search tonight.

  3. abbeyhill — those mind control aliens in XCOM2 can really bugger up a good mission, eh? Sectoids. Damn them. Damn them all to hell.

    I’ve said it before but MGS3 is a rare example of fandom unanimity in acclaiming a game the best of the series. The boss fights in MGS3 are proper Metal Gear boss fights. And David Hayter is the voice of Snake.

  4. Shed — the big NMS update is due to land anyday now, and that’s when I will be jumping back in. Nobody’s even quite sure what it’ll bring, but there’s been some fiendishly complex PR around it and it’s rumoured to be Big. My wish is for trading to be made worthwhile at last, to the point where you could spend your virtual NMS life just hopping between star systems with a cargo hold packed with stuff, and not bother with anything else. Maybe a base on one planet. I am a solipsistic gamer.

    As for footy gaming, I should really leave a proper gap from now until the PES2018 demo, but PES5 is calling. My existing 7-season ML (started circa 2011 and played on and off to the present day).

  5. n-G – I just did a little Googling on the NMS update and one of the headlines teased an online mode as if it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Well I certainly haven’t.

    I find plenty of scope for trading and zipping about in your spaceship already. The base building is essential in keeping me interested so more of that would be welcome.

    What’s doing my nut a little bit at the moment is the need to constantly craft warp cells to facilitate jumping from system to system in my search for Spam. Once I have it and my alien friend has built my buggy, I plan to stay home and concentrate on building and a full home planet exploration for a while. You can up and move your base to a new planet it seems so that’s an option for later.

    Anyway, sorry for the non-footy game ramble. This stuff must must be utterly boring to non space cadets. Only one month until the footy season starts up again though. Brighton in the Premier League for real and PES 2018 and FIFA 18 demos surely.

  6. Shed – last time I played NMS the amount of freight that could be lugged form system to system was paltry. What I’m looking for is the ability to spend everything I have on one massive consignment of Widgets and then haul them somewhere for massive profit, hoping to avoid a pirate encounter that I can’t win.

  7. Shed – I used to have the same problem with finding Spam, but soon learnt it was more in abundance in desert areas. Do you scan your planets when they are coming into view. If so it will tell you if the planet contains Spam. Some planets don’t. Then when you have found one use your scanner on the ground.

    Spam, chips and mushy peas with a big wedge of bread and butter is one of my favourite meals.

  8. Good grief I hope not! I didn’t think anyone under 70 ate spam.

  9. I have Spam! I wouldn’t eat it but my god I’m glad to have finally found it.

    Darryl6464 – That’s what I was doing, the trouble is that you don’t know what kind of planets are in a system until you warp there. Several times I arrived, scanned the planets, found no Spam and then had to go hunting for resources in order to fuel up for a jump to another system.

    Anyway, I found it on a nasty planet with solar storms in the day and sub-zero temperatures at night. I had time to rename the planet Spam and load up on some goodies before bed last night. Now looking forward to heading back to my base for some building fun.

    I feel obliged to mention something about footy gaming and on a scan of the forums yesterday (first time in ages) I did see talk of fouls and the fact a certain someone who cannot be named according to Chronicle lore had said something about them in PES 2018.

    I believe he had said something along the lines of fouls being problematic to code in due to how the game is programmed to play on high difficulties. I took this to mean the inevitable outcome of little to no fouls in PES 2018. But of course we knew this.

  10. Darryl – replace Spam with sausage roll, and mushy peas with beans, and you have a decent meal.

    Shed – PES2018 was being billed as a PES2014-style revamp of the series (but not an unfinished one, hopefully)… but that seems to have gone out the window now, and it looks and sounds like an iteration of the PES2016-PES2017 family. Pretending that they’re addressing matters of concern to single-players/old-school players/Master League players is all part of the summertime PR routine. The series’ real target market – multiplayers/young players/myClub players – don’t bother following the hype the way we do.

  11. Replace spam with veal escalope and mushy peas with a red wine jus and you could invite Paul around to dinner.

    Actually played some FIFA recently, with Bournemouth in the Premiership. Struggling a bit but fighting to get out of the relegation battle.

  12. if Paul was in a chip shop in Hartlepool he’d ask why they were selling guacamole…

    Do you mean plain spam Darryl or one of those disgusting school dinner spam fritters – as if the original product was not bad enough they fried it. School dinners now though are amazing, falafel flatbreads, jewelled rice and cucumber dip is one option up here.

    Hitting far cry quite hard because the novelty will wear off within a few weeks. Liking the beast stuff but it’s a bit final fantasy in so far as every step into the bush yields another fight.

  13. Turf – Plain Spam only. I can’t believe nobody else on here loves Spam. As for Sausage Roll, chips and beans I don’t think I have ever tried that combination.

  14. Even as a vegetarian I’ve had many a quorn sausage roll, chips n beans, with some nice (non-meat) gravy just soaking the pastry a little. I could understand if you’d said corned beef Darryl, the 70s seemed to be a boom time for hash, corned beef pies, etc but spam was a wartime hangover surely?

    Looking back I think the only school meal I remember liking was curry, rice and chips.

  15. Chris99 – with you on FIFA and Uncle Turf on PES2015, the two of you might be the last actual players left on here. I had a few matches of PES5(PC) over the last few days too though, and am planning to have more, so I’m still playing as well.

    Darryl – I have never to my knowledge eaten spam at all. Until quite recently I had never eaten Marmite either. (This has been rectified recently, and I am on the ‘love’ side of the Marmite spectrum. I can get through a standard jar a week.)

    Uncle Turf – I had a Quorn sausage roll the other day and it was very nice indeed.

    The sausage roll, chips and beans thing was my school dinner nearly every day. Swimming in vinegar enough to soak the pastry and the chips proper sodden. Lovely. Nowadays I add lashings of brown sauce to this cocktail. I’m not too complicated really. Sometimes I eat in front of other people and you should see their faces when I’m applying my vinegar soakings and brown sauce coverings. I’m usually still opening sachets and sprinkling things when everyone else has half-eaten their stuff.

  16. When I was at high school we had four canteens, selling different food. I used to spend my dinner money at the pie shop opposite the school and would eat a cold meat and potato pie every morning.

  17. Darryl – Never knew you finished your education in America.

    nG – More recently returned than still playing. It is still playing well though.

    The eleven year old me would have probably steered well clear of a curry if it had been on offer as my diet was far more corned beef based at that time. My abiding memory of the one year I had dinner at school was that as an eleven year old I was allowed to bring a pot noodle and a flask of boiling water to school. Looking back I’m not sure which was the more dangerous.

  18. And yet Darryl also included the highly northern ‘dinner’ to mean a meal at mid day. Tea being the meal around half four when you’re back from school and itching to get out and play. I have no time for this ‘lunch’ thing or the idea that tea involves a leaf drink and cake.

    Four canteens though, bloody hell must have been some sort of sprawling campus. We had one, and you got what was there i.e. One main thing, chips and beans/peas. By the time I got to the age of 13 I was sloping off to the corner shop to replace it with a can of coke, bag of crisps and a wispa. No wonder dentists aren’t skint. I do recall fifth years who had their birthdays early putting in a request for being allowed to smoke at lunchtime. That it wasn’t immediately dismissed says it all about the change in accepted norms.

  19. from being a kid til leaving home:

    Breakfast – 6+ digestives, I still do that

    Lunch – Hot dog/Fish fingers + chips or when started work mince rice chips gravy(carbs!)

    Tea – Chilli and rice(carbs!)

    Supper – Heinz Spag bol on toast whilst watching Quantum leap and red dwarf.
    and still fitted into my 28 inch jeans ready for 6 hours drinking after work.

    Mrs Werd even though being a smoggy and northerner cant get her head around the concept of supper. I miss it to be honest.

  20. Chris99 – you must have seen the uptick in ‘High Schools’ around the UK in recent years. There are yellow school buses. There are teenage proms.

    I might have to skip tomorrow’s post. Although I have played a few matches of PES5(PC), and might sneak a screenshot of my 7-season team onto a new post with a few hundred words, if there’s time.

  21. I refuse to acknowledge their existence, in the same way cheese doesn’t come in a tube, and Oreos aren’t intended for humans.

  22. I don’t know whether to be proud of the fact started this crap food debate with my No Man’s Sky spam search or sorry for sending the Chronicles off on a comfort food tangent. Either way, it shows we really are in the footy game doldrums with only a couple of us still playing.

    Having completed my spam mission and returned to my base triumphant, I was rather put out to find I still couldn’t build my space buggy thingy. I had to go off topping up on basic elements, build a science terminal and then hire a scientist to man it before I was given the widget needed to complete the formula. I just need a few bits of something called antrium and then I get my wheels… I hope.

    Luckily being able to teleport from your base to the nearest space station means NMS is a little less annoying than it could be in terms of finding resources but it is a little bit irritating if all you want to do is mooch and build. Yes, I should have played construction mode rather than normal.

    The funny thing is that when you teleport your ship somehow goes with you, always to be found in the nearest parking bay. I kind of admire this rather ridiculous deceit, just for its utter “yeah, so what?” approach.

    Footy gaming itch is starting to hit although I’m determined to hold out. I consoled myself today in seeing that the fantasy football sites (I always play the official one) have updated and reopened for the new season. I wouldn’t normally jump in so early but couldn’t resist signing a few Brighton players to my team ready for the kick off next month.

  23. Shed – be proud.

    Chris – round these parts all the secondary schools are called High School’s. I used to work in a job doing administration in relation to schools in Lancashire. We used to have files for every school and all of them had High School in the title apart from the grammar schools and the like. So have always refered to them as such.

  24. Out of interest did you start high school in year one or year seven?

  25. up here some places had ‘middle schools’ which threw me as ours was always just infants, junior, secondary. I can’t work out the ‘year’ stuff either. What’s wrong with ‘third year junior school’.

    When my son is old enough we have four options for secondary school – one is named after a cardinal, one a lord, another is Jesus and finally the bloke who invented the light bulb. It’s got to be the light bulb fella every time. Mine was an archbishop. I think Darryls was degrassi junior high.

  26. Shed – one of the most staggering thing about NMS remains the gorgeous Golden Age sci-fi vistas that it offers up. Browsing the NMS subreddit you just see screenshots galore, any one of which could be on the front of an Amazing Stories volume or a Yes album.

    Chris99 – oh, and I forgot to mention these ‘SATS’ that schoolchildren have now. I wonder where that name came from? Never mind – it’ll soon be Halloween. What costume are you wearing to go trick and treating in? You know, like we traditionally always have done since time immemorial.

    Uncle Turf – another North American influence in Darryl’s neck of the woods: ‘break rooms’ are called ‘breakout rooms’ where he comes from. That must be one of the strangest usages I’ve ever come across. I can’t think how ‘breakout’ got into the frame as a synonym for ‘break’, unless… we actually get the concept of ‘break’ from the original term ‘breakout’.

    There are one or two High Schools in the Midlands, and there are pockets of the British Isles where they’re common. Darryl’s domain for one. Parts of Ireland for another.

    In the Black Country bit of the midlands, they call their mothers ‘Mom’.

  27. NOTICE: Friday’s post will be my laziest post ever. It’ll consist of a single screenshot – my current squad in my advanced-time savegame on PES5(PC). My football game for the rest of the summer. It really is still a playable game. The clumsy first touch mechanic is a dream. We need that back. Not just a token every now and then, but more often that not. The multiplayers would whine their heads off though. So it’ll never happen.

  28. Is a breakout room full of Arkanoid machines?

    Turf – Which inventor of the lightbulb did they choose?

  29. Not that patent thief Edison. No doubt Darryl will leap to defend the honour of one of his country’s great pioneers….before packing his peanut butter and jello sandwiches and catching the bus at the corner of tenth and fifth.

    To be fair it must be his county – I’ve often thought my uni’s shortening of its name to Uclan is to generate google hits off anyone looking for UCLA

    Far cry primal been great but already starting to wear thin. I loved 2, enjoyed 3 except where it entered long cutscenes and packed in 4 as it was so repetitive. Primal copies the format – attack a camp, secure a base, do some missions, level up – over and over. It’s why I also dropped just cause, it gets stale way before the end. Might be time for a break back in the eredivisie.

  30. nG – Did you mention picking up Skyrim the other day? PS4 version is currently £10 in Smyths.

  31. Which one? Davy, de la Rue, Staite or Swan?

  32. There’s a decided whiff of being chairman of your local lightbulb society about this chris99 so in anticipation of a lecture….swan.

  33. It was with the lightbulb as with the internet IMO – no single name should be attached to the outcome of such a gradual ‘reveal’ of a new technology, with many people and institutions working on little bits at a time until the final stage when Edison swooped in. (Tim Berners-Lee, before anyone jumps in to mention him, coded the first World Wide Web browser, which is not the internet.)

    Tommy – is that H W Smyths? (I am not knowing this Smyths.) I have Skyrim on PC (Special Edition and all) so it would’ve been wasteful a few days ago, and wasteful now.

  34. It’s a personal bugbear when people mention the internet when what they mean is the web. ‘Online’ is acceptable.

    Smyths is an Irish (I believe) owned toys r us type store, except better. There’s plenty of them.

  35. Smyths is very good by us for PS4 stuff.

    I just like to know stuff, and will admit to being an occasional pub quizzes before the advent of the mobile phone. Has anyone listened to Paul Sinha’s radio 4 programme? If not I can recommend it.

    nG – Would you go back to ARPANET and ALOHA?

  36. Chris99 – I constantly wish to compute solely through hexadecimal console commands, or even direct electrode stimulation of the currents. My only gesture in that direction though is having an old laptop with some geeky distro of Linux on it that I periodically kid myself I’m going to use more than I do.

    Re. internet tech, every now and then I read an article about some scientist or thinker who did something or other that the article says was vital in the creation of the internet. Some insanely clever packet-switching methodology or whatever. I’m always amazed it’s the first time I’m ever hearing the name, and the last time.

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