Rice and Wrongs

In something of a first for the blog, I have literally not played a moment of any football game since Friday’s post.

That’s a break from football gaming of 4 whole days.

Which might be the longest single period without any football gaming since I discovered football gaming. It feels a mite peculiar.

It was also unavoidable. A perfect storm of work-and-life things combined to make it not possible to do more than glance at the PS4 and emit a sigh of regret for my carefree, leisure-filled 30s.

I considered skipping today’s post, but decided not to break my streak. This post to say ‘no proper post today’ is better than no post at all.

And digging down into my YouTube channel, I find a goal from the start of the current season (Season 10, my last) that I uploaded but forgot to post at the time.

It’s from the end of the Community Shield match. One of PES2017’s key Defaults, J RICE, nets a nostalgia-tinged goal that sealed a 2-0 win. Classic PES feel, in off the post:

Classic Rice, as I’m sure all my fellow Rice fans will agree. Him and Jarvis were my only two lasting Defaults this year. Even Castledine didn’t make it.

I will return on Friday with an update on Season 10 – my very last on PES2017’s Master League.

Just past January, remember. Runaway leaders at the top of the table, on course for the Treble (or Quadruple if the Community Shield counts).

I am UNBEATEN so far in all competitions. Which brings its own set of problems.

I am battling the anti-Invincibles script in every league match. It’s exhausting trying to cope and eke out a goal against an AI that plays in supercharged mode from the outset and all the way through – but I am enjoying it.

And PES5 is just around the corner now. It’s coming.

An actual screenshot from a recent test-run (sepia-tinged by me):

The Greatest Football Game Ever Made could be making its appearance as soon as Friday April 21st, depending on how quickly I complete the remaining fixtures in PES2017’s Season 10. And how work and life treats me, of course.

Updated: 11th April 2017 — 09:43


  1. NG – work and life have stopped me playing for the last 10 days. Developing a twitch. 😉

  2. PES 5 is so old JT can probably run in it.

  3. I haven’t switched the PS4 now for over a month as I have things I wanted to do with the two hours or so I would have spent playing games. The misses was out staying over in Liverpool, so spent the day by taking the little fella to the Sealife Centre as his school were giving out vouchers. Then in the evening I glanced up at the football whilst writing the second book, before eating a full tub of cream egg ice cream whilst watching one of the classic albums series on the making of Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols album.

  4. I’m just back from London. Bloody hell I thought they’d have figured out transport by now – the tube is worse than ever, it seems ancient and ridiculously complicated, a nightmarish game of Mornington Crescent made real. Switching to the bus I advanced half a mile in what felt like hours, they are chucking up so many buildings and all the vehicles completely ignore signs saying ‘no stopping’ etc. Gave up on the lot and walked. I wouldn’t even cycle there, maybe pogo stick or roller skate at a push.

    Lloyd – don’t you do something docklands railway ish? It sounds like an oasis of calm in an insane city.

  5. I got back in the footy game saddle today and it was glorious. Some of it was PES5-related — the finishing touches to the playing environment and software I’ll be using to replicate the PS4’s Share features as far as possible. I found a lovely freeware app called Obs Studio that’s much more economical than Fraps, and also offers the tantalising possibility of recording my voiceover whilst playing (more straightforwardly than I used to do it when I dipped my toe in those waters over the past year or so).

    PES2017 continues to throw the maddening anti-Invincibles script at me in every single match, so much so that it’s suddenly very difficult to score again. Can’t remember the last header I got on the end of.

  6. Turf – I’ve been to London only once and thought public transport there was brilliant! But then again im used to dutch public transport, so…

    NG – you’ll “break” the script again, no doubt. I’ve just become champions of the eredivisie for the third year in a row, being about 25 points clear. Overcame some scripting but ultimately breezed my way to the champions league final and will probably win it a second time in a row. Barcelona is the opponent but shouldn’t really matter. Fifa is looming…

    Paul – you must have reached the first real summer transfer window by now. How’s the cpu activity on the transfer market?

  7. And so pes 17 finally ends for me. Beat Barcelona easily 3-0 in a horribly scripted match to win my second champions league in a row. Jumped from number 4 in the club rankings to number 1. Other than watching youths develop further (Sneijder and ibrahimovic in particular) there is nothing left to do. Maybe I’ll return with house rules if fifa goes tits up. But onwards with fifa 17 it is!

  8. #1 – you got a great unexpected extra life (or lives) out of it, so not bad going for what is one of the PES franchise’s more arcade-oriented efforts. I’m closing in on the end of my last season too, and am quite pleased to be seeing the back of it now for various reasons that I’ll go into tomorrow. I’ll part with the game on good enough terms, but with a lingering sense of what might have been. PES2017 plays so well when it chooses to.

  9. Anyone played just cause 3? It’s insane. I thought it was too easy at first as I was trying to play it like far cry. Instead it’s more like grand theft auto when you have to assault the military base, stealth is not really an option. I realised the long term challenge is in doing the ridiculous, absolutely loving it now.

  10. Uncle Turf – I’ve got Just Cause 2 on console and PC, but have never played it. Every so often I think about playing it, but don’t. Rainy day game if ever there was one, but it’s at the back of a mighty long queue.

  11. NG – could not agree more as that is my sentiment exactly after leaving the game. It did give me about 7 solid months of play curiously enough – longer than any pes I can remember. Pes11 maybe equaled it but none but pes 5 come to mind.

  12. #1 – I’m not sure PES2017’s remarkable longevity means it’s secretly a great football game (which I know you’re not suggesting, I’m just continuing the line of thought). I think it just means that the long habit of playing Master League is a very sturdy habit that can survive almost anything.

    PES5 is coming!

    Uncle Turf – realistically, when it comes to my list of ‘would like to play one day’ games, there’s a plimsoll line that Just Cause and others like it are a long way below.

    abbeyhill – you have to watch Planet of the Apes (the Charlton Heston original) if only for the moment when the celebrated line occurs. One of the greatest moments in sci-fi and film in general. I did not see it coming when I watched the film as a teenager.

  13. NG – I think that is the case. It’s especially noticeable when trying fifa (or at least in my case) as I find myself resisting it and career mode because master league is so embedded in my brain. Tough habit to shake.
    Though, I find myself wondering why pes 17 lasted so long while I gave up on pes 16 very quickly. Was it really the fact that there were even less fouls (and were there really less fouls to begin with?) and the hook slide being slightly less effective than in 16?

    I just thought of the posts just after launch. Many of us thought pes 17 really “the one” and I think it was mighty close…yet so far away. As you say, when it behaves – marvelous game.

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