The Invincible Treble is ON

Season 10 of Master League in PES2017 – my final season – has reached the 2/3rds stage. After 27 matches in the League I remain unbeaten in all competitions.

Here is the table:

14 points clear with 11 fixtures remaining. This is an unusual lead to have, given the various scripts that operate to ensure this kind of runaway lead tends not to happen. I suspect the script that boosted Leicester this season (and, briefly, Hull) has acted as a spanner in the works of the other scripts, in some fashion. But I don’t know. It’s just guesswork based on long observation over all the years of how Master Leagues tend to work.

But the League is more or less in the bag. I don’t think I’m tempting fate by saying that.

My objective for this season was the Treble. That’s the League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. The classic. I haven’t done it in PES for some years now.

My next goal is to remain unbeaten across 90 minutes in all competitions – that includes individual legs of my upcoming knockout ties in the Champions League.

It’s not been as straightforward as it might seem, remaining unbeaten. I’ve come close twice to losing the record in recent sessions. First against Watford, away, when they pummelled me straight from kick-off, maintained the pressure for 15 in-game minutes, and took a cheeky 1-0 lead. I pulled that one back eventually and was glad of the 1-1.

Next came Man Utd, away, in a 6-pointer. They also flew at me straight from kick-off, also kept it going for the opening of the match, and also took a 1-0 lead (I started to suspect a script by this point).

It seemed this match was the one that would undo me. I just could not get anything going up front.

But quite late on, my star man of PES2017, Palacio, popped up with a classic turn-and-shoot style goal. Here it is:

That had me puffing out my cheeks in relief. Having come this close to an Invincibles season, I do not want to blow it.

And yes, after my howler on PES2016 last year, when I unwittingly played a Treble-winning season on Top Player, I have checked and rechecked that I am on Superstar this time. I am.

After that Manchester United match, I found myself gazing at the post-match stats with a familiar gust of despair wafting through me. Take a look:

Setting aside Man Utd’s underwhelming attacking performance, which is bad enough for a top team on the top difficulty levels, it’s the fouls and free kicks stat that depresses me.

About half of all matches I play in PES2017 finish with zero fouls and free kicks to my name. It’s really not good enough. I might have mentioned it once or twice before. It’s worth mentioning again.

This match was a supposedly full-blooded encounter. For most of its duration I was desperately chasing a goal to save my skin. Imagine the aggression with which I did so. And yet not only was I never fouled – I only managed to commit 2 fouls myself.

Things have to change in PES. This has to change. This cannot continue. If it doesn’t change, the game will disappear into the black hole of online ‘fun’ and frivolity. Perhaps it’s already there.

Onward. Just a few more sessions, comparatively speaking, and PES2017 will sail off into history.

The Champions League resumes imminently, with January safely out of the way (I didn’t buy any new players – no need for them).

I estimate another 2-3 posts before the Greatest Football Game Ever Made appears on the blog for the first time as my main football game.

Until that time comes, though, I want to do PES2017 justice with as rousing a send-off as possible.

An Invincible Treble. I want this.

Updated: 7th April 2017 — 00:08


  1. Nice Palacio goal, i really hope you do the invincibles season as I was at the same stage as you, not lost a game after around 25 games, and thought I was on for it too, but so much fuckery and bullshit emerged in the last 10 games that I firmly believe that there is a script which initiates to prevent an unbeaten season.

    Those stats above completely outline why PES is so poor.
    Superstar level, man utd have one shot on target all game at home, dont commit a single foul, dont get caught offside once …… its disturbing it really is.

  2. Paul – I’m seeing the anti-Invincibles script in nearly every match, in all competitions, at the moment. The AI starts in supercharged mode, the one it goes into when trailing usually, except this is from kick-off at 0-0. The usual pattern is that I go 0-1 down and have to recover. It makes for involving matches (almost to the point where if I could choose to start every match 0-1 down, I might).

    And the Man Utd stats screen truly is everything wrong with the AI in PES at the moment. I expect an AI in a computer game on the highest difficulty level to do more than that. And I expect fouls. I’ve just played the first leg of my first CL knockout match, another blood and thunder away match where the script was running. I duly went 0-1 down early on and spent the rest of the match hauling myself back into it. More controller-strangling, ultra-aggressive gameplay followed. I got level and then took the lead, whereupon the AI kicked into super-duper-charged mode. But guess what? The match finished with a similar stats screen to the above, with zero fouls committed on me, and only a couple committed by me. The AI had 2 shots to my 11. It was still a good match, but with an extra sprinkling of fouls and more AI shots it could have been a great match. PES2017 in a nutshell, perhaps.

  3. I experienced all that, up until the CL final strangely, which i won 5-0!! its like the script just gave up.

    i found it repetitive and tiring starting every match the same way with the constant grind of the same thing happening, and the same AI hollow-ness, so much so that it took me 3 weeks to finish my last 10 games of the last season.

  4. Always enjoy reading these twice a week 🙂 With the impending play of PES5 approaching, I thought it might be interesting to mention that yesterday my friend and I dusted off the old Playstation and popped in ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2….

    God it still plays a good game! The pace of the game was excellent, fouls were present and punished with cards, player individuality was visible, and the game just felt well balanced, on the whole. Changing formations also made a real impact on the teams performance. It was also fantastic to see the old names – Inzaghi, Conte in defensive midfield, Edgar Davids, Bergkamp (we played Netherlands v Italy as you may have guessed!, and a 23 year old totti, surely the only player to appear in every iteration of ISS/PES? A follow up game of World all stars v Europe all stars was sealed by my stunning tactical decision to bring on Geags (Giggs) at Left back, who popped up with a stunning winning volley. One of those real shout out loud moments (possibly fuelled by beer also), that are all too rare on PES these days.

  5. The Rumour Mill — thanks for your comment, and I hope the looming PES5 period on the blog will be interesting whatever happens. And — ISS Pro Evolution 2 was/is probably the best iteration of the series on PS1. I played it again a few years ago on the PS3 during a nostalgia fest, and it sadly hasn’t aged too well for me.

  6. Is no corners in a match a common thing now too?

  7. An invincibles season would certainly be a fitting end to PES 2017 n-G. Good luck. I almost did it in my season five, only to lose three matches from the end to Liverpool.

    No gaming for me for a few days as it’s the school holidays and family stuff. I haven’t bought FIFA 17 yet, taking the time to consider the rest of my footy gaming year.

  8. My FIFA17 first season came to an exciting climax last night.
    Ended up finishing second in the league. 6pts behind Chelsea.
    I slipped up and lost against palace, won the remaining 4 games Bug so did Chelsea, no unrealistic league table scripting to allow the player a lifeline here.
    Had already won the EFL cup and added the FA Cup after a thrilling come from behind, 3-2 win in the final against Man City.

    So a cup double, league runners up, and champions league footy for season 2.
    Need to bolster the squad too, don’t have much quality in depth on the bench and 44mil pound Isco whom I signed to replace Coutinho, lacks stamina and hasn’t made much impact so may cash in on him.

  9. Paul – if you’re still playing FIFA17 at this intensity when my imminent PES5 era kicks into gear, it’ll be an amusing contrast between your environment and mine. You’ll have proper leagues and transfer fees and players. I’ll have Expected Earnings and transfer fees in points. Etc!

  10. Thats the beauty of it though NG – vastly differing ‘worlds’ but enjoying them for what they are.
    Modern day ultimate presentation and substance vs yesteryear retro nostalgia.

    I’m loving Fifa. And we all n ow you do and will live PES 5 so all is rosy.

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