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That busy week I thought was going to happen last week, is happening this week. So today’s post is somewhat short.

I did have a mini-compilation of goals from the middle portion of Season 9 ready to go – here it is:

Some nice goals in there, if I do say so myself.

That Palacio goal at the end is a long-ranger. Maybe not the longest of long-rangers, but still a long-ranger. And see the long central run from the halfway line that leads up to it? It is the only goal of its kind that I have scored in PES2017.

I’m through to the Europa League semis, where I will meet Frankfurt. Another German team. The Europa League is my white whale in nuPES. I either harpoon it this season, right now, or never.

Here’s the current league table after 33 matches:

I was 5 points clear in 1st at one point, but of course a mysterious draw and a defeat have now made it ‘exciting’. My goal-scoring is on a par with the other leading teams for the first time in PES2017, thanks to goals from crosses and corners.

There was a big retirement announcement:

Yes, fellow Jarvis-lovers. One of the best of PES2017’s Defaults is retiring on me. I know that if I had my PES2017 time again I’d forgo all the samey strikers who’ve come and gone, and just stick with Jarvis and other supposedly lesser players, so it’s a regretful moment.

PES2017 had a few rocky weeks with me recently. It seemed that no-fouls and poor individuality had ground the general experience down to a kind of grey mush. Every match seemed more or less the same button-grinding blur. But the game is now back up to hovering around the 8/10 level as an overall experience.

Mainly that’s thanks to the advent of goals from crosses and corners. Scoring goals always does help a football game to thrive and grow dimensions. I still deplore that early-press crossing mechanic. It’s a very un-PESlike way of doing things. But it’s oddly working to revive my interest during these twilight weeks of PES2017.

Normal business should be resumed Tuesday with my usual 700-ish words wall of text. I should also have finished Season 9 by then and have started Season 10 – definitely the last.

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  1. No one around today? You’re not all at that party Werd was putting on??

    Well I’m chucking in my happorth worth – having played as Man Utd for around ten games now I’m convinced there are moves, animations, abilities that are assigned to certain players that there is no way of discerning from their stats or traits. Some of the declining stars can still pull off little shimmies and flicks that I never try as I’m not controller friendly so it must be in their animation. I know it sounds dangerously like individuality, it’s not, they are too similar for that but as a group they are different to the rank and file. Sadly they’re going downhill too fast and I’ve brought in what I hope is a decent mix of regens – I always feel ml has a dearth of 20 somethings, players are either a big investment for maybe two or three seasons max or they are 16 again.

    5 points clear in the league but they were joint top when I joined so it wouldn’t really be mine.

  2. what’s your formation of choice these days Turf, still 3-5-2? And did you try to fit the Man Utd squad into this or stick to their default tactics? I do agree with you about some of the star players, e.g. my Figo – although he only has a generic face his touch is smooth as silk and he can juggle the ball between his feet in a way nobody else in the squad can, the other night I pinged a hard pass at him from behind and somehow he managed to flick it up with his left heel and volley into the net with his right instep

    not-Greg – I guess that means my Jarvis will be retiring this season too, which seems a bit early given he still often keeps Ibrahimovic on the bench. One of my favourite ever defaults, and I might have ignored him altogether if it wasn’t for someone on here, maybe #1, highlighting his virtues

  3. Uncle Turf – we’re entering the time of year now when most people who play footy games in the way most non-werd people do, are nearing the end of their arcs, or starting a new one as you and Paul and Darryl are. And it was a short post. I’ve had a busy week. I think that last goal from Palacio is a long-ranger to stand with any though! Slightly closer than ideal, but still a goal I’ve never scored before on PES2017 and may never do again. PES2017 is quietly the least long-range-friendly PES since PES2014 vanilla.

    abbeyhill – your Jarvis probably won’t retire. Mine has hardly ever played for the past few seasons and that seems to prompt them retiring in a bit of a strop.

    How’s the Switch? I charged up my 3DSXL yesterday for the first time in a long while and resumed Fire Emblem.

  4. Abbeyhill – yes, still the 3 at the back, it’s more a 3-1-4-2 as my Dmf is as deep as possible but none of those daft full back things. I played Gateshead last night and noticed they adopted a back four, even signing players to fit as I had none at all. It was a classic 0-0 full of near misses and tough tackles. My tactic was automatically imported to my Man Utd screens so I didn’t bother altering it. So many players need to move on that I won’t have round pegs in square holes for long. Luke shaw playing left wing is my only real out of position, whenever possible I’ve tried to bring in players you might expect to see – Barry, Milner, Pizarro rather than the fake names or League of Nations. I’m not raiding Gateshead either, the only player I’d take off them is delle alli. It was nice to see castledine was their captain.

    I’ll give you palacio. A mid ranger by 2013 standards but curiously the distance has been decreasing as all other aspects of realism have been dropped. We should really be seeing volleys from the halfway lineflying in now.

  5. I will join in the ‘there is a bit of individuality in PES2017 after all’ chorus by citing my Palacio as a good example of a player in the game who does have that certain indefinable something extra about him. If any of my players was going to dribble from the halfway line and send an unstoppable 25-yard rocket past these AI keepers, it was him.

  6. Nice goals NG. Got 5 days off next week so many Pro Evo games will be played.

  7. I sold up.

    A sudden cash shortage meant I needed to sell Pro Evo. I didn’t miss IT but I did miss having a football game so I snapped up PES 2015 for a few pence at CEX. PES 2015 on PS3 last only 15 minutes with me originally, we’ll see how it’s big brother gets on. I was staggered at how slow the menus are in ML, negotiations are going to be a pain.

  8. Mike – I remember that from 2015. That one didn’t get more than a few minutes from me.

    Jarvis is a special one indeed and my favorite default next to castledine. My top scorer in the first season and promoted the team single – handedly. I left him behind at arsenal when I moved to ajax but thinking I should have taken him along.

  9. The Switch is great, not-Greg. Downloaded Fast-RMX just now, a Wipeout-style racing game and the blisteringly fast graphics look amazing on the vivid IPS screen. Also like the lack of youtube, Netflix etc on the home menu, even an internet browser, this is designed as a pure gaming machine. Nintendo has apparently already doubled production given early sales, which bodes well for 3rd party support. Still not sure you really need to buy it at the moment though unless there is a specific game you have in mind? Zelda for me, when eventually I track down a physical copy, but it is of course a very Nintendo-y open world game

  10. Mike – IMO PES2015 is the best PES game out of the three PS4 PESes. I gave it 9/10 in my end-of-year that year. PES2016 got 7/10. PES2017 will get 8/10 (spoiler alert).

    abbeyhill – I’ve been intrigued by the sheer buzziness of the buzz around Zelda. Having never played a Zelda game, I think I need to. I do have Ocarina of Time on the 3DSXL though – that’s the one I actually played about 3 hours of many many years ago, when I got a used N64 for ISS64’s sake, and tried Ocarina of Time too.

    I agree that this era of multimedia games consoles needs to die hard, and die soon. I know there are the Pauls who like all that kind of thing, but I have a feeling most people who own games consoles have other, better means of watching movies and YouTube than via their consoles.

  11. NG – totally agree with that order as for me 2015 is still for me one of the best games in the series as for the want of a better word it has the best ‘balance’ of the PS4 era games. I would say it was a 9/10 too. I would also rate 2017 as a 8/10 game but would struggle to give 2016 anymore than a 6/10 pushing on 5/10.

  12. Darryl – my memory is playing more and more tricks on me as I get older – I’ve just checked my PES2016 end-of-year review and I actually gave it 6/10, not 7/10. I recall thinking it was a 7/10 but I said all last year that I’d further deduct a full point for the game’s lack of fouls, and I did so. I also stand by every word of that PES2016 end-of-year review. My favourite line being

    The only people who moan about ‘too many fouls’ in a football game are people who should never be listened to.

    What a shame they’re apparently the only people Konami listen to.

    I haven’t said that I’ll be deducting points for no-fouls again this year, but I’m keeping my options open.

  13. I’m sure I abandoned 2015 after a similar few seasons/acceptance of the Man Utd job story that I’m in now. Not sure it was gameplay that killed it so much as time away doing something else. Maybe it’s one to return to at some point but if those load times are still as glacial, shudder.

    I’ve noticed zlatan plays a particular pass with the outside of his foot, I’ve not seen anyone else doing that, it seems to make my through balls much more likely to succeed.

  14. Finished season five with a Premier League title. Pretty sure this is the soonest into any PES ML I’ve won this.

    No luck in the Europa. Lost on pens to Chelsea in the semis.

    Going to have a little break before I tackle season six.

  15. HI All.
    I was off work sick all last week, nasty virus and tonsillitis, so my days were spent on the sofa, which meant I’ve been cracking on with my FIFA 17 career.

    Just entered the Jan Transfer window in-game, currently 6pts clear at the top of the prem, and in the Final of the EFL Cup.
    I have switched up to world class recently so results are trickier but more fulfilling to achieve.

    Really enjoying it so far, and the freshness of the game play and career ‘world’.

    Penalties – I’ve had 3 this season alone, I had 2 in 8 seasons on PES. I’ve been given them for pushing, shirt holding and a late tackle, none would have been given in PES.
    Injuries – I’ve had a 6 week lay off for Wjinaldum, and an 8 week absence for new signing Isco after he chased a ball, pulled up and started limping mid-game, hamstring.
    I also had Coutinho demand to leave due to personal reasons after being my star player and top scorer, whom I replaced with 44million pound signing Isco, only for him to get injured.

    My matches average 6-10 fouls per side, plenty of shooting range free kicks too.
    Absolutely everything that was remiss about PES, is here in abundance in FIFA.

    Also like the board objectives you are set each year, such as growing the brand, achieving £x amount of shirt sales, promoting a certain % of youth players etc. adds an extra strategy dimension to the game.

  16. Uncle Turf – I don’t recall long loading times on PES2015 – was it just me who installed the game data to the PS4’s HDD? Mike, if you’re reading this, you need to head into the game’s Settings and find the option to do a full data install.

    Shed – I met Chelsea in the Europa final, of which more details tomorrow, but it was a horrible, fouls-free, fast match. I groaned when I saw them in the draw because I knew that’s exactly what the match would be. Chelsea and Man City – I don’t recall ever having a good match against either of these teams in 9 full seasons now.

    Paul – sounds epic already, and I know you played tons of FIFA16 so you’re in this one for the long haul too, but it’ll be interesting to see if the post-PES effect strikes, i.e. a sudden loss of vitality in FIFA after a great start. Time and again over the last 8 years or so, that’s how it’s been with me, which is why I am skipping the routine this year.

  17. NG – im not approaching my time with FIFA as a ‘FIFA vs PES’ thing … just enjoying FIFA for what it is, as I thoroughly enjoyed PES for the most part.
    Its just nice to have all the key things we moan about in PES, done right, in FIFA.

    I’m hoping to get 3 seasons at least in my FIFA career, as the seasons take much longer because you don’t just play the same team week in week out with nothing else to do, they take more time.

    I’ve already saved 3 or 4 goals that I plan on putting into a post up on USB when I get chance, its a shame you’re skipping FIFA, as there’s so much to like, the attention to detail and presentation is incredible.

  18. NG I saw your little message thanks. Do you think it’s still possible to install an update for kits etc? My attention has been drawn to Paul’s post about Fifa, it sounds AMAZING!

  19. Mike – PES2015 had no kit update options. It was a big deal when PES2016 released with its relatively limited import options.

  20. Paul – One of the stand out features for me in this Fifa is the variety of goals as somehow they have captured that old PES feeling that no goal felt the same. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.

  21. Darryl, im only half a season in, but have scored a plethora of different types of goals.
    What strikes me is the total realism of the types of goals, the kind you see on MOTD every week, bobblers, volleys, side footed placed curlers, laced drives, headers…
    even defenders slipping and goalie errors, loving it.

    it seems quite a long range shot friendly game too, NG would approve.

    was gonna save this for my opening USB post but i’ll whack it here, my opening game of the season, a 2-1 win.

  22. Paul – that does look very good

  23. Paul – As has been the case in recent years, FIFA looks stunning and it’s hard not to be tempted with clips like that.

    But, as n-G suggested, I always end up having those PES pangs when playing through those long CM seasons. My biggest issue was always the difficulty level – Pro being too easy and World Class or higher being rather frustrating without slider tweaks…and then you end up in that spiral of constantly tweaking the settings.

    I’d be interested to hear if you think there has been any work on the game in this area – I suspect not given the focus on online modes.

    Either way, I’ll be sticking with PES 2017 for my footy fix but FIFA 17 might get a look in when it’s cheap if PES 2018 doesn’t offer at least a little hope for us Master Leaguers.

  24. I’m not doing the FIFA routine this year, no way, no how. A few weeks ago there was a sale and an extra offer for PS+ subscribers where I could have got FIFA17 for about 20 quid. Not even passingly tempted. I’ve done it too many times. My big blog fanfare of ‘now let’s FIFA’, and then my FIFA fizzle. The only time FIFA has ever worked for me is when I’ve played it first in a football game year. Never second. I’m skipping it straight to PES5 this year.

  25. Paul – that all does sound very good. How about cpu transfer activity – any good?

    As for me I’ve just reached the midway point of season 8. I think I’ve got a pretty much invincible squad by now without me noticing. Only conceded 1 goal in half a season in the league , won every match but for 3 draws, lost zero. Got knocked out of the cup though. Cpu tried its scripting fuckery but to no avail so far, I can just power through that now and if all else fails it’s cross and header time. Just got sneijder and ibrahimovic from the youth team, it’s really ridiculous who I’ve got running around at one team now. Buffon, koscielny, maxwell, zlatan, iniesta, Totti, bale… The list goes on. I’m thinking the game has got about a season and a half left in it. I must’ve won the treble by then and claimed the number 1 spot in the team rankings. Semi intrigued by fifa… Either fifa 15 (unfinished business) or 17 might follow after pes. Or no football game altogether.

  26. Well I’m fecked off big style with pes and all it’s machinations. I hit top spot in the premier league and promptly lost the next four games – one of them in the 96th minute of a game scheduled for 4 mins of added time. Of course it’s Gateshead now at the top, I’m resigned to it staying like this for the final ten games. It’s rubber banding, nerfing, outright bollocks. And seriously the fouls are fixed? No one could ever believe going a whole 90 mins with none, you have to kick the ball out at times to make a substitution. I’m going to keep banging that gong too. The only bright spot….I got a burning wall!! Finally, for the Manchester derby, a game notable for its glorious commentary – ‘last time out Manchester were imperious’…’its a corner to manchester’….’Manchester take the lead’ etc etc. EA must laugh their nuts off.

  27. #1 – how are your headers coming along? Mine have tapered off slightly after a bonanza spree upon discovery, but I’m still getting lots.

    Uncle Turf – I don’t peruse the PES forums as much as I used to, but whenever I look in somebody is complaining about everything imaginable except the most important gameplay-related question that PES faces in the modern era: its lack of fouls. The fact that no-fouls is a consciously-imposed design choice on the part of Konami, and that barely anybody complains about it, means it won’t change.

  28. NG – oh it’s still very much bonanza time for me. I can’t get them at will but it’s close…. As you say there is some nerfing so the cpu picks up on it, but it seems they can’t stop me at the moment no matter what. (fuckery will increase no doubt)

  29. Shed – I’m playing FIFA on professional, its testing me, probably whilst 8 seasons and 6 months of PES muscle memory wear off, I shall be going up to World Class for next season, I’ve been knocking it up to world class for key grudge matches, and will do again for the upcoming EFL Cup final.
    I haven’t touched sliders at all, once you start messing with those, theres no happy balance, too much allure to tinker. FIFA plays great on standard sliders, IMO.

    #1 – I’ve been really impressed with the transfer activity of CPU teams, its a world away from PES.
    Whilst I still think its a bit too easy to sign certain players, at least the CPU is active.

    Just last night, in the news ticker feed on career mode there was an article stating that Man Utd had confirmed they are in talks with Everton about a move for Lukaku, and with Roberto Firmino misfiring all season, I was in the hunt for a new CF, so wondered if I could hijack the deal.
    I offered Everton £43million for Lukaku, which they rejected and said they valued him at £63million.
    So I counter offered £34mil plus Firmino, which they accepted, luckily Firmino accepted the move too, and Lukaku was signed on a 4 year deal at £150,000 a week.

    The news ticker updated to say that Man Utd were disappointed in losing out on their main transer target to a rival and that it would be hard to bring anyone of an equal stature in with only 2 days left of the Jan transfer window.
    Anyway, next up was a grudge match vs Chelsea, we are top, they are second, with a game in hand, Lukaku starts, scores inside 15 mins, and sets up Vardy’s goal to secure a 3-2 win.

    Then I see Man Utd had pounced in the final hours of the transfer window and snapped up Kane from Spurs for £75.1 million !!!!!

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