What Happened Before?

I was going to skip today’s post on account of not having played any PES2017. I have got a lot on this week and next. But I couldn’t resist a couple of sneaky sessions. Long sessions!

I’ve started unbeaten in the league. Too many draws again, though, might end up costing me:

I’ve scored a few more goals than usual thanks to an anomalous 5-0 drubbing of newly-promoted Aston Villa. All my other matches have been 1-0, 1-1, 0-1, etc. Goals continue to be hard to come by.

I just don’t know how to explain it. There is one possible reason. My preferred football game mode of scoring – with medium-to-long range shots – has been well and truly nerfed in PES2017. I’ll never be the sort of football gamer who persistently tries to set up optimum close-range chances with Barca-style passing and movement. This is the type of goal that PES2017 favours. Such so-called team goals are nice and all, but they don’t even begin to float my boat and they’re not how I play.

The Champions league has been a disaster so far – two draws and two defeats:

I’ll need to win both remaining fixtures – Celtic (away), then Monaco (home) – and hope for the best. Other results will need to go my way.

I tried changing formation.

I went to a 4-1-3-2 with just one central DMF, but it didn’t help much.

I scored a few more goals for a couple of matches, but the old ‘cracked tactics’ effect kicked in soon enough.

I’ve had about 10 different formations in PES2017. None have yielded consistent long-term results.

This shorter post concludes with a bit of fun.

I’ve posted a ‘What Happened Next?’-type of contest on the blog before, but today here’s something a bit different.

Examine this screenshot closely and try to guess What Happened Before?

This is the final frame of a replay clip. What events led up to this moment?

I’ll post the full replay in due course after a day or two.

EDIT, 24 hours later:

And here is the answer. Some got very close, close enough to take the win — Uncle Turf I think — but here is the full answer in living motion. Here’s how the keeper ended up behind the net and the ball ended up where it did — the pitch-level slowmo replay makes the most sense:

Updated: 11th March 2017 — 15:31


  1. Tough one, the fact that the Norwich (?) player has his head in his arms suggests youve scored a goal, and as the keeper is on the floor too, lends to this, but your players dont appear to be celebrating.

    Some form of own goal?

  2. I’ve got it. A player ran down the wing and – this might seem crazy – crossed it into the box, whereupon – now this is REALLY rare – a player used his head to put the ball into the net. I will call this a headed goal. It’s new!

  3. Paul — it is some form of own-goal, yes, you’re warm in that respect. If you or anyone can describe the exact sequence that has led to this pictured outcome, I’d be very impressed.

    Shed — this bold new era of regular goals from crosses and corners came too late to be mentioned in this post, never mind featured in this What Happened Before? thing. I’m scoring bucketloads from crosses and corners now, so much so that it’s added a whole new dimension to PES2017 for me.

    #1/Paul — continuing from the previous thread, I’ve gone from averaging roughly 1.2 goals per match to 2.5. All cross/corner goals. I’ve also, amusingly, had my first match where the cross/corner effect is nerfed and I wasn’t ‘allowed’ that route to goal. This took the form of me never quite seeming to get the ball worked properly down the channels and a good cross sent in. The AI coverage was 100% perfect.

    Every other match? It be rainin’ cross-goals! I was 2-0 up against Swansea within 15 game minutes, both cross goals. Etc.

  4. The keeper appears to be behind the goal?! Certainly the net looks like it’s being poked forward by his arm. Some sort of clearance that rebounds off a defender into the net? But then how has the ball ricocheted out so far? That’s very odd, I can’t work it out.

  5. Uncle Turf — also warm…

  6. So can we hear you say that PES 17 is a very cross friendly game now then ?? 😉

    Im at a loss to explain how the keeper could be behind the net ?
    somethig to do with your player in the middle heading towards goal, the defender ricocheting it into his own net…. no, i dont know.

  7. PES2017 is a very cross-friendly game.

  8. ^^^ screenshotting that ^^^

  9. My 7 year old is currently playing an exhibition match. He has never heard or read talk on here but has just announced ‘the computer keeps fouling me but I don’t get them’.

    I await his statement that pes5 is the greatest game ever made.

  10. PES2017: even a 7-year-old knows there are no fouls in it.

  11. And so my introduction to crossing goals in PES2017 is also my introduction to the ridiculously obvious nerfing of them, which is obvious enough when it’s just one match. Yesterday I played two sessions in which I scored a cross-goal in literally every match bar one, and in that one it was very obvious from early on that I Shall Not Pass down the wing.

    Today, I have had an entire session of that nerf. I’ve just played 4 matches on the bounce with zero cross-goals and barely a cross ‘allowed’. It’s such an obvious nerf.

    NB: I will post the answer to What Happened Before? at the bottom of the post within the next 30 minutes.

  12. Wow, he really did go behind the goal, I had assumed it was one of those pes graphic glitches where the player goes through the pitch/net/has his limbs splayed exorcist style. Why he thought he could hook it out from the goal from outside I can’t quite fathom though.

    First session back for me was a right mixed bag. Lost 2-1 to Swansea, lost 2-0 in the euro league, battered Everton 3-0. Aguero’s career is effectively over after 15 games, he adds nothing. As for all the others I do want ive set them to refuse offers to deter all this transfer activity.

  13. that is brilliant, the way the Norwich keeper hooks his foot through the net in an attempt to clear. I guess it would have been legal if the ball wasn’t over the line?

  14. I’ve definitely got my pes feel back, despite continuing to produce patchy results. I think that video Paul posted has a lot to do with it, the shared journey being much more important nowadays thanks to the annual disappointments of one aspect or another. Speaking of which there does feel a definite nerfing if you have a purple patch of certain types of goals and I can’t buy a foul.

  15. Has anyone any players with Grand Master, Legend or Bandiera team role designation? Or any nicknames?

    My current project is to improve a poor team by giving them my good players. I’ve just swapped 90 OVR Terry and Glenn Johnson for a couple of 60 OVR rated 35 year olds which I’m hoping will save them from relegation. I have a couple more players to hand over in the summer.

    My last challenge is to win the World Cup with England. Poor AI doesn’t stop the creation of great teams in international football, Brazil are amazing up top with Lobato and Neymar.

  16. Uncle Turf — your PESbux are in the post. I thought for sure people would guess that the keeper had glitched through the net.

    abbeyhill — in real life it would’ve been legal, surely. but this might be one of those cases where the ruling would surprise us.

    Cook — I think I had one Legend, Sokratis before he retired and regenned, but in an individuality Lite era, which this one is, I take less and less notice of such things. Good effort to keep the ML going there. That whole gifting players to other teams thing is popular. A mark of how invested in the idea of a great PES and great ML we are. Would even 5% of the effort involved ever be expended on FIFA?

  17. nG – Something I’ve seen FIFA youtubers do for a less generic career mode is to sim the first five years of a new career, by which time the players from their youth academy are coming good. That way they end up with an unfamiliar set of players, although the trick this year is to avoid being sacked for failing to meet your objectives.

  18. I need to work out how to remove twitter. I only set up an account so that I could get in touch with a girl I used to work with, who took time out to travel through South America. Now my email box is full of shite like this:-

    “GeniusFootball Tweeted: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has completed the bottle flip challenge”

    I wish I was in South America!

  19. Chris99 – getting sacked made the FIFA16 experience worthwhile but I can’t see the simmers avoiding the peril. It is worth noting that PES players go to incredible lengths to make ML playable for them. I’m one of the relative few who doesn’t observe some degree of House Rules, for instance. And then you’ve got the seeming craze for gifting top players to AI teams to keep things healthy.

    Darryl – that’s what email filters are for. Very easy to set up. Google ‘[your mail provider’s name] email filter’ and a step by step will be the top result. You can divert all Twitter email except your friend’s straight into the Trash or (more prudently) into a special folder for you to periodically peruse and delete as you please. I love setting up things like that as a worthwhile endeavour in its own right! Many a happy half-hour can be passed just pissing about on the computer.

  20. nG – The manager objectives have made it much easier to get sacked on FIFA 17.

    Darryl – Depending on your email client you might be able to right click on a twitter email and choose Send To Junk, or something similar. Then it should offer you the option of sending all emails from that address or domain to Junk in the future, effectively doing the steps nG outlined for you.

  21. Chris99 – Darryl uses a webmail service. Email clients are so 2006… Viva Thunderbird!

  22. Cook – the swapping thing is worth it. I’ve done it with 35 players in the eredivisie and it pays off. I’ve got klose and adebayor running around among many others and it certainly livens things up. Gives you something to do with all those “useless” overpowered regens. Best thing – they tend to stay put at their respective clubs (only one transferred away after about 4 seasons) and seem to trigger the cpu into being a bit more active on the transfer market themselves. At least in the eredivisie.

  23. nG – Did you find that out from the cameras you hid in Darryl’s house?

  24. Well I’ve now played 15 premier league games and all 6 Europa group matches. I’m 7th and squeaked through to the knockout stages after winning the first 3 and losing the last 3. Obviously I hold no truck with those patch alteration theorists but…. I’ve now played three consecutive games without a foul for either side. 270 minutes, zero stoppages for a free kick. It’s as bad as 2016, if not worse. I don’t remember it being as obvious as this, I thought 2 or 3 per side was roughly par. Utter nonsense konami.

    I’ve been offered the Stoke job, which I won’t take and the Monaco job which is definitely making me think. Clearly the French league is a breeze…

  25. Uncle Turf – I find PES2017’s no-fouls setup exactly like PES2016’s. I regularly have runs of 3 matches without a single foul against me, and precious few conceded either. It’s completely piss-poor isn’t it? Now wait until you get a match with, say, 5 fouls per side in it, which do happen (literally about once per season for me), and see the difference in overall quality. Almost heartbreakingly great.

    One of the most intriguing things about PES2017’s summertime preview phase last year was the way Konami managed reality with constant confident declarations that ‘fouls have been improved’ or were even ‘fixed’ in PES2017. This bizarre assertion was an almost Trump-like contradiction of reality. But it was an alternative fact that was eagerly supported by the summertime playtesters – based on no evidence: all the vids that came out of summertime playtesting featured no fouls, or at best a token 1 or 2 fouls.

    I vividly recall an EvoWeb forum regular, who had called loudly for fouls the previous year, seizing upon ONE solitary foul in an entire half of PES2017 as evidence that there were fouls in PES2017 after all. He’d given up, in other words.

    To this day it is a general belief of the general PES2017-playing populace that ‘fouls were sorted in PES2017 and the issue is over now’. I am not kidding. Head onto the forums and notice how much they’re talking about fouls. They’re not. Then dig back and find any mention of when fouls have been mentioned (fleetingly) and how the subject has been received (either impatient scorn or breezy dismissal).

    In a typical 100-page thread on one of the Big 4 PES forums, you will see fouls mentioned every 10 pages or so, but never as a discussion point, just as something in passing – literally one or two posts, and then fizzle. This is actually an accurate reflection of how important fouls are to the majority of PES gamers. Fouls in PES are seen as an argument that should no longer be taking place. We have ‘moved on’, apparently. And this counts just as much for FIFA too. ‘Fouls are so 2003, Granddad!’ Fouls are finished in football gaming forever.

  26. NG – that is the problem as it still goes into a folder for me to clear up. I think I will just get rid of twitter as it has become annoying. That is another thing though as I need to be on a PC to deactivate it, even though I was able to set up twitter on my Kindle. This would mean digging the laptop from under the couch, which is covered in dust and has not been out for years and not even sure it works.

  27. If you give your username and password to nG I’m sure he’d do it for you 🙂

  28. Darryl – your filter can be programmed to delete immediately. Just make sure your friend’s tweets are allowed through.

    Chris99 – all commenters leave email addresses, no hidden cameras required. Darryl being Darryl he didn’t go for ’email@email.com’ as his address, not that I would ever sell anybody’s email address to spammers….

  29. Leaving genuine email addresses is the only way we get to arrange the pes multiplayer weekends. That last one down in Preston was insane, could you not make it chris99?

  30. Hey guys, Am off work today, as I have been ill with flu and throat infection all weekend so thought id make use of the time to bring my PES ML career too a fitting end.
    Just finished season 8, Id already won the world club cup competition, and with 4 games spare, also clinched the premier league for the third year running, by 11pts from Man Utd.
    Thats 2 trophies in the bag, next up was Man Utd in the FA Cup Final, I raced into a 2 goal lead only to see utd pull back to 2-2, with Ibrahimovic getting both, he was unplayable.
    A tense extra time period saw me bag 2 more goals and win 4-2, to lift the FA Cup.

    A treble already in the bag, Valencia were the opponents in the CL final, which I duly won 1-0 and could have been 5, so season 8 has culminated with a quadruple, on Superstar, and i think a fitting end to my time with PES 2017.

    Will start a FIFA career sometime soon, and see how that goes.

  31. Paul — congratulations and whatever you say, I don’t think this game is as easy as all that. Even knowing the crossing ‘trick’, it takes work to win matches in PES2017, so well done on a rare accomplishment.

    Lloyd would want me to ask you if you think you could win a Quadruple on PA0 (so-called ‘manual’), of course.

  32. NG – hear hear. Also, if you didn’t win the super cup and Community shield and get the sextuple, it’s not really fitting is it? 😉

  33. Turf – nG always knows he can drop me a line to boaty@mcboatface.co.uk

  34. NG – I think we have to be honest and say that the game is getting easier and easier on each release. This year’s being the easiest I have played by far. Your return to PES 5 will highlight that. Take my personal favourite 2011 and the Superstar level on this years game is comparable to say Professional level or even touching Regular on 2011. On top of that we have the quickly depreciating squad qualities on top teams. All with the aim as we know to make career modes shorter.

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