Special: every goal from Season 6

Here it is – a 7m 24s-long video containing every goal that I scored, in chronological order, during my title-winning season 6 just gone. First up are a couple of Community Shield goals, followed by 44 league goals with a sprinkling of FA Cup and Europa League goals among them:

I’ve done this ‘All The Season’s Goals’ thing twice before, back in PES2010 and PES2011. Those vids have long since been lost to the digital ether (they were uploaded to a YouTube imitator that abruptly vanished in 2014).

Why do this? Self-regarding vanity? Of course, but there are several other reasons why a whole-season goals compilation should be of interest to the student of PES.

PES was always justly famous for the sheer variety of goals you scored. ‘In Pro Evo, you never score the same type of goal twice in a row!’ we would proudly tell FIFA-lovers, back when we used to chastise FIFA on a regular basis. Boastful, and true.

Is it still true? This video indicates that perhaps it isn’t. Or… perhaps it really is still true? You decide.

As well as repeated patterns of goals, a video like this shows the frequency of unusual goals, goals with amusing features, long-range goals, goals that from a distance resemble flies, and so on.

Spot any patterns?

I do, the most glaring of which are:

  • only 2 (TWO) of these 50-odd goals are scored with headers from crosses (both of them coming in separate matches against Man Utd, oddly). Yes, I do try crosses constantly in PES2017, having drunk the Kool Aid that says it’s a crossing-and-headers-friendly PES game. I find this PES no different to any other edition on the headers-from-crosses front;
  • there are a disturbing amount of rebound goals (where the AI keeper saves it, only to gift it to a striker following up);
  • I’m not too happy with the amount of goals where I pinch the ball from an AI player;
  • There are some very satisfying goals among them, including an Halilovic finesse from 30 yards, so far unseen on the blog. I was playing with the Fan View camera in that match, just for something different.

Normal posting will resume on Friday, with the opening bars of my Season 7, in which I am defending my hard-won Premier League title, as well as participating in the Champions League for the first time. Here’s the Group draw on the right, complete with a made-up Konami team to spoil the view.

It’s been an intriguing opening to Season 7. Some of the best of PES2017 on show, and little of its worst. My opening fixture against Sevilla was an absolute barnstormer of a match, everything you would want the Champions League to be. Also it featured an interesting goal or two. If PES2017 keeps this kind of quality on show, there are a good few seasons left in it yet. More on Friday.

Updated: 17th January 2017 — 10:27


  1. Reminds me of those Goal of the Season vids they used to do. Some great goals there n-G, they don’t seem samey other than being familiar to anyone who has played a lot of PES 2017. Interesting to see how you play the game.

    I’m sure I score a lot more headers than that but probably less jiggly, dribble and shoot goals.

    I like the in-off-the-keeper’s nut OG.

    No PES for me as I’ve been being a bad boy GTA style. Having initially really hated the three main protagonists, I’ve found an alternative way to play….on line!

    Don’t panic, I’ve not gone over to the dark side. I read up on a way to play privately in on line mode which is perfect for wandering and I get to create my own character rather than the scum handed to you in story mode.

    I’ll be starting season 5 of ML before the week is out though.

  2. Some good, and some great goals there NG. As shed said, there’s enough variety, there’s always going to be repetition, how many different ways are there of scoring in a video game!?

    I have to say though, I completely disagree that PES17 is just another PES when it comes to headers, its not, its very very cross-header friendly.

    Maybe you aren’t direction the crosses properly, or taking up correct positions? or using the R2 button to jostle and gain space when the ball is in the air…. just ideas, but below is just 2 examples, of headed goals, coming in the same match, I could share the same scenario multiple times over and over from different matches. If I need a go to tactic because open play isn’t working, its always, get a corner – 90% chance of scoring, or whip a cross in – 6 out of every 10 are scored.

    Goal 1 – wing play – cross – header:

    Goal 2 – Direct Play

  3. Shed — Vice City and Tommy Vercetti for me are the essence and spirit of GTA. I’ve tried every GTA since but just never managed to snap back into the headspace where you need to be. Now I just like wandering around, treating it as a world-simulator. Make sure you give the first-person mode a try!

    Paul — I try all sorts of crosses, usually between 3-7 per match, of all kinds. L1, R2, whipped, high, low, hard, dinked, etc. Headers on goal result about 1 in 20 times, and of those 1 in 20 a feeble amount result in a goal. Having said that I have had one notable header success at the start of Season 7. It’ll be on Friday’s post, well worth the look!

  4. I’m at a loss to explain your lack of success with crosses and headers then mate. As you see in the vids above, they come plentiful for me, that was 2 in one match, I’ve won 6-0 and scored 4 headers in one match too.
    I will just say that when you put the cross in, using R2 to manoeuvre your player to get that yard ahead of your marker is essential.
    You see it both times Embolo scores above, checking, stepping a yard in front to make space to meet the cross.

  5. NG – Interesting point about a lot of goals coming from dispossessing the AI and I found it way to easy to press the CPU in defence and so often the loss of the ball resulted in a goal. As for headers from crosses I had loads until bizarrely the last two seasons were the ratio went from six out of ten to about one in ten.

  6. Just read all the blog posts and comments going back to the beginning of December as I was, until last week, without PES for an entire month!

    James, was really interesting reading your findings from playing a ML for 10+ seasons and hopping teams. How many seasons in are you? Once I’ve won it all with PES United (Jaric, Giersen, Ruskin and Ordaz being the survivors 6 seasons in) and got them up to #1 in the world rankings, I’m tempted to go globe trotting and win the Asian and South American titles. (Providing PES can keep me interested)

    Also, I noticed “Robbo_79” is no longer on Twitter. Are you “Rob” on here?

    I’m on course for a season six title, much like NG, as well as the lesser valued treble of PL, FA Cup and Europa League (plus the Community Shield). Scored my one and only true Long ranger with Walace earlier too.

    How far has someone got on ML this year? Not many people discuss ML on Twitter it seems, but I did see someone in the Year 2031 with a 100 OVR Modric. Once I’m finished at PES United, if i carry on with this ML I’ll have to ditch the no regen rule. Maybe I could do a “can only sign players I’ve never heard of.”

  7. An American has just discovered PES and in turn Master League, and he is completely enamoured by it! http://hitthepass.com/pro-evolution-soccer-2017-an-appreciation/ Look at that passion!

  8. Anyone know how to post a table here without the bloody software eating the tabs and spaces? I have a post that I’d like to make, but I guess I’ll leave it until tomorrow.

  9. Jay – I’m on season 13 and have three players at 101ovr.


  10. Jay – I was Robbo_79 on Twitter. I deactivated my account as it just bored me to be honest mate,

    Had a session last night, Resounding 3-0 win over Fiorentina in the Champions League group, and a nice win at Old Trafford, clawing back a 1-0 to win 2-1.
    Also Thumped Man City 3-1 after going a goal down.

    Couple more vids below showing the ease and regularity of headers in this game, and how easy it can be to score from a corner, two of them coming in the same game. I don’t have any big tall target men or renowned headers of the ball, yet I score loads of headers, again, PES17 is a very cross-header friendly game.

  11. Thanks Lloyd and Paul 🙂

    Lloyd, 13 seasons in with one club? Encountered any problems with salary budget? I’m minus 3m for first time. Just over midway in season 6.

  12. Jay – good to hear from you again, and going a month without PES is just careless really… In about 18 years now I don’t think I’ve gone more than 4 days without some kind of ISS/PES action, not counting my occasional FIFA dabblings.

    James – you’re probably best posting a screenshot of the table rather than the table direct. Uploading tables online is rarely a good idea!

    Paul – I have one headed goal to show off on Friday’s post (a special headed goal!), and that’s all I have to show for 3 sessions yesterday and this morning of all kinds of crosses and all kinds of attempted headers. Re. R2 to position players for a cross – is that an officially supported usage? Just trying it out, it seems to do nothing and I’m wondering if it’s one of these ‘press circle to make the keeper dive’ types of things. I’ve just had a look through the online manual and couldn’t see any mention of it.

    I’m guessing ‘R2 to position players for a cross’ is either in there somewhere and I missed seeing it just now, or it’s something you’ve dreamed up yourself and you’ll go berserk trying to justify it and establish its reality 🙂

  13. Jay – All at Liverpool with defaults to start and manual passing. At one point a few seasons ago I had minus £16 million. Did the League and Cup double and they gave me £29 million for wages. Close shave as the squad was down to 18 players.

  14. I had a job offer from Bayern Munich at the end of Season 6 and did briefly consider ‘forking’ my ML experience this year, i.e. continuing with my main save but having a ‘bit on the side’ with Bayern, but I’m playing on restricted time windows as it is.

  15. NG – its definitely a valid command input, R2 (or R1 if you have the buttons remapped) to move the player when the ball is in the air, and it 110% works, definitely, no myth or made up thing, can assure you of that.

  16. [Table problem still not sorted, but this is close enough. Last night’s attempted post follows, without edits]

    Hey Jay! Good to see you back. To answer your question: I’m eight and a half seasons in during my current Master League career.

    After my last big post about the league simulation mechanics, I became a little concerned that Aston Villa – a team that I rebuilt to a solid standard during my year in charge – were languishing in the relegation places for a second successive season. It was only a late surge in the final ten games that saved them last year.

    I looked at the Villa player stats and, in relation to the strength of the rest of the league, they should be at least challenging for a Europa League spot. The defence could be a little stronger, but it’s categorically not the worst in the division.

    After a deeply unpleasant Cup game against Stoke a little earlier (if I were to be that kid in the Twilight Zone movie, the Trent would be flowing into a big fucking crater right now), I decided to leave the match engine in the corner to think about what it’s done while I went off to investigate the Mystery of Aston Villa.

    And so, forty-five minutes later, I have this:

    Pos: The team’s league position
    Pts: Current points after 21 matches played
    Star Rating: The star ratings (out of five) that indicate approximate Team Strength are found in the Database –> Team Info menu. As these include half stars, I’ve written then down here as marks out of ten.
    DF, MF, FW: The ratings (again, in the Team Info menu) given for each side.
    CR: Club Ranking, as determined by the Database –> Ranking –> Club Ranking screen. This is updated once per season. I think there are four hundred teams in total.

    Pos……………………….Pts…Star Rating…DF…MF…FW….CR
    1: Manchester United……..54….10/10………80…88…84….11
    2: Arsenal………………….53….9/10……….81…86…82….12
    3: Wolves…………………..49….10/10………87…87…93….14
    4: Chelsea………………….45….9/10……….81…79…79….2
    5: Stoke City……………….37….8/10……….77…81…72….25
    6: Everton…………………..34….9/10……….78…77…83….16
    7: Spurs……………………..34….9/10……….80…79…77….15
    8: Manchester City………….30….9/10……….78…81…78….8
    9: Liverpool………………..29….8/10……….73…76…82….13
    10: West Brom…………….28….7/10……….75…74…72….35
    11: West Ham……………..26….8/10……….81…75…70….29
    12: Cardiff City……………26….7/10……….75…70…89….169
    13: Newcastle United………24….7/10……….73…72…80….51
    14: Bournemouth…………23….7/10……….73…76…71….41
    15: Leicester City…………21….7/10……….75…79…75….33
    16: Southampton…………20….7/10……….72…78…71….46
    17: Watford………………..17….7/10……….76…77…74….43
    18: Aston Villa……………16….8/10……….76…80…81….63
    19: Sunderland……………12….7/10……….72…73…74….52
    20: Huddersfield…………12….7/10……….71…75…72….227

    * Arsenal are my team, not under AI control, so have no relevance in this discussion.

    * Broadly, the table bears out what I said originally: that the teams with ratings that are clearly in excess of their rivals will usually rise straight to the top.

    * I’m sure that there are multiple factors that are weighed in for simulated match results (home and away balancing, player condition, Team Spirit, the Team Roles system, and some kind of random variable), but Villa’s struggles made me wonder if there might be another consideration that I’d overlooked. I settled on Club Ranking as the likely culprit. And – yes, Villa (as they start this year’s ML in the Championship) have the third-lowest Club Ranking in the division.

    * But look at Cardiff and Huddersfield! The Terriers are clearly where they are on merit (or lack thereof), but Cardiff are sitting pretty safely in mid-table. With two excellent regen signings leading their forward line (with ratings of 93 and 84), the immediate assumption might be that they’re a “score one more than you” kind of team. But that isn’t the case. They’ve found the net twelve times this season – only Bournemouth, Villa and Huddersfield have scored fewer.

    * Have I mentioned the Villa forward line yet? Cerci (80), Farfan (81) and one certain Z. Ibrahimovic (81). Guardado (85), Inler (78) and Diaby (79) run their midfield. The only weak link is the right-back, Pisano (74), but the rest of the team are solid, and there’s real strength in the squad.

    * Stoke are just back in the division after a season in the Championship, and have only recently dropped from fourth following an incredible start. At the moment, my only possible explanation for Villa’s situation is that, maybe, just *maybe*, a club is chosen at random to punch above its weight for a year, while another is designated to struggle to meet expectations. Perhaps Villa have drawn the short straw twice? I’m pretty sure that I’ve noticed some small sides have really good years, dropping off and missing European qualification towards the end. Could this be a feature designed to add “texture” to the tables? Possibly. Though it’s no more than a vague hunch.

    One year of Villa struggling while the young team of really good regens that I left behind found their feet? I could have understood that. But a second is an outlier that screams “something is up here!”, while the rest of the league table shrugs “fair enough”.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  17. I’ll keep it short and sweet after these epic posts – into the final leg with skyrim, just the dragon to kill. It’s definitely dragged as the locations have kept bouncing back and forth, at one point I had to go A to B to A to B and back to A with just dialogue in between. Once done it will never be repeated, I’ll indulge in some of what shed and NG do with GTA. Which hit the skids for me with San Andreas, from that one onwards they seem to think you have to play as a scumbag, gang banger or full on psycho. Are the remastered ones worth getting? Saw them cheap in the download sale.

  18. Whilst your observations and assumptions and theories are all very well made and put forward James, I seriously doubt there’s anything that remotely well thought out, or intelligent going on under ML’s hood.
    The mode is pretty shallow, hollow in every area and it would seriously surprise me if there was anything to the degree of intricacy that you mention.

    That being said, its been known for years that one ML session can feel different to the next, almost like a roll of an invisible dice, one roll may be god form, flowing matches, the next may be poor form, bad team coherence etc. Is that just imaginary or an actual ‘thing’ ?

    It was documented a few years back that the players form arrows impose multipliers or deductions of form based on their value, ie an orange ‘good form’ arrow may add an 8% multiplier across all stats, whereas a red poor form arrow may incur a 10% decrease across stats, this falls down though because the actual form arrows themselves don’t adhere to any logic.

    My CF can score a hat-trick against local rivals in a derby match one week, whilst on a normal green form arrow, the net week, he’s suddenly suffering red downward poor form arrow – Typical Konami, good ideas, not implemented fully or properly.

    A bit like Sheffield Wednesday in the championship bidding 16.4 million for one of my players, which did happen.
    My player plays as a first teamer for the current back to back premier league champions, he’s just won the champions league, yet Sheffield Wednesday bid for him ? Absolutely nonsensical tripe.

  19. James — my personal view of ML and how it’s put together means that I favour your ‘texture’ theory. I’ve always looked at it from teh angle of ‘what would I do if I were designing it?’ and I would definitely chuck in the occasional season — 1 in 3, say — where a highly-rated team is earmarked for poor performance, just to keep things on the straight and narrer. Having said that the Club Ranking could be the rogue variable. I’m never persuaded as to the cock-up theory of ML history and always favour the view that we’re seeing consciously-chosen outcomes rather than sloppy programming.

  20. Uncle Turf — that whole A to B to C to A to C to D nonsense with such games is their biggest turn-off for me. I remember running into the brick wall of such a fetch quest after 1 hour in Witcher 3 and abruptly stopping, meaning to go back but not managed to yet.

    As for the remastered GTA games, it depends on what you want them to do for you. I grabbed an ISO of Vice City — the series’ PES5, for me — and amused myself in ti for half an hour looking at all the old places I used to know so well, and that was all I needed. If you actually want the gameplay, it might be worth it.

  21. nG – Does whatever you use for the blog (WordPress, Joomla?) support HTML or Markdown?

  22. NG – Yes, I’m inclined to say it’s a texture thing, too, because that absolutely makes sense. What exactly is happening with Aston Villa in my game might be something else. I’ll see how they do over the next year.

    Paul – I may be wrong, but I think you might be doing the programmers a disservice with your assessment. Master League has always been patchy in many forms over the years. As I’ve said before, the best-case scenario is that it’s a mode in transition – the interface/back-end team are gradually adding features and functionality every year, but with MyClub dominating their time, ML gets much fewer man hours than it used to. I got the impression that, in terms of the code running behind the scenes, PES 2016’s ML was a “fresh start”. This year’s ML, then, is still a work in progress. I’m just saying that there’s method to the league simulation (a good thing!), but I’m not denying the madness of, for example, the pisspoor transfer mechanics or ridiculous twice-yearly flow of overpowered regens.

    The mode would be better if the team/Konami brass were willing to invest more in it. As it stands, Master League should have a hard hat warning, as it’s clearly an active construction site.

    The secrets of the form arrows were first revealed in the PES strategy guides published in the mid-2000s. I know they can feel arbitrary at times, but the “Form” stat gives a clear indication of what you might expect from a player. Personally, I think they’re great – they dovetail well with the stamina system to encourage squad rotation. I don’t know if it’s just me, but incidents of diagonal down/direct down arrows are less common this year.

  23. Finished it, quite easy when you’re levelled up as I was, however to get to that state took many hours. I believe the record is currently around 35 mins using known bugs to shortcut whole sections of the story. I’ve still not done any of the dlc but it might be time for a return to season 4.

    Cheers NG – yes, I wondered if I’d actually play it much, I used to do pretty much all of the GTA games, maybe missing the odd pigeon or car delivery. Never played the add ons of stories/ballad though.

  24. Just played Feyenoord in the semi finals of Europa League. Leigh Griffiths leading their line haha!

  25. I agree James, to the most part and maybe PES16 ML was a ‘reboot’ so we’re just starting to see fresh ideas etc coming in, but how many times has the ML mode been rebooted over the last 8 years??? plenty!!!!

    Take PES 2010/11 – probably the best ML modes ever in the PES series, so you’d hope, with all the new technology the devs now have at their disposal some 6/7 years later, with the new fox engine, that a major global software development team could take an already superb mode, and build upon that year after year to create something amazing, but they don’t.
    Its always 1 step forward, 2 steps back, maybe one to the side, one forward,. one back again, so here we are 7 years later with a ML mode that’s nowhere near as good as it was all those years ago, no matter how you dress it up, or what excuses are made, its simply just not good enough

  26. PES2014’s drastically stripped-down ML is still essentially the one we have now. There’ve been GUI refinements each year since. All the Training in the world won’t really do anything when player individuality is in the state that it is in PES2017. Best ML for me was PES2010. But even the PS2-era MLs were better than anything we’ve had since PES2013.

  27. Out of interest what defines player individuality for you?

    Is it things like gait, running style, body movements? What else?

  28. Fifa 17 career underway. Playing as the Cod Army and drew 2-1-1 away at Wimbledon and then won a hard thought Milk Cup game 1-0 away at Southend. Aside from gaming I have also been reading Red or Dead by David Peace, which has got me hooked.

  29. enjoyed the video not-Greg, there is something hypnotic about watching goal after goal. I was intrigued how many you scored from keeper rebounds and from stealing the ball given that I get none of either.

    R2 certainly used to give you control when the ball was in the air but I’m not sure it still does – I experimented with a few corners just now holding R2 and the left stick away from goal but the players did not run away from goal

  30. abbeyhill – I’m of the view that R2 does little or nothing too, but we PES players typically go all-in, proper mental if anyone questions our various lucky heathers and rabbits feet. I was expecting Paul to go Full Metal Norman Bates yesterday when I mused about R2 possibly, maybe, not actually doing anything, but I thought he did a wonderful Stage 1 pre-psycho routine, speaking v-e-r-y p-o-l-i-t-e-l-y through slightly clenched teeth. Now you’ve said it too I predict we’ll see a histrionic meltdown to rival Britney Spears’ head-shaving antics of a few years ago.

    Jay – none of those things you mention relate to the kind of individuality I mean. It’s what the players can do that no others, or few others can. I’m harking back to the days when Messi in PES was like Messi in real-life – a truly exceptional player without compare. If you were a PS2-era player you’ll automatically know what I mean, but cast your mind back to when you used to get your first good player(s) in ML and they totally transformed the experience, and you missed them when they were unfit or injured. That isn’t totally gone from PES, but it damn near is. Shimizu, Schwarz, Batistuta, Platini, Best, Teddy Sheringham, Maldini, the list of true individuals I have played with in PES just goes on and on and on – but it more or less comes to a dead stop around the PES2015 mark.

    Darryl – I like to call it the Rumbelows Cup. The Rumbelows Cup I like to call it. I call it the Rumbelows Cup.

  31. NG- Best, now there was a true classic player. Had him, Pele, Maldini and Owen in my PS2 era team. Damn they were good.

  32. R. Larcos, Babingida, Riquelme and Mihajlović spring to mind, all true greats of my PES past. Even Burchet to a lesser degree. Bring him on with 10 mins left and he’d outrun the road runner, shame he couldn’t cross or shoot.

    I’ve been playing around with my English players only team since I won all the trophies but not really feeling the urge. This has probably been the least played PES Master League I can recall.

    I’m back playing Civ 4, some point and click adventure games and looking forward to Ni no Kuni 2

  33. Right…….. R2 !!!!!
    I actually stand corrected NG, I’ve been using R2 all this time to jostle, and was adamant that it had a defined function, so went back over the online manual, and there it just states that you use LS to move the player when the ball is in the air, so I tried it next game without using the fabled R2 button, and you are right, it did the same thing.

    I probably used R2 from muscle memory back in older PES’s whereby R2 was the ‘magic button’ and had some results so just stuck with it.
    But seems its not used for aerial jostles this year, just the LS.

    Scraped through an edgy FA Cup 2nd round tie against Preston NE last night.
    Had the true feeling of a classic cup tie, my quality and class was apparent from the off, over-running PNE, dominating possession, but their scrappy dogged defending kept me out for most of the match.
    I was hacked all over the place but of course, wasn’t given anything, then 78th min, whipped cross from the wing, and bang, header near post, 1-0.
    Through to the next round.

  34. Lloyd – there was a time in PES/ISS when Owen was Owen, and no other player could be anything like Owen. When I lament the passing of that time and the passing of individuality, that is what I’m lamenting. We’re in an era of PES right now where you wouldn’t really notice if you had Messi on the ball or not. Any of hundreds of other players would do just as well and feel just the same. It wouldn’t pass any kind of ‘blind taste test challenge’.

    There are distinct player types, for sure. Messi would be a generic ‘silky-skilled nimble AMF-SS type’ – but that’s FIFA-style individuality, not traditional PES-style individuality, which has been abandoned for the sake of you-know-what.

    Cook – Macco was my go-to guy when I needed an emergency goal. I never wrapped my head around where to play him though. When – when – the PES5 months come around, Macco and Burchet and co. will be regular names on the blog. Playing a bit of Civ V currently, as I wait for Civ VI to a) come down in price (£50 for a game I don’t have time to play much is just not on; even the discounted £32 is too much), and b) hammer out the bugs and glitches.

    Paul – I’m not sure the LS does anything either. *runs*

  35. NG – After some thorough testing …….. 😉

    This is the firstever PES ML where I have turned classic players on, its quite surreal to see Brazilian Ronaldo leading the line for Arsenal, and Owen firing ’em in at Athletico Madrid, Stoke had Dunga at the back and have even encountered NG’s old mate – Stoitchkov.

    I feel some individuality within my own team, Arcas definitely, and Embolo, even though Embolo is my star player, European and world player of the year, I can safely put Adebayor in who will do a decent job and can score goals, but Arcas in the SS role, is virtually irreplaceable.
    The team takes a huge TS hit without him in and he just orchestrates things.
    but generally, the feeling of the squad is that they are split into ‘player types’ as NG said, rather than each feeling unique in their own right.

    I think somehow the unique player individuality is also affected by your affinity for the player, if he does something special, or consistently, you grown to like him and have affection for him, and his uniqueness seems more prevailent.

  36. NG – Very good I see what you have done there. I take it you have read the book.

  37. Darryl — it’s on my to-read pile, somewhere in the middle. But I’ve read enough of it to grasp the technique he’s used and I’m an admirer. Pick up any book in Waterstones these days and they all look and read much the same.

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