Walace arives

I breezed through the remainder of the mid-Season 5 transfer window without signing anyone special – until Deadline Day.

Regular readers will be aware that I have a special fondness for the DMF role in PES. Eric Dier is my latest tryout, and while he’s good, he’s so far not been great.

After searching for a DMF I found and pursued this new addition to the squad:


Walace — that’s Walace with one ‘l’, please note — is a player who’s been mentioned a lot in comments over the past few months. I’m always in search of long-range goals in PES. Walace is allegedly the man to go to for them.

I follow a policy of not taking on recommendations for players in PES. There are exceptions — Kim Cyun Hi in PES2008(PS2/PSP) springs to mind.

My policy is that if a recommended player turns up naturally in the normal course of things, i.e. whilst I am searching for players, I might take a look. They’re not automatically disqualified, is what I mean to say.

So it happened with Walace.

He’s 26. He’s the current South American Player of the Year. He wasn’t interested in a move to my club.

So I put in a loan offer. Master League being the contrariwise game mode that it is, the loan offer was accepted.

Walace is a 6-month loan. I’ve got him until the end of the season. If he turns out to be the long-range king I want him to be, I will move heaven and earth to keep him.

He’s played about 5 matches at the time of writing. So far, nothing. The few shots I’ve managed to get off with him have been weak ones right into the keeper’s chest. Admittedly he was on a red down-arrow for his first three matches, and only came on as a sub. I will keep plugging away,

My Squad for the second half of Season 5 is below — Rice and Jarvis have both now been benched:


Vitor was a very late addition as cover for Halilovic at AMF. Halilovic, by the way, has so far failed the individuality test. He’s had half a season of playing in nearly every match and so far he’s handled like just another identikit nuPES clone. He’s got the rest of this season to show me something, anything.


Results are not great. Good enough to hold my place in upper-mid-table, but not good enough to close the gap to the Europa League spots. Yet.


I played the Quarter Final of the FA Cup against Everton. A terrible, low-quality, hack-and-slash match with a grand total of 1 foul per side. 1000mph, fast and furious fun fun FUUUUN!!!!

God help us all. Who honestly believes that the all-action online style of frenzied football gaming is any good, really? Do online football gamers even think it’s any good? I see their frequent moans on the forums and I do wonder.

I won the match, through gritted teeth, 2-0, and thankfully the game got back to normal for the next match.

Arsenal are up next in the Semi-Final. I’d love to win the FA Cup this year to bulk out my rather threadbare trophy cabinet:


I played Arsenal in the league and won the match 1-0 with a literal last-second winner from Jarvis. A true punch-the-air moment and a real watershed for me in this ML. Arsenal have been my toughest nut to crack in this ML. Now I know how to live with the big boys. It’s all about patience.

Patience is a virtue, and even more so in PES2017. The direct one-two-three-pass-shoot route to goal often doesn’t work.

I’d love to get into the Europa League next season, Season 6, as it’s traditionally a competition that passes me by in every edition of PES. Even in the PS2 days.

Updated: 19th December 2016 — 18:13


  1. 10 games left to put a run together and make euro places 😉
    It would seem that scoring is the main issue? 30 goals from 29 games.

    Patience is definitely the key to winning matches, not going direct and shifting the ball side to side, back again, will often drag COM players out of position enough to play a killer pass or chipped ball over the top, or even run in on the defence, late goals are aplenty in this game.

    I have Seidou Keita in my DMF position, he’s the best DMF I’ve ever had, solid tackler, pacey, strong, great ball winning ability and has a boom of a shot.

  2. Anyone else see this? The Atalanta captain had a tribute to the defaults on his captain’s armband.

    Would have had Macco in there myself, but pretty cool:


    On BaL now. Enjoying it but it is flawed. After 2 goals from 17 games in my debut season with Burnley, I then got a call up to England. Odd (though was since justified). Too much sitting on the bench in this edition though.

    NG – did you listen to any Astonishing Legends?

  3. Paul – goal-scoring is a bit of problem, yes, but I hardly notice it as I’m having fascinating matches where I either unlock the AI defence and get the odd goal, or I don’t and lose by the odd goal or draw. Torres is proving a wonderful goalscorer. My Vardy is so far nothing like Darryl’s. Some were complaining about the tightness of the AI defences a few seasons ago, but now that I’m there I quite enjoy it! I doubt this situation will last though, at least in terms of me failing to score many goals.

    FA Cup Final coming up soon, an alternate route to Europe if the league fails.

    PES2017 chugging along at a solid 9/10 level for me. I still do have these awful fouls-free 1000mph blurs of single matches, sometimes a cluster of them in a session, that are worse than anything, but that’s about 3% of the experience for me. I now dread all Rivals matches, as the Konami logic seems to dictate that they’re anything-goes fouls-free speedfests. I definitely will have to go into Edit mode and remove all my Rivals – the opposite of what is often recommended on the forums, where they advise making every team a Rival to get more fouls and mayhem in general. Strange that I have found the exact opposite to be the case.

    Liam – great find with the armband, whose image I reproduce here:

    ” alt=”” />

    I want one of them and I’d wear it all the time, with one reservation. As far as memory serves, the Defaults seen on the left were never in any ISS or PES game that was published for the console on the right…

    Yes, it should be a PlayStation2 in the image, not a PlayStation.

    Perhaps whoever made the image fell prey to the still-common and always-annoying perception that ‘PlayStation’ is a generic console rather than the specific name of the old grey box from 1995. I can’t help feeling that if Gomez was a true fan he’d have got the armband done again rather than misrepresent historical ML in this way.

    I downloaded the latest Astonishing Legends but haven’t got to it yet. Now you’ve reminded me I’ll put it on whilst playing my Tuesday evening session.

  4. Congratulations Lloyd! I’m reassured to see you’re not scoring loads of goals either. That Level 0 passing… Great achievement.

  5. You’re right – should have been Valery, Ivanov, Castello, Ximenez etc.

  6. I smell a gap in the market for unlicensed old school ml apparel. You’d have at least five takers…

    Two observations about today’s post. Firstly, is your centre forward another example of pes’s ridiculous naming/nationality clunkers – surely with his appearance he should be “von schultzstein” or “ribbeltoft” not ndo to (he’s not a real person surely?). Secondly, I thought you were like me in manager appearances – shaved head, glasses, etc? We know Darryl is Harry hill, Lloyd appears to have a face as well, werd cropped up once with some sort of trucker’s stubble but I could have sworn you didn’t have those early monty burns strawberry blonde locks (or browny gingery boy band job).

  7. Turf – you’re probably taking the piss and I’m not seeing it but… That’s Fernando Torres, NG most likely taking the screenshot when his name was scrolling.

    One thing I noticed re. ML longevity : not only are there a crap load of youths , player growth graphs are also very short and taper off very quickly.

  8. Finished season 6 last night. Am now at a crossroads as to whether I continue playing PES17, or move on to FIFA.
    Whatever happens, I will take a break from PES over the xmas period, I have a few other games in the pipeline, Uncharted 4 still needs some attention, Mafia 3, Watchdogs 2, plus any chrimbo gift games…

    PES 17’s gameplay is sublime in places, most of the time, just a shame a few niggles as we have widely discussed let it down on occasion, but Id go as far as to say the actual core on-the-pitch game play is the best we’ve ever seen.

    Heres how season 6 finished:

  9. Uncle Turf – I’ll have you know that Ndo To is the new Schwarz, a wonderful made-up Konami player who has scored 40 goals for me already this season. And I decided to grow my hair back for the purposes of my manager photo. Which queerly reminds me, I read the other day something I should have already known: you know all the publicity shots, all through the football gaming years, of Messi & co. wearing ping-pong-ball covered lycra suits for the alleged purposes of motion capture? Messi & co. don’t spend any more time in those suits than it takes the assembled journos to photograph/film them leaping around in front of a greenscreen for a few minutes.

    #1 – ML’s shortcomings are designed to nudge us in the direction of myClub, I’m sure. Check the pitch adverts in-game. We’re probably lucky we still have any sort of ML. I’d bet serious talks have taken place at PES Productions about scrapping it or merging it with online modes.

    Paul – what great scenes there and well done. Also nice to see Arcas getting so much love from so many this year – I think it was just me last year – and your Captain to boot. Enjoy the break, and I predict that might be it for you and PES2017. A game just short of true greatness, it has to be said, but so frustratingly close.

  10. Thanks NG – Arcas has been the man for me this year.
    Embolo might have won European and world player of the year and been the leagues top scorer but Arcas finished a close second with 21 goals, but romped the assists table, also when he’s in the squad the team spirit goes up by 12 points, invaluable.

    Was great to win the Champs league and Prem double, not sure if I’ll play one more season and try for the fabled treble or not but I’m looking forward to a break, the last 6 games of the season were mentally tough, the game did a great job of building the suspense and tension of a title run in, as heading in to the last 2 games I was 1 point clear of City, winning games by a single goal late on after COM teams really pushed me hard. I had several fist pump moments and out loud squeals, true signs of a great PES.

    I may have gotten 12 seasons out of PES11, 10 from PES12 and even 8 out of PES13, but these 6 seasons in PES 17 have been my most memorable and enjoyable.

    Plan to put up a little goals compilation when I get chance to compile it.

  11. Community Shield in the bag and Torres arriving on loan. Boom!!

  12. NG – a few quick Walace tips:

    * For me, he didn’t become a God-tier long-ranger until his overall rating hit 84 or so. Last two Wolves seasons with him at 84-86, he scored at least thirty from 25+ yards as my undroppable DMF and captain. He got ten in the two years before that. He probably has just enough development time left to hit those heights in your game.

    * Long-shots while running with the ball (or after taking a touch) are not the way forward: keepers are almost always wise to them. First-time shots are the key.

    * Best way to get a feel for the power and approach vector required for the type of first-time shot required is to sacrifice direct free kicks in favour of setting the ball up for him to run onto. He has a slower, “loping” sprint style that might actually contribute to his suitability for long shots. The trick is to power up the shot when you’re sure that he’ll meet it with his right foot. It’s entirely subjective, but I found that the best power level is *slightly more* that I’d usually think appropriate.

    * The best setup in open play is a through-ball – not a standard pass – that draws him into possession from a deeper position, ideally played backwards from a striker, or square from a wider position. As soon as you get control, try to power up the shot so that he takes a swing as soon as he reaches the ball.

    * If you’re approaching from an angle – for example, a northwest/north direction with the goal to the left – hold R2 and give the LRD a try. If you hit the ‘sweet spot’, these can be unstoppable.

  13. has everyone fallen down a Christmas week lead up black hole????

  14. I’m in Lurk mode. 😉

  15. I’m around but not FIFAing due to pre Christmas busy-ness.

  16. I’m around but skyrimming as I need a game I can stop and save immediately – no guaranteed 15 minute intervals of peace to play a match. I’m also trying to watch the exorcist on the sky planner but so far it’s been in 5 minute chunks then someone wanders in and I have to knock scooby doo back on.

  17. great stuff Paul, it’s a superb game and to achieve the (big) double on superstar with a default Arcas leading the way is some achievement. Still can’t work out how you score these almost guaranteed goals from corners though, I have followed your advice to the letter, left then up on the d-pad, curl it in around the penalty spot for the onrushing attackers, but success rate is about 1%. Could be Vasilj’s delivery, or a lack of good headers amongst the defaults

    decent session just now, 3 wins out of 3 brings me one point behind second place with 12 games to go. Jarvis is suddenly excellent up front, although most stats are mediocre, his 96 finishing means that a half chance on the edge of the area is always buried

  18. Paul — I’m still here of course, but Christmas and New Year as ever are just normal working weeks for me, so I don’t get to post responses as quickly as I’d like. I traditionally book the first week or two of January off as my holiday.

    I always find this a peculiar time of year on the Internet generally. Visiting my favourite forums is always strange, with maybe two or three posts over the course of Christmas Day and then Boxing Day, instead of the usual steady stream.

    James — your tips are good for all Walace-similar players, but I’m afraid it seems I’ve got him too late in his PES2017 life. Looks like he’ll be going back at the end of the loan without me busting a gut to keep him.

    Uncle Turf — seeing The Exorcist circa 1987 or so was one of the biggest letdowns, and the moment when I realised that I no longer liked horror films. It felt horribly dated then, in the 1980s, so t must feel ancient now. I’m still NMS-ing, for what it’s worth, with Survival mode really delivering probably 75% of the game we all thought it was going to be. I’m sure the remaining 25% will follow in due course. I;d have preferred this on release, of course, but I’ll take it. As a committed sci-fi fan the game constantly makes the sci-fi hairs on the back of my sci-fi neck stand on end.

  19. NG – I’m also working over Xmas, but I’ve been self-employed since 1998, so I’m used to projects popping up and persisting at inappropriate times. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do?

  20. Paul/NG – not been on the last few days. Mixture of vomiting bug (scene similar to The Exorcist) and disappearing into NMS. I doubt I will even venture into Survival mode as the update has brought so much more to the normal mode that this would prevent me seeing everything the game has to offer. I currently am developing my home base and have an admin team set up now of three lizard thingy’s with their own terminals. In my own world I have created a back story for them. It has taken many years to find a background game that I can just drop into whenever I want. The last game that filled that void was Civilisation IV. My favourite horror film was American Werewolf in London.

  21. something bubbling under here too, I’ve not felt right for weeks.

    NG – that surprises me as I nearly posted how modern the exorcist feels so far. I haven’t seen it in well over 15 years or so but I was really taken by the camera angles, use of music, etc. Obviously the fashions and dialogue are dated but it just feels so well done and I don’t regard it as a horror film at all. Things have changed a bit recently with the ‘found footage’ suspense type movie but ten years ago the demon would have had to jump out of the loft at random intervals slashing a series of semi clad teens.

    Have they increased the interactive races and dialogue in NMS? That was a big clunker for me, after a few hours you had had every conversation, read and pressed every monolith decision, etc. Learning the language became redundant on the second play.

  22. Dont feel like gaming much at all.

    My Father in law passed away on Tuesday and Mrs Werd is in bits. Christmas was going to be cancelled but the kids come first so its stiff upper lip etc. So I will excuse myself for a while.

    Best wishes to all and hope to be back soon.

  23. James — I work in an admin role in the NHS. It doesn’t close, of course, ever. And I’ve just finished off today’s post where the fate of Walace isn’t clear, but he’s a goner for me. He was a good DMF but I’ve got better, and he never scored a goal of any kind — never even got close. I spent some matches just blazing away with him all the time and his baseline shot is very weak. I got an alternate-world Walace, clearly. This is encouraging as it demonstrates that there is no one-size-fits-all Master League, in this respect at least.

  24. werd – I have had those types of Christmases. It’s a surreal experience to see and feel the energy and excitement in the rest of the world around you, while you’re dealing with something… other. Look after you and yours, and there will be islands of peace among it all, you will find.

  25. Uncle Turf – they did beef up the races and dialogues in NMS, not a great deal admittedly (still work in progress there). So much of the rest of the game has been expanded that it all adds up to something quite substantive. I’m still tootling around randomly gawping at the sci-fi vistas (planets and ships and creatures have all been expanded). I don’t think I’ll start the quest until the next expansion.

    Darryl – Survival makes the sense of achievement more palpable, but it’s quite stressful as you’re always keeping an eye on resources and, in the early stages, recovering from failure. I started a side-save in Normal just to have some relaxation and freedom and have spent about half my time in that mode. I’ll never get tired of hearing that soothing synth music while floating above a new planet.

  26. Werd – all the best mate, look after them.

  27. Werd – sorry mate, thoughts are with you and your family.

    Abbeyhill – weird how you get such a diferent outcome from the corners as I do using the same exact technique.
    just to reiterate, use dash method (left then up on dpad) and position the guide so that it mildly curls in to around the 6 yard box or just before, 8 yards or so out and don’t position the guide arc too high, you don’t want a lofted ball in but more of a whipped ball, so around chest height.

    Also make sure you have your attack mentality setting on orange or red (2 highest) so you get the numbers in the box.
    Another thing to note, as the ball flies in use the R2 positioning button to jostle for space to get in front of defenders.

    No exaggeration, I have scored well over 50 goals using this method, and would say 7 out of every 10 corners using this results in a goal or a shot on goal or a melee leading to a chance.

    NG – what area of the NHS do you work in? I worked for MK university hospital not so long ago aligned to the surgical division as a senior data analyst, was an eye opener, I lasted 11 months, never again.

    Darryl – theres so much winter germs going around, feel better soon matey.

  28. Werd – condolences mate.

    Darryl – I’ve set up Civilization 2 on a spare PC at work and have just wiped out the Romans. The Zulus sneak attacked me just before I left today.

  29. I beginning to lose interest at Top Player level – should I jump up to SuperStar before I gain promotion (kiss of death, I know)? PES 2017 is beginning to feel a lot like PES 2016 in some respects: lack of fouls and injuries, etc.; scarce player individuality; batches of soulless, empty, hollow ‘speedy’ games; and a truly daft transfer system.

    Is anyone else finding that this is all turning out to be a disappointing, hollow experience?

  30. Werd – indeed it is very difficult but the stiff upper lip and normality is essential for the kids at this time. My thoughts are certainly with you and your family.

    Paul – is it any wonder that such bugs are on the increase during the build up and post Christmas. I put the rise in popularity of the Jacobs Join as the number one culprit for this.

  31. Werd – condolences mate.

    Mr sifter – my advice would be to avoid top player like the plague. Superstar really is much better. Much like yourself I found top player to be dross and hollow.

  32. Mr Sifter — I’m currently finding the exact opposite is happening. I’m helped by a couple of things, being very average at the game, and at the moment there are 2 or 3 days per week when I can’t play — so when I do, I relish it.

    Lloyd — probably the best version of Civ. Please tell me you’ve got it set up with the music. The beautiful, timeless music, backdrop to many a world domination.

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