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FIFA16 Season 2 After 10

My FIFA16 Career Mode is back on. I’m back playing as Coventry City, safely ensconced in the Championship.

I had fallen foul of the board expectations, which, as several commenters pointed out, were indeed too stringent: win the league, it turned out, was the culprit.

Having ‘only’ achieved promotion via the playoffs, the board dismissed me. Not something that would happen in reality, but as I often say, football gaming is superior to reality.

I overturned the verdict thanks to my PlayStation+ subscription. I never play anything online, so the annual subscription has to earn its keep through the free monthly games and the automatic online backups of savegame files. Worth every penny.

I resumed with about 3 matches left of Season 1 in League 1. I fiddled about with simming at first, but that didn’t work out, so I had to play some of the matches. I left it on Professional difficulty for honour’s sake.

In the last match of the season, with the last kick of the ball, in the last seconds of added-on time, I scored the goal that won me second spot and automatic promotion.

But would it be enough to satisfy the board?

The board wasn’t happy, but I kept my job.

Post-season, I had to say goodbye to my star loanee, Marcus Rashford. He’s a promising youngster in FIFA16.

I tried to buy him outright, but couldn’t afford the £5m asking fee. I signed him on another year-long loan.

BIG screenshot of my First XI and squad:

FIFA16 Season 2 squad

I haven’t played enough of FIFA to know if this is a good or bad squad for a season n the Championship on Professional difficulty. My record indicates that I’ll have a tricky season sometimes, but it should be OK overall. I am considering making a move up to World Class.

The board target for this season: mid-table finish.


  1. n-G – Glad to see your sacking was valid! No, seriously, catching up on the blog, I was gutted at the prospect of some kind of CM bug – something the mode seemed to suffer with for many years.

    I’ve just hit top spot with six games to go with promotion now a formality with third place Bristol City 12 points behind my Colchester United. My pre-season expectation was mid-table so I’m surely a golden boy with my board.

    I’m still losing the odd game on Professional and given what I’ve seen playing better sides in the cup, I might keep it there for season three and Championship football. Given past FIFAs, I’m a bit worried about the higher difficulties but we’ll see.

    As for PES 2017, what little enthusiasm I had for the new game has just been dulled by those videos. What exactly are we supposed to be getting excited about from those? Player faces I suppose.

    I specifically watched the two games vs the AI: no fouls, the AI low shot looks suspiciously still there, and generally a very samey feel to 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I like PES 2016 but I really need more to prise me away from FIFA 16. A revamped ML might do it but I bet that’s not happening.

    Seriously thinking of blowing my PES pocket money on No Man’s Sky – should the reviews be favourable.

  2. Shed – I have since moved up to World Class and an already good game just got even better. More to come on that.

    I’m completely unsurprised about the PES2017 vids. They were never, ever going to roll back the fouls/free kicks thing. It was never something that was ‘broken’. It was always meant to be that way.

    I’m getting No Man’s Sky. Have it on preorder, should get it Tues.

  3. n-G – Look forward to your thoughts on No Man’s Sky.

    Interesting what you say about World Class. Maybe I will make the jump after all.

  4. NG – that seems a pretty good squad. Nice balance to it. Everyone is average of about 70 OVR, which is about top half of table for The Championship.

  5. Shed – Colchester? Where did that come from? I can’t imagine it’s anything other than random or emotional.

    Speaking of which where’s old werd and what game is he not playing? I imagined he’d be well into Pokemon go.

  6. Uncle Turf – My in-laws live there and since I drive past their ground every time we visit, I thought why not? My plan was to keep Brighton for PES but should the Seagulls come calling I might just jump ship at some point now I’ve reached that level.

  7. Multiple clubs is the stylish European manager flavour of the month shed.

    At half time in my sixth game as saints boss I realised full backs were something my game Simply doesn’t need. They are like an appendix, serving no useful purpose but just hanging around as a potential problem. I was four down to west brom. Every goal straight up the middle. In 2014 you simply don’t concede goals from crosses, unlike the unstoppable headers of previous years. Even then I didn’t need them as I adopted a Keegan like I’ll score one more than you. I hauled them off and won the second half with a 3-2-3-2. I stuck with it and promptly whacked Everton 6-2. It’s disappointing as I like the wing options of a 3-5-2 but as abbeyhill mentioned in relation to his game getting down the line and whipping the ball in achieves nothing. Much as this year offers intelligence, challenge and the need for accuracy it’s like they looked at 2012s headers and 2013s long Rangers and said ‘none of that for them this year’. What a shame. Clyne and shaw are on the list.

  8. Shed – I was starting to score a bit too freely on Professional. The classic sign that I needed to step up. World Class has been a lot tighter – and a lot more fouls.

    No Man’s Sky sounds like my kind of game. Well worth a risky punt without reviews. Takes me back to when I did something similar with Psytron on the ZX Spectrum.

    Darryl – discovering what is a good or bad squad at particular stages is part of what’s making this FIFA summer holiday so nice. I know ML like the back of my hand. CM is surprising me.

    Uncle Turf – I always imagine werd is waiting to not play every single game that ever comes out. I still smile to remember his splurge on Europa Universalis 2.

    And re. PES2013 vs PES2014 – odd how we had the two extremes of PES shooting come out back-to-back.

  9. Turf – I still like my full backs, as they always give an extra passing option when trying to create space in midfield given that they are never marked, but agree with the rest of your comment. A narrow 4-3-3 for me at the moment but I am intrigued with your 3-2-3-2 which was my killer formation on WE GBA and sounds ideal for PES2014

    Have you tried razz berries? Although the Pokémon GO update has made catching them more difficult, throwing a raspberry first does seem to improve the chances

  10. I beat Chelsea 4-2 on penalties to win the Cup and the league is on the bag. Just the CL Final to go for the sextuple and the Euros to follow with England. Should be playing the Final on Sunday morning. Boom!!

  11. Abbeyhill – I agree, at corners the full backs are completely alone and can be used to work an angle but I find the lack of a third centre half gives me issues with the slightly delayed cursor control (or maybe it’s my indecision) when a player like Suarez starts running.

    I’ve used the razz berries but catching them isn’t really the issue, it’s keeping them in the ball. I’ve just hit level 12 so now have some ‘great balls’ (nice to know) which I’ll keep for the tougher ones. Evolving them with eggs seems the best way though, it’s done wonders for the little fellas enthusiasm for walking.

  12. Seems strange being disconnected from the football gaming world at this time of year. Once upon a time I would desperately waiting for the demos to be out. I have no idea when they are even out. On a side note I have yet to see a single moment from the Olympics and will see if I can avoid them all together. I have though managed to get into something as I can’t remember who mentioned Mr Robot but me and the misses watched two episodes last night and I was hooked.

  13. I’ve never been this disinterested in an Olympics before, the Russian farce, the bulldozing aside of huge poverty for a white elephant, the time delay for us on gmt, bmx and golf Ffs!

    I also had the crushing disappointment of final fantasy type o. Looked great in its hd polish and I could have gotten into the story as it had real emotion but what a stinker of a gameplay, like one of those dynasty warriors hack and slash jobs, relentless grinding, repetitive real time attacks, as far from my beloved ff7 as imaginable. Tried trading it but I can’t think what to get, it’s nly 9 quid so maybe a couple of PS3 games? I also fired up 2016 as it was still in the console while I’m 2014ing. One game of Liverpool v West Ham in superstar exhibition. I could not commit a foul, not one, absolute lunacy. 2014 is the end of an era. Lloyd, I have no idea how you have kept going, it looks great but it’s just not what I associate with an ml.

  14. Now four episodes into Mr Robot and interest is beginning to wane. It’s gone from something with enough geek credentials that they don’t feel it neccessary to explain what a DoS attack is, to something more akin to Lost with computers and drugs. I’ll inevitably stick to it as there is nothing better in that genre, and slowly hate myself for doing so.

  15. Darryl – I wonder if there will be anything in PES and FIFA 2017 to pique your interest again. Looks like a rinse and repeat year for PES (I hate that I was seemingly right about no-fouls again). FIFA17’s new engine or whatever they’re doing might be interesting. FIFA16 is a startlingly good game, but only because of how far PES values have been compromised.

    Uncle Turf – I likewise deplore this strange tendency towards action RPG-style battling. Turn-based wasn’t broken. Why ‘fix’ it?The demo for Final Fantasy 15 has been one of the most crushing disappointments of my gaming year. A full-on realtime active battle system or whatever they call it. Final Fantasy has always been a turn-based strategy game in an RPG wrapper, and if it isn’t then it isn’t Final Fantasy. Disgusted. Worth the download on PSN just to feel that proper grumpy old man disgust.

  16. NG – can’t see it happening in all honesty. I doubt that either game will be anything other than rinse and repeat for both games. I am also skeptical about any talk of new engines as I just see this as marketing blurb. Fifa supposadly had a new engine a few years ago, but was the same engine with a new name. I am quite happy were gaming now sits in my universe.

  17. Not seen mr robot but my general issue with some dramas is the feeling they are written week to week on the basis of how quickly American tv stations can kill them off – that thing with Sean bean was a great example of something suddenly altering out of all proportion due to ratings and pressure. Heroes seemed another. It’s rare I’ll watch something till I know at least one season is complete.

    Season three continues to punish me with a real ramping up of the AI. This is not the top player I know, not even from seasons one and two. Benteke slaloming through my defence, 7 shots on my goal, less possession than the opposition. I know it’s still early but I’d be expecting one sided games where I’m simply denied by great keeping and then the six pointers where it steps up.

  18. I’ve read that the Mr Robot character is supposed to be some sort of autist-geek-loner type of character… who has a smokin’ hot girlfriend(s). It’s the main reason I’ve avoided the show so far. Only in fiction are women of any kind interested in such men. Bitter experience speaking there.

    Uncle Turf – in a tables-have-turned twist, you’ve got me wanting to make a return to the world of PES2014 – the last of its kind, we now know. Does this bode well for my FIFA16 summer holiday? Tuesday’s post covers that topic.

    Darryl – the engine talk always amuses me. Does anybody really know what ‘engine’ entails in this context – exactly what it means, what it represents, etc.? What, precisely, does the Fox engine do as opposed to… whatever the other ones are/were called? I don’t bleedin’ know and I’m betting neither do most football gamers. I’d take a brave stab at it being all about better and faster graphics, but my knowledge stops at that very general overview. ‘Engine’ talk is mostly a kind of vague shorthand term for desired change.

  19. NG – Good grief you must be able to read my mind on both points. First with Mr Robot I was enjoying it until there is a scene, where he is in bed with a naked hot female but that could be seen as clever writing as the whole premise of the show is a take on our living world and what is real as told through the story of a schizophrenic, who for all we know just works in an office like most of us. Is the girlfriend part of the fantasy? As for the talk of engines it is much of the same.

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