FIFA16 Twisting in the Wind

Season 1 of Career Mode in FIFA16, and I battled my way through to the League 1 Playoff Final at Wembley.

0-0 all the way through the 90 minutes and extra time. A typical game of modern professional football: mutual nullification, enlivened only by the idea of the match – i.e., what was at stake – rather than the football itself.

Penalties. My entire season, and the fate of FIFA16, comes down to this.

Here is the whole shootout – me in the blue and white stripes, needless to say. Martin Tyler and the ever-egregious Alan Smith are rooting for the home team, Chesterfield:


And promotion to the Championship!

I found myself feeling very excited about what players I would bring in, and how I would cope on World Class difficulty.

I decided to advance to the start of the next season so I could begin my next play-session with a match.

The weeks ticked by. A performance review was coming, my messages said. I smiled. I got promotion! Howzat!

Then – THIS:


I didn’t quite believe it. I read the email, and still didn’t quite believe it.

The Dreaded Email

I’ve gone back and replayed my last save a few times, thinking I might have to win the final match in 90 minutes rather than just draw it. I’ve done that, and got the same outcome each time.

Contract Terminated

Game Over.

No way back. I’ve Googled this, and it seems to be a Career Mode ‘thing’.


Thanks, FIFA.

What now?


  1. Oh dear, didn’t expect that. While I miss that degree of nail biting, every position counts in pes, that is well over the top for FIFA, if sadly realistic in these idiotic times. You’ve only got two choices, start again, and likely end again or join the ‘it’s about the manager’ gang, of which I’ve always been one. The latter would seem yet another effort to force you down a road you don’t want to go down.

    I say back to pes as you can’t guarantee you won’t get this every season you play.

  2. I’ve heard of this but never experienced it. Is it certain consoles only?

  3. Uncle Turf – I’d got rather attached to my team in the space of that one season. I was in that zone you get to in season 2-3 of ML where you get engrossed and interested in where developments will lead next. I was looking forward to seeing if I could get the team advanced to the Premier and Europe before September. Damn!

    I’ve been fooling around with Ultimate Team but the appeal there is very limited. Back to PES seems the obvious choice but I’m hoping there’s a fix.

    Chris99 – what limited research I’ve done suggests it’s cross-platform. It seems that under certain conditions the game calculates your squad ability against the division you’re newly promoted into and decides you’re doing a bad job.

  4. I don’t know about 16 but 14 had that dodge where you alter your starting eleven just before the decision at the beginning of the season and then you get a lower objective. Was your objective automatic promotion? I don’t recall being sacked, or not having a contract renewed even when I failed but then I was the classic journeyman Steve Bruce type of manager.

  5. Uncle Turf – objective was upper midtable or similar. I’m not crazy enough to agree to any kind of promotion as the target in season 1 of a career mode scenario.

    Port Vale came in with an offer for my services and they’re a Championship outfit. But I was working on CCFC. I had investment in that.

    It seems for me ze FIFA is over for another year. Like I said Ultimate Team has amused me for a couple of sessions now, but its appeal remains as mysterious as ever.

  6. NG – it is ridiculous but I am not surprised as I take it your that your primary target was to win the league or automatic promotion. If you don’t achieve your primary target then you must achieve the secondary one to have any chance of avoiding the sack. I once had a Portsmouth career on Fifa 15, where I had to achieve automatic promotion but went out in the play of final on penalties. My cup target saved me. No restarting will help as it is very strict with this.

  7. Bit of a Ross Barkley show here. The last two goals were from the same game. Boom!!

  8. Darryl – I’m convinced automatic promotion wasn’t a target, but could be wrong. As a PS+ subscriber there’s a chance the srrvice uploaded a save from before the season’s end that I could access. If I’d won the last league match I’d have gone up in 2nd. That might settle it. I’ll do that before the next post.

  9. NG – like you a google suggests this is a problem, with some very angry forumites. Some bloke guided Cambridge to the full Lloyd and was sacked for missing out on one trophy or thereabouts.

  10. Well, here’s news: thanks to my PS+ subscription, I’ve located an old, old save in online storage from before the end of the season, and downloaded it to my console. I’ll fiddle with it to make sure I get automatic promotion (title is out of reach) and see what happens.

  11. NG – Can you have a look at the targets when you do load it up as I am curious to what they were.

  12. Will do. It’ll be tonight sometime now as I have a long working day ahead.

  13. Mrs 99 is working tonight but I’m torn between my Cardiff career going into the Premiership, or continuing to watch Mr Robot on demand.

  14. So back home from Scotland and fired up 2014 rather than skyrim. Been a long time away – season two, 12th in the pl in February with a cup quarter final against Spurs. A lively game with some very odd ball physics and AI. I really feel superstar is locked in on this year and rarely deviates from a style whereas top player is a more random roll of the dice. And adebayor is a pain in the arse. Terrible if I ever have him, awesome against me, lost 3-1. Then man Utd, again a bizarre goal where de gea went walkabout, but again a loss 2-1 with a sending off. This is my problem, I will now have to play voleimann in my next three matches. My entire bench is defaults. A third of my starting eleven is defaults. Giggs is sensational but I’m yet to see anything useful from Toni. I would accept a nominal fee to move him on now. I need a good four or five players at the end of the season yet only have six million at present so they will all have to be frees.

  15. Uncle Turf – if my FIFA16 Career Mode doesn’t do a phoenix from the flames, I think I’ll be back to 2014 too.

  16. I suspect it will be more of a roast chicken…

    One loss, one win to stay 12th with eight games to go. 38 points. It’s all very Everton. Checking out the current free transfers I see poor old Harry Kane is on the scrap heap, along with a couple of young Croatians. While I don’t ideally want a player from my first aborted career I’d take England’s corner taker any day. In fact he can bring his mates and their friends as stramberg, et al should not be season three starters. Despite abbeyhill’s outrageous goalkeeper title winner.

  17. Uncle Turf – well, I can report that the recovered PS+ savegame is from a time when I can fiddle my way to automatic promotion. About 5 matches from the end of the season. I’m yet to sit down and do that and might not get time until later this week now. When I do it, the question is how. Simming the matches might do it, but I might have to play some or all of them on Beginner to be sure. Tomorrow’s post might be a clips show in the meantime.

  18. Hmm, that would be like my skyrim ‘let’s just say I didn’t die’ thinking though and I can’t believe abbeyhill would let you forget it. You’d have no guarantee it wouldn’t shaft you the season after either. Sounds a needed patch, which won’t come.

    Empty house, 2014 fired up. I don’t feel bad at all about not being on superstar given the 8-10 points I’m conceding in overall team stats. Everyone is better, even div two sides in the cup.

  19. Finished season two, 14th with a record of 11/13/14 gf56 ga62. Surprisingly castolis was the league assist leader, I imagine it was his role as corner taker. The effort tailed off a bit after a 2014 first – Robert was injured in a match and ruled out for the rest of the season, four games at that point. I’m happy with that given that man city won the league with only two defeats and I have a weak side. Ten million to spend.

  20. ….and I’ve been offered a load of decent jobs – villa, Livorno, Valladolid, etc etc, all with budgets of 40m or so. Now I know none of you would even look at them but the chance of working with southampton’s 2014 squad….

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