Alan Smith strikes again

Season 1 of Career Mode in FIFA16 isn’t quite at an end yet. Disappointingly, my swashbuckling surge towards the top of the League just failed to carry me into the final promotion spots. A costly couple of nil-nils left me stranded in 3rd at the final reckoning:

FIFA16 Season 1 final table

Which meant a playoff final for promotion to the Championship.

For all my long years of Master League and occasional forays into FIFA, I’ve not played in many play-offs. Master League has rarely featured them, When play-offs have been included (which edition?), I’ve rarely had to participate to my recollection. I haven’t played enough FIFA to have been in playoffs. So this here playoff might be only my second or third such experience in all my footy-gaming years.

I did feel the weight of pressure. A long season and a lot of matches all coming down to this.

My opponents were Southend. One of the teams who’d held me to one of the nil-nils that’d proved so costly in the run-in. I didn’t bear a grudge.

I won the first leg, away, 1-0. It was fairly comfortable.

The home leg was all very sedate until early in the second half, when Southend scored to level things up on aggregate. Then they cheekily got another to make it 0-2 to them. 1-2 on aggregate.

Getting back into matches isn’t even nearly as straightforward in FIFA16 as it almost always is in PES2016. So this was Big Trouble.

Here is the rest of that match, from the 56th minute all the way to the close of business:

Phew. Probably the best single match I’ve had on FIFA16 so far. Not because the play was particularly fine. But because of what it meant, and the way events panned out.

I scored the aggregate equaliser with the last kick of the ninety minutes. 2-2. Alan Smith’s instant remark about me needing another because of Southend’s extra away goal made me frown, as I was pretty sure that away goals only count double after extra time. And so it proved.

I got my winner so early in extra time that I was hanging on for the rest of it.

So I am through to the final. Which I have yet to play at the time of writing (Monday evening).

I’ve already decided that if I don’t win, I won’t persist with this Career Mode career. I don’t think there’s time between now and PES2017 for more than 3 or 4 seasons.

I’m toying with the idea of recording and posting the whole match on Friday, but as ever I’m firmly convinced that watching other people play football games is one of the dullest things that can be done. So I won’t do that. It’ll be some sort of highlights again.


  1. Looking forward to your Wembley showdown n-G. Good luck.

    I’m currently at the half way stage of season one and after five straight wins – most of them enjoyably scrappy – my Colchester United are third.

    I’m still finding a lot of depth to the gameplay and goals are extremely varied. Seasons are a long slog but I’m not getting the monotony I used to with FIFA with every match feeling the same.

    All-in-all, with limited time and funds, whether or not I go for a day one footy game purchase is up in the air for the first time since I don’t know when.

  2. Shed – cheers, and having already played I can tease that there is an amusing and interesting twist in the tale. I’ll just leave that there for now…

    I’m still playing at least 5 days per week, sometimes for long sessions, so my footy games have to withstand that level of regular attention and come out the other side. So far FIFA16 is holding up.

  3. Afternoon all,

    Do we know when the PES2017 demo is going to drop? Can’t say I’m blown away by anything I’ve seen so far, just another run-of-the-mill game for another year by the look of it. Improved graphics are nice, but not interested in that. I’d like to get my hands on it though, see what changes are under the hood. The proof is in the pudding, so they say.

  4. Tommy – No idea. Mid to late August I would assume.

    I did just have a look to see what’s what on PES 2017. Saw the thrilling news of shirt-off goal celebrations and quickly clicked right outa there.

  5. I am guessing you went out on penalties in the final.

  6. Darryl – that’s not the twist. Not saying it did or didn’t happen, just that it’s not the twist, and it’s not something you’ll easily guess. (It’s not a difficulty level thing again, I should add.)

  7. Stayed up far too late with Fifa 16 last night and while I’m now second in league one, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really not a very good Fifa player.

    I’m scrapping 1-0 wins with corners or the odd decent cross while delivering the kind of football that must be boring the Colchester Utd faithful rigid.

    The trouble is that I still can’t stop playing this game like PES, which is maybe because in some ways it feels like PES – in a good way. While I try to override my muscle memory, I now find myself doodling new formations on a piece of paper at my desk. Yes, that’s it, if I change from a midfield diamond to something with a bit more width….

  8. Shed – Have you investigated player instructions yet? That might really make your brain explode.

  9. I’d love to see how FIFA 17 is going to integrate the EFL trophy. Have you ever seen such a dogs breakfast of a competition – no idea who is entering till the last minute then regional groups where Middlesbrough is near Shrewsbury and Cambridge. It just beats higuain costing 75m and graziano pelle earning 230k per week in China as the most bonkers story of the summer.

    My vote goes for NG scoring a bizarre in off both posts and goal line camera adjudicated winner. I’m on holiday so no gaming at all.

  10. World Cup Championship in the bag. Three down and four to go. Boom!!!

  11. The twist is shocking, amusing, and completely unexpected. The most gobsmacked I have ever been while playing any career mode-type game mode in any football game in all my days. It’s the kind of twist where I hope people will want to offer constructive advice, after laughing hard of course.

    Lloyd – a lot of hard work has gone into that screenie! Curious – how many non-Liverpool players over 100 are there in your ML world now?

  12. NG – there’s a handful on 99 and quite few on 98.

  13. You got promoted and then sacked.

  14. Lloyd – thanks for the info – and shhhhhhh…. (LLoyd correctly guessed the twist.)

    Congrats! I’ll restore your comment here at 12.01 tomorrow afternoon. Until then, see if anyone else gets it…


  16. I’m now well into Ready Player One, so I’ll guess an immortal skeletal emperor materialised on the pitch and challenged you to a game of Joust.

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