The wacky world of PES2014

PES2014 Season 11 Away Kit

Subotic in Season 11 Home kit

Season 11 of Master League in PES2014. New Away kit above. New Home kit to the right here.

If, back in December 2013, you had told me that I would end up playing 11 seasons (and probably one or two more to come) of ML on PES2014, I would have… I would have… hmmm, what’re the kinds of things people say they’d do in constructions like this one? Called you mad? Laughed in your face? Decapitated you with a blow of my Cloud-from-FFVII sword? One of those things.

But here we are, and this is happening. PES2014 is a viable football game. Its Master League is very playable, despite being desperately poor in terms of features — as nearly every Master League always has been, it should be noted. I can only think of two editions of Master League (PES2010 and PES2011) that could reasonably be called feature-rich.

Season 11 must bring silverware. Either one of League, FA Cup, or Champions League will do. I cannot bring myself to think of another season of failure. I’ve probably got as good a team as I’m ever going to have in PES2014. The time is now.

Transfers. An interesting pre-season in many aspects. Here’s the Starting XI and Squad I’ve ended up with:

PES2014 Season 11 starting XI and squadI picked up two oldies, breaking my usual policy of building for the future. I wanted a top-rated keeper, and got the 39-year-old Shay Given on a free. It’s his last season before retirement. He’s the highest-rated keeper I could find who was willing to come to me. In any other PES I wouldn’t touch a 39-year-old player. But this is PES2014. We’ll see how he performs and whether he makes a difference.

Also there among the oldies is Subotic, a 33-year-old CB whom I picked up for a nominal fee. Again, not my usual policy, but again, this is PES2014 and we will see what happens. He played brilliantly in my opening game. A big, lumbering centre-half. The proper PES individuality is there with this one.

I also picked up another of the young guns — Stefan Kiessling. (The B-like letter in his name is a feature of German-language orthography that I will be rendering as double-s on the blog, because the Internet tells me I can. I might go in and edit his name if I remember, or I might just leave it like that. Somehow, having a player with a non-standard letter in his name is just part of the wonderful wacky world of PES2014.)

I thumped QPR 6-1 in my opening match. Robbie Keane hat-trick. The table after 1 match:

PES2014 Season 11 after 1

Needless to say, that’s how I’d like the table to be at the end.

I’ve played on far enough to see my Champions League qualifying group. Which is:





There are no certainties in this game, I have learned. 92 points last season only got me 4th place. But with the squad and experience I’ve got I should emerge from this group.

Silverware. That’s the target. But will PES2014 allow it?


  1. No six timer next season, I lost the CL Final against Man Utd and their shoddy long ball over the top to Van Nistelrooy tactics.

    New goal video up soon, some absolute crackers to behold. Boom!!

    Thanks for that Turf, most illuminating.

  2. ; )

    January Transfer window season 1 reached with no means of bringing anyone in. I’ve not even broken even yet from pre-season. Just choosing the four most likely transfer listed players saw me agree terms with Torres and Alou Diarra. Shame, they’d have really lifted my side. All my players are on the list yet I didn’t get a single bid. Still I’m a point behind Wolves in 2nd and 4 pts ahead of fourth. I’ll worry about next season when it comes.

  3. Putting me firmly in my place last night – wolves 4 Gateshead 0. They played completely differently to other teams, for a start they tightly marked every man at a corner – not a notable 2014 feature. At times I couldn’t get out of my half. I followed up by losing to Preston so the doubts are creeping in. If I go up I’ll be entirely dependent on frees and regens.

  4. Lloyd — watching your vid I thought nothing would beat the Baggio hit at 0:45, but the Coutinho belter at 2:50ish comes close. Some true worldies in that batch. “THEY. ARE. RAMPANT.”

  5. Uncle Turf — I don’t want to anticipate my next post, but my Season 11 with my team of relative superstars isn’t going to plan either. When this game decides to clamp down on you and not let you play, it does so more effectively than any PES in my memory.

    I was able to get some of the super-Regens from season 3 or so. I’d help myself to as many of them as I could if I were you. They’re not much of a leveller as the game negates even them when it wants to, but they’re something.

  6. NG – got an even better one from Yaya Toure ready for the next video. Boom!!

  7. NG – your Master League story is just as engrossing as reading your Master League campaigns of the past, with it’s unpredictability that that has made your 2014 campaign. Also that is some squad you have there, especially the forward cover. From my on and off playing 2014 I always found Motherwell tricky opponent’s due to the tactic set up. I used to put Celtic and Motherwell in my 2013 & 14 Master Leagues as that meant I had two less teams to edit in D2. So I have played against them quite a bit in the past.

  8. Afternoon campers….right this phone business (NG switch off now).

    Are iPhones worth getting over android? I’ve only got the iPad and don’t really use it for iTunes, etc but I can get a free iPhone 5 by switching my contract. I might use the infernal device a little more if it was a bit straightforward – I find the Google account thing annoying. Is it just as restrictive on Apple I.e having to use them for everything. I feel so old and out of touch. At least I got to play all the great shmups.

  9. Darryl – my PES2014 ML is one of the best I’ve had. Sneak preview of Tuesday’s post: I went into the Motherwell game expecting an easy time; I did not get an easy time…

    Uncle Turf – I want to contribute. I say Android, unhesitatingly. I have the zeal of a convert from Apple. I loved my iPhones for 7 years but I’ll never go back. A smartphone is a pocket computer and you just don’t get the features on an iPhone that you expect from a pocket computer. On Android you have a file system, and you can transfer files of all kind on and off it straightforwardly as if it’s a USB drive, wired or wirelessly as you prefer. That can be done, in a way, on i-Devices, but it’s on an app-by-app basis and never quite convinces.

    The Google account on Android is not restrictive at all and is only required for the Play Store. Random apps that you set up don’t need your Google account. Get an Android – I recommend the Note 4. If you can wait a few months, the Note 6 will be out.

    All that said, getting a free iPhone 5 just by switching contract would be very tempting and might offset some of the Android advantages.

  10. Unexpectedly, thanks NG. I’ve got an android phone now, a moto g thing and it has baffled me from the start. Everything I seem to want to access I need some Google I.d, the email updates are slow and I’d never dream of using it for things like typing on here. What I want to use it more for is the music in conjunction with drum practice. I figured that an iTunes, iPad, iPhone link up would be ideal but then I’ve fallen foul of their annoying non MP3 format in the past and had to download converters. I’m not even sure what file transfer effort you’d want to do on a phone, sounds very Q branch. Uswitch was quite handy but it seems one of the few markets where prices are rising – more for your money but more money. The one I’d opt for would be about 18 quid a month, very low end of the market it feels for a free iPhone but I’ve obviously been like the old couple who blissfully go with their insurance renewal letter every year and end up on the worst possible rip off deal.

  11. Turf – Android all the way, the Note 4 is an excellent phone/computer/mp3 player.

    Bloody Man Utd have taken over as my bogey team, 14 straight wins in the League and then they cock it up.

  12. Hmm, it’s also a lot more expensive though, I’m not sure my use could justify that.

    Cracking Scottish cup final, dull English one. Was West Ham Liverpool the last good one? I can’t remember watching any of the last decade, time was I could tell you who played, scored and the line ups. I think pes does it quite poorly too, often I forget to even check who won it.

  13. NG – I thought that Motherwell game would be tricky. They have really poor players all around the 50/60 mark but they are tactically set up in a way that is hard to play against on Pro Evo.

  14. Turf – Carphone Warehouse are doing a Samsung A3 for 13.50 and the S5 for 17.50, both with no upfront cost. Both can take SD cards and you can replace the battery on the S5 in the future should you need to.

    Back to my FIFA career, and I picked up a 72 rated young RB from Barcelona for 1.3 million plus a 29 year old RB. I’ve got a 2.6 million offer from Villa for Kenwynne Jones who is 31, so with three days of the window left I’m looking to see if I could use that to bring anyone in.

  15. My son’s just googled my new RB and it turns out he’s injury prone; the player not my son. Ah well, we’ll have to see how it pans out.

    Meanwhile I’m quite hooked on Super Cricket 2 on my phone.

  16. Trying Super Cricket 2 now. I’m always on the lookout for a new New Star Soccer type game.

  17. Once you’ve won a few limited overs matches, have a bash at the Ashes challenges.

  18. I had a look at Super Cricket 2 and it looks quite quirky and the sort of thing I would look for if I was playing games right now.

    NG – New Star Soccer was a great game and I was a bit like you as I played it having got a bit fed up with Fifa 13 and I seem to recall you went on to play it instead of PES 2013 for a while.

  19. anyone tried tiki taka soccer on Android? Seen it get a couple of good mentions.

    Chris99 – well even if one gets injured at least you have signed two right backs!

  20. Abbeyhill – Not sure if you’ve deliberately misunderstood for comic effect. I got the new RB in a cash plus player deal.

  21. I tend to neglect gaming on my mobile devices but I’m loving Super Cricket 2 and Tiki Taka Soccer. The former is very ‘in-app-purchasey’ (but gives you loads of its internal currency to get going). The latter presents a very playable touchscreen football game and an ML-like ‘wrapper’ that might be right up many people’s alleys. I could do with the pitch being bigger though. The closest of three available views is still just a bit too far away, meaning it’s a game that’s more comfortable to play with my reading glasses on. #middleagedproblems

    I also took this opportunity to install New Star Soccer on the Android. Not played since the iPhone, and they’ve added lots of new features.

  22. Darryl – I did indeed get properly addicted to New Star Soccer for a week or two back in 2013. I also played Dream League Soccer a fair bit back then – that post includes a goal from that game.

  23. Only app game I’ve ever stayed with is marvel puzzle quest. Just one of many tile cascade variations but the characters and their styles of play makes it fabulous. And you don’t need to spend any cash.

  24. I played NSS for a while but the incessant adverts got on my nerves too much.

  25. Chris99 — I liked NSS so much I Victor Kiam-ed it and bought the thing. No ads. I’ve got into Super Cricket 2 now and it’s very very more-ish. Avoiding being caught or bowled whilst racking up the runs is very addictive.

    I’ve also played a bit more of Tiki Taka Soccer. The tap-and-swipe mechanic is intriguing, and the players’ performances are incredibly stats-based it seems to me. I was completely misty-eyed to see the squad of my Default Starting XI:

    ” alt=”” />

    There’s a striker called Castello in the reserves. CASTELLO. Not Castolo. *Sniff*

    Whoever made this game is clearly a longstanding ISS/PES fan and deserves the price of a drink so I’m thinking about Victor Kiam-ing it too.

  26. well that clinches it, downloading Tiki Taka now!

    Chris99 – haha, I misinterpreted your ‘plus’ and thought you had acquired two right backs for some reason…

  27. Toure screamer. Boom!!

  28. Lloyd — what a festival of thunderous strikes that compilation is! Whenever your PES2016 seasons wind to a close you must do a ‘Highlights of Highlights’ reel with all the most stupendous goals strung back-to-back. You weren’t exaggerating the Toure one this time either. A long-distance strike with everything. That’s the most extravagant dip-and-swerve I’ve ever seen on a long-range PES strike, I think. PES2016 has great shooting, no argument about that. The best since PES2013, maybe the best since PES2010, maybe the best since PES5. (We stop at PES5. History stops at PES5. Everything stops at PES5.)

  29. abbeyhill — a nice large screen is best for Tiki Taka, I’m finding. I’ve started playing on my Android tablet and it’s comfortable there. Baroja got 2 in 2 matches! Don’t neglect the dribbling during the matches. I hurried through the tutorial and forgot you can dribble with the ball by tapping a blank part of the pitch. The Defaults are really rubbish in this game. All are rated 1 or 2 for the major attributes, which presumably go up to 10.

  30. How do you sell players in that there tiki taka? Does it have to unlock like formations? I’ve bored of every other footy app so am likely to tire quickly – NSS, football chairman, football agent, that recreate a goal one…

    Only one match played in last two days, grim 2-1 ground out win at Bolton to stop the rot. Back to five points ahead of third, three behind wolves. I think I’m going up season 1 which would mean season 2 will be even worse than my season 4 superstar relegation fight.

  31. Uncle Turf – I don’t see any way to do it from anywhere in-game. Google suggests the developer added it as an end-of-season thing, like old-school ML. That’s a bit disappointing but I really like the match gameplay.

  32. Hmm.

    Abbeyhill – did u go round the poison garden when you were at Alnwick? First time we’ve been early enough to get a slot yesterday, I counted at least a dozen plants I’ve happily got out the back of the house. Some really vile ways to go!

  33. Turf – no it was fully booked when we arrived. Spent most of the time around the water sculptures, which the kids loved. Almost bought a nice looking purple Aconitum I saw in my gardening catalogue this spring, only for a final google to reveal that Monkshood is absolutely deadly

    Season 6, my first in division 1, off to an outstanding start. 8-2-1, six points clear of Napoli & Juventus. Daring to dream a little….

  34. If u go again definitely get there early enough to get a slot. We were in about 10.15 and just walked up. The guide was fantastic. Most of the plants are familiar but the ways they can finish you off are amazing, from the ‘you have to be pregnant and eat the whole tree’ to 3 berries will kill you in about an hour. Lots of anecdotes as well from previous visitors who were A and E nurses, farmers, etc. I know a fair bit about that sort of thing but I could have listened to the guy all day.

    That’s some start on superstar. Of course the Italian league isn’t what it was…

  35. Roberto Baggio has hit 101ovr. Boom!!

  36. abbeyhill – you’re twisting the purity knife in turf’s stomach, aren’t you?

  37. not at all, we are all in this together and Turf’s achievements, such as they are, on amateur will be just as admirable in their own way!

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