Getting my David Pleat on

Captain Castledine lifts the trophy

I’ve praised Castledine to the heavens many times already this term. Season 7 has been billed as my last on PES2016. The game simply had to end with Castledine to the forefront, and it did.

Pictured above is the man himself lifting the most coveted prize in virtual European football. Castledine: the Coynborough of PES2016.

Not only is this my first Treble since PES2013, but this is the first incarnation of the Castello/Castolo/Cinalton/Castolis entity who has stayed in my squad all the way to the end of an ML campaign since… I can only just remember when the last one was. I believe it was Castello, in PES2 or PES3. Castledine has not only stayed, but easily been my most valuable player. A notable achievement indeed.

Yes, I have won the Treble in PES2016, at the end of Season 7, and so ends my time on this game. For now? Possibly. It’s a long time between now and next Autumn. With my track record, I could just as easily be back playing it next week.

The FA Cup Final against Aston Villa had worried me. PES likes to throw a spanner in the works, and a local derby difficulty escalation was just what I didn’t need.

I was right to be worried too — the game was a nightmare to navigate through, with the Villa team all snapping into violent challenges, very few of which yielded free kicks. Local derby-style games are pretty much the only matches in PES2016 where I’m sure of getting a few free kicks.

PES2016 season 7 FA Cup progress

My winning FA Cup Final goal was a special one –a lovely through-ball from my star Youth promotee, Aimar, left Giorza free to cut in from the side of the penalty box. I slammed my thumb down on the square button and absolutely lashed the ball past the Villa keeper into the opposite side of the net. This goal is in the video highlights at the end of this post.

Winning the League was pretty straightforward. I had it wrapped up with a couple of matches to spare and was able to rest key players for the two cup finals.

The final table for Season 7 on PES2016:

PES2016 Season 7 Final TableYes, I sloppily lost another match in those final few matches, blotting my almost-Invincibles copybook once more. Ah well. I’ll do that Invincibles thing again one day.

I was puzzled when it came to the trophy presentation. The great mystery being: where’s the trophy? There’s clearly a space in this tableau where a trophy of some kind is supposed to be, so what happened?

PES2016 Season 7 Clinched the title

Did it fail to load? What?

The Champions League Final against Porto was a tough game — until it wasn’t. For about 20 game-minutes I toiled to make anything happen, but then got a goal, followed by another one before half-time. Treble in the bag? I thought so.

Straight from their second-half kickoff, Porto got one back. But I soon got a third to go to 3-1 and make the European Cup safe — and it was scored by the same man lifting the trophy up there. Captain Castledine scored the last goal of my last season on PES2016. (All three of my Champions League Final goals are in the compilation at the end of this post.)Castledine scores the decider CL Final Season 7

Oh, and this kept happening at the end of each of the key games:

Greg Not David Pleat

And so to the mini-compilation of my run-in and cup finals. Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen any of the post-match celebrations in PES2016 yet, and want to save yourself for them, skip watching this:

And that is just about that. On the whole, I leave PES2016 in a positive frame of mind. It’s been… okay, really.

There is some other wrapping-up business to attend to, but I’ll get to that on Tuesday. The post-season Team of the Tournament and other things. I’ll also chunter on some more about Master League and PES2016, and start to muse about where I go next.

POSTSCRIPT, added at 11:55am, 5 minutes before publication of this post: There is a twist in the tale. Not one that anybody could have foreseen. It will make for something of a cliffhanger over Christmas and New Year. I will reveal all on Tuesday. Consider this postscript a pre-cliffhanger cliffhanger.

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  1. NG – one more season to try for all six trophies? Today’s big session is no more. 3 hour present wrapping detail. Bugger!!

  2. NG – congrats first on the treble. I had a strange premonition over a week ago that you had achieved the treble but in this case it was the league, champions league and league cup. How can you keep us suspended like that as I feel like there should be the Eastenders theme tune at the end of the post.

  3. A treble for Christmas. Congratulations n-G.

    Intrigued to see what this cliffhanger is. Tempted by the Super Cup thingy perhaps?

  4. Taken the Sampdoria job offer?

  5. Cheers all, and the run-in was brilliant, some of the best matches I’ve had on PES2016.

    As for the cliffhanger… I won’t give any more clues except these: it’s not something that’s ever happened on the blog before; it’s rather amusing; Lloyd will be quietly satisfied to hear about it; and nobody so far has guessed it.

    Feel free to speculate, but I won’t say yea or nay to any more guesses at this stage, which would allow you to triangulate around the answer…

  6. Full manual all the way!!!

  7. I will still have a guess. Maybe you have been offered the Liverpool post (Lloyd connection) and you have taken the post as this would mean that this would give you the opportunity to play against your own Coventry side in the Charity Shield game. Wild speculation.

  8. Definitely my last yea/nay to a guess: it’s not full manual, or even partial manual. Over the years of the blog I’ve had short periods of playing with manual and semi-manual anyway (on PES and FIFA), and Tuesday’s big revelation and Christmas Cliffhanger is 1) something that’s never happened before on the blog, 2) is quite amusing, 3) will satisfy Lloyd, and 4) nobody’s even come close to guessing it yet.

  9. Hmm. Have you taken an international job?

    Although that wouldn’t be funny… unless it was England maybe.

  10. Only defaults or english

  11. NG – SIBON LIVES!!!!

  12. Everybody’s saying things that have happened on the blog before.

  13. Seems certain you’re playing on, a new job offer has come in that you couldn’t turn down. Or a certain player cropped up in your youths that you’ve always wanted but never had in PES before.

  14. I think you’ve done everything in ML other than change teams. It’s the law, you don’t change teams. So I imagine it’s that, but the humour and lloydness of it must be linked to the team which makes me think Darryl was onto something.

    I’m loving madden, loving it. Might be because I’ve really got back into the NFL this year but I do enjoy the whole strategy of 4 chances to secure your gains. It’s great that things vary across all the teams too. When I last watched it would have been the 49ers, the bills, the patriots up there, now there are what seemed perennial losers topping divisions. Footy is so predictable by comparison.

  15. Undefeated in all comps until 24th Feb. Smashed 3-0 away at Barcelona in CL last 16 first leg. Then lost 1-0 to QPR in the League. Bugger. Need a BIG performance in the second leg.

  16. Beat Barcelona 5-1 in the 2nd leg, but the Treble/Sextuple dream has died after City beat me 2-1 in the cup Semis. Still on for 5 trophies.

    NG – your cliffhanger has me bamboozled, it’s been bugging me all weekend.

  17. Lloyd – some great goals there, needless to say I like Barry’s at 0:59 but you’ve got some humdingers throughout. Gerrard at 2:21!

    As for my cliffhanger, all will be revealed on Tuesday. Nobody’s got close – you’ve all guessed in the wrong direction. It is amusing, and you will be personally quite satisfied to hear what it is.

  18. You’ve restarted?

  19. NG -I was wondering last night whilst trying to work out the cliffhanger wether you had been sacked before on PES. I know you have been sacked on old Fifa editions.

  20. NG – you have:

    1. caught ditheritis and your thumb has dropped off making it impossible to play so Lloyd has to be brought in as a surrogate player.

    2. turned into a Jaffa cake making it impossible to play as the odd orangey chocolate would knack the controller.

    3. started playing Fallout 4 🙂

  21. Can’t be sacked this version. YLOD isn’t humourous. Club rating of number one, nah must have happened. I can’t quite work out why Lloyd and not others. Liverpool….boom….something to do with trains….long playing sessions….I’m afraid that’s what I associate with you my friend, no doubt at the expense of your quiet but committed humanitarian work. Something more on the blog side perhaps? Lloyd is werd? You are werd? We are all an invention in Werd’s head?

    Reminds me of when michael Owen died in a motorbike crash in an old version of championship manager. I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading, never seen before, never seen since, couldn’t belive it was a possibility it was so bizarre.

  22. Nobody’s even got close! There’s just over 24 hours to go until the Christmas Cliffhanger is revealed. It is amusing. Lloyd will be content to hear what it is (this is a big clue that I’m surprised Lloyd himself hasn’t capitalised on). It has never happened before on the blog.

    I won’t confirm or deny any more guesses, because if anybody does guess it between now and tomorrow’s post and I confirm so in comments, that ruins my post!

    Uncle Turf – just what version of Champ Man was that???

  23. Finally managed to find the time and the inclination after Star Wars to pick up my ML campaign for a few matches last night. Got knocked out the FA Cup 1-0 by Chelsea and then had a first for me I think. Coutinho scored all five in a 5-0 mauling of Swansea.

    Now fifth and just two points behind Arsenal and a Champions League place with a dozen games to go in season 4.

  24. Shed – Chelsea are very much ‘class of May 2015’ in mine too. Incredibly hard to beat, incredibly hard to get the ball and keep it off them, and sometimes incredibly hard to string a few passes against.

    Overall it sounds like you’re having the classic PES2013-style experience of a good mechanical PES with a shortened difficulty curve.

  25. Werd – your Jaffa cake theory reminds me of this sketch from Monty Python:-

    (Cut to commentator in his box at Wimbledon.)

    Commentator: Well, here at Wimbledon, it’s been a most extraordinary week’s tennis. The blancmanges have swept the board, winning match after match. Here are just a few of the results: Billie-Jean King eaten in straight sets, Laver smothered whole after winning the first set, and Poncho Gonzales, serving as well as I’ve never seen him, with some superb volleys and decisive return volleys off the back hand, was sucked through the net at match point and swallowed whole in just under two minutes. And so, here on the final day, there seems to be no players left to challenge the blancmanges. And this could be their undoing, Dan: as the rules of Wimbledon state quite clearly that there must be at least one human being concerned in the final. (we see a three-foot-high blancmange being shepherded onto a tennis court by a Scotsman) Well the blancmange is coming out onto the pitch now, and (suddenly exalted) there is a human with it. It’s Angus Podgorny! The plucky little Scottish tailor … upon whom everything depends. And so it’s Podgorny versus blancmange in this first ever Intergalactic Wimbledon!

    (Cut to the centre court at Wimbledon or if we can’t get it, number one will do. Blancmange and Podgorny on opposite sides net. Another blancmange sitting in umpire’s chair. Blancmange serves… a real sizzling ace. Podgorny, who in any case is quivering with fear, doesn’t see it.)

    Commentator’s Voice: And it’s blancmange to serve and it’s a good one.

    Blancmange Umpire: Blurb blurble blurb.

    Voice Over: Fifteen love.

    (Blancmange serves again, and again Podgorny misses hopelessly and pathetically. Collage of speeded-up versions of blancmange sewing and Podgorny missing.
    Cut to scoreboard:)
    (Cut back to the court. Podgorny is serving and each time he fails to hit the ball altogether.)

    Commentator’s Voice: And Podgorny fails to even hit the ball … but this is no surprise as he hasn’t hit the ball once throughout this match. So it’s 72 match points to the blancmange now… Podgorny prepares to serve again.

    (Podgorny fails to serve and we see the scoreboard:)
    BLANCMANGE: 6 6 5 40
    PODGORNY: 0 0

    Commentator’s Voice: This is indeed a grim day for the human race, Dan.

    (Just as Podgorny is about to serve we see Mr and Mrs Brainsample jump onto the court brandishing forks and spoons and with napkins tucked into their necks.)

    Commentator’s Voice: But what’s this? Two spectators have rushed onto the pitch with spoons and forks… what are they going to do?

    (Cut to laboratory.)

    Charles: They mean to eat the blancmange.

    (The girl pulls herself up from where she was slumped by microscope. He knocks her out again with a sand-filled sock. Cut back to Wimbledon. Mr and Mrs Brainsample chasing blancmange and eating it.)

    Commentator’s Voice: And they’re eating the blancmange … Yes! The blancmange is leaving the court… it’s abandoning the game! This is fantastic!

    (Cut to Mr and Mrs Brainsample covered in bits of blancmange and licking their fingers.)

    American Voice: Yes it was Mr and Mrs Samuel Brainsample, who, after only a brief and misleadling appearance in the early part of the film, returned to save the Earth … but why?

    Mr Brainsample: Oh, well you see we love blancmanges. My wife makes them.

    American Voice: She makes blancmanages that size?

    Mr Brainsample: Oh, yes. You see we’re from the planet Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda, and they’re all that size there. We tried to tell you at the beginning of the film but you just panned off us.

    (Cut back to Podgorny on court still trying to serve; at last he makes contact and runs backward and forward to receive his own services.)

    American Voice: So the world was saved! And Angus Podgomy became the first Scotsman to win Wimbledon… fifteen years later.

    (Caption on screen : ‘YOU’RE NO FUN ANYMORE’)

  26. Maybe I’ve figured it out and don’t want to spoil the surprise……. Not really, it’s bugging the shit out of me. Boom.

  27. NG – it was something like 01 or thereabouts. I remember where I was playing it, the back bedroom of my old flat and I left there 13 years ago. He may have only been injured sufficiently to retire immediately rather than dead but I remember motorbike accident coming up in news, his name, and then suddenly he wasn’t there – as was the case with retirees, they simply deleted their history and profile there and then. At the time he was the semi fit goal machine we know, my main striker and I was wtf!! I have seen other forum comments to the same effect – ‘my teddy sheringham died’ but the majority of players don’t believe it as supposedly its too excessive to be in there (hence me wondering if he’d only been invalided out under rather grim circumstances).

    I was wondering about a Christmas FM but madden is so involved I doubt I’d have time. And I’m shit at madden.

  28. NG – when you reveal the cliffhanger I know I’m going to be like Blackadder when he finds out it was a scythe the Spanish torturer was talking about. Ahhhhhhhhh…. It’s a Scythe.

  29. Late guess – you have signed a player that you have never had in your ML line up before. A classic player? Michael Owen?

  30. Darryl – a Monty Python script is a definite first for the blog comments!

    Nobody’s going to guess the cliffhanger, and when it’s revealed at midday you’ll see how you all guessed in the wrong direction. With a few hours to go, here’s the biggest clue ever: what aspect of my ML journey might have puzzled Lloyd, making him particularly satisfied to discover later on what’s happened? What do we know of what Lloyd aims for with PES?

    Like I said, the guesses have taken everybody in completely the wrong direction, so consider this a pointer in the right direction.

  31. Style of play change perhaps, more dribbling?

  32. Nope! Still stone-cold. I’m actually surprised nobody’s even grazed it in passing. An hour and three-quarters to go!

  33. Im at work and this is getting to me now. 🙂

  34. Your definitely playing on, but for what reason/goal. Invincible season, no goals conceded, all classic team. ARRGGHHHH Brain Ache!!!!

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