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This is the last week of PES2016 on the blog – probably. Anything can happen, of course, and I’ve made abrupt reversals many times before. PES2012 sticks out in the memory.

But when it comes to feasting at PES2016’s table, I feel that I’ve all but scoured the plate clean. I’ve done pretty well to play 7 seasons in Master League. I’ve learned never to say never again when it comes to PES. And there are many satisfying aspects of PES2016 that have kept me playing through all these hundreds and hundreds of matches. But if I ever play PES2016 again after this week, it’ll be with different settings (unassisted passing/shooting).

The time for wondering what PES2016 might have been with less focus on multiplayer and more on single-player is for next summer, perhaps. But for now, I’ll say it would have been nice to see more of this:

PES2016 a sunlit day

A lot more in the way of daytime, sunlit games would have been very nice. Not enough to nullify the game’s other problems (no fouls, ludicrously overpowered slide-tackles, no fouls, limited AI scoring capacity, no fouls, etc.). But it would have made for a more regular contrast to the relentless grind of the grey-black night.

A busy working weekend meant I only got to play a few matches of Season 7, my last on PES2016.

They were good matches, mind! Over the past week or two I’ve played a lot less than before, with gaps of a day or two between sessions, and found myself enjoying PES2016 much more as an occasional treat.

6 more league matches and here is the table after 33 games played:

PES2016 season 7 table after 33

I’m through to the FA Cup Final and the Champions League Final. The Treble is very much on, and despite my regret over PES2016’s relative lack of a difficulty curve, I’m excited about completing my first one in a few years.

PES2016 beating Barca on way to FinalI got through my first CL knockout round against Barca with some aplomb, running out 3-1 winners in the end with another hat-trick from the really-quite-awesome Reyes. I made a fuss early on about Reyes embodying the lack of individuality in PES2016, but I have to say he’s overturned that view in his case. (My view on this still holds for the game in general.)

I don’t remember who I had in the quarter final, but whoever it was, I beat them. Then it was Valencia in the semi, and this time it was a tough encounter. I drew the home leg 1-1, worrying about conceding the away goal. The away leg was tough.

PES2016 season 7 Gotze winner in semi CL

Gotze came trough with the goal that secured my place in the final. It’s one of the few things he’s done since his arrival.

Here are three crucial goals from my recent session. Two from the Champions League bookend the clips. The goal in the middle came in a league 6-pointer against Manchester City:

A couple more wins will win the title. Which only leaves the other two components of the Treble to secure.

In the Champions League final I will play Porto. In the FA Cup Final, I will play Aston Villa – I hissed through my teeth when I saw Villa had made it through, as this means the final will be played as a local derby. PES is always in the mood to mess things up, and doubly so in derby games, I’ve found. The Treble is definitely on and I should definitely win it, but this Villa factor is a slight spanner in the works.

And so this coming Friday’s post will bring down the curtain on PES2016, exactly one week before Christmas. Will I secure the Treble – my first since PES2013? We shall see…


  1. n-G – I can sense your fatigue in that post title alone. It is such a shame that with just a few changes, PES 2016 could be a classic. But I suppose three months isn’t bad for the life of a game. I still have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be back on this one in some way, shape or form but I’m looking forward to see what you chronicle next.

    Good luck with the treble.

  2. Shed — I’ve played tons of PES2016 now. 7 seasons equates to roughly 300 matches, which isn’t a bad stint at all, and I really have enjoyed it more than not. My end-of-year ‘review score’ for the game late next summer will likely be 7/10, and it’d even be 8/10 but for the no fouls, that slide tackle, the night matches, and other things like that. The core of PES2016 is solid, but it’s a multiplayer game first and foremost and that means we’re swimming in the shallow end as single players. The difficulty curve, and the high quality of the Youths, Defaults, and ease of transfers, all contribute to a shorter ML than should be. I also think at some point I’ll be back on PES2016 at some point over the next 8 months, as the fundamentals are solid. And I’ve still got a couple of sessions to go.

    p.s. was in Cex today and saw 30 copies (I counted them) of FIFA15(PS4) going for £3.50. I doubt you’ll have trouble finding a copy when the time comes.

  3. Thanks for your excellent work on the game. Kept it in my mind when I couldn’t get playing.

  4. Prsgame – cheers, and this doesn’t mean the end of the blog! I will go on with twice-weekly posts (maybe taking Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off), playing some other football game(s). Also, my history shows that after this week we’re unlikely to have seen the last of PES2016 on the blog.

  5. Given your rounding up, putting a lid on it, signing off (for now) with a conclusion, I’m minded to plod along till the end of season 4 to win the league (I am that confident), try and add the Cup (optimistic but not nailed on) and maybe do something in Europe (I’ve always felt PES deliberately shafts you first season in those competitions).

    However, I’ve also done a Darryl and gone for a different sport option, mainly due to BBC2 – my first Madden for years (the comments suggested 15 on the PS4 was a return to form and good enough for my purposes). I was an early Madden player but it feels almost overwhelming now, going to have to do a lot of reading to try and get a handle on the controls let alone strategy.

  6. Uncle Turf – there is another PES2016 instalment to go… There might be a twist in the tale yet….

  7. Greetings, season 12 has commenced and the aim is all six trophies. Did the League and CL last season. Decided to cut down on the replays a tad and only save worldies.

  8. Lloyd – Season 12!? You’re a PES machine! How’s the game holding up all those seasons into the future?

    Time for two games last night. Beat Arsenal 3-1 and Newcastle 1-0 to take me to within three points of fourth. Still only in mid-Februaury of season 4.

  9. Shed – not too bad at all. Must be my style of play because I get quite a few free kicks in goal scoring range. Had about 8-9 this season already. December in season 12 and the WCC Final is up next. Top by 6 points and the sextuple is on. Boom.

  10. NG – good luck in the final stretch. Who said you could have a holiday though for Christmas Day/New Years Day. Next thing we know there will be a bloggers Union set up.

    Apart from the odd dabble here and there I have not done any gaming at all of late as there seems little point getting into something with Fall Out 4 being round the corner. Not missing it in all honesty as I actually got round to watching a film the other night. Felt like a normal 42 year old and not some saddo sat looking at a screen in the early hours of the morning with a controller in his hand. Also got to the halfway point of my book which is going to be the greatest novel ever told, well from my point of view anyway it is. For the last few months I have just been doing it every day in my lunch break for 45 minutes and is suprising how much you can do by just dedicating a small part of your day.

    I may buy Fifa 16 if it is £3.50 this time next year …….

  11. Lol Darryl personally I am very keen not to feel like a normal 42 year old, or indeed a 44 year old!

  12. Try a 37 year old who fell asleep last night ten mins into 2001: a space odyssey with his 6 month old son in his lap. He did have a coffee with a shot of Baileys in it before hand mind.

  13. Lloyd – it’s a sign of how our expectations have been diluted in recent years that you’re happy about getting 8-9 free kicks in scoring range in almost half a full ML season! Thinking back to the One True Football Game, you could easily get 8-9 free kicks within shooting range in the space of a couple of matches, whatever your playing style. Last time I played PES5, both myself and the AI had total free kicks (from fouls), in all areas of the pitch, in double figures. It’d never be allowed to happen nowadays. Got to keep that flow going…

    Darryl – there’s a template somewhere for normal 40-somethings?!

  14. NG – very true that.

    Also 42 and fell asleep on the sofa last night watching Narcos.

  15. 43 years young and suspect my vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden is the only age-expected thing I do.

  16. Oh dear. I think I may be older than any of you.

  17. NG – I must post up the 40 year olds code of conduct. In all seriousness though surely as we are all mainly middle aged on here there must be a point where the multi player generation and the games specifically aimed at this target group leaves us all behind. Can you really see us in 40 years time sat in our respective care homes on the PS12 with a controller in our hand smelling of urine while moaning about Pro Evolution Combat Soccer 2056. All pretty futile this gaming nonsense and we should all really give up now.

  18. Funnily enough Darryl I was thinking that the other day, then I read the latest Tony hill novel (val mcdermid, wire in the blood, etc). He’s a really keen gamer and rationalises his game time as an opportunity to drop out for a bit, allow things to develop in his mind and so on. Now I appreciate this is a fictional bloke in a crime novel but it rang true with me, if I didn’t have those periods of whatever mental and physical skills are being used while my head is not on work, the leaky roof, what I’ll make for tea tomorrow then I’d probably go mad. I’ve got my drums and I like wandering about beaches and forests but you can’t do them at night. I don’t have those marathon sessions any more and I never find that ‘wow is that the time’ sensation now, been a while since I have, so I’m ok with my timetable.

    I take your point though, there may not be a game that fits that lifestyle in the future. Too late about the piss though.

  19. I’ll be 46 next birthday, and starting to feel it after enjoying a spry early 40s. My knees don’t like stairs anymore. I’ve often got a bit of a bad back brewing.

    As for gaming – I would never have predicted Darryl would think what he says he thinks! So much so that I’ve decided he’s joking at least in part.

    I can’t see myself ever losing my appetite for PES/FIFA, Civilization, Final Fantasy (it has to be a good edition), Metal Gear (someone will make another one), and a few others. It’s not so much a nebulous umbrella activity called ‘gaming’ that interests me as a select few gaming franchises. I’ll get XCOM2 when it comes out in February. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst too.

    As for the rest of the gaming universe, I keep an eye on it but I’m not that bothered. But I would never construe this decrease of general gaming interest as me ‘growing out of games’ as so many do. It’s just a change in how I focus on games. For example, I rarely watch television anymore. But this isn’t ‘growing out of television’. It’s just a change in routine. I still love TV and watch a few gems (series 9 of Peep Show has been brilliant).

    I’ve never gone along with the view that there’s any form of media out of bounds to particular age groups. As it happens I spend more time reading than I do gaming, so I have things in adult proportions. I’d be perturbed by the idea of a 40-something with a teenage-scale gaming habit, but do such people exist? Haven’t we got the all-day/night gaming out of our systems by the time we’re 30?

  20. NG – indeed I was joking but we must all of thought about it at some point. Your points are spot on as a teenager/20 something I would have not entertained the idea that I would not want to go out drinking all the time but the thought of going into town repulses me now. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like a drink now and again.

    I don’t even think the younger genetation of gamers do the all day/night gaming anymore such is the demands of time with all the social media gubbins. It is a point that has been raised on here as the games now are generally aimed at the pick up and play market. The mobile phone phenomenon started this shift in culture.

  21. 32 year old, feel like the baby of the group! When I’m off work, the kids are off school or I’m just not on a 6 or 7 start then I’ll often play till 1-2am.

    The camel’s back has been shattered by a mighty strand of straw. Last night I overcame Roma 3-1 in the Coppa Italia without barely breaking a sweat. Again I’m on top player and have signed ZERO new players, just promoted a handful of youths. I’m relying on superstar to get me through winter.

    NG /Lloyd incidentally I was wondering, as you 2 seem to have played the longest careers, have you been approached by the big guns yet? NG I expect you never even bother looking such is your loyalty to Roy Wegerle’s spiritual home.

  22. Darryl – my impression of the younger generation of gamers is that very few of them have any staying power with games. The long, deep single-player experience is foreign to them. Everything’s about the online multiplayer (CoD, FIFA/PES, etc.).

    Mike – After winning what I’ve won this season (as seen in today’s post later), I saw this message: “You have been offered a job by Burnley.”

  23. Lolololololololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Regular job offers from Man Utd, Chelsea etc. Won manager of the world last season and have no.1 ranked team. Still waiting for the bloody treble. Good chance this season though.

    Mike – Still have late nighters myself, and got a 3 hour session planned this afternoon.

  25. 42-year-old PES/Playstation player, Star Wars fan (still buzzing after seeing TFA yesterday), park footballer and longboarder reporting for duty.

  26. Controller in hand in the care home? I’ll be deeply immersed in some vr wonderland blissfully unaware of my frail, ailing, piss sodden body!!

  27. Pete – for all you know you’re sitting in the VR wonderland right now. Guaranteed that the future VR tech will eventually include a straightforward way of disabling the brain’s awareness of what it thinks reality is supposed to be, as happens to us every night in sleep.

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