The more you outscore me, the Klose I get

PES2016 season 3 loading a daytime match

So I got another daytime match at last –  in fact a cluster of them towards the middle of the season. Which gets my season count of daytime matches up to the ‘normal’ amount (for PES2016) of about 4 or 5.

It’s a sign there aren’t enough daytime matches in a football game when a loading screen that shows a daytime match causes a shout of joy and a thrill of excitement.

I was so excited that I kept stopping to notice how good the game looked, and take memento snapshots.

PES2016 season 3 playing a daytime match

This time next week, the fabled October 29th squads-and-patch update – widely presumed to be bringing a host of ‘fixes’ for various issues – will have arrived. Near the top of my wishlist is a change to the frequency of daytime matches in Master League.

I won’t be getting promoted this season. Not unless the Master League macro-scripting gods are very kind.

I’ve played all the way to January now, and this is the table:

PES2016 season 3 after 23Yes, that’s my team 4th from bottom of the table.

That’s pretty poor viewing. Just 6 wins all season so far. 11 defeats. Still on Top Player.

Having missed the escape velocity of Seasons 1 and 2, it’s very hard to get anything going again. I now find myself in a ‘proper’ Master League tussle for promotion. And I LOVE IT.

I don’t think I’ll ever admire PES2016’s simplistic, sprint-clampy defending. That all-purpose sliding tackle can just go and do one. The rhythm of matches too often tends towards the fast, frantic, all-out violence of online matches. Gruesome.

But the game in general is pretty good. It’s not yet at classic status with me, and may never get there, but Master League makes the experience. If it wasn’t for ML I believe I would have walked away from PES years ago.

In what’s probably a good sign I’ve started getting annoyed at obvious scripted matches where I’m not ‘allowed’ to score, and where the CPU team snatches wins and draws with its only shot(s) of the match. Case in point, a home clash against Bournemouth where I had 21 shots on goal, 11 on target, and zero goals. Bournemouth had 1 shot on goal and scored 1 goal.

Same as it ever was, really.

PES2016 mid-season 3 Youth team close

When January 1st arrived I was eager to see my Youth team. What a sight.

I scanned down this list scarcely able to believe what I was seeing.

Rosicky. Wasilewski. Valencia. Carrick. Tiote! Er, Odemwingie.

And then – Klose. Is that the Klose? Yes, it is.

And so many others. Zuniga. Santana. There are yet others not in sight here. Marquez the legendary CB. Postiga. Lima. Julio Cesar (I’ll stick with Friedel).

I can’t refuse getting at least Rosicky and Klose. How can I not get them?! So I’ve gone ahead and got them. I’ll get a couple more as well. Exactly whom, I don’t yet know.

Ah – but will they be any good, very quickly? That is the question.

I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. The way my Master League has gone, I’m planning to keep at least two of these Youths, probably a few more besides. Time will tell if they actually live up to their name-potential. Whatever happens, it’s a departure for Youth Teams to be this generous this early on. I’m not sure if I like it.

Next time, I’ll get to my main transfer market activity. I need players, that much is obvious. And with the playoffs just 11 points above me, a good run might see me get close. Or Klose…

Some goals to finish with – the title says ‘Castledine and Milligan’, but there are three goals from three scorers.

First comes yet another great strike from my Man of the Master League so far, Castledine (loving that left foot); then a one-touch move finished off by Seferovic; and finally a CPU keeper slip that presents my bustling little DMF, Milligan, with a gift-wrapped chance…


  1. All this time I thought Milligan was a fake player, but he’s real!


  2. NG – So its Jan when the cool Youth regens appear?. I bagged a couple of “normal” youths in the first transfer window of season 2 but saw no regens.
    Your using my stadium as well.

  3. Ah, that’s a relief – your previous teaser had me thinking you’d got the really top players eg. Bale, Messi, Ronaldo and Ibra – all retired early. Klose is a classic ML youth regen, rather like Berbatov, Robbie Keane and the like (your previous love Forlan is another). One thing I have noticed is the ones that go to non contract outside of your youth team don’t hang around. I signed up mine, did a bit of other stuff, came back and saw the highest overall OOC was 65. Once again I don’t want to be down on your squad NG but I’d only really be interested in Carrick from that group. Klose as a super sub maybe. Selling the defaults was the best thing I did in season 1.

    Lloyd – sales of hair care product will boom in Liverpool.

    #1 – only just started. I loved Far Cry 2 and cracked up every time an enemy came looking for me with a shout of ‘ok arsehole I see you’. Initial thought is the AI is much improved and I’m going to die a lot. I’ll only be dropping in for a mission now and again, much like Skyrim.

  4. I just signed a 16-year-old Rui Costa from the youth team as defensive cover in the January window of season 2. Very impressive stats.

    I also had Peter Crouch and Brad Friedel but they just don’t feel like they should be mine now they’re Coventry legends.

    A bit of a torrid session last night, possibly due to the fact I hadn’t played for a few days. Got thumped 3-0 by Bolton and 2-1 by Leeds before finally getting back on my game with a 3-1 win at home to Reading – Giorza finally getting his first goal for Brighton.

    Another session tonight hopefully but busy over half term so this could be it until the update.

  5. NG – that is a truely bizarro list of Youths. I’m not sure yes but I think I like it as they are underdeveloped and won’t be first team material straight off the bat. at least that has been my experience so far.

    Turf – that is how i played FC3 as well. The one-mission-at-a-time approach works well for that game (IMO moreso than say, Skyrim).

  6. Tommy – Milligan’s been with me since the very first transfer window. Sadly I doubt he’ll be a long-term servant of the club a la Mathieu/Coynborough/Neeskens. Soon as I get the cash to level up my DMF, I’ll do it. It’ll be interesting to see how Cambiasso develops.

    Uncle Turf – I was gobsmacked, as it’s entirely feasible to replace your entire team with already-decent classic Regens. Klose and Rosicky are top-tier footballing names. The others aren’t too many tiers below. Except Odemwingie. He’s a Coventry player through and through.

    Shed – your new player(s) and any tactical tinkering will have impacted your Team Spirit. That’s what makes the difference.

  7. werd – I think all players retire in the summer. The riff-raff respawn straight away, but the good players (testimonal attendees etc) disappear from the game for another 6 months until January, when they appear again. Not sure, though.

    I’m done some rough designs of your kit, by the way.

  8. Tommy – nice one. I’m inexperienced at regens as my 2 year ML in 2015 was my longest ever 🙂
    Nice testimonial with Lampard last night, Gerrard, Reyes and Drogba in the team, nice kit as well.

    I’ll get a brand new USB stick for one last attempt at this kit gubbins.

  9. NG God damn I nearly put super Tony V too! Great set of youths, think everyone’s getting similar in season 3 and I guess it’ll remain like that as each season goes on.
    I’ve been looking through forums etc and there are some ridiculous rumours going round about the patch, do you think it’s likely they’d add stadiums or is that unlikely?

  10. Hey Mike, i think Maracana is coming stadium wise, a few european teams and the adjustments to the player database, regarding game improvements, i’d love a tweak on day/night but other than that not much else, ML has been the best its been in terms of depth for quite some years.

    It wont ever beat the early ones but I’m getting the same level of satisfaction, altho i’m still scratching my head about those DMFs, CF’s and how the hell i beat chelsea.

  11. For a DMF try this guy scout found tough and a leader. Has a habit of turning up in the box as well around the 3 million mark in my game and forming a nice partnership with castledine in midfield

    Player Name: S. MARTÍNEZ
    Squad Number: 6
    League: Copa Libertadores
    Nationality: CHILE
    Height: 178
    Weight: 75
    Age: 22
    Foot: Right foot
    Position: DMF

  12. NG – in response to your earlier post my dalliance with other games speaks volumes. I have known from the beginning this game will never be for me and I have no issue with that, so would be unfair to keep pointing out what I perseve to be its shortcomings. Don’t get me wrong I don’t seek a true sim experience as this is what nobody really wants for a footy game it is a balance between the two.

  13. stewdog – nothing will ever beat the early PESes. There’s an argument that nostalgia has inflated the PS2 games in our memories but I remember the certainty of excellence back then. It’s not nostalgia, it’s the memory of true greatness.

    Prsgame – but has he got Long Ranger? A classic PES DMF has to be able to belt them in from 30+ yards. Neeskens in PES2012 was a great DMF for me but just missed out on classic DMF status because he had terrible shooting.

    Darryl – you could become the FIFA16 correspondent? Or finish off business with FIFA15. A shame you have no way to play PES2014. but lots of people are sticking with PES2015. The world’s your oyster really. There’s no cast-iron requirement for playing the game with a 16 at the end of it.

  14. New formation is starting to bear fruit. I’ve stuck with it, and results overall have slightly improved. Still whipped by Chelsea (I parked the bus for that one) and only lost 3-0 this time. So that’s progress, I guess. Shearer is a slow as a mule, but he can hit ’em.

  15. NG – I think I have pretty much got what I want out of PES 2015. FIFA 16 is on my radar but I fear the patch has appeased the masses. PES 2014 is the one that does interest me most and wish I had gone back to it post patches as I think I would have liked it. I do feel a bit guilty abbandoning it like the rest. Some would say that is what I am doing now. Different reasons though. I have said previously that PES 2014 was one of the most ambitious projects never realised. Two other games I would put in that category would be Fifa 12 and PES 2011. All 3 are games I would have loved to have seen them build upon but sadly with all 3 the games went in a seperate direction the following years. If only the Playstation Now would be opened up to the PES back catlogue as I would be on them like a flash. I don’t think £12 is too bad a price to pay monthly once there are more games.

    Other option get back into reading as I do fancy a new Kindle. Talking of which NG I take it from a comment a while ago that you did read one of Jed Mckenna’s books, would be curious to what you thought of it?

  16. Tommy – the TS cost of meddling with formation and support settings can wreck a season, as I’ve discovered. I’d have got promotion this season (and have an outside chance still!) if I hadn’t tinkered with my support settings at the start.

    Darryl – I still read for at least an hour every day, and usually more, and that’s along with playing PES and/or MGS for an equivalent amount of time. There’s no need to go for one or the other. Just like the modern woman you hear about in all the magazine and website articles, you can have it all!!!

    PES2014, I would argue, was a realised vision – eventually. Months after release, which isn’t really good enough of course, but we’re looking back now. Those who abandoned it early (and I was one of them) were justified in doing so IMO. Some of the issues remain, but most were addressed and as I’ve remarked before, if the wider community had still been around when it achieved its final form, it might have changed the history of footy gaming. Its time will come for me, and I’m really looking forward to it. Abbeyhill certainly seems to be relishing it. If your PC will play it, I have links to option files etc. Worth getting a PS3 for? Maybe not on its own, but you’ve got the remainder of the back-catalogue to access too. I still have no idea why so many people got rid of their PS3s so abruptly.

  17. NG – thanks for the offer but my crappy old laptop would not support it. Am very curious indeed.

  18. Recorded most of comeback game if anyone is interested. Went 2-0 down to Everton very early on, they are extremely hard to beat and after the first half it was looking inevitable. Changed formation at half-time and the rest will go down in Freebridge history. Fist pumps all round.

  19. Just won my first game against top opposition. Arsenal played wellbeck up front with a team spirit of 99 and terrified me so I decided to knock it around – got my first trophy message for consecutive passes and scored with a long ball over mertesacker before they’d touched it. Wellbeck equalised so tried the trick again, and again. 3-1. They had some beautiful flicks and lay offs but classic arsenal failure to capitalise, caught on the break. Lovely.

    Trying to sign courtois as well to see if there is a change in keepers at the ridiculous level.

  20. I am going to start a little experiment as when I observed myself under the microscope I am a control freak when it comes to Footy games and so am going to start a career using randomly selected difficulty level, league, team, camera setting etc.. and just see what happens and how everything pans out. Whilst the little one and the misses went to a party ealier I started this.

    It was all done scientifically by closing my eyes and I moved the curser around. First up Superstar level I did inwardly groan and then I got the PES league with a team I can’t remember the name of but they do have a nice kit. Then the door went as the llittle one did not like the noise of the party and the experiment was interupted. Am a bit excited by all this.

  21. I’ve done that with football manager Darryl – randomised the team and thereby the division, nation, etc. I have never been given a starting scenario ive liked. I am interested there now seems to be a competitive level below superstar though.

  22. Tommy — great fist-pumps there… Was fascinating to watch your half-time change-up routine, much more in-depth than me.

    Darryl — the writing’s on the wall when your eye drifts off the single track ML. Hope the experiment works out.

    Uncle Turf — Top Player has held up — while my TS has been low. Starting to get it up now (missus), and I’m starting to have multi-goal ‘thrillers’ of the sort that brought the doubts about PES2016. So I don’t think Superstar is far away again.

    And see the table above in the post? Four wins and a draw have brought me within 7 points of the playoffs. Only just February too. If my form keeps up I’ll get to the playoffs at least.

  23. Yep I am going to radomise everything and the PES league would have been the last I would have chosen, so that makes it perfect.

  24. NG – the fat lady has sung and is on her way home on the bus. May as well have a bit of fun. The high scores started to come back a few days ago as well when I last played ML.

  25. Did the fat lady sing PESum Score nah? I’ll get my coat.

  26. Chris – Fuckin hell that was bad 🙂

  27. Chris99 – you need to enter the bulwer Lytton competition. 2013s ‘vile pun’ winner is a personal favourite.

  28. I think I need to get a current PES or FIFA so I can join in the conversation of club progress. Roll on Christmas.

    Apologies to those of a nervous pun disposition 🙂

  29. NG He doesn’t seem the type for a long ranger and better than that he is a real player. He shows a level of positioning I haven’t seen in Pes – always there to break up the play then drive forward. Never runs out of stamina either. Think he’s in it for the long term.

  30. Enforced break this week for me, away from home till Friday. Probably not a bad thing now I’m 100 or so matches in.

  31. Uncle Turf – I’m playing more than ever. Still not as enthused with PES2016 as many are. The players and ball are made of air, and that R1-slide-block-tackle thing is just crazy. But shooting is fine and the ML in general is great. I’d give the game 7.5/10 if pushed to write a review right now. There’s still a lot of football to be played yet of course. I remember feeling exactly the same at this stage last year about PES2015.

    Darryl – many on the forums are going back to PES2015 and calling it the better game. Although I think the doo-dah in your brain that compels you to tinker with and wander around among the football games has been triggered now.

  32. I’m surprised at the forums. The Premier League on superstar is fantastic. It’s hard, but I’m getting there. I’m scoring a wide variety of goals which is something you couldn’t say about 2015. Every goal, ever near miss is celebrated with vigor as they are well earned or crafted. One man’s opinion, like.

    Keeping my rose-tinted glasses firmly in place, I’m on a great run at the moment. TS for the new formation is up to 91 and I’ve won 7 out of my last 8. Currently in Jan and I’m sitting 4th! Luca Toni has 10 goals for Dec, helped by the fact he’s glowing supernova at the moment. Must mention Talisca too, superb.

    Xavi popped up in the youths, other than that no-one worth signing.

  33. Tommy – I wholeheartedly agree the prem on superstar is amazing and insane as well. Played Chelsea for the second time and went two nil down in 15 mins then pulled it back. Then searching for the winning I made a bad pass across my box and from 30 yards Diego Costa hit it first time into the net was a cold sad day. But I got what I deserved.

    Had some wonderful games this season with one leap out ya seat moment

    Not bad at the moment at all still 10th need to string some results together

  34. I’ll remain lukewarm by comparison until I get to the same level. Superstar itself isn’t far away from me again right now. Top Player is starting to creak again now that my TS is high once more. I’m getting those ‘epic’ 4-3 types of games all too often. I don’t find these multi-goal games very compelling. They’re anti-PES in many ways. If I go 0-2 down I don’t expect to be able to get it back very easily or quickly, but that’s what seems to be the case in PES2016.

  35. nG – I agree what with some people have said. The Championship just hasn’t been thought out enough, but the Prem is a frustrating joy. Totally different game up there. That’s one thing 2015 did better, but I’m struggling to think of another.

  36. NG and Tommy – I have to agree about the championship it was a mismatch of teams and all too often big scores.

    Prem is a tough cookie I’ve been up to fifth but can’t make it any higher silly defeats and then the odd top team derailing me at the moment.

    My inability to beat the best teams is a combination of naïvety on my part against the best and also team strength. I’m playing with a 74 rated GK, 73 and 77 rated CBs and a 74 rated DMF against teams with attacking and defending players in the high 80s.

    I’m struggling to get control and put pressure on them in their half and can only put this down to the massive difference in team stats. I am like the plucky little under dog against the giants!

    That dream of a champions league leage and cup by end of season 3 looks very distant which is a good thing.

  37. Another splendid post title by the way not-Greg!

    PES2014ML still exceeding all my expectations, coming towards the end of season 2 the game remains challenging and subtle, lots of variety and player individuality in all areas of the pitch. Reservations remain very few at present, although the game seems to have virtually no stadia – almost every game takes place in Konami Stadium. Still 3 points off the promotion zone and running out of games but more excitingly Ado den Haag have reached the Netherlands Cup final! Mostly thanks to a very easy draw, apart from a tough game against Vitesse every match has been against one of the fictitious D2 teams. Quite optimistic about the final v FC Utrecht, could be my first PES silverware for almost two years

  38. Hi! I’ve just finished season 1, so thought I’d share my thoughts. I don’t have too much to add, my rate of progression is slower than most (the fantastic Witcher III still has me) and I generally agree with what the majority on here felt about season 1.

    So I was on Superstar and managed to finish 5th. I was near the botom and struggling after about 10 games, but then things opened up and I went on a good run. It was generally satisfying, a lot of close games (a few high scorers, but not too many). Very few clean sheets, this game hates them. When it came to playoffs, I won the semi 4-0 on aggregate comfortably against Cardiff (first leg at home was a very tight 1-0, second leg away I could and should have scored a lot more). The final against Charlton (!) started out in the first half as one of those you score, we score matches, but then the second half was much tighter. Finished 3-2 to me. Promotion! Not too bothered about first season promotion (wouldn’t have minded another season in the Championship, but didn’t want a repeat of PES 2011 where I spent about six seasons in the second tier), and I don’t mind if it turns about to be a short 5 or so season ML. Besides, I see everyone is finding it tougher in season two, so I could be flirting with relegation as I don’t think my team will be ready for the prem.

    What’s interesting for me though, is that this PES 2016 first season on SS was remarkably similar to my first PES 2015 season (which was on top player). In that one I started poorly, then picked up and experienced some very open games, and high scoring games, before promotion via the playoffs. I then stepped up to SS in the prem and struggled. I can’t help feeling therefore, that the difficulty levels have all been scaled down, what was top player in 2015 is now superstar in 2016. Just a thought.

    Overall, I really like the game. I play PES a lot more casually these days (it’s normally a secondary game for quick sessions, while I play something like Witcher as my main game), so I’m less bothered about it the fact its been a bit ‘dumbed down’. The slidey defending is ridiculous, but I kind of enjoy it if I take it for what it is and accept PES as it’s own world with no relation to real football. I do get carried away, and have had quite a few reds! Nearly all night/dull grey games is annoying because the game looks so good when it’s sunny.

    As a post script, guess who scored my play-off final winner? A certain Mr Capuano, lovely shot from outside the box. I assume he’s the same one as this:

  39. Finally beaten Man City! The tide is changing!

  40. Also, inkeeping with the post’s title, I’ve just signed regen Klose on a free. Potential future forward line the same as 2015.

  41. Tommy – Amazing work, I drew with City by throwing it away in the last few minutes, cant wait for the return leg.

    The Regens seem to be much more quick this time coming round, I’ve had Lampard, Toni and an NG favourite Crouch in January 🙂

  42. stewdog – as I was saying earlier, Toni’s currently going bat-shit crazy, up from 81 to 84ovr and still boosting! Unplayable at the minute.

    On a side note, I had a look at regen Ribery. He’s 16 and 76ovr. Value is £20m and wages are £7m! That’s silly money. Klose had a value of £5m and wages of 600k.

  43. Poor start to season 5 in the League with 3 wins and 4 defeats. 5 wins out of 5 in the Cups though. Beckham scored a Brace just now. Boom. And new signing coming in January….. Iturbe.

  44. Tommy & stewdog — I’ll see what I see when I get to Premier/Superstar. Might not be not too long away. Check the table in the post above where I’m 4th from bottom in January, and just imagine the upper-table results-scripting shenanigans the game would have to indulge in to get me into the promotion places by March…

    Filbert — that’s very interesting about the rezoning of the difficulties. Certainly I found Superstar way overpowered in ’15. Not had enough time on it yet in ’16 to properly judge. Re. ’16 in general, I currently think this is the most arcade-style PES we’ve had since PES2008. (Arcade-style, not arcade per se. Anyway, arcade is not necessarily a bad thing in football gaming.)

    PES2013 only felt similarly unbalanced sometimes in the latter stages of an ML. Go back and play PES2013 now in any other mode or on a non-dev ML and it holds up very well. But nobody’s ‘completed’ PES2016 yet…

    abbeyhill — a shame I’ve never taken to International management, as then one of the big M’s most famous song titles would be open for punning abuse. I might crowbar it in somehow anyway. And very good to hear PES2014 is holding up. That game is the most despised PES ever made, generally speaking, but in its final form (the only one you’ve ever known), it’s actually one of the most interesting and rewarding. I’m looking forward to getting to it later in the footy gaming year when I’ll be attempting to rehabilitate its reputation.

    Lloyd — I’m mulling over the idea of getting rid of Friedel and not getting any other players from my class of ’15 again. Friedel in ’16 is just as good but a new ML seems to warrant new heroes. I don’t know yet though. If Crouch pops out of a list at me somewhere I might feel tempted.

  45. Yesterday I thought I would play in the Premership (Newcastle team of choice) on Superstar and I lost 3-0 to Arsenal and then beat Crystal Palace 1-0, Bournemouth 2-0 and Leicester 2-0. For the first time team and player individuality stood out and tactics mattered. So there is hope on SS for those that get through the dire Championship.

  46. NG – new heroes is the way I go, I always try to avoid getting the same player across games (park chu young being the only exception)

    Only a few days now till I finally get started, finished off the bundesliga editing the other night so all set once the update lands

  47. Teams around me slipping up. 3rd place. 5pts off top spot. 9 games to go.

    Surely not…?

  48. Tommy — if you have a couple of 6-pointers against the top 4…

    Pete — I am definitely going to go that way. Friedel will stay with me for the rest of this season, and then he’ll be off. Sentimentality be damned.

    Darryl — that was in Leagues mode? There’s no law that says you have to play ML/CM in football games. A nice League ‘career’ might be the way to go.

  49. nG – United (top) have already done me both times. Chelsea (2nd) up next, and after the City result anything is possible now.

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