PES5: a present-day look

I did say ‘no Tuesday post’ for PES2016’s release week, but something happened.

I finally got Windows 10’s new screen-recording feature working with PES5. I played a few matches Monday afternoon – and recorded a full game. This fixture is away to Birmingham in a long-running Master League campaign.

It has been said that all philosophy is a footnote to Plato.

It could be said that all football gaming is a footnote to PES5.

Here is that full match. Here is PES5, the greatest football game ever made.

In the end, nobody can tell you whether a glass of water is cold or warm. Because nobody can drink the water for you. In the end, you have to pick it up and drink it for yourself. Then you know.

Just the first minute or two showcases the greatness of PES5 in so many ways. See how I fail to build any kind of meaningful attack, how I’m forced to probe down the wings. Old-school graphics and handling might fool the 2015-conditioned player into thinking that all it takes is couple of passes, a bit of sprinting, and you’re in. No. You’re not.

Watch the thoughtful, tactical play – and spare a moment to wonder at how the concept of ‘fun fun fun fun fun’ has crept into the PES dictionary over the past ten years, to the point where almost every single review of PES2016 praises it for being FUN, as if that’s automatically what we’re looking for, first and foremost

Fun? Fun?

There was a time when FIFA was called ‘fun’, you know. And it was not a compliment. That was how we insulted a football game.

The superb depth and perfect balancing of PES5 is the yardstick by which all sensible football gamers (those whose minds aren’t addled by the trance of online button-squeezing) should measure any football game.

All football gaming is just an echo of PES5’s greatness.

The gameplay of PES5 has never been surpassed and never will be.

The so-called ‘freedom’ of football gaming in recent years has brought us nothing. Nothing.

It is impossible to overstate the greatness of PES5. I post this semi-humourous look back at a ten-year-old game not to disparage PES2016 before I’ve even seen it, but to underscore that I’m pretty relaxed about the new game, really, because I already know that nothing compares to PES5.

  • Look at the pass to Camacho after 18 seconds that he scuffs with his weaker foot into the keeper’s midriff. My last real chance for a long time, and it wasn’t even a real chance.
  • Look at the heaviness of many players’ touches and turns (no responsive, nimble ninjas here).
  • Look at the AI passing the ball around and back to the keeper.
  • Look at the long ball – by BOTH sides – and how effective it can be – no pre-determined outcomes, or if there are any, they’re well-hidden by a master magician, the Great Seabass.
  • Look at the frequent overhit passes and crosses.
  • Look at the proper physical modelling of player-on-player collisions, with outcomes that frequently – horror of horrors! – interrupt the flow of the game for a free kick to take to place.
  • And just look at that fouls/free kicks count on the post-match screen.
  • Also look at the physical tussles that aren’t given as fouls, such as the cheeky nudge in the back on Bergkamp after 1:05. You’d think that’d automatically be a foul, but no, it’s waved on. See, PES5 can do the flowing thing too.

This game had it all. It had everything except a crowd in the stands. Maybe that was Seabass being a poet and telling us that he made this game just for YOU, the single-player, and nobody else was invited.

And so PES5 gets a final score of

Eleventy Million/10 – the best football game I have ever played

21st Century Football Gamer might object: “Boohoohoohoo/that ball sound is ridiculous/this is 2015/Emile Heskey is ridiculous/I need something other than a decade-old football game/LOL you don’t play proper/wahwahwah/I want fun loose flowing fluid organic responsive freedom….'”

He’ll be very happy with PES2016, by the sound of things, then.

I hope I am too. With so much football gaming greatness to fall back on if the worst happens, I’m relaxed about PES2016 and looking forward to it. Here’s to the future. The golden past is secure.

Updated: 12th February 2016 — 00:39


  1. NG – Excellent post.
    I too remember what seemed an age before you got a shot on goal or even possession back in PES 5. I also took a nostalgia pill when I saw the old tickatape results along the bottom of the screen and the abstract lines for the loading symbol. It may have been an “on the rails PES” but it felt great to play.

  2. hmm, I hope you marked it down by a few million for the toothless AI attacking and annoying step-over bug (disclaimer: may not have been a bug)!

    Wonder if that Polish-based group still play the WE equivalent of PES5? Now that was an impressively dedicated bunch of guys

  3. Having played this a few times over the weekend, I can certainly say PES5 still stands up as a great footy game once you get past the graphics (it looks a lot better on PC I see than on a PS2 with newer tellys).

    The balance of play, individuality and what you can do with a player despite none of the left-stick wiggling we do now is really quite remarkable.

    And just because someone ALWAYS says it, if only Konami did a HD version of PES5….

  4. …..then it would be exactly the same experience, except for the HD detail making the animations look less attractive!

  5. abbeyhill – I quite like playing old games – retro is the buzz word I believe. I’ve noticed the independent game shops are full of them. I HD version of any of them would be a fun gimmick – PES especially. But, no, they’d still look and feel dated and n-G’s post hasn’t lessened my appetite for PES 2016.

  6. “You’ve got no fans!”

  7. Ah nostalgia. It takes me back to all day Pro Evo sessions, and by all day I mean getting up at 7am and thinking about breakfast, popping the PS2 on and wondering why I was starving and realising it was 3-4pm. Obviously I was single back then.

    NG – I have recorded most of a game I played last month, just need to get round to uploading it. Got another goal vid upcoming, mostly from the present season. Had a few games this morning W24 D9. Five games remaining, nine points clear. Should finish the season this week.

    It may not surprise you to hear that I won’t be getting 2016 on release day. Not through any feeling of unfinished business with 2015, but after Thursday I’m working 11 days straight and them the wife and I are off to Malta for 4 days. Without the kids. So 2nd October will hopefully be my first chance to play the game. BOOM.

  8. Shed – I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve bought a PS2 to play older titles (Shadow of Rome is on my greatest ever game list) but sadly I’m just too shallow to get past the graphics. The modern tv/old school link up doesn’t work well and I think for me things like PES5 are best left in the memory. The games exhibition in Newcastle is showing me that, nice for ten mins fun but all the hassle of multiple wires, boxes and controllers, nope.

    Werd – you work for the council? I’m thinking it’s got to be parking control!

  9. A couple of goals from the demo, just because nG loves an R2 goal. There’s some talk on the forums about R2 shots being a little overpowered this year, and I’d have to agree, but not enough to lose any sleep over. I still miss my fair share of them and Asim says similar. It’s certainly been more overpowered over the years (PES 4-6 springs to mind)

  10. Turf – nope, not as exciting 🙂 I was promising Mini Werd 1 I would get the SNES down from the loft to play Mario Allstars as shes been playing the old DS. She saw an add for Mario maker and said I should get it. Mrs Werd asked if I wanted a Wii U for xmas. Tempting but it would eat waaaay too much game time up.

  11. We have a decidedly under used wii, aside from skylanders and lego turf jr isn’t that fussed, he’d rather play ipad games. Second guess; you walk round with a file under your arm all day hoping no one will ask where you are going?

    Berbatov…ive had regen berbatov in just about every pes from the last x years. I’ve never worked out what he’s good for. Currently playing him in ‘the hole’. Too lightweight, not fast enough, no shot power, etc etc. Has anyone ever unlocked his potential or does he remain a balotelli of yesteryear? I have signed a regen trezeguet though with season three in mind.

  12. No luck on the Quest. My phone’s pedometer tells me I walked 2.78 miles within the relatively small space of Coventry city centre, which is good going really. I checked everywhere there was to check — which aren’t that many places these days. Digital content and online retailers are hitting bricks-and-mortar shops hard. There is only one branch of GAME in town now. A few years ago there were two. A year before that, three. The independent games shops have disappeared completely. The shelf space given over to games in mainstream stores like HMV, ASDA et al is shrinking like a puddle drying up in a hot, scorching wind. I give it the rest of this console generation, and they’ll be gone for good.

    I came across this in CeX:

    ” alt=”” />

    15p for a PS2 copy of the greatest football game ever made. If you have the minor technical know-how required, you can play it for free on any computer. Everything of value that can ever be produced must one day come to this. It’s natural and inevitable.

    abbeyhill — it was often said of the PES5 AI back in the day that it was toothless and lacked attacking ‘drive’. I notice they’re saying the same thing about the PES2016 already this week. I’ve got a few replays that I’ll post in a bit of the PES5 AI slicing me apart yesterday. And back in the day I played 40+ seasons of ML and never felt I was steamrollering the AI. It always gave me a game. As I think the above video shows adequately.

    Re. PES2014, among many other things it tried to do was to replicate some of PES5’s deliberate clunkiness and stats-based lack of control at times. I do think the hurdle glitch was a glitch though.

    As for Lukasz and his team and their continued keeping alive of WE9LEK (Korean PES5), they are indeed still going strong, and I doubt they will ever stop. And why should they ever stop? I wasn’t ever fully on-board with the WE9LEK project, as Lukasz quickly understood, due to it being a very much multiplayer-focused thing. I remember how comically surprised he was when he discovered that I wanted to play Master League (they hadn’t done any work on ML and all the changes they’d made with online in mind had made it a bit scruffy).

    I do remember though an amusing exchange with Lukasz back when I was playing WE9LEK on the blog. Via a chat window, he asked me what the main problem with PES5 was, in such a way that it was obvious he thought the answer was so obvious I’d come back with it immediately and we’d have a chuckle about it.

    I panicked slightly and took a guess at the main problem with PES5 being the absence of the crowd, thinking he might have patched it in somehow. There was a brief ‘silence’ and he answered: No! There were too many fouls! Me: ……

  13. Mario Kart though….. we’re currently playing 3/4 player split screen family games, just like those families in the classic Wii ads, absolutely fantastic stuff

  14. n-G – A thumb and a toe in that shot! The funny thing about that PES5 copy is that some poor guy probably traded it in for 5p. You should have bought it, just to save it.

    In Brighton city centre we have one Game (mainly filled with Disney/Skylander figures, digital download cards and gamer merchandise), a CEX (usually busy with queues of people selling laundry bags full of DVDs and games) and a GameTrader. None of these will have PES early of course.

  15. I too went for a wander one lunchtime in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago in the hope of picking up PES 5 for the PC. I was hoping to find one of those 2nd racks in GAME, CeX, Grainger and a couple of others but alas, nothing. No 2nd hand at all apart from CeX. In fact, GAME’s entire PC section would have actually fitted on one shelf of my bookcase. It’s a sign of the times that game shops are no longer worth browsing, let alone actually buying anything. Picked it up in the end 2nd hand off Amazon for £3. Even if you had found 2016, you would be looking at £10 more than any online price.

  16. Looks like an adidas samba to me? Tough going walking nearly three miles in a five a side plimsoll.

    Shed – sounds like a challenge. How many copies of pes5 can be saved from the legendary fate of the E.T game. I’ve seen them in all kinds of horrible grubby holes – those high street pawn shops that have sprung up are the worst. I think a ps2 is about twenty five quid but I don’t think even I could go through that again.

  17. GAME itself seemed quite busy, lots of staff and lots of customers. I cannot remember the last time I was in there. There’s just no need to ever be in there, is there? I noticed their PC section was 2/3rds given over to Steam branding — another sign of what’s coming to GAME and all physical High St distribution of games. All the unpeopled DVD aisles in HMV too! Physical media for film and TV are bound to go the same way.

    I looked and looked but didn’t even see the PES2016 box anywhere. Not in GAME, not anywhere. I included Argos in my search and saw it on their touchscreen display search thing (COMING SOON), but of the physical box there was no sign. Mere days before release. I wasn’t surprised about everywhere else, but was very surprised at GAME.

  18. Uncle Turf — wow, that’s impressive! You have indeed named that tune in one. They’re well broken in and my favourite walking-about footwear.

    And I’ve seen Berbatov around in PES2015 but never felt motivated to get him. I remember him in PES2011 when he was a true individual. Individuality took a hit in PES2015.

  19. I have every single home/away and GK home/away kit for all premiership teams and championship teams plus managers pics all in PES 2016 format if anyone wants a hook up ready for thurs/fri.

  20. Paul — I’m in. I’ve used your stuff before and always been satisfied. (PES2012’s brown CCFC away kit, and the custom Ricoh-like stadium, and the banners…) I’m planning to do it bit by bit over the course of a few weeks. Not too sure how it works this time, but if it’s like the old PS3 days before the system update sped the process up, that’s okay too.

  21. Nice new look to to the site n-G.

  22. Sort-of news. Posted something on pesgaming forum earlier and just had a reply. Some lad (nG cover your ears) got the retail copy of the game at midnight and installed the day one patch. It addresses some issues but doesn’t fix the missing transfers. Asim apparently said there might be a transfer update on Friday, but nothing concrete. Worth holding out before starting ML?

    Paul – I’m in. I will probably see what else is out here come release day anyway, but it’d be good to have those too. Option file sharing on PS4 is a no as far as I can tell, so it’s just the kits and manual transfer fixes/a faint promise of a patch. Still, it’s worse for Xbox users apparently.

  23. That Brown CCFC kit was a prime rich tapestry period in the PES gaming pantheons, 2012 wasn’t it? fond memories and how 3 years goes so quickly.
    I will get the kits uploaded and post the links hopefully tonight …..

    nice new retro MTV style bright pop-art banner NG!!! 😉

  24. Premier League kits –
    Championship –

    NB: the kits are not my work, several different people have contributed to them so you will find multiple versions of each kit, just use which one you prefer.

    First create a folder called WEPES on your USB and put all kits in there

    Step One: Load up PES 2016 and go to Edit mode. From there, select import images, and copy the kits from the USB.

    Step Two: Following that, enter the ‘teams’ section of Edit mode, choose a team, and select ‘strip’. From there you’ll be presented with home, away, and keeper kits. Pressing Square enables you to add a third kit.

    Step Three: Find the kit you want to change (for example, Chelsea’s home shirt), select it, and then choose the ‘paste image’ option. Navigate through your imported kits until you find the corresponding strip, and that’s that.

    Step Four: To add Premier League badges and club crests, follow the same steps but instead of selecting ‘strip’ after you’ve found the team you want to change, select the relevant option.

  25. I’m currently looking at cex for ps2 consoles….bloody hell, once the seed is planted.

  26. Wow, squeaky bum time in my ML world 2-0 down against Sunderland after 10 mins and the pressure was on. Cue a Sibon brace and a 2-2 draw leaves me 7 points clear with 3 to play. W25 D10.

  27. Shed – cheers, and I did have a whole new site template ready to go, but it was a drastic change with lots of swooshy graphics that a) aren’t ‘me’ anyway, and b) would have slowed the site down. So I settled for a new image header – yes Paul, very pop art MTV-ish! – and scooted the main column over to one side, and left it at that. I might have a go at a fresh colour scheme over the next few days but that’s that, all in all, for this year.

    Tommy – missing transfers? There are transfers in the game?! And some people might delay ML for the sake of transfers? I am not knowing these transfers of which you speak…

    Paul – I’ve still got all the brown kit and stadium files on my PS3 (I’ve really got to back that thing up in its entirety, and soon).

    Re. the PS4’s editing, that sounds a lot more straightforward than it’s being presented in some parts. Currently downloading the files and will apply as and when. I presume that as ever we can update Edit data after starting ML and the changes will carry over. No reason why that would change. Is there…?

    Uncle Turf – as much as I truly adore PES5 and evangelise it with all seriousness, this is absolutely the worst time of the year you could ever pick to tool up with a PS2 and a copy of PES5! Seriously, you could not pick a worse time. Not if you tried. Maybe release day itself might be the worst time. But now? Now is pretty bad.

    You could just grab an .ISO of PES5 on the internet, plug a controller into your PC, and play. I’m not advocating piracy, butyou could play it as a demo and do a Tommy and send off for the boxed copy if it takes your fancy. Better that way that more wires and a 15-year-old console that you’d have to babysit and look after. A PS2 is for life, not just for PESmas.

  28. I imagine the changes should carry over to ML as they always used to.
    i will add the kits few teams at a time over the first few days after release, and probably start a ML after about 2 weeks with the game as is tradition.

    Im just about to fire up PES 5 for a few gams, inside a VM on the ,ac, 3 clicks and I’m playing, no worries, no hassle and up to date 2015 kits (albeit basic) and player names too.

  29. Just cancelled my PES 2016 PS3 preorder…

    … and changed it to a PES 2016 PS4 preorder!

    Yes, folks, the shed is getting bang up to date at last thanks to a bargain new PS4 I’ll be picking up tomorrow. “PESmas” week just got a whole lot more sparkly.

  30. not-Greg – intriguing that although I always had these guys down as complete purists even they found PES5’s fouls excessive! Maybe that was the case on multiplayer

    Just had my best game so far on PES2014, I’m almost tempted to upload highlights. Booming header from defence, deft chip from my CF lurking back in midfield and then two exquisite touches and a scorching finish from my RWF Cabral. In the context of several consecutive defeats and general mediocrity before. And then a lovely curling free kick into the corridor of uncertainty, which I suspected wasn’t even allowed these days in modern football games, for my erratic sub Gehrt to snaffle up at the far post

  31. great news Shed, although I’m not sure a draughty shed is the ideal location for a swanky new PS4. Loving the frission of excitement on here at the moment!

  32. Paul – my PES5 patch was about 2010-ish and had the kits for that season, but left all the players intact at 2004. Joe Cole at Chelsea, Zenden at Liverpool, etc.

    Shed – ! I envy you the joy of tomorrow and the days to come. Explore every setting in every menu. Don’t worry about the Options and Share buttons on the PS4 controller not feeling like adequate replacements for the Start/Select buttons. Your fingers do get used to them, and anyway, lots of games have started using the controller’s broad touchpad as Start/Select now. I almost don’t know what else to say. Enjoy. And if you feel it’s too close to release day to play the PS4 PES2016 demo, grab the FIFA16 demo.

    abbeyhill – it was complaints about the supposedly high number of fouls in PES5 that launched us down the slippery slope to where we are today. There were only a high number of fouls if you abused sprint and secondary tackle, which of course everybody did even back then.

    Very few football gamers were still playing PES2014 when the February 2014 patch landed, which is where you’ve started from. I’d given up on the game by then. Recently I’ve revisited the game and two things are certainly true. 1) It should never have been released in Sep 2013, and 2) It’s a great game in its final finished form and arguably the most sim-like PES ever made. It’s the great undiscovered country for PES and for football gaming in general. We’ll never see Konami or any major company ever attempting anything like it again. Head-scratchingly frustrating at times even when fully patched (at least the delayed free kicks/penalties go for and against you in roughly equal measure), at other times it’s groundbreaking and the most sim-like football game ever made. If PES2016 does go tits-up, it won’t be PES5 that saves my footy gaming year, it’ll be PES2014.

  33. Congrats shed. You’ll love the whole never needing to touch the box effort.

    NG – no, I think that itch will stay unscratched after viewing YouTube footage. Ps2 on hdtv doesn’t age well. And I am that shallow. And I have the mysterious patched 2014 to consider. As well as at least another couple of 2015 seasons. Still every time you post about the good old days I’ll get the twitch again. I don’t touch games on my decent pc as its vital for work and I can’t undo things easily, my old laptop is dying.

    2015 progress continues apace. Top of div 2 by five points despite 4 defeats. I’ve beaten the teams that mattered and strengthened the squad. Wage bill is high now though and not sure I’ll be able to get who I need in the close season. I’ve got a lot of teenagers in the squad but it’s hard to note how they might be developing, I miss the arrows. I’ve only conceded 16 goals but from those ive seen much greater variety by the AI than way back in November. The lob is still infuriating and the lack of long shots ridiculous but they are curling a few in and not doing the edge of box dribble as regularly. I think if there had been more to do in ml this could be a long running campaign, as it is I feel i’ll get bored.

  34. Uncle Turf – you’ll soon run into an effective slowing mechanic in ML where it seems you’re rich, but you’re not rich enough to afford players that much better than those you’ve already got. One super-player every couple of seasons, and you’ll have to save up for him. This flattens out your rate of climb, or did mine at any rate.

  35. ?dl=0

    CL Final up next for the sextuple. Boom.

  36. OK, something crazy has just happened.

    I’ve just played a few games on the PC version of PES 2015 (yes, 2015), and it’s excellent! It feels like a different game to the PS4 version. Slower pace, Better passing and shooting, great ball physics and quicker loading times to name but a few things. I really enjoyed it, it’s a joy to play.

    Does anyone have the PC version and can give me a solid reason why I shouldn’t cancel/send back my PS4 version of 2016 because I’m giving it serious thought. Has anyone played both (2015)? I know a lot was made of the graphical difference and it being a hybrid of the PS3/PS4 versions, but I think the PC version excels in areas the console versions don’t. Better frame rate and smoothness at the cost of a bit of sharpness, but the overall graphical loss is minimal if anything at all.

    I can’t find any info on the net to help me decide, and the 2016 demo isn’t out until launch day.

    Wow. I’m actually stunned.

  37. Lloyd – full replay or highlights wouldnt be inappropriate…?

    Tommy – I take it you’re playing with the sweetFX addon that gives the PC version HD style graphics? If not, get it, it’s simple and it works.

    Re. the gameplay, at first I thought the PC version played better than either console version and was very much its own beast. Then a session later it seemed the same. A session later, it seemed different again. I don’t know, couldn’t commit either way. Certainly I don’t remember anyone else talking about it, which strongly suggests it might be the notorious PES placebo effect. I definitely felt what you’re feeling now after my first session on the PC version though.

  38. NG – saved a couple of goals from the final. They’ll be at the end of my final goals video. That’s it for 2015 for me, going to have a total break until the beginning of October. Any spare time before my Malta break will be given to serious New Iron Maiden Album listening time. BOOM.

  39. Well I’ve calmed down a little bit now. I think I got a bit ahead of myself. After reading up a bit more on the net I think I may know why the game felt slower. I had my resolution set too wide so the screen was a tad squashed, which slowed the pace of the game down a bit. Also found some comparison screens which show the PS4 graphically is superior, although the PC version has its merits. There is definitely some noticeably differences between the two though. At the end of the day 2016 is a different game so I think I’ll stick with my PS4 version after all.

    Now, I can sleep,

  40. I think we can safely say lloyd won said final…and another invincibles, an outstanding achievement in any pes. There’s the benchmark for me to aim for but as you say NG the finances are going to be the limiter, already I have 16year olds at the 70 mark earning a million. I can’t afford a squad of top players.

  41. played a couple of random matches on PES 5 last night…. full game footage of a 1-0 defeat to NAC Brada below.
    Notice how i struggle to get anything going in the final third, PES5’s COM AI is pretty tough.

    Tommy, I Have PES 2015 on the PC, patched up, with the new camera angles, sweetfx patch and option files.
    It feels different because it looks different to the console version, apart from that the game is the same, same mechanics etc. does play very nicely on PC with the patches and graphics add ons.

  42. Shed – go SHED!!. My advice dont eject discs manually click the option from the menu. I had an issue a while back with discs ejecting by themselves. Nothing like that new console smell….

    NG – I thought I’d accidentally clicked on “The Word” site this morn. Nice change though.

    Paul – I could have sworn that M Gray header was a goal.

    I think I will be the only one here not using option files etc. I have the internet to some extent but modern kits bore me. I may use badges though depending if I go Bundesliga or BPL.

  43. If you do get that disc eject issue you need to adjust a small screw after removing the push off plastic casing. There are plenty of videos of where/how as its a known issue – the screw works loose over time.

  44. I did indeed win the Final. The last league game was a total nail biter against Everton. Bloody Merseyside Derby to clinch the invincible season. It was 0-0 for most of the game until a late goal settled the the nerves.

  45. I hadn’t heard of the disc eject issue until it was mentioned by Uncle Turf and I’ve still not seen mention of it anywhere else at all, so don’t fret unduly.

    Paul – is that in a Windows 10 VM on the Mac? If not, what recording software did you use? And you were unlucky in that match I thought. Your general play deserved a goal and you had opportunities. Claims that the PES5 AI was deficient at the time puzzled me and puzzles me still when you see moments like the AI’s ground cross at 2:30 among many similar moments. And you’ve got to love all those fouls. Free kicks that relieve the pressure during an attack and mark a ‘chapter break’ are sadly missing from the new era of football games.

    werd – I’ll be tinkering with the menu colour scheme throughout the course of the next day or two.

    Tommy – if I get time later I’ll record a bit of footage of PES2015(PC) running with the SweetFX graphics patch. As Paul says, it is really the same game, just the experience of it in a new environment – the PC – can make it feel different.

  46. abbeyhill – There’s no draughts in my shed! It fairs better in this blustery weather than the house in fact. But, no, I won’t be keeping it in there all the time. Like the PS3, I scamper out to the shed carefully console cradling for the odd cheeky session when X-Factor/Strictly is on. Last night it was a game of PES5 on the PS2 and sorting out my tool box while listening to the Brighton match on the radio.

    Werd/Uncle Turf – Thanks for the tip. I have to admit, I’m a little worried about getting used to all this new frangled tech so close to PES release day. Any other tips on settings would be much appreciated.

    I’ll be off to pick up the PS4 later today. I’ll then be trying to sneak it into the house past min-shed as I have yet to work out a valid excuse for daddy’s present to himself. Apart from PES (and maybe Star Wars Battlefront) there will be a strict no new release purchasing rule though.

    And if PES 2016 does turn out to be short-lived/disappointing, I’ll be looking forward to sampling what I’ve missed on Next Gen so far – Fifa 15, PES 2015 etc.

    Lastly, don’t we usually get some kind of posting status update from Shopto or don’t they do that any more?

  47. NG – No, that was a Windows 7 Ultimate VM, the screen capture software i use is a mac app called Screenflow, its superb, sits in the background and records whatevers on your screen, including VM windows. and not a frame dropped during recording as sometimes FRAPS and similar apps cause slowdown.
    it also has a final cut style built in NLE editor for chopping videos up, adding text and effects etc,

  48. Shed – id recommend changing the share settings so you cn press and hold the share button for taking a screenshot, and double tap it to mark beginning of a recording, much more intuitive than the default options.
    and you will be pleasantly surprised and excited at the power of the PS4.

    eagerly awaiting my shopto despatch notiication, i surely cant be burnt twice in a row!!

  49. Paul – Cheers. I’ll do that. It’ll be nice to upload the odd goal on here. Who knows? I might even get a free kick to share!

  50. Shed – you’ll find the Share button and that whole Sharing thing the most perplexing. Everything else will be familiar from the start.

    There are three types of press of the Share button: Press, Double-press, and then Press-and-Hold. I have mine set up so a single Press takes a screenshot. Double-Press starts a new recording from that moment (the PS4 is always recording, so this is just a manual method of telling it to start a new recording from ‘now’). Press and Hold pauses the game and takes you to the Share/Upload menu where you can perform various actions. You can use Press and Double-Press just to take screenshots and record snippets while in the game, and find the files afterwards in Capture Gallery. You’ll find all this through exploring of course.

    Paul – very nice piece of software. Windows 10’s built-in function is just like the PS4/XB1’s facility, i.e. just the basics. I’ll be looking at that Screenflow later.

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