Something of a clips show

Well. A certain stealth-em-up blockbuster of a game has come along and completely swept me away. I’ve played one single solitary game of football in the past 5 days. With the result that today’s blog is something of a clips show.

With one difference. In a TV clips show, all the clips are rehashes of old episodes that’ve been seen before.

All the clips in today’s post are new to the blog. None have been posted to date for various reasons.

Here’s the best goal I scored in that single solitary football game, played yesterday afternoon (Thursday 3/9), after a long and exhausting session on Metal Gear Solid V. After a couple of hours of tension, playing a football game seemed the most relaxing pastime in the world…

That’s from PES2014, and the nature of the above goal – defenders backing off and backing off – will give this game’s massive army of detractors fuel for their always-burning bonfire.

This is still only Professional difficulty, though, and PES2014 is a bizarre and eccentric game of football anyway, and you rarely see defending like the above. The defenders simply decided to go all PES2010 at this moment in time.

I loved the goal for the outswinging flight of the ball, as seen in the second angle.

(Advance warning: at some point over the next 12 months, I’m going to play PES2014 for a good while on the blog. It’s an itch I’ve decided has to be scratched. Whenever PES2016 grinds to a halt, be that by Christmas or spring or early summer next year, PES2014 is top of the to-play list. I appreciate this will greatly irritate those who have dismissed PES2014, but I need to do this.)

Here’s a left-back thumper from PES2015, scored about two months ago, Notable here is how I don’t turn to face the goal, but thump it in while facing the touchline:

Now another one from Stevie G, again in PES2015. This time I didn’t post it a few months ago because the one-minute-long clip encompasses half-time, and it seemed scruffy:

Here’s one from FIFA15, showing the events in single minute in a pre-season Career Mode match against Bari.

I concede a good goal to the AI, which features some deft AI play and a neat cross, and then I go up the other end and win a penalty – both good examples of things FIFA15 does miles better than PES2015.

I did score the penalty, which isn’t shown.

I’ve got plenty of other random odds and ends tucked away here and there. Haven’t we all? In the life of a football gamer there’s at least one moment every session, and usually more than one moment, to remember and reminisce about.

Two weeks today PES2016 will be out. Two weeks today, ShopTo and Royal Mail willing, I’ll have been playing it for at least one day.

I’m really looking forward to it, especially as I’ll spend 95% of my gaming time between now and then on MGSV. It’ll be good to get back in the footy game habit in a few weeks.

NEXT WEEK: The 2015 football game retrospective posts. I’ll begin with FIFA15 on Tuesday, and get to PES2015 on Friday.

And then it’ll be PES2016 release week – always one of my favourite times of this time of the year. Many people in various parts of the world always get the game early, and start posting impressions that worry and please us in equal measure.



  1. Pete – try deliberately conceding a few penalties until you save one – always bumps a keeper’s rating up. I think… If there’s a Cup match in the run of games, deliberately draw it and go to penalties.

    Uncle Turf – it’s definitely a playing style thing, the 2015 fouls. I so rarely dribble. My style is 99% pass and move. In PES5 that pass and move style still yields tons of free kicks. On PES2015 and FIFA15, it yields none, or so few as to be practically the same as none.

    Tommy – has it been confirmed that we can share kits etc on PS4 as in the old days? This close to release without confirmation, it seems unlikely. Cheers though!

    werd – fighting in MGS5 exhausts me (fights take ages and are so hard) but not even I want to repeat the missions endlessly for the sake of stealth. My rule is that I’ll go back to a checkpoint a couple of times if spotted, and try to do stealth, but after a certain point I just go Rambo on the base. Mission 8 now and I’ve still not done a 100% stealth mission. I’m getting better though and only had one alert on Mission 7. I hear some of the later missions require stealth/no kills, so it’s best to get in the scouting/tagging/sneaking frame of mind now I think.

  2. Master league info today guys!. Thats what Ive seen advertised.

    NG – no way will I be able to do that!. Maybe i’m not able to think to far ahead and plan in games(I’m really bad at chess)or its just a new style game.
    Another reason why i’m laying off the main story is that I’m scared and the side missions offer a bit more practice. The sandstorm was great though.
    What time of day do you usualy prefer?

    I have three games to swap so maybe I might get PES 2016 for free, I love that.

  3. Currently downloading the FIFA16 demo. I’m looking forward to this. Abbeyhill or anyone who’s played the Beta – are you checking out the demo? If so, how does it match up to the Beta?

    werd – I prefer night for sneaking, and rarely attempt sneaking in daytime anymore. If it’s daytime I use the Phantom Cigar to make time pass until it’s night (you knew about that, right?). Main story – what main story?! I’m 8 missions in and there’s still no real story. This is why MGSV is being touted as the one for non-MGS fans to get into. It’s the most sparse Metal Gear story ever. Which I’m slightly disappointed about so far. I’m used to having Metal Gear’s story ladled out to me like thick, hot porridge. This is more like a muesli bar. Fortunately the gameplay is truly stellar and there’s just enough story to keep me invested. Side missions are just pared-down missions, really.

  4. Won the title this morning with North End in League One. It went down to the last game and on the final whistle you saw behind the players the away fans tightly packed into the corner of the small ground at Rochdale going mental. Added authenticity to the occasion. My decision to sell Garner for 1.5 million and invest in the youth infrastructure at the club is paying off as I have about 4 players in the accadamy rated over 60 at ages 16-17.

  5. Darryl – there’s a poster on one of the PES forums always bemoaning FIFA Career Mode’s lack of features, and it’s pretty clear he hasn’t played it for a few years. It’s proper now, I think, with pretty much the Goldilocks amount of depth to it. The addition of player development and training in ’16 completes Career Mode as far as I’m concerned. It needs nothing else. Congrats on the promotion.

  6. NG – I knew about the cigar and I usually choose my time in the loadout screen before the mission begins. I havnt “rescued” any fauna yet. I accidentally ran over two wolves with the horse before I noticed a prompt and radio message flag up to collect wildlife. oops

  7. nG – It’s just the .png image that you load yourself, not sure about actual kit sharing. I doubt that. Not sure the .png images will even work yet, the option file makers are keeping their cards very close to their chest, while simultaneously showing off their work. We shall soon find out…

  8. NG – the pre-season coming up is my fabourite bit as I go through my accadamy and see what youths I want to promote, look to sell youths from the first team that have not made the grade and then look at my transfer targets for next season. This takes up about 2 sessions. With PES you just skip through the calender. I like the look of the tweaks to CM as they have obviously listened to feedback with small enhancememts such as budget being carried forward, scouting feedback remaining and being able to negotiate out of contracts at any point of the season. I will buy the new game when I have conculded with this one.

  9. No gaming for me over the past week but I’m quietly looking forward to PES 2016. The fact ML news is only coming out today (apparently) suggests – as many of us predicted – there will be little to no change to the mode.

    I’ll be happy if the transfer system is a lot less open to star signings this time and player form is sorted out. But, if we get the same over-powered defaults this time I might break with tradition and start a ML with the “real” Brighton squad.

  10. Shed – if ML had had the kind of overhaul CM had a few editions of FIFA ago, we’d have heard about it by now I think. I’ll be truly gobsmacked if it’s anything more than a reskin with some minor tweaks here and there. I’d like to see player development shown post-match and training back again too.

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