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PES2015 Extra Time Continues

And so we come to the final post for the month of August, with September and PES2016 just over the top of the next hill. It’s not going to be long now. Two weeks plus change.

I enjoyed a daring interlude earlier this week when I gave a whole day to PES2014. I had great fun installing, updating, and Option File-ing it on PC, and then the gameplay was, frankly, a revelation. The game handles and plays well, featuring many agreeable elements that we may never see again in PES. We probably need to look back through PES2015-tinted spectacles to really appreciate what they were trying to do with PES2014 and how close they came to succeeding.

It’s not just PES/FIFA that can’t be played at the same time. Different editions of PES too.

Nobody has ever played two different football games concurrently to any great depth. I’d be very interested to hear of somebody who, for example, played PES one day and FIFA the next day, and cycled back and forth like that for any length of time, and managed to play both games seriously. It simply can’t happen.

Ditto two PES games. So my experiments with other PES games this year haven’t been very extensive. A bit of PES2013, a bit of PES5 (as ever), a bit of PES2014, and I’m done.

At this time of year I’m always possessed by curiosity as to how past PES games will feel after they’ve spent another year in football game Valhalla. Time catches up with them all – all the past football games – in an advancing wave of obsolescence from the past to the present. This time last year, for example, I would have said PES2 was still playable. I wouldn’t say that today. PES3 is barely hanging onto playable status. Will this pressure front ever reach PES5? I shudder to think of that day dawning.

Season 15 is not going to be a thing on PES2015. I had thought there was a chance of making it to mid-season. I doubt I’ll even make it to Fixture 10 in the league campaign, never mind mid-season. A certain other blockbuster of a game is due to arrive soon. I will be giving every minute of my gaming time, bar the odd hour or two of football gaming, to that.

For now, PES2015 Reloaded continues.

Another couple of matches, and here are a couple of goals from Lionel Messi, a player I’ve had in this career for only for the second time in my entire lifetime of Master League.

The first time I had Messi was in PES6(360), where he was a wonderful player in a very good intermediary PES that bridged the gap between two generations. The second time is here on PES2015, where he is a wonderful player in a very good intermediary PES that bridged the gap between two generations…

Here are the two goals – neither of them really special, but the manner of the second goal’s arrival was interesting for two reasons that I’ll get to:

The first one is a bog-standard goal of the sort that you barely even notice yourself scoring after a while. The second, though, came from a first-time cross, and was a header from Messi.

Goals from crosses like that are rare in PES2015. The cross itself, delivered by my RMF, the Youth Bellarabi, was lovely: he wraps his foot around the ball and delivers a perfect in-swinger right on Messi’s bonce. Messi (rather unrealistically, but what the hell) outjumps the defender to nod the ball down and up into the net.

A remarkable goal that I enjoyed scoring, and then watching again at my leisure before continuing with the match. If I’d scored that goal online, I’d have been lucky to see half a second of the replay.

And the goal also reminded me of a previous, very similar moment on PES2015. Remember this from a month ago?

That Messi miss, in an almost identical scenario, cost me my last shot at the Treble in my last proper, real season of Master League on PES2015.

I’m not the sort of computer game player who throws controllers. Is that even a real thing? Does anybody actually throw controllers? Or is it like hiding behind the sofa from Doctor Who?

I’m not the sort of Master League player who blames players and holds an irrational grudge against them thereafter.

But you know what – all things considered, I don’t think I’ll be looking for Messi when the time comes in PES2016.


  1. Abbey – Why not?. I have a soft spot for them (one of many in various euro leagues) Its usually Feyenoord or a bespoke Dordrecht of the Eredivisie mood takes me.
    I had two stonking River v Boca games on Friday night. Scored an absolute beauty, 0-0 first game, I couldnt leave it there so replayed and won 3-1. Shocked to see how low the Argentininan league rating were. 3 stars for both Boca and River.
    Darryl – not much to see in Sunderland but if your up I dont mind a cheeky pint. Plenty of other nice places round my/Turfs way though.

    Turf – I think of Bladerunner everytime driving back from the inlaws. Esp at night round about Xmas time when the lights are on and flames gushing from the chimneys.

    NG – I was toying with changing my online supplier(Amazon) for PES. I have a day off on release and cant be arsed to go out for it.

  2. NG – nope, not a thing. I got my spectrum 1st year of secondary school or so with my first ever play being Jetpac (I’d had the odd go on BBC micro games prior but not in a full on, me and the game way). I bought Crash and one of Your Spectrum/Sinclair or Sinclair User depending on cover tapes. The Vic 20 folk seemed to go for CVG. Not a whisper of a memory of the Oric. I would have remembered too as it’s so similar to the Blake’s Seven smart arse. The Dragon name I remember but not what it looked like. I must have just been dedicated to my rubber keyed friend.

    I know real football is frowned upon but this window wtf? – Palace buy a striker Sunderland wanted shot of for £10m then Bournemouth pay £5m for a Palace sub in his 30s? The tv money has sent them all mad, agents must be laughing themselves silly.

  3. Uncle Turf – I’ll take real football seriously again when the whole “But they can’t all be given, because if they were all given, there’d be too many given!” standard of officiating is driven out of the game. Until that point arrives (which it won’t, as it’s far too deeply entrenched now, in the minds of fans and players and refs alike), you really might as well be watching WWE or whatever the wrestling thing is called. Not for the first time, the imitation (football gaming) has supplanted the original.

  4. I did think of you when the Newcastle commentary on saturday said after a minute that the referee had been a bit too keen to get out the yellow card. It makes a mockery of the rules if a challenge in the opening seconds is dealt with differently to one halfway through. Konami, however, seem to be heading in the direction of it being a game with no cards at all.

    You back playing again this year abbeyhill? I do enjoy reprts of just how low the temperature dropped and fingers being unable to remove boots.

  5. Noble’s sending-off at Anfield was the referee balancing the books after Coutinho’s. If Coutinho hadn’t already gone, Noble wouldn’t have gone, and we all know that from observing how things work over many years. The ref seized his chance to even the weight of calls out. I struggle to understand why pundits don’t seem to know that referees dish out contextual decisions like that all the time.

    Look at how American sports are officiated. There is no contextual decision-making at all. A foul is a foul is a foul no matter what else has happened, no matter the time. Every single penalty is called no matter the context, no matter how many penalties have been given already. Net result? The teams don’t foul, on the whole, knowing that a penalty is the certain and guaranteed outcome, and the game proceeds properly in keeping with its laws, for the most part.

    Can you image a dozen instances of pass interference, say, in American Football being ignored per game because there’d be too many given if they were all given’? Of course not. The very idea that US sports officials would give contextual decisions based on the time elapsed in the game and how the players are going react and so on, is laughable.

    The sheer randomness and overall mutability of referee decision-making in Association Football is one of the reasons why ‘soccer’ is mocked and scorned by so many Americans, and they’re right. They’re right.

    We need that consistency of officiating in Association Football. Referees don’t miss seeing obvious things. They’re just not brave enough to give them, knowing that there’s an unwritten agreement between everyone – fans, players, pundits – that certain decisions won’t ever be given. This is not ever going to change. It’s definitely much too late to rescue football now. The horse has long since bolted.

  6. Deadline day latest….Werd seen in Sunderland buying an Xbox and Call of Duty – about to jump ship?

    Darryl insists ‘he’s going nowhere’….

  7. Hope you all had a good long weekend.
    spent most of it playing Until Dawn on the PS4, which is more of a interactive Horror film than a true game but god damn its bloody brilliant.

    Ive jumped out my seat more times in the few hours playing this game than i have at any film for the last 2 years.
    Loving the whole every decision affects the outcome scenario….. the story and presentation is delivered impeccably, hollywood would do well to better this, awesome debut from super massive games.

    NG will be sat furiously salivating over MGS V right now i expect…..
    and apparently we will be getting my club and master league content this week.

  8. LATE DEAD LINER NEWS – Turf in talks with Nintendo DS to go on loan to Mammas Kitchen. Pauls new Serval neckercheifs arrive, Abbey Hill is seentraining with Fort William, Not Greg observed cartwheeling outside Coventry Cathedral screeching about oil rigs and Fulton recovery Balloons, Market Harborough FC to install Mandrills as ball boys…

  9. MGS5 is incredible. The next-gen of gaming was already here, but it’s definitely here now. The promise of the PS4 graphically is fully delivered. The game is as dimension-expanding as GTA was back on the PS2. The only downside is that it’s not the traditional ‘play the 15-hour story campaign like a big long movie and then I’m done’ scenario. I rarely get more than an hour or two’s console time per day, and usually less, which fits perfectly with footy gaming as you all know. MGS5 is the only game I’ll make extra time for, and give up footy gaming time for.

  10. NG – mine plopped through the letterbox this morn Mrs Werd informed me. No matter as i’m at work. I liked MGS4 and was intrigued by the open world and build ya own base.
    I know I will probs not scratch the surface or appreciate it as much as yourself but reviews were glowing and I have a new gaming schedule to try out.
    Itching to get home now. BOOM

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