I was Hagi in the haze of a drunken hour

Hagi arrives

So I’ve only gone and got Hagi.

He’s not in PES2015 at all, as far as I know. I did it myself – added him myself – as a special treat for my final furlong on PES2015.

I created my own version of Hagi in the Editor, and signed him from the Created Players list within my ML save.

I found Hagi’s PES stats in one of the many online databases, deducted 5 points from each global stat, and fashioned a 20-year-old bizarro version of the man who ended up as a 91 OVR:

Hagi Edit

No, he doesn’t look anything like the original – his skin colour alone should be a shade or two darker. I haven’t quite got the stats right.  And that position coverage is wrong. He was an all-round attacking midfielder. I’ll be heading back into the Editor for another tinker before he actually kicks a ball for my side. Maybe I’ll bring that OVR rating down a few points.

No guilt. No worries about ‘purity of essence’. I did a similar thing in PES2012, when a stale Master League was revitalised by the injection of 5 or 6 Classic Players.

PES2015’s ML isn’t stale by any means, but it is winding its way to an end, if not this season then the next, or the one after that.

I devised a House Rule Consequence for getting Hagi: I had to release – not sell: release – one of my uber-superstar top players. Hagi would then be a replacement for that player.

I released Drogba. The former World Player of the Year. The out-and-out powerhouse. A 26-year-old at his 97OVR peak.

It was either him or Forlan, and I went for Drogba because he’s slightly the better player and the more frequent goalscorer by a long margin. He’s also a 97OVR player and releasing him hurts. I’ve never done anything like this is a Master League before and it feels strange.

Hagi won’t arrive until mid-season and I’m not actually there yet. Friday’s post should see him with a few matches under his belt and hopefully a goal or two. I’m excited about this.

I’d like to get a free kick or two to try him out. A free kick like this one, from PES2012:

I still haven’t scored a single free kick on PES2015, which isn’t surprising when you consider that in around 700 Master League matches I’ve had maybe 5 free kicks in shooting range. Literally. About FIVE free kicks.

It’s a disgrace, it’s wrong, and I hope it’s fixed for PES2016. It probably won’t be fixed. The online multiplayers don’t see it as a problem. Their hyper-aggressive style accumulates plenty of fouls already. Football games are calibrated to cater for online multiplayer as the first priority. Those of us who play solely against the AI (depending on playing style) see few fouls per match or – in my case – more often no fouls at all. An unintended side-effect of the focus on multiplayer, doubtless, but a very real side-effect nonetheless. No-fouls football gaming is here to stay, people.

I beat Barcelona in the last Champions League group stage to take the runner-up spot in our group.

Season 13 beating Barca

A dour, grinding win. I was deliberately holding on for the 0-0, denying possession to the CPU, which seems to work, and I snatched a goal for the win in classic fashion.

Season 13 CL group final table

In the league, I’m not as close on the leader’s shoulder as I’d like to be, but I’m still in the chasing pack. With just over half the season remaining, I’m confident I’ll be there or thereabouts. I’m still in the FA Cup, needless to say. This Treble is still very much on.

Season 13 after 18




  1. n-G – It does feel like that time of year where we wind down the current PES and ready ourselves for the next. I’m nowhere near even a league title yet so I’m not sure how or when PES 2015 will finally conclude for me.

    Good luck with your handmade Hagi. I might be wrong, but I think you can only alter the appearance of players already in play in your ML. You can’t do stats.

  2. Shed — I was impatient and went ahead and played a few matches with Hagi without tinkering, and now I might leave the Editor well alone. Using the PES stats database as a guideline, matching the height and body type and running style, he’s eerily Hagi-like as it is right now. I was worried that I’d be using imagination to make him Hagi (even more imagination than already required, of course), but the online resources that supplied the framework seem to have delivered a more than acceptable Hagi.

    This is the data I used — as you may see, there are two distinct Hagis on show there, the early 90s and the late 90s one. I used the early 90s Hagi as a model, and deducted 5 points across each main stat to reflect his youth. PES has merged or dropped some stat categories since that database was compiled, so I used my own best judgement to fill in the blanks. There were only two or three such categories.

    And yes, I am keen to wind down PES2015 now, but it will take a Treble to do so. And this is a hard game that can deny the human player in ways that no previous PES ever has done.

  3. It’s criminal that Hagi isn’t in European Classics this year, but hey ho. Found a video where someone’s gone through the trouble to create his face. I say his face, it could be bloody anyone. It’s not exactly a striking resemblance, but it might do as a quick fix if you can be bothered.

  4. League is over, finished 2nd AGAIN 7 points behind Arsenal. Got CL Final against Man Utd then onto Season 18. Onwards.

  5. Also just stumbled across these. Some of them are a bit iffy, but some of the classics are actually quite good.


  6. Tommy — that is a good find and I’ll have a tinker later — the Hagi doesn’t look much like him at all, more a case of looking like the sort of actor who would play Hagi in a film of the great man’s life. Really and truly the only thing my Hagi needs is distance resemblance — height, body shape, running style, dribbling style, and short dark hair — and he currently has that.

    Lloyd — unlucky, and what does this constant second-place finish mean for those of us committed to a Treble before PES2015 can come to an end?!

  7. NG – Still playing in November??

  8. I know you’ll possibly still be playing in November, but I’m looking to wrap things up with PES2015 by the end of July at the latest. For that to happen I have to have a Treble, which I feel is now within reach for me, but the game is refusing to cooperate so far.

  9. NG – The question is…. Will you carry on regardless until you get it.


  10. I won’t carry on until November, no (you know PES2016 is out in September?). It’s part of my footy gaming year to cease the main game at least a month or so short of the new one coming out. The only year I bucked the trend was the year of PES5. Otherwise I do like to play to the yearly release schedule.

  11. NG – funny thing is I used to have a decent free kick scoring ratio when I did get the rare close range free kick but I have not scored any since move up to Superstar.

    I am hoping for a positive end to a difficult season as I am through to the Champions League quarter final. In the league I have steadied the ship a bit and am 11th with 10 to play.

  12. I’ve probably scored from more of the few free kicks I’ve had in PES 2015 compared to previous games in the series. My technique when I do get them fairly close to the edge of the box is to aim the dotted line dead straight just inside an exposed post. Not too much power/height and it has the ‘keeper in trouble. I’ve never had a penalty other than shoot outs though.

    Mainly though, I’ve come to confess. Last night I played two horrible games – losing 1-0 to West Brom and drawing 0-0 with Newcastle. Then, do you know what I did? I only went and turned off the machine without saving. I bloody well meant it too.

  13. John – that is my technique as well as I go low and hard for a close range free kick and aim just inside the post.

  14. Snap with the free kicks chaps. Unless Roberto Carlos is on the pitch then I HAVE to try and reproduce his free kick against France.

  15. I couldn’t help myself. The second coming of Gerald Sibon.

  16. Great session this morning saw me go through to the CL semi and climb up to 8th. Getting closer to possibly my first trophy on SS. I feared away goal rule again against Malaga in the quarters when I was 2-0 up and cruising in the first leg at home. A slip up in concentration and they got a crucial away goal. In the second leg they bossed the possession and went 1-0 up. However I did keep my calm and Adeybayor (my hero) pulled it back level half way through the second half. Next up AC Milan.

  17. Lloyd – an edited-in Sibon? I’m very pleased with how my homemade Hagi’s working out, so it’s worth the attempt.

    Darryl – you’re right to blame a slip in concentration for most AI goals. Fact is that if you’re focused and concentrating, the AI is very unlikely to score. You keep the ball better and defend better. Cannot count the number of times I’ve started second halves with the AI kicking off and not really paid attention and the ball’s ended up in the back of my net straight from kickoff.

  18. NG – I used the stats from 2012, he was 37, so his 17yo rebirth is based on those stats. I made him a bit chunkier than he used to be by mistake, he looks like a tall Neil Ruddock. ☺

  19. Season eight over and I hit my minimum target of a first Euro qualification. Finished seventh, eight points clear of Hull which made me less guilty about turning off without saving after that crappy defeat and 0-0 the night before.

    Either the game “let” me storm the last four matches and/or some of my frustratingly under-performing players have suddenly clicked. Ibrahimovic lacks stamina but he really made the difference in those last matches. Robben too is proving to be the player the rest of you have.

    My player of the season though is my long-standing captain and midfield dynamo Lucas Silva. He’s 84-rated and at his peak now but he’s the mainstay of my Brighton side. The deceptively 66-rated Alex Revell is up there too for his workhorse performances up front. I know there are so many better strikers in the game – and I can certainly afford them with more than £150 million in the bank – but his journeyman like …erm… journey is one of the big draws of this ML for me.

    Oh and I have to mention my ‘keeper; big, bald Willy Caballero. Not only is Willy a character but it always raises a smile when he’s commanding a back four which includes my reserve RB, Fanni.

    I’ll have a little break, design a new kit and then move onto season nine with the target just one – any – piece of silverware and CL qualification.

  20. Lloyd – I tweaked Hagi’s appearance after he joined me and I’m very happy with how it turned out. So you can edit Created Players after they’ve joined your ML save and see the changes carry over.

    Shed – my Robben went off the boil a few seasons ago, so his worth might be relative to how you typically play a football game.

    And not spending the colossal amounts of cash you can accumulate in the game is a kind of House Rule all on its own. E.g. me making my homemade Hagi instead of raiding the open market for one of the strangely few top players (a Totti, a Ronaldo, etc.) The flattened universal player development and how it ties into the transfer/finances system is a glaring flaw in this year’s ML, it has to be acknowledged.

  21. n-G – I absolutely, my house rule of only signing available players has left me cash rich. I struggle to find much better than what I have in transfer windows.

    And yes, you can edit player appearances but – as I said – not their stats once they’re in your ML world. I’m sure that’s the case.

  22. Hi all. It has been great reading about people enjoying master league into July although it was released later this year.

    I finally won the treble on superstar 1 bar in season 15! I thought that’d be the end but I’m too attached to my team so carried on, now into season 18 I think. Gripping game play this year.

    A few observations from my career. My premier league grew weak. Chelsea and man city disappeared into d2 about 5 seasons ago, yet to be seen again. No other team was that good leading to 6 consecutive titles. Yet all other competitions remained challenging, Europe especially so.

    I think this comes down to bad ai. Teams hang onto aging and expensive players, even rewarding new contracts to over the hill has beens. If they miss European qualification as inevitably occurs they cut back further hastening their demise. My run of league titles was good but I won only two champions league finals.

    Needless to say I’m happy with pes2015 and 16 looks promising.

    I look forward to tomorrow’s blog post to read about your progress towards the treble ng.

  23. And Sibon has opened his account with a Brace. Boom.

  24. Dear God that breaks just about every rule I could ever imagine. You are the anti Puritan! And the free kicks remain a game breaker for me.

    But who wants to hear my sniping from the sidelines, I’m still skyrimming and happily ignoring the many and varied bugs. In a recent one I became head of that thing in that place yet still got chased as a criminal when I did something every leader would be able to do. Then there was the blunder of selling one of those items which means I can’t do that, with no warning of what I was doing and the fact that usually ‘quest’ items can’t be sold. In rare off moments I’m attempting to take Bolton into the premiership with football manager but really the spark isn’t there, even with the stripped down classic mode it feels too demanding, too difficult to isolate what might work. No fifa or pes action. Maybe when 2015 is around a tenner for the PS3 I might revisit. Was it determined if the consoles play similarly?

    Was down in preston yesterday Dazzler. Say what you like about the place, the parking is cheap. Surprising how many local women seem to think they’re rhianna and dress accordingly, I retreated to campus early as now the students have gone home it’s a haven of peace and quiet.

  25. Forgot to mention I beat Man Utd in the CL Final. Won both the super cups at the start of Season 18, then lost in the first round of the Cup against Wigan for the second season running. Currently 4 points off the top in November.

  26. Shed – I also tweaked Hagi’s position (was predominantly WF, changed it to predominantly AMF) and it also carried over into my ML, but no, I didn’t touch the stat numbers as I’m very happy with how that turned out. Unsurprising that Hagi plays like Hagi, considering I copied him from one of the main online PES databases, but it’s still nice to do a DIY job and have it actually work. I’ve got a screenshot of my Hagi on the pitch in tomorrow’s (Friday 3rd’s) post that confirms the success of this venture IMO.

    Lloyd – my first goal with Homemade Hagi was as sweet an experience as any one I would’ve scored with a Konami-made Hagi.

    Cook – very interesting findings. Your ML world has gone a very peculiar way. It’s like the parallel world where the Fallout games take place.

    Uncle Turf – Come join the PC master race and experience a completely bug-free Skyrim! Every few months they have a sale on Steam of the whole Skyrim package (base game plus all expansions and DLC) for a couple of quid.

    Actually, I’d rather play Skyrim on console. As I’ve opined many a time, the console is the only place for regular playing time. My PC Skyrim adventures take place only on my days off work. Too much bother setting up the PC.

    The lack of free kicks in PES2015 is a disgrace, granted, but no game-breaker IMO. As for the PS3/PS4 differences, I hold them to be different games.

  27. Well what a strange season this one is turning out to be as I am now in the CL final. Both games against AC Milan finished 3-1 but did not tell the full story as they were tense affairs. But cometh the hour cometh the man as Adeybayor again scored in both games as he always seems to do in big games. He is now in my own personal PES hall of fame now and is a legend. He is also rated at 94 now and still developing.

  28. come on, Turf, recreate your Ribeiro in the PES editor and get back in the saddle!

    My FIFA career picking up momentum once more, long range shots and even headers from crosses now flying in and Exeter are up to 5th in the premier league, 3-0 wins against Man U and Liverpool particular highlights. Was planning to quit at the end of this season, but the lure of European football next season might keep me going. I’ve also taken the England job, with the 2024 European Championship just coming up….

  29. Interesting news on your Adebayor there, as you’re the only one who has him. He’s not part of this pool of 10-15 top players that everybody seems to have drawn extensively from. He’s a project all of your own (which is how ML traditionally is, across the board; very few players in common with other players’ worlds).

    I had him in my short PES2014 career and he stood out – big and leggy and strong, all reasons why he’s one of those enigmatic underachievers in real life, but in PES, all reasons why he’s a top player.

    He’s got up to 94 playing for you but is nowhere on the radar of top players in my ML world or in anybody else’s, I’d wager. So your old theory that the player(s) have to play for the human player to develop properly seems to hold water. The development for AI-controlled players is borked, that’s all there is to it.

  30. I got Ronaldo up to 101ovr as a CF and Figo to 100 as a AMF. Figo is still developing. I’ve noticed that a lot of players with great pace seem to reach peak level at an early age and players such as Totti, Figo and Pirlo are still developing in their late 20’s.

    Chelsea finally came back up to the PL and beat me 2-1. Gits.

  31. Turf – I missed your post about being in Preston. It is a curious place and is part of my entertainment to see what state of dress the women are in during my lunch break. The weather brings them out but most of them would be better covered up.

  32. Glad to hear all is well in Chronicles land. With a mixture of sleep dep, german pilsner and antihistamines im still here!

    Fallout 4 hype has taken hold in Schloss Werd(well just me really). I had one children/wife free day on Weds so had an enjoyable tinker with Witcher 3.

    PES 2016 prep has started with many kit ideas and classic Bundesliga players in mind. I would have started ML season 3 but it wouldnt get the same attention before my new son was born. So I leave Cambridge Utd as Cup and Div 1 winners and Champions league participants for the first time.

    Darryl – If the new edit mode is good enough in 2016 I may recreate Asian/alien Werd.

  33. Werd – good to hear from you and that all is well and your patchy non-gaming activity is still going on!

    Europa Universalis IV was on sale on Steam the other day and I instantly thought of you. ‘Werd would love to talk about playing this game one day after a sausage roll maybe!’

    Won’t be long before the PES2016 demo rolls into view. With the muscle strength you’ve built up from your seasons on 2015, I fancy your chances of going a few better on 2016. Especially if the murmurs about it being THE game we’ve been waiting for turn out to be true this year.

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