Season 13 begins

Season 13 Recoba on board

Season 13 sees the departure from my squad of Pirlo, a long-serving player who did some good things and occasionally wowed me. Overall, though, Pirlo just never stood out enough for it to be worth paying his gargantuan wages.

Wages that another player of equivalent ‘name’ stature might put to better use… Time to go shopping for a big player. With Gerrard now covering the DMF role, and Carrick/Conti covering him, I felt it was time for a more attacking midfielder.

Step forward Recoba, and bring your pun-promising name with you. All these post titles are now sadly inevitable: They Think It’s All Recoba. Recoba The Moon. Recoba and Out. And, just for all the Elkie Brooks & Chris Rea fans: Fool If You Think It’s Recoba. I’m sure there are many more.

I offered Pirlo to Liverpool as the makeweight in the deal and only had to pay £9m for Recoba. A good deal.

We lifted the Supercup, again. It’s getting to feel very nice, watching Gerrard hoist aloft a Cup of any description.

Gerrard lifts the Supercup

Some lingering business from Season 12 – here was the updated Club Ranking, which reflects my newfound status as Champions of Europe:

Season 13 club ranking

Quite a leap from the last few seasons where we were humiliatingly down among the bottom-feeders. I expect Season 13 to furnish me with at least a Double of some kind, ideally a Treble, so that ranking should be top-10 at the very least by this time next season.

Onto the start of Season 13 proper, and I started great with two wins on the bounce, and then ran into the familiar PES2015 wall of scripting (it seemed) that threw a defeat and a draw my way.

It could have been better. But considering last season’s terrible start that I never truly recovered from, I’ll take this table after 4 matches:

Season 13 after 4

Season 13 CL draw

The Champions League groups stage draw took place, pitting me against Barcelona and two old friends.

If the six matches follow usual Master League form, the toughest encounters will be against Copenhagen.

Still, I won’t be taking anyone lightly. The Champions League remains one of the trickiest parts of the Treble. They’re all tricky parts, in different ways. A Treble on PES2015 would be the greatest Treble ever.

Season 13 home kit

Oh, here’s the new home kit. Yes, I have kind of run out of ideas. I want to get to the promised PES2016 editing suite now. I’ll bother a bit more when I can have Coventry City badges and sponsors and so on.

I do like playing with default PES-style stripes though. It seems to give my team an automatic visual identity. If we’re in stripes, I’m happy.

So here we go with Season 13 of… however many seasons there turn out to be.

I won’t bother trying to conceal something here that most regular PES Chronicles readers over the years will have picked up on: that I’m now looking to conclude my business with the current PES.

Only a Treble will bring the curtain down on PES2015, though, and that may prove to be the tallest order yet.



  1. good luck with season 13, this must rank as your longest ML since PES2012? Are you trying to conclude business with the game as you feel you’ve already seen all the nuances and now getting a bit bored, or is it more a case of really wanting to play some specific other games or do other things over the summer?

    I’m in a similar place with FIFA15 now – a gargantuan struggle to take Exeter from League 2 to a good Premier League team, but not quite enough enthusiasm (/skill) to take them further, I feel I’ve seen pretty much all the gameplay it has to offer now. Also started a parallel career back in League 2 to see if I can now cope with the game on Legendary, but sadly it does not look like I can!

  2. abbeyhill – more like a case of wanting some breathing space before PES2016, and to give myself a fighting chance of concluding business with FIFA15.

    I certainly haven’t seen everything PES2015 has to offer – I’ve seen most of it, but I do keep scoring different types of goals to the ones that I commonly post, and I’ve belatedly discovered that PES2015’s Youths are actually worth cultivating. I will try to collect a few of the alternative goals into some kind of scruffy/unusual goals vid. (Actually, I’ll definitely do that as it’ll be something different.)

    As for other games, I’m playing them anyway. I grabbed a few in the Steam sale, and can already see that I’m going to regret picking up Endless Legend due to the time it’ll consume. Oh, and Advance Wars Dual Strike is still going strong on the emulated DS on the phone… I’ve run into the missions that bogged me down 10+ years ago and am having a great time trying to get past them.

  3. Had a few more season 16 goals saved, will post later. One postage stamp screamer from Figo and a cross that went straight in from Ribery are the stand outs.

  4. NG – I am getting a bit like that and as I have been playing catch up it has been a consuming schedule. Agree totally with the kick off theory as it would explain a lot of things I have been noticing. I have an away strategy that is proving very successful and that is to keep possession in the first half and play very defensive. I know if it is 0-0 at half time I go more attacking as the balance tips in my favour and I try to capatalise. As you have the kick off then, the theory would back this up. At home the opposite is true.

    Anyway back to the league campaign and things are getting interesting. I have closed the gap on Liverpool to 2 points. Also Man Utd have joined me and are also level with me with 13 games left.

  5. Lloyd – Gerrard 4:53 for me. Probably the best goal of its type – the ‘big dipper’ from a clearance – that I’ve seen on PES2015.

  6. Things hotting up as I have 10 games to go and am 3 points behind Liverpool and 2 points ahead of Man U who are 3rd. As I have Liverpool still to play at home I could have a big chance. Focus needed.

  7. Darryl – proceed carefully, and don’t be disheartened when you drop points (you will drop points) as Liverpool will too. If you win the 6-pointer against them you may find you streak away with the title. Winning the big title 6-pointer tends to deflate the CPU team afterwards.

    Watch out for the dreaded kickoff momentum (while exploiting it yourself naturally).

    I’ve just played a typical PES2015 fixture, away, against lesser opposition. They used the kick-off momentum to get an early goal – and that was that. If I was still playing that match now and played it for the next two weeks I wouldn’t be allowed to score.

  8. NG – great advice and will note all that. I did notice me beating them in the first fixture started thier mini decline as they had won the first 15 before I beat them and after that they have now lost 7.

  9. NG – also in my favour is 5/6 of last games are at home.

  10. Pro Evo – An Unexpected Session.

    Had a quick 2 game session this morning before work when a window of opportunity appeared when my wife took my daughter out before school.

    Absolutely battered Everton 1-0, under no real pressure throughout the game. Then played Wolves and went 1-0 up before Gerrard picked up 2 yellows in quick succession. You know that feeling after the 1st yellow card when you just know he’s going to get another one. Then proceeded to put 3 past them with 10 men and ran out 4-0 winners.

    NG – I really did enjoy that Gerrard goal, jump up out of seat moment!!

    The way my formation is set up with him playing as a deep lying DMF he seems to always be lurking around 40 yards out at corners.

    Have closed the gap on Man Utd to 2 points after 11 games. Long way to go though. Onwards.

  11. Gutted! Having beat Liverpool 3-1 and going 1 point clear with 4 games left it was mine to lose. Drew 2 and lost next one and that was it. What a chance wasted.

  12. Gutted Darryl. What happened in the last few matches? Where’d your discipline go, or did the game shaft you?

    Now you’ve got to find the wherewithal to push that rock up that hill all over again.

  13. Honestly the game shafted me. Against Liverpool all my team had either yellow or red arrows and the next game despite being on a high, winning a crucial six pointer I didn’t have a single yellow arrow in my entire squad to pick from. The next game was one of those familiar sluggish 0-0 games. I then played QPR and was 1-0 up with 8 mins to go and conceded. Only lost as I needed a winner as Liverpool had two points gap on me with a better goal difference, so I needed to gamble. I should though in all honesty have stopped playing after the Liverpool game and started afresh a new day. Anyway I have dusted myself down and am going for the treble next year. I have a five star squad with OVR rating of 93 attack, 92 Mid, 88 defence but with still improvement to come. I know I can beat anyone in the game.

  14. that’s the spirit, Darryl, THIS IS THE SEASON!!

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