1. Shortest post ever?
    Care to elaborate or should we take it that you might, just might, play some extended sessions of patched PES 13 ?

  2. Paul—with my image manipulation skills, the Illuminati want me to go and help them put together their next global conspiracy.

    I was unexpectedly out yesterday, all day, and didn’t have time for much else.

    But yes, it’s a deliberate callback to my traditional new-PES-game delivery post every Sept/Oct, so yes, it’s possible—even probable—that PESJP2013 could be getting the ML treatment from me. We’ll see. I’ve still got a crashing problem, will have to reinstall, and then we’ll see.

  3. I had to look twice at that pic, it was quite convincing at first glance.
    Your crashes….. are they occuring at the same point or random?

  4. Notably, I was at the ground seeing Eden Hazard score that goal 😀
    Seriously, you can buy the game with a cover on?

  5. The clue is in the thumb…

  6. Paul—I think I’ve got a handle on the crashes now. Just going to install in the recommended directory instead of default. It’ll be my special mission for the morning, then should get a quick session in. I’m looking forward to it. Which is new for me recently.

  7. Adam & Uncle Turf—and the left side of the ‘box’ too where you can see the edge of the PS3 box. It took me long enough to find out how to rotate the false image, and I wasn’t going to mess around any more than that. Bit like a ‘Christmas in August’ pub thing from me this.

  8. the crowning glory would have been John Terry in full kit on the label of the box having not been involved in the production of the game.

    CKII – I’m afraid I’m breaking one of my rules to get my head round some of the subtleties of the game – saving then reverting to the save if major decisions don’t pan out. I learned the hard way that pressing a vassal’s claim won’t see you rewarded if that vassal subsequently assumes a title equal in rank to your own. By far the best way to understand this game is to do it, ar$e it up, google the details, read the fantastic forum responses, then load up and try again. 20 years in and on ‘very easy’ I’m still in a small corner of southern ireland, I can afford not to be purist.

  9. Hows the re-install going?
    Had a few games on my PC PES ML last night, mixed bag, won one, drew one, lost one….
    I’ve seen the John Terry style ‘diving-header’ block twice now, I never ever saw it once in 10 seasons on the PS3.

    Also had a little friendly match playing as Classic Brazil vs Classic England – I lost 4-3 but what a game!!!!
    was amazing to see the likes of Pele, Dunga, Romario, Bebeto, Gascoigne, Lineker Charlton, Hoddle… all on the same pitch.
    Scored a cracking in-off the upright from 30 yarder with Pele, shot like a cannon.

  10. Uncle Turf—I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that approach when it’s a game you’re completely unfamiliar with and with a learning curve as steep as CKII’s is. I recall teaching myself Dwarf Fortress and Civ II in much the same way back in the day. Of course, once you do get familiar enough with the mechanics, a strict no-reload policy will be the only way to ensure that the big decisions actually mean something. Football Manager-style. Whatever happens, happens.

  11. Paul—I also had a few matches with Classic England. I was disappointed not to be able to use them in a Tournament. But I was most disturbed that the era of Seaman, Adams, Gascoigne etc. is apparently now deemed as ‘classic’ England—? Uh?!

    Not had a chance for the full reinstall yet, still playing on my crash-happy installation—which is being very good now, bizarrely. I’ll still reinstall, though, just in case.

  12. Probably worth it – are you going to try reinstalling to a folder other then the default install folder?
    I’ve heard that its permission-fussy so often clears up errors when selecting a new folder you have full control over.
    I don’t have mine installed to the usual C/Program files/Konami – mine is in a custom folder and it works fine so hopefully will cure your intermittent crashes.

    I might play the upcoming Man City vs Wigan FA Cup Final and the Dortmund vs Bayern CL Final and record those into little presentation vids, just cause I can

  13. Paul-If you do, let me know the scores and I’ll have a little punt on them. 😉

  14. Paul/Lloyd – I remember doing just this for the last World Cup using PES. I won nothing!

  15. Haha lloyd – I wont play on amateur then, wouldn’t want you cursing me when your 5000-1 bet on the FA Cup Final with Wigan 12-0 winners doesnt come up trumps 😉

    John – The Patched PC ver of PES 13 actually has proper trophies in, when you win them, ie premier league trophy with the right coloured ribbons, same for FA Cup etc, it was more to see this that i thought about playing those tournaments, rather than as a betting aid.

  16. Paul—I’m definitely going to follow Jenkey’s own sound advice and install to a different folder. I think my game was crashing because I was playing around with the settings using the in-game F1 menu. Since I stopped doing that, no crashes. Still going to reinstall though.

    A quick word about the heavier ball setting before tomorrow’s post (where I’ll have more to say): do you find it makes free kicks easier? In about 20 matches I’ve scored two where the ball has dipped very favourably at the end, as opposed to scoring two in probably 200 hours on vanilla.

  17. Really? I use the F1 menu to select ball/stadium etc options all the time, never crashes, maybe its cause i have installed to a different folder and have full access, maybe the code calling that F1 menu cant hook into a dll it needs or something.

    I wouldn’t say free kicks are easier per se, id say they, along with all other ball physics are ALOT more realistic with the heavier ball.
    I’ve seen swerving dipping shots that id never seen in any console PES game.
    I also increased the ball speed slightly as with a heavier ball the game can feel a tiny bit slow, increasing ball weight and speed, works beautifully together, thats when you start getting swerving dipping arcing shots, player stats permitting of course.
    I also use the Matrix stats system.

  18. Paul—I love the slower feel of the game with the heavier ball, I really do. Reminds me of the majesty of FIFA08 at its best. Now that was a proper ‘medicine ball’ in that game. I love seeing how PES plays with a similar-feeling ball.

    I’ve scored some interesting goals, all in tomorrow’s post.

    I’ll get to the reinstall over the weekend now.

  19. playing with top teams the slow-down is probably fine as the pace is still decent.
    Try a ML with shit players though and the pace is snail-like, footy isn’t like that, especially english football, its fast, frantic, end to end, i like that style.

    I feel i have a perfect (for me) balance now, pace feels just right on ML, with top teams it feels very uptempo but realistic.

    how did you find my camera settings?

  20. Enough with the console bashing boys; remember us paupers from your lofty PC perch…

  21. Paul—tried your camera settings and liked them, but there’s a learning curve I can’t deal with right now. The curve being the alteration in passing angles as play travels up and down the park. Seems I’ve got too used to the touchline-cam style after all.

  22. Chris” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>I would never look down on the console gamers among us, never…

  23. Chris-i’m with you comrade

  24. Chris…. Far from bashing…. I love my PS3, just in the case of PES the vanilla console version that can’t be modded or tweaked is far inferior to the PC patched version which makes the game feel like what it should have been on all platforms.

    NG – I had that initial learning curve with the altered angles too, doesn’t take long to adjust though.
    I also have some nice custom settings for the pitch side cam too of you prefer sideline on play

    Didn’t get any games in last night, instead opted to give PESUltra a bit of a facelift. .

  25. I’m a dirty console peasant tooo! Thankee marster!

  26. Werd Llitrah(SERF)

    this pc modding be work of thee Deveel nuncle
    *a hey nonny no and a hey nonny nay*

  27. The hair proves it.

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