It might as well reign until September

This, believe it or not, is PES2013:


Just when I thought I was out, I might be being pulled back in. Last night I stayed up late installing the PESJP Patch with Jenkey’s gameplay tool. (Not as formidable a task as you might think. The trickiest part is getting hold of the 3GB patchfile. The torrent never got going, and I ended up downloading it piece-by-piece—in 16 separate pieces—from a file locker website. Luckily, I’m good at entering captchas.)

Installation was a simple matter of clicking an .exe and waiting for a progress bar to fill up.

What can I say? What can I say to do justice to the sheer astonishment and happiness attendant on firing up the old game to find it made wholly new?

Just watch this 40-second clip from the start of the game post-patch. What would you feel, as a PES fan of long-standing, if you started up a PES game and saw this

A brand new PES game, yes? That’s exactly what we’re conditioned to feel when we see new menus, new fonts, and also when we experience slightly different gameplay from what we’re used to. New PES game. That’s how it’s been, year after year.

What should I call this PES game now? PES2013.5? Might do.


This really does qualify as a new PES game. Jenkey’s gameplay patch offers a set of basic FIFA-style sliders. Ball weight, passing speed, shot power.


Adjusting referee strictness is my favourite slider—I’ve already whacked that up by 10%. One of the things I’ve been loving about PES5 is the defensive discipline it imposes on you due to the refs’ fussiness. I’m still experimenting with everything.

PES2013JP in-game

The mammoth patch installs every league you could ever want, faces, kits, teams, balls… I won’t gush on and on.

I haven’t got time to write much today. Too busy playing.


The big question: what does this mean for the lean times that I’ve been going through, footy-game wise?

As much as I’m excited and thrilled and flabbergasted about this development… It doesn’t change much.

It can’t change much. My life has altered over the past few months. Footy gaming is still taking a back seat comparative to where I was before Christmas.

I will go on snatching odd sessions here and there. The difference now is that those sessions might be slightly longer than they would have been. And I might—just might, if I can hit on a settings regimen that I like—start an ML, with the Football Manager database, boots turned off, referees’ strictness turned way up…

The PC modding ecosystem shows up the world of consoles for what they are: painfully limited. The chance of me getting a PS4/Xbox720 just dropped to a fraction of 1%.

I’m very far from being the sort of gamer who enjoys modding for its own sake. I will always ask what modding can do for me in visceral, hands-on terms, when actually playing the game.

In terms of atmosphere and playability, this patch absolutely knocks it out of the park. It is totally amazing. If you have a PC capable of running PES2013 (and almost any mid-spec PC of the last 5 years will do), and you have ever loved PES, you owe it to yourself just to see. Just to see


Updated: 6th May 2013 — 09:30


  1. If adam bhatti is still lurking here id kill to know what he makes of jenkys work. Because it shows the pes development team in a bad light when one amateur can make a better game than a multi billion dollar games company. Remember the waffle we were fed this gen over camera angles of all things, yet one day after release this bedroom coder releases an incredible camera tool. Id love to buy a pc and run this but im done giving konami my money

  2. leroy getz—the effect of the modification tools is to make as many new games of PES2013 as you please. I’m playing a wonderful version with a 10% heavier ball and a 10% stricter referee (think about the knock-on implications of both of those modifications) that effectively does make it a whole new PES.

    I’ve wondered why Konami don’t give us this FIFA-style modding capability, with or without Jenkey’s input. I think there’s a lot to be said for putting out just one version of a game that everybody plays.

    E.g., if my PES2013.5 version takes off and I’m talking about working the ball into certain positions and letting rip in certain ways with certain players, my changes mean that that won’t mean much to somebody else playing vanilla PES2013, or even another modded version.

    So it’s a double-edged sword, this modding of PES. You get one huge positive—new, customisable gameplay—and a huge negative—you’re the only one who can play it. I have to say though that with a few hundred hours of vanilla PES2013 under my belt, this feels very fresh now.

  3. My laptop just falls apart when I try and play Pes 2013 so no joy for me.
    Well Adam, if you are reading, maybe employing this Jenky chap as a consultant would be a wise move?

    NG – I don’t think it matters if you’re the only one playing it. After all, it might help to ignore the inevitable bitching and moaning because they’re playing a different game 😉

  4. Watching pauls videos and reading jenkys blog has me green with envy. Im playing away on my own master league on xbox wondering why, at the very least we cant get a patch for the crazy player development growth. Wondering what happened to the features from last years game that have been ripped out. And yet one dude can do so much, just bloody bonkers. The real tragedy is that on the pitch pes2013 for the most part plays a great game of football. This console generation has their been another company that has dropped clangers as often as konami?

  5. Holy moly! That looks immense. One day, perhaps when I’m older and wiser, I shall become a PC gamer! The convenience of console gaming fits in with the limited play time I have at this stage of life, just pick up and play. My only concession is Civilization and a few other odd strategy games that just won’t happen (and if they did, wouldn’t be right) on a console (although Civ Revolution was a decent stab). Likely I’ll be getting a PS4, but beyond that? Well it seems likely we’ll all be cloud gaming on any device of our choosing. Maybe.

  6. Chris—there’s no Jenkey-approved ‘version’ of PES here—just the tools to make your own. I’d imagine it’s well within the capacity of Konami to reproduce his work themselves, and then some. The signal that hiring Jenkey would send to the fanbase would be highly significant, though.

    PES2013 with a heavier ball and stricter refs is pretty much a whole new game, needless to say. One of the Sins of PES2013—‘Minandinho rockets’, from far too many players in far too many positions—are reduced by (top of my head figure) about 70%.

    The refs will dish out a red card for tackles that might not even have got a yellow before. I’ve finished half my matches with 8 or 9 men. Of course, I have to learn not to make those tackles… It’s all very interesting.

  7. leroy getz—there was and is nothing wrong with vanilla PES2013, as such. What is completely wrong is Master League and that player growth. It still makes me cross that I won a Treble with Defaults and promoted Youths. The Master Leagueness of Master League was at its worst this year. When PES is Master League, that’s a problem.

  8. Filbert—convenience has always been my watchword with consoles too. Have to say though that I can go from waking the PC from sleep to playing the first match a lot quicker than on PS3. The fiddliness only comes from hooking the PC up to the HDTV.

  9. Now you see why i kept banging on about trying the PESJP patch….. seeing is believing, it is indeed like unwrapping a brand new PES game.
    Im glad your initial reaction was as incredulous as mine was…. and with the heavier ball, slightly increased ball speed and referee strictness, the game plays beautifully, with hardly any frustrating moments due to scripting being ‘disabled’ by the patch too.

  10. Blimey. And this guy effectively does all this for free? It’s astonishing. What I’m wondering (and I have no idea how all this modding stuff works) is what the future for DLC (and therefore ways of screwing more money out of you) is. Konami so far seem to have avoided the release game, sell you an add on for £1.99, sell you a ‘master pack’ for £3 etc etc but Fifa was shameless and made sales a huge part of the game.

  11. Paul—yes indeed, now I see. I did try a Jenkey patch a few PESes ago, but that was without the stunning patch to go with it that really does—and this cannot be stressed enough—make the whole package feel a like a brand new, freshly minted PES game.

    The heavier ball changes everything. No more super-through-balls… As does the stricter ref changes everything too. I have a choice: let the AI keep the ball and work its openings and wait patiently to get the ball back, or do the usual kind of wild charging around ‘defending’ and get players sent off. It’s pretty decent…

    I’m still not sure there’s anything more to the ‘Script Removal’ thing than an ironic in-joke. I ticked the box, just to see, but I’ve been straight-from-kickoffed with the same frequency as ever. That’s one of the main scripts in PES of recent years.

  12. Im off to jump off seaham cliffs..thid is what pes should have been donkeys ago..sob

  13. NG – I’m yet to suffer a ‘straight from KO’ goal that we know is so prevalent in PES titles. Just had an 8 game ML session, starting to pull Watford away from Mid-table and towards promotion spots now, even though I’m playing with the proper club players, it isn’t any easier than playing with the defaults as most players are rated just as lowly.
    Klasnic whom I signed pre-season has started to cement his main striker role, scoring 7 goals in the last 4 games for me.

    And indeed, the heavier ball really opens up the game, you can use the added weight to knock balls past defenders, and not every touch is a solid one now leading to more turnovers and more open play, of course as you say the CPU can do the same to you you patient precise defending is key.

    Just about to start work on Episode 2 of the ML diaries video.

  14. Paul—I find the added weight of a heavier ball holds up play more. The devastating, mechanical attack-counterattack rhythms are different. And the stricter referee is a must. Any double-tap tackle where I don’t cleanly get the ball is a red card… Any! The patch is great to look at and sink into, but the gameplay tool is what makes playing the (new) game compelling for me.

    I’ve been straight-from-kickoffed in about two-thirds of all matches played so far—about the same proportion as before.

  15. Maybe you knocked the referee strictness up too much?
    I adjusted it to 120 before and every tackle was a red card, it was too much, so now I have the referee strictness at 103 I believe, unclean tackles get booked and professional fouls are now reds, whereas in the vanilla game they never were, it feels a good balance.

    Weird about the straight from KO goals, not had one.
    are you playing on SS level? I’m on professional for now and its quite difficult.

    Let us know how you get on with those camera settings I sent you.

  16. Paul—I’ve got ref strictness on 110 and I like it just fine. It punishes me for laziness in defending—the old ‘squeeze the buttons and slide everywhere until I get the ball back’ thing just isn’t effective. Leg-breaking slides are straight red cards, as is only right. If Konami ever published a PES game with those settings you’d hear the squealing and crying forever.

    Still on Professional too. Got thumped 6-0 by the AI yesterday. Mind you, I only had 8 players on the park for most of the second half…

  17. Haha slightly skewed 6-0 then.
    I had a few games on regular, and whilst i didnt thrash anyone, i won 4 games straight, so switched back to professional, and won 3-0, my best result on professional so far.

    Really am liking the much more varied way the CPU attacks, rarely ever see the infamous ‘through ball’ counter attack anymore, lots more patient build up and wing attacks.

    Should have ML diaries EP 2 up tonight, finished all the editing, just got to add the commentary and upload.

  18. Just uploaded Master League Diaries Episode 2

  19. Paul—have watched and commented on PES Ultra. A great video. Probably wise to make them weekly, as even twice-weekly would mean you’d spend more time working on them than playing the game, and you don’t want that.

    I had to go out late morning to do some family stuff and am not long in. All day long, on and off, I’ve kept thinking about this new PES2013 game, so that’s a good sign.

  20. Pazl-great glad you have rediscovered your love of pes.i was jealous at first but realised was im not really needing footy games at the plodding on with civ and reading more(medievel history!?)i wont comment for a while as i feel i have nowt much to bring to the table.i will still read this blog of course and see you guys ng dont ask about euIII,you were right;-)

  21. Thanks Werd – of course all this new found PC PES Patching malarkey has seen my FIFA CM on PS3 take a substantial hit, to the point where I haven’t fired the PS3 up for the last few weeks. Shame really, but just play what I feel like playing at the time.

  22. Paul – same here. ive ordered Sim City 4(dont laugh) i’ve only ever played it on a SNES so want to exp how it should be played. Wallowing in nostalgia at the mo, not the best place to be but it suits me to be in my own gaming bubble at the mo. My Civ III is chugging away nicely and I havnt even looked for any PES 14 news for ages.

  23. bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, my hopes of a domestic double on PES 2012 ML disappeared in 3 dismal end of season games last night. I could blame scripting, but more to the point I was also playing very badly – getting tired & frustrated

    One more season I reckon, try to get this team the silverware it deserves

  24. werd llitrah—I can’t speak to the complexity of Sim City, but if you’re familiar with the series from early incarnations you should be okay. I did try to warn you about EUIII—it wasn’t a joke, it was real. Comparing a Paradox game to Civilization/Risk(!) is like comparing Flight Simulator to Space Invaders. I surmise that you just looked at a few screenshots and decided to buy on that basis, without actually looking into what the game is. Caveat emptor.

  25. Paul—likewise, no PS3 for me for a month now. They say that the secret of happy living is decluttering one’s life. Another month or two of this and the PS3 might be history.

  26. abbeyhill—you’ve got bags of time yet, and you might as well skip PES2013 (vanilla) seeing as how the player development will make it seem like a joke to you after all this time on ’12.

  27. WERD – yet another game for the collection then 😉
    I installed Sim City 4 Deluxe on PC a few weeks back, built a few cities but found it ridiculously hard to actually build a decently populated city and generate revenue, always go into debt.
    I am a lover of the Sim City franchise though, and will be getting the new Sim City 2013 (5) for the mac when it releases on June 11th.
    And you haven’t missed any PES 14 news as there hasn’t been any, not a drop.

    I’m pretty sure the PS3 will get a dusting off soon, with a few new tasty titles coming out, Watchdogs, the Last of Us and GTA 5.

    But for now, the convenience, and shinyness of a ‘new’ PES title on bootcamped PC is whats keeping me satisfied.

  28. not-greg – you could say that player over-development is a feature in 2012 too, in that I’ve managed to develop a squad with the 6-7 best rated players in the game (D.Traore, Kmou, Rane, Chigrat, Farinos, Otam, Del Piero) and probably 14-15 of the top 20. Maybe the big difference is in the shooting prowess of the over-developed players in PES 2013

  29. Paul—the difference with me is that I’m really no longer fussed with ‘other’ games. GTA Vice City would be in my top 10 all-time games, but the others all leave me completely cold (GTA4 is still in the to-play pile, years later, and will now never be played).

  30. abbeyhill—over-development doesn’t break the game in PES2012, though. It does in PES2013, big time.

  31. I haven’t lost my appetite for gaming in general though so for me, GTA, Last of Us, Watchdogs…. and next gen games/consoles are still very appealing, and I’m excited by the new technology.

    Abbeyhill, to second what NG said about over-development breaking PES 13 – it does, massively.
    within 8 seasons I had a squad full of 90 OVR+ players, my first XI was all 100 OVR+, including 5 of the games top 10 rated players, including Dzhurov, the games best player, rated 109 OVR.
    It meant it was pointless signing anyone, pointless promoting youth…. it just all became very stale very quickly.

  32. Paul—to anticipate abbeyhill’s inevitable ‘but you get that kind of development in PES2012 as well’, it’s worth underscoring the fact that the PES2013 game engine massively rewards having highly rated players in numerous ways that PES2012 simply never did (by fair means and foul).

  33. I’ve been thinking about playing PES2010 for a few days now – just as a light relief from being the Duke of Munster. However, the revelation of the Jenkey patch has made me really quite hostile to the old girl. It feels like being short changed. I know there’s nothing to stop me getting 2013 on PC and downloading but it doesn’t half feel like we’re getting second best on console. I think I would have rather not known about Jenkey at all.

    abbeyhill – 2013 would be a big disappointment. Zero challenge for a hardcore 2012 house rulesman.

  34. As much as I like the look of the patched PES, all this fiddly diddling with patches, ref strictness, ball weight, stubble length etc is making me feel rather lacklustre about the future of PES and maybe gaming in general. It sounds like the curse of the FIFA sliders times ten.

    I’m still having the odd game of PES ML on the PS3 and it remains a fine game. As is PES 5 and 6 on PS2 which I’m also having the odd bash on when hiding in the shed from Britain’s Got Talent. Knowing I could get all these games on my PC or bootcamped Mac with more bells and whistles than I could ever wish for should be exciting – but it’s strangely not. I don’t want to be constantly fiddling for the best gaming experience or tweaking after every bad loss or one-sided win. I just want to play when and if I want to.

    Basically, what I’m saying I suppose is that I don’t trust myself enough to head down the infinite road of modded PES.

  35. Uncle Turf—it might make you feel better to think of the Jenkey patch as just what it is—a modding tool, rather than a whole new game (even if that’s what it feels like, and effectively is!).

    What I’m saying is the PESness of PES will still be there in some form in some console version of the game if you want it. I wouldn’t force yourself to play any footy game though just because you think you ‘should’. If CK2 or anything else is doing it for you, it’d be a mistake to interrupt the spell.

  36. John—I’ve changed precisely two values—ball weight and ref strictness—and don’t plan to meddle with it any further. The main fiddliness of all this is with the actual installation, making sure the game works properly etc. and doesn’t keep crashing. I’ve had a bit of trouble in that regard that I’m still trying to fix. That aspect alone would be enough to put off many, perhaps most, who are used to the ease of console play. But as I’ve said above, modding PES doesn’t mean that un-modded PES completely lacks value. As you say, PES5, PES6, and even PES2013 (with suitable safeguards) have all still got it, the magic.

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