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Happy Mayday! Long live Socialism. And PES. That too.

An interesting few days. I haven’t played any more PES5. Instead I’ve used the the scant hour or two I’d usually spend on it in pursuit of a possible chimera: PES2013 on a Bootcamped MacBook Pro.

It works—ahhhh, it works perfectly. I’d always just assumed it wouldn’t, what with the famously underpowered Mac hardware and all. Never assume. The game runs like butter. I had a good couple of matches.

Alas, it stretches the machine to the full, sending the fans into crazy vacuum-cleaner overdrive. As is only to be expected on a mobile graphics card, on a Mac, from 2009. It makes me uneasy.

A regular commenter, Paul, has the game running beautifully without stress on a 2009 iMac (that’s the upright desktop machine that you always see on TV shows with a strategically-placed yellow Post-It covering the Apple logo).

PES2013 is a great game of football at its heart. Playing a few matches, I found that I was still loving it. The features! Right-stick! I felt intrigued enough by it to consider possibly-maybe firing up the PS3 again one day when I get time.

Or just installing it on my desktop machine.

OR just going out and getting myself an actual gaming PC. (But I have one, and it runs PES2013 perfectly… but it’s only got an 11″ screen. Although output to the big TV is a possibility… Hmmm. Options, options.)

In truth, I feel committed to PES5 at this stage. The old bird pleases me in all sorts of ways.

The main way being that it’s just there, sitting on my main computer, for me to play whenever I choose.

I’m averaging 25 minutes every other day for football gaming right now. Which is pitiful, but it’s all I want to spend. I’ve started a new game of Civilization V. I’ll be taking a look at Crusader Kings 2 once more this week.

I’ve watched the opening episodes of Season 3 of Breaking Bad—slightly anti-climactic to begin with after the dazzling shenanigans of Season 2, but it’s motoring up again. I love the occasionally comic book, skewed realism of it all. (The cartel hitmen are pure comic book.)

I’ve read a few books. Watched and enjoyed the Champions League match last night. If only the last ten minutes had been the first ten minutes, what a game it would have been.


  1. Paul – how’s about this then for unnecessary historical imagined stress – I’ve just found out my ‘attractive, lustful, underhand rogue’ spanish wife (and mother of my 5 kids) is shagging a Duke in Castille! I can’t kill him as he’s bigger than me, I can’t kill her as everyone will hate me. I can’t even lock her up or divorce her as it looks bad. I have to just put up with it as a feature of the time, meanwhile I haven’t had so much of a sniff from some young bit stuff at court.

    I had a rule I didn’t play this before 8pm but I went to check my marshall and that war and bugger…

  2. Paul—I never had any frustrations with the PS3 version other than the tropical player growth in ML and the ease after you reach a certain tipping point. I’m enjoying my busman’s holiday from my old routine so much that I never want to go back home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t visit. PES2013 and Jenkeys are definitely going on my gaming netbook at some point. It looks just irresistible in your video, as if it really could be the best football game ever made.

  3. Uncle Turf—I’ve never played far enough to have anything like that, so don’t know how it all works, if the news leaks to the people etc. it might be worth bumping her off then. Certainly historically such things were expected and put up with as part of royal and noble life. They were such pragmatists, those medievals.

  4. Blimey Uncle Turf – sounds like an episode of ‘The Only Way is Medievil’ !!!!!

  5. NG – I’m suspicious of the AI %age likelihoods – supposedly the mayor of Donegal was only 5% likely to revolt but the bugger did so. Knowing my guy he’d fail and she would turn on me.

    Paul – I’m only on my first proper (ie non-tutorial) game and already it’s like the most scandalous bits from the NoftW. I can imagine people will be bereft when a major character dies on them.

  6. Uncle Turf—I once read an article (or heard a podcast, now I think of it) where the great Sid Meier himself Spoke about strategy gamers’ skewed views of % likelihoods. He gripes that we will always perceive a 95% chance of something as effectively 100%, and moan about being cheated when it doesn’t happen. Conversely, you saw the Donegal guy’s 5% chance as a 0% chance. It just isn’t so.

  7. NG – fair point. Although I would ask him (SM) why he didn’t make Pirates a longer, more involving game! Strategy for kiddies that one.

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