Month: May 2013

Spending warm summer days outdoors


PES Chronicles is closing today for a much-needed summer break.

I will report back for pre-season training on Monday, August 19th***. There might be some changes to the site—we shall see.

[***EDIT on July 15th, the original return date: sorry all, I am still very much away-from-keyboard and away-from-PES, and have some stuff going on. I haven’t played a single second of any footy game since this post went up.]

Comments on all posts will close at 2pm. The site will then be in read-only mode until July 15th.

Let me take the opportunity to thank everyone for reading, and to wish you a great 6 weeks.

Football gaming goes on and on, and so does discussion of same. will be featuring regular articles and discussion. I’ll be popping in there to comment over the course of the 6 weeks.

Ahhhh the relief! I really need this break. See you soon.

I know it’s over, but still I cling

the great PESJP2013 crash

Late last night I painstakingly reinstalled PESJP2013 into a more user-friendly folder on my Windows laptop. Tested it quickly before going to bed, and all seemed fine.

This morning, it wouldn’t work.

Now, I’ve got some PC-tinkering chops. I’ve led something of a sheltered life that has made me a semi-geek. I can rustle up a script, install an Operating System, that kind of thing. I’m a high-intermediate user—by no means an expert (not even close), but just knowledgeable enough to eye a list of running processes and know what’s going on inside a computer. That kind of thing.

So when it comes to figuring things out and fixing them, I’ve got some moves, is what I’m saying. I could drill down into this PESJP2013 installation, figure out what’s causing the problem on my PC, and fix it.

But I haven’t got time today, and probably won’t have time tomorrow. I’m doing other things, see.

Poor old football gaming has slipped down and slipped down the pecking order so far that there is nowhere left for it to go except to completely drop off the bottom.

I’m more likely to play my Football Manager 2010 save or have another few matches on my New Star Soccer save than I am to play either PES or FIFA right now.

As recently revealed, my personal life has undergone a radical overhaul. After years of mostly blissful single life, there’s now a Mrs not-Greg on the scene. And just like Eve in the Garden of Eden, she’s upset the applecart and no mistake, guv’nor.

That’s not fair actually. Yoko has never specifically banned me from football gaming. She doesn’t really understand what it is, and looks upon it quite neutrally, in fact. She just likes doing other things, and I currently like doing those other things too. (I never would have dreamed that women still watched so much actual, proper television. It’s women who are keeping TV alive as a medium!)

I had an emergency game of PES2011 after this morning’s crash. No spark. Nothing really.

And so, gentlemen (and any ladies who happen to be stopping by), we have reached the inflection point of the current crisis.

I am not willing to abandon the blog, not willing to shut it down. I’m not closing the door on 5.5 years of work just yet.

But it is clear to me that I face a change in life circumstances and habit that is impacting upon the very nature of the blog.

So the blog will be going on a summer hiatus, starting at the end of this week, to last just over one full calendar month, or about 5 weeks.

Friday’s post will be the final one until the start of July. I’ll post a specific date of return, and I will stick to that date.

Early July usually brings the first concrete news of the new PES. The PS4 and Xbox One are just around the corner. I might splurge on that dedicated gaming PC after all.

And then we’ll see where a new era of football gaming might take us.

Blank Holiday Monday

I haven’t played a minute of anything at all since Friday morning’s impromptu PES2011 session—or ‘sesh’ as I believe the kids still say. I’m totally with it, man.

Haven’t had a chance to reinstall PESJP2013, as I need to do in order to get it working properly and reliably.

I haven’t played any other football games, because PESJP2013 is my game now.

I’ve been busy with work, always work. I work weekends.

And there’s also my relatively new significant other. In true Yoko Ono fashion, PES and FIFA—and even good old Civilization—have all been significantly moved down the pecking order. She’s all but moved into my fur-lined lovenest now. It’s like being Peter Stringfellow or something.

My morning PES sessions are now vanishingly rare.

So I’m not going to puff this post out with ramblings about games I haven’t played and which I have no regrets about not playing.

I know I’ve got a sizeable window of opportunity tomorrow (Tues) to reinstall and play. Normal service should be resumed Wednesday.

Have a great Bank Holiday, those in the UK. Everyone else: have a great Monday the 27th.

Oh the humanity

emergency pes2011

Disaster this morning! Well—more of a mild inconvenience, really. Nothing anywhere near a Hindenburg scale. Just a minor bump in the road. Don’t even know why I even led off with ‘Disaster this morning!‘ as a first sentence. The Good Internet Writing Guide recommends this kind of thing, granted, but it also recommends mentioning Paris Hilton a lot in the opening paragraph (yes, my copy of The Good Internet Writing Guide is from 2008). And mentioning Paris Hilton is something I never do. Don’t even know who he is.

My disaster was that I couldn’t get PESJP2013 to run no matter what I did. I never touched the settings from my last session, so nothing was different there. The bugger just wouldn’t run. It would load to the main ML menu, and then crash, every time.

I gave it about 10 separate goes, twiddling this and that (I know all the tricks, don’t worry).

Admitted defeat, and played some PES2011 instead. That’s where the picture at the top is from—my left-back, Ruskin, tackling Liverpool’s Suarez.

Don’t worry, there’s no chance of yet another lane-change over to PES2011 on PC. It was strictly a stopgap measure in advance of the now-inevitable full reinstallation of PESJP2013 is a more user-friendly fashion that I won’t bore the non-technical reader with.

But I did play two matches on PES2011(PC).

First of all—wow, what a light ball! And what a lenient referee…

Second: that game, PES2011, is rock-hard compared to PES2013. Even on its hardest difficulty with mediocre players, PES2013 is just too easy. There’s no time on the ball in PES2011. That’s the chief way it shapes matches. In PES2013, you can stop, turn inside, check back, retreat, without much danger of the CPU player(s) just barging in and taking the ball. PES2011’s AI is brutal by comparison.

That’s the kind of difficulty I want to have in PESJP2013. I’ll be working on that as and when I finally get the game reinstalled.

There was one magic moment in the two matches on PES2011 that reminded me of just why I play football games, and why I still think football games are almost the perfect computer game.

A high floating ball came into the box. Deegan, my sturdy midfielder, had a chance at a header from the edge of the area, but I decided to nod the ball down sideways for an incoming side-back to volley into the net—and that’s exactly what happened.

The signature moment for any dedicated football gamer is when you’re grinning your head off at seeing and feeling something magical on-screen, after first seeing it in your head.