FIFA13 offered job

Sunday morning I started up FIFA13 for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been drifting away from football gaming for a while—not just in the past few weeks, but for several months, it’s now clear to me.

I wasn’t particularly banking on FIFA13 to relight the fire. So there was no pressure on the game—or on me—for it to do so.

I reloaded my last save, with Dagenham & Redbridge, where I was at rock-bottom of League 2 with just two wins all season.

I’d just had a job offer from Fluminense in Brazilian First Division, or Serie A.

I took the offer, and went from the dank basement of English football to the glittering pinnacle of South American football at a stroke. A turn of events that would never happen in reality under any circumstances, of course, but as I say many times, realism in a football game is not something to be necessarily looked for.

FIFA13 Fluminense

My new Fluminense team is pretty good—all high 70s and a few low 80s.

Among them is the veteran Portuguese playmaker, Deco, who was a standout in the first few games. Fred, the captain and star striker, should be good, but feels weak. Diego and Edinho and Thiago Neves really stand out. Going from the rubbish Dagenham players to these players is very nice. It feels good to be able to play a bit.

The rhythm of the season is different in Brazil. The season starts in March and consists of Cup games at first. I played two two-legged encounters before switch-off, lining up against Ronaldinho’s Atletico Mineiro at one point.

Enjoyed them, winning each one quite comfortably with the exception of the last, which I won only on penalties.

FIFA13 is very different from PES. Not that I can really remember much about either now. It’s been a few weeks since I played with real enthusiasm. I genuinely do wonder if the mojo will ever return. I feel that it probably will, but who knows.


  1. Turf – yes I’m pretty sure all the defaults and youths were rubbish in PES2010 and didn’t develop much, although you could get decent money from some of them (Oscar) to buy from ‘players open to negotiation’ list. Carlton Cole is my player from 2010 ML I remember most strongly, for some reason. Rather too easy to score with deep crosses from halfway inside oppo half

  2. abbeyhill – yes, that’s exactly it, when about to be tackled on the touchline just swing a cross over and there’s usually a runner. I think when youth player dev is under-powered it detracts hugely from the ML game because you don’t get the same feel of developing from within and the turnover of players can be vast. I no longer have any defaults in the squad and I’m only starting season 3. Huge money is being offered for Schmidt so it seems, as you say, a way of raising funds rather than a long term strategy.

  3. Paul—another game for the pile! The indie game scene for the Mac is as compelling as ever.

  4. Uncle Turf—that’s about the size of it, yes. You could hang onto one or two Youths—Palmieiri or Schmidt—and develop them, but the transfer market is king in PES2010.

  5. Thanks – it’s how I’ll have played it with Liverpool way back when but good to have it confirmed that I would be wasting cash this time around. It’s time is definitely limited then.

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