Revengeance is a dish best served cold

My UT Feb 21st

A couple of Gold players have arrived. I’ve slotted the players into my formation’s dedicated CM positions, despite them being a CAM and CDM. I took the minor hit to my team chemistry of 1%.

Sometime over the weekend I will prise open the box of a massive new game for me: the new Metal Gear game, Revengeance. This is a big deal. Imagine if PES only published a new game every 5 years or so. Imagine how big a deal each new PES game would be. That’s how big of a deal this is for me.

I actually didn’t really like the Revengeance demo, but a new Metal Gear game (even if it seems to be just an action game set in the same universe, with Raiden) is a must-play for me. I may be the only MGS fan in the world who doesn’t hate Raiden…

But I’ll carry on playing FIFA13 in-between-times. The game’s got its hooks into me now.

Bruno at CDMThe CDM, Bruno, is a proper strongman enforcer type. His shooting power belies his low rating of 61. I think his strength feeds into his shooting and he plays above his stats. As a PES player I’m always looking for FIFA to show me player individuality. Bruno is one of a good number of players whose presence (and absence) I really notice.

The 4-3-1-2 formation is starting to bother me. There aren’t enough players in the middle of the park where they’re most needed most of the time.

FIFA rewards the Latin model of methodical, patient passing. I need midfield passers, and lots of them. If I had my time again I’d go 4-5-1. There’s no reason why I can’t construct a 4-5-1 team in another slot (or even dismantle this team and rebuild here), but I want to take this lot somewhere first.

I finally won a Professional level tournament after three attempts. The first two times, I was knocked out in the first round, by Barcelona B to begin with. Who played just like Barcelona. They thumped me 3-0. I think I had one good chance that I really had to work hard for.

I restarted, and met Deportivo La Coruna. Remember them, 1990s fans? They also dominated me, winning 2-0. Again I only made one good chance the whole game, and again it was one I had to sweat over.

Third time lucky. I stopped playing so carefree-and-easy. I went for patient passing, and borrowing one of my old PES approaches—clean sheet no matter what—saw me through to the final, where I beat Valencia 3-1 in a very satisfying match. I was 1-0 up. They pulled it back to 1-1 before half-time. I went 2-1 up soon after the break, and held on and held on, only getting the clinching third goal with a few minutes left. The relief was palpable.

This definitely isn’t PES, where the ol’ muscle memory knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. It’ll take a while for that to wear off, if ever.

And indeed, my automatic reliance on PES moves is contributing to the first ’empty’ kind of feeling that I’ve had about FIFA13.

It’s commonly said by PES players that FIFA just lacks something. I do feel a certain distance from the action at times, a disengagement, that just isn’t there in PES. It’d be dishonest of me to pretend that things are all rosy.

So… is this the start of my traditional annual cooling towards FIFA? Nah… Just reporting on something I’m occasionally feeling.

The overall feeling is still one of interested involvement. The best sign of which is that I’m seeking out the game, making time for it that I don’t really have, making sure I get a few matches in per day. The card auctioning system is a big draw. It’s something different from Master League.

But I think I will have to pay a visit to Career Mode sooner or later. I feel the need for that substantive banquet.


  1. leroy getz—the answer to your question is yes, you got it right. The player will train towards the new position anyway, but will train much quicker if you pick him at the position whilst training.

  2. Cool thanks for the quick answer. I remember in last years game playing a player out of position by mistake in one game and he remained on a purple arrow for the entire season! Cant afford anyone sulking in my squad at the minute, but at least i cant get relegated from div 2 🙂

  3. After 4 games on Regular I stepped up the Professional. The defaults are easier to play with than last time, game play is much better though.

  4. John – season 7 was it for me as we’ll, it all suggests that regardless of success/decisions your defaults will be too good by then. Woefully short period when most of them are young enough to be around for 10 or more seasons.

    NG – finding it essential to trawl forums for UT insight. Knew nationality was key to chemistry but didn’t realise you could replace this if you buy from the same league. I currently have an entire USA bronze and a half Belgian gold, would have opted for league basis instead so I didn’t have to retrain to my formation as much. Quite a few golds just don’t seem particularly good but am amused by “good cheap players” postings when it’s market driven, clearly some people look to Hoover up all of one type of card and inflate the market. Will persist with Belgian dip for now but the desire to start multiple teams is strong. It’s not quite ML but its fun.

  5. leroy getz—PES2013 has its own set of oddball player morale decisions, you’ll come across them all…

  6. Lloyd—gameplay is tons better than PES2012, if only the shooting. It all makes for a higher-scoring affair all round though.

  7. Uncle Turf—try the game on World Class or higher and it should seem a lot more than fun at that point. Not too sure if the AI in FIFA12 is the same as FIFA13’s though. But you’ll get the idea. If your UT offers a ‘Team of the Week’ challenge (i.e. play against a Best XI from real life), give it a go.

    I don’t think there’s any real comparison between UT and ML. Career Mode is the only real fair comparison point, and I’m going to start one soon enough. I’m playing UT precisely because it’s a break from all that though. I needed this break.

    You can organise your team chemistry along formation, nation, league, and club affinities. And you can use two or three ‘non-aligned’ players without too much of an impact on chemistry. There’s a debate about whether chemistry matters all that much really, but I think it does. Misplaced passes are the main way it manifests.

  8. Considering an Everton career mode at the end of my current PES season but Everton will have a custom striker in their ranks who goes by the name of… Antberk 😉

  9. NG – yes, I’m starting to beat lower level PL teams with my mid 60s bronzes so I reckon chemistry is a sizeable factor and that professional is not a tough level. I’ve also decided that a 400 point bronze pack is good value, the average 3 contract cards are at least worth 450 and you might pick up a nice ball or a saleable player. The premium packs seem poor value though as the players are rarely worth the extra 300. I’m skipping silver completely.

    One thing i have noticed seems the fifa 12 version of the pes woodwork – the number of times the ref gets in the way or gets hit with the ball. Loving the individual animations and game relevant features – you were right about excess sprint dangers. If anyone can tell me if 13 is hugely different or better ill buy it but at the moment my £1.97 fifa 12 is the bargain of the year.

  10. Uncle Turf—I don’t think I knew FIFA12 well enough to be sure if the move to FIFA13 right now would be worthwhile. I only played about 1.5 seasons of Career mode (and never above Professional difficulty) on ’12. I think you can’t go wrong playing the one you’ve got now, for as long as you feel you’re getting value. If you move onto Career Mode at some point you don’t have to worry about missing out on the full experience—not much, if anything, was added to CM in FIFA13 as far as I know. Of course in UT, Seasons were added to FIFA13’s version, and you’ve got the busier Auction market etc. As for the gameplay, I couldn’t rightly say. A proper FIFA player of the past few years might have a proper answer for you there. Until I got into FIFA13 I regarded FIFA12 as the best of the bunch.

    p.s. if you haven’t already found it while looking at the UT webapp, the FIFA12 Creation Centre should still be up and running. I had a bit of fun making Castolo and a pretend PES United with it last year.

    Oh, and re. the referee getting in the way on FIFA12, sometimes they do party tricks (under heading ‘The Weird’).

  11. not-Greg : Won division 5 and the Silver Shield last night. See what you mean about the importance of contracts. Ironically after buying gold players I could only use one at a time in Div 5 otherwise I exceeded the 2.5 star rating.
    Noticed something odd trying to buy a squad fitness card. I could be leading the bidding at a modest 150 or 200 and the as soon as the clock ticked below 1 minute a 2000 coin bid would be placed. This happened time and time again. Is there a problem with bid bots in FIFA?

  12. Chris99—I’m sitting here on my phone trying to buy up enough contracts to give me a ‘cushion’ through my next play-session. I actually like this mechanic as it keeps things nice and strategic. I.e. I often find myself playing one of my old Bronze stiffs because they’ve all still got contracts, until I can get to the Auction house again. The best thing of all is having a nice fat cushion of contracts to see you through a session or two. They soon go, though.

    There is a problem with bots on UT, I heard. As is inevitable with something involving real money at some stage. I don’t know what value they get from stopping us buying a Silver contract card for 250 Coins (a dream I have!), but it happens. I had success yesterday R1-ing a few pages to the Auctions that still have 5 mins to run, and looking for good Buy Now options. I have won a few proper auctions for contracts (never for fitness, squad or player), but I got the feeling it was only because the vultures—human and computer ones—happened not to be looking.

    There are entire books written about FIFA Ultimate Team’s Coins economy and how to play it, and I’m starting to see why.

  13. I haven’t had a problem winning contract cards fair and square for 200 to 250. In fact I rarely buy bronze ones as silver or the occasional gold can be had for the same money. It’s the squad ones where the bizarre bid pattern was apparent. If it is bots then they’re pretty thick as 200 to 2000 seems an overly excessive bid increase.

  14. There we go. Silver contract (18,24,18) for 250 coins

  15. Chris99—what the bots are doing is setting a market price and seeing who’ll bite. When I had a look yesterday for fitness cards I noticed that all the squad-level cards were priced >2000 Coins. I bet there are plenty of takers. It’s like the Nigerian email scam. 99.999% of people will ignore it and move on, but the .001% of people who do bite make the whole enterprise worth doing.

  16. not-Greg : if the bots are working for the sellers then why not bid early and give others time to increase?
    BTW have you ever tried using your coins to buy packs with the intention of trying to sell them for profit, or is it a mugs game?

  17. Chris99—the bots/human sellers (both are present) are doing what works. I can’t find now where I read it, but the theory is that by targeting the low bids and insta-raising to a couple of thousand, it makes it so that the market price of the card type is always a few thousand.

    Re. buying packs, when I get time I love to buy a few packs and sort through them. They’re almost always profitable. E.g. in a 400 Coins Bronze pack, you usually get at least one card you want to keep, then three or four you can sell for at least 150 coins each, and the others will go for 80-100 Coins Quick Sell. I’ve never bought a duff pack, and even if you do it’ll be balanced out by the next pack that’ll make a profit.

  18. NG/Chris99 – think I’m avoiding some of these dubious practices by being on last year. There’s still a high level of activity in the market but less obvious manipulation, except maybe when you see one seller has all the XYZ formation cards. I’ve taken the tip about silver level contracts, etc – it does seem the no man’s land of the game, I have also never failed to off load a +20 fitness card – people seem desperate for them despite the option of simply resting a player… I do have virtually no money though, these early tournaments are really quite low reward and a friendly only gets me enough for a pack or so. Might have to get back to that Paul guy with his promises of 500 coins and him leaving some money in my bank whilst he organises his business affairs…

  19. Uncle Turf—re. the hunt for fitness cards, after a while on UT people have favoured personnel that they want to play with in every match no matter what. I know I’ve already got three or four such players. I tend to play them to within an inch of their lives before resting them (worried about sprint-injury etc.). I will only try to buy the odd fitness card myself now, as it’s madness on there, just madness.

    I’ll always put any I come by in a pack up for Auction. As you know they sell quickly and sell well. I love to see them in a Bronze pack especially as they’re a guarantee of profit.

    What I’m doing at the minute is trying to ease my reliance on a few players by playing some old Bronze players in their roles for a few matches, with good outcomes. More on this in the tail-end of today’s post later.

    My Coins balance swings from 4000 or so after a good few sessions back down to 0-50 or so once I’ve been shopping to top up my stockpile of Contracts cards. It takes a while to pull away from this, I think.

    After the weekend I firmly believe that World Class and above is where the real competitive football is in FIFA. I’m still playing the Professional-level tournies and Seasons on Professional, though, as I’m scared to miss out on the Coins they offer.

  20. Gutted. Just tried loading my NSS game on the iphone and getting a ‘Monkey Runtime Error: Data Access Violation’, and the game wont load.
    It was fine over the weekend, now randomly broken.

    Thats that done then.
    few more UT games last night, am on track for the 3rd Div title, regularly beating teams on professional with my bronze level team.

  21. Paul—that NSS thing is a known issue that has happened to a few people I know. Last I heard there was no solution. Except playing it on the iPad, if you have one. It’s a universal app so no extra cash to pay, but your savegame wouldn’t carry over.

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