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After 28 matches of season 3 in my Master League career, I am rock bottom of the Premier League and looking a safe bet for relegation.

Extraordinary times. Top Player has not been kind to me, to say the very least.

Mid-season came and went. I looked hard for some suitable players, particularly a great defender. A towering Palmieri-like CB to stand alongside Nouhei would have done me the world of good.

There were no available CBs any better than the ones I already have. I decided not to buy just for the sake of it.

I got another attacking midfielder, whose name I have forgotten at the time of typing. I did get him just for the sake of it.

Otherwise, I’ve saved my money for what I expect will be a busy post-season, whatever happens.

Wroughllen was injured for 26 weeks—it’ll be next season before he’s back. He has been my leading goal-threat during this poor run. It’s a blow, and possibly the final nail in the coffin. His general play was still a bit scruffy, but I will miss his lethal whip of a left foot.

Here’s a screen that tells the story, in miniature, of my current PES life—the result of a match against QPR:

A 6-1 defeat in a match that I should have been competing in at the very least, and ideally taking something from. Look at the possession—almost equal, unusually—and my low % pass completion.

After this match, I decided to drop back down to Professional. Yes, I have finally admitted defeat on Top Player, and don’t see any point in continuing. The sense of fun that I was feeling on Wednesday post had been replaced with a sense of grind.

Not that this mid-season move down to Professional is likely to save my Premier League life.

In 5 matches since the move back down to Professional, I have drawn 1 and lost 4.

Among them were two nasty 4-1 drubbings by West Ham and Aston Villa. Oh, those bar stewards in claret and blue…

PES2013 in the Premier League is almost like playing a different game. I’m coming up against some astonishing feats of AI magic. Look at these two instances of CPU wonder-dribbling by Albrighton of Aston Villa:

His PES2012 incarnation was trouble enough. His PES2013 version takes it up to another level.

It’s not all doom and gloom. I believe I have worked out the secret of crossing in PES2013. Laying off R1 is the key. Bad crosses are delivered at full sprint.

And there was this novelty item—watch my player on the near post as the corner comes over:

Tee hee. The lighter side of virtual football, as Mark Lawrenson might say.

And then there was another Coynborough volley, into another net deserted by the CPU keeper:

I get quite a few empty-net shooting opportunities like that in this edition of PES, for some reason. There’s also a Nouhei near-post stooping header from a corner in the above.

So it looks like relegation, doesn’t it? The table doesn’t lie.

I’m demoralised, playing with an empty heart. It’s remarkable to look back at Monday’s post where I was smugly full of the joys of Top Player and the new world of the Premier League.

A week really can be a long time in PES.

But I must resist the creeping sensation that relegation is inevitable.

It is a lot to overhaul, but I cannot give up. We all know how Master League helps those who help themselves. I will dig deep and give it 110% until the end of the day.


  1. In my game, A is pass, B is shoot, X is long ball and Y is through ball.
    I played FIFA first and I inherited those controls into PES 2011 (My first PES)

  2. Adam—in that case, the equivalent of the PS3 X-X tackle on your game would be A-A—or have you chosen a different defence button setup?

    If your B button is shoot (the same controls Paul and many other former FIFA players use) then it’s the secondary pressure in defence, unless you specifically changed it—?

  3. Oh I press B-B and it does a dangerous looking lunge tackle but it pays off. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Turf/NG I forgot about Scholes. He is in my youth team, 79 ovr at 16, the best midfielder in my squad is only a 74! This is what I mean about taking away the sense of achievement. I’m NOT signing them (Mutu tempts me, he’s in my youth team and a 68ovr) Some of the others I listed appear in Free agents. Like I said, it’s only a mental problem really, not signing them pretty much alleviates the issue, it’s just that I like a challenge (which I’m certainly getting from PES2013) and signing those players seems like an easy option

  5. YESSSSSS!! I won the league with four games to spare,now for the Quadruple. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Congratulations Llyod. My league win in what was going to be my last ML season on PES 2012 remains a happy memory. Good luck with the quadruple. No doubt Sibon is still (head) banging them in.

  7. Mike—after hearing that seemingly everybody who has even looked at a copy of PES2013 has Scholes in their Youth team, I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t see him in mine one fine day soon.

  8. Lloyd—many congrats, and the Quadruple on PES2012, with your settings, would be a fine achievement in PES indeed. You’ll have to get a custom Sibon t-shirt made.

  9. Lost my unbeaten record to bloody QPR. 3 League and 2 Cup games left and Sibon has an unbelievable goals total…… Will upload stats when season has finished.

    NG- Sibon t-shirt, now there’s a thought. 🙂

  10. Just got a 1-1 result at Man City in my Top Player Prem relegation battle. Still loving it despite the scrap for every point. I’m third bottom after 10 games having W2, D3 and L5 with 8 goals for and 14 against. I’ve now played all the nasty big boys and held my own. I just hope a nasty surprise isn’t coming by way of some kind of AI super spell making teams play beyond their ability. So far this has been brilliant though.

  11. Lloyd. More like an engraved trophy and a team photo framed!

  12. Mike – wow, my Scholes was only 70ovr at 16. Mind he is 74 now by March… I might not need Deco after all.

  13. John—if the game is going to step up a gear with you it should be about now, from what I remember.

  14. I’ve got 2 games to go in season 4, I’m 7th, 4 points ahead of 8th so almost confirmed in a Euro spot. And frankly I don’t care. I have zero motivation with this game at the moment as the ‘storyboarding’ is so over the top. Every time I got close to that 4th CL place I got stuffed by an uncontrollable players game or multiple woodwork and breakaway goal defeat. However, the 8th place team has never been allowed to close the gap – they do almost identically to me. This isn’t something I feel can be fixed with difficulty settings (?) and like has been said getting top regens this early is actually quite disappointing. I feel like my seasons will progress as Euros this season, CL next, then maybe tilt at the title. What was that we’ve said about feeling like we’re the ones being played?

  15. uncle turf—it’s difficult for me to know what to say, being on a entirely different arc of discovery with this game. I’m at least a season and probably more from being where you are. But there is a sense of the Hand of Konami in the post-hitting. There is definitely something fishy going on there. As for the look of the final league tables… I’ll be posting my full final Premier League table later and there are some rank oddities in it.

    Generally with the game, I’m not absolutely gagging for my next session to come round, but I’m not dreading it/forcing myself either. I’m in a comfortable sort of zone.

  16. Ng this is January in season 4 so you should see the Ginger magician in around 6 months game time

  17. Only managed 3 games over the weekend, but the suggestion of laying off R1 for better crossing does seem to help, scored another open play-header last night.
    Also read somewhere that double tapping Shoot for the header improves things and first time i tried it last night I scored so maybe …….

    2 defeats and a draw from my 3 games have left me 9pts adrift of 3rd place and promotion spots.
    its going to be a tough ask to get promoted this season.
    Just approached the Jan transfer window, yet again rejected several bids for my 92OVR star player Currie, he keeps saying he’s handed in a transfer request but you can just ignore it, there’s no repercussions as such so is a bit of a wet fish. Only time it could ever matter I guess is if the said player is in the last year of his contract – he probably wouldnt renew.

    I also sold Lita, who was just starting to come good but a decent offer and his eagerness to go made my Mind up, replaced him with a youth Player called Bance who looks promising.
    MY key targets were a CB and a RB, I managed to sign both, Johnson, an English 31yr Old CB from Wolves and Mano, a Portugese RB. They should give me good cover in positions I was short in.

  18. mike—I’ll keep an eye out, and hope that if he does appear I get a version already kitted out to compete, instead of a PES2012-style five-seasons-of-development-needed raw youth. Actually, I wouldn’t mind even that latter possibility.

  19. Paul—good call on the player happiness/contracts issue. Is there a way to pre-empt that and offer a player a new, longer contract before the game prompts us to? There bloody well should be, but I suspect not. Been playing quite a bot of my FM2010 save over the past week, and we could do with some—some—of that player management complexity in ML. It could be optional at the start, i.e. ‘Do you want to manage player contracts and training etc.’, with the option to have it as is now for those who don’t want to bother. We can dream….

    I’ve got Mano too—lots of ML players have him this year. He’s one of those players with a ‘% chance to sign’ breadcrumb trail leading to his door. Worth it though, very fast and reliable.

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