The Strongest Team In The World

If I was doing an end-of-week review of PES2013, having played probably as much of the game as any proper reviewer did, I’d currently give it a 9. But I remain very cautious. It’s what we think of the game after a few months—or after a year—that really counts. That’s the true measure of a PES, not the first flush of new love.

With reluctance, I have suspended my fledgling Master League in anticipation of the arrival of a Championship Option File.

I spent yesterday and this morning playing in the Copa Libertadores.

Flicking through the teams available, there could only be one choice. I decided to play as Bolivia’s most celebrated team: The Strongest.

That really is their glorious name: The Strongest.

I confessed a while ago to never having heard of many South American teams, to my shame. (Not that I would ever claim to be the most knowledgeable football person. I’m definitely not. This PES blog is about PES. It’s only about football insofar as PES is about football.)

But I had heard about The Strongest, somewhere in the dim and distant past. Where had I heard about them, though? I think it was on a documentary on late-night Channel 4 back in the 1990s. Somewhere between The Word and the late-late-night fare that was all we had to watch back then.

The Strongest played Once Caldas in the pre-tournament qualifying round, a two-legged affair. I huffed and puffed my way through the first leg, winning it 2-1 after going behind to an early soft goal. I won the second leg 1-0.

From where I was plunged into a group with SC International, Santos FC, and Juan Aurich. A defeat and a draw so far.

Life is tough. And I’m still only on Professional difficulty. With players averaging in the high-60s OVR, this difficulty is still enough of a challenge to make things very interesting. Games can be scrappy if I let them. I have to seek to impose myself on games to get any kind of flow going. It’s very deep and rewarding.

So far the standout player for me is an old-fashioned outside-left called ESCOBAR. I also note the presence of a DMF called LIMA, who I’m sure I bought for a Football Manager 2005 save a long, long time ago.

Being exposed to the Brazilian top-flight teams in my Master League, and now seeing these teams and this atmosphere in the Copa Libertadores, tells me that I need to play a South American Master League career at some point this year.

If today’s WENB Championship OF is late, I’ll start playing Master League down South America way. Maybe as The Strongest, who knows.

EDIT: the WENB OF came out as I was preparing today’s post.

UPDATE – I can install the new OF, but can’t seem to use it. Each time it just freezes on the spinning blue circle load screen (pre-match). Sometimes it only gets as far as the black screen. A hard reset each time (three beeps, never good to hear).

The file looks awesome too, exactly what I was waiting for. I’ll wait to see if it’s a widespread problem or if there’s a fix. I f there’s no sign by tomorrow, to heck with it, I’ll start my permanent ML with the made-up teams and players.

UPDATE to the UPDATE – I can play if it’s anything other than Championship vs Championship. Eg. Man Utd vs Cardiff works. But, alas, Cardiff vs Crystal Palace, nope. Freezes. Very odd.

Whatever happens, Monday’s post will see the real start of my real Master League. I’m done hanging around now.


  1. Kikaz—not very far. It’ll be in my regular post today at noon.

  2. Not-Greg – Awesome can’t wait! will be great to hear how your going with your defaults.. I have sold no-one so far, guess no-one wants a dud though right?

  3. Forgot to add this: Has anyone noticed after resigning some of your players they want LESS salary then they are currently on? few of my players wanted like 60,000 Euros less..

  4. D’oh – Baszjoros was my last throw out so I could get my expensive coach. He looked ok but similar to Carlington and I went with the ‘age on his side’ of the youth teamer. What is a bit annoying is that when you look to sign ‘not renewing’ players you don’t get the % likelihood, so you could waste just as much time chasing no chance. As these usually make up 90% of my signings I’m not seeing any game improvement here. I guess you have to identify them before this and evaluate the scout report then.

    NG – cheers for confirming I’d not gone mad with the ball. I’m still mystified why the forums are not full of mention of these bugs though – a few people have asked about changing it only to be told what you usually do. I guess they are all too busy grumbling about MLO, option files, etc.

  5. Kikaz—I’m nowhere near far enough into it to have any in-depth experience with the contracts etc.

    I released all the players I didn’t want before the end of the first window in August 2012.

  6. uncle turf—Bajszoros fires cannonballs that makes Irjescu look like Ettori.

    And the forums are still on about boots. Everything always comes back to boots. No matter what, it’s boots, boots, boots.

  7. NG, think we’ve established before that you and I have VERY different playing styles, my DMF’s rarely get into attacking positions, unless I’m well into a career and have developed players like Banega. I tend to use dribbling, through balls and wing play, I also have to admit to being a “Sprint clamper” my right hand index finger is permanently on R1 during a game, however I did have a little experiment the othe night and found dribbling/changing direction a lot easier without it

  8. Mike—no, no, you’re not a Sprint Clamper as I’ve always gone on about it (like an old man complaining about ‘mad music’…).

    Sprint Clamping is where you grip R1+X+Square (on a PlayStation controller) and is something many (most?) football gamers have got into the habit of doing without the ball. Also known as double-spring-pressuring. It has been quietly destroying football gaming for many years, until EA (yes, EA!) made a stand against it with FIFA12’s tactical defending system. Which of course the kids hated, and found a way to double-sprint-pressure anyway…

    Holding R1 all the time while you have the ball will unbalance a lot of the play, I always find, but it’s not sprint clamping. Rest easy! Happy sprinting!

  9. NG – the teams on my schedule were either the ones from the PES league or the WE league, minus the team I edited into FC Olivia – they are the “butterfly team.” A butterfly was on their logo. When you name your ML club after your daughter, butterfly logos tend to happen.

    Once you told me my top league would be Brazilian, that ended it anyway. I’m starting a new league this afternoon.

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