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The above clip contains two goals from my first session yesterday afternoon. First is my very first goal on PES2013.

You can see me going for ye olde PES2012 turn-and-shoot goalscoring method. It works a lot less well, now that the R1 knock-on has been removed. <forumspeak>OMG this game is broken!</forumspeak>

The second goal is a Rooney bullet—more of the placed variety, admittedly, than a full-on laces shot. I still haven’t actually scored one of them. It’s not for the want of trying. The keepers are too good at stopping my efforts.

Day 1 with a new PES is rarely a completely comfortable experience. So it proved this time. It takes time to get to grips with a load of new tweaks and variables, and to stop trying to play it like the old game(s).

My early feeling is that this PES is going to be a classic, but a couple of things nagged at me yesterday: Keepers and Difficulty.

Keepers actually seemed much better last night and this morning. In about 10 more matches, I didn’t see one instance of pat-a-cake nonsense. What I saw a lot more of were good, solid stops, and safe diversions of shots off to the sides and behind for corners. I still want PES2013’s keepers to hold the ball more often, but as long as they’re not brazenly gifting me goals (or conceding them) with too many weak parries, I can live with them.

Difficulty as a worry is potentially more serious, but things have stabilised here too.

Here’s what I think about difficulty in PES2013: it’s all relative to PES2012. In PES2012, one of the joys was having to learn how to cope with the AI down on Regular or Professional difficulty, and finally moving up to Top Player or Superstar after a long apprencticeship.

There was a pleasing sense of progression, a feeling that you had really earned graduation. It all contributed to a sense of hard-won achievement.

The thing is, we bring all that experience with us into PES2013. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the game on Professional feels a touch easy. It’d be strange if it didn’t. I remember going back for a match on Professional in PES2012 after a long time on Superstar, and it was absurdly easy in comparison.

I had a few matches on Top Player, last night and this morning. Played 4, lost 4. Scored 1. Conceded 5.

Looking good. All I ask of PES2013’s difficulty is that it gives me much the same challenge up on Superstar, in Master League, that PES2012 did.

Speaking of Master League. If the WENB patch is satisfactory for my needs (it should be), I won’t be able to resist starting my career at some point over the weekend…


  1. Paul—I’ve left a comment and a request over on PES Ultra. (Anyone who needs individual kits and stadia elements, Paul’s your man. Don’t ask him for an entire Championship patch though!)

    And I just had to start ML this weekend. I didn’t take the time off work to sit playing Tournaments and, God help me, MLO. Now this would have been a perfect time to play a League Mode… Oh, Konami.

  2. Got Nouhei from youths

  3. NG – yep had just watched Mark Halsey hand Man Utd a totally undeserved win. gutted.
    As for the PESUltra requests, i will get round to fulfilling all of them within the next day or so.
    You should be able to import the Ricoh from last year but will make you a PES13 specific model too.
    Andy – im on your Swindon request too.

  4. anyone else having a problem changing the Div 2 detailed settings? I have changed it’s name, changed the ball and bugger all has happened – still get PES2013 ball and still referred to as Division 2. I’ve just changed the emblem for the Championship one but it’s going to be a bit ridiculous if I can’t alter the references.

  5. Paul—cheers, and I’ll get the PES2012 Ricoh file and have a go at installing it in PES2013 now. I’m a noob with this stuff and should have tried that in the first place.

  6. uncle turf—I’ve been trying to change the ball without any luck. It saves the change, but then is still the same default ball in-game… Looks like it could be one of Konami’s famous bugs.

  7. not-greg and others – does the WENB file contain the full Bundesliga or is that not in yet either? i really want that before starting ML proper but waiting until thursday / friday? a bit too long for my taste…

  8. #1—the Bundesliga kits and badges are there, not the players though. I got along just nicely for 10 years without any Option Files at all, so I’ve decided to go back to my roots and just get on with ML.

  9. cheers, thanks for the quick reply. figured as much re. the Bundesliga. I can’t keep waiting much longer as non-ML play is getting a bit….not-interesting. curious to see how your EPL / Brazilian mixture will play out.

  10. Heycory just won World Player of the Year. Expecting a big bid for him now, he’s not going anywhere. Have decided that the 4th October is my cut off point for PES 2012 as I have 18 days holiday from then. Have got 4 days of decorating to do and then have 14 days(wife permitting) to begin PES 2013. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. NG – that’s the same for me – everything is saved in there but it doesn’t turn up in the game. I’m finished with editing/files/messing around now, I’ve had a poor start to my ML campaign (d2 l2) and need to focus on playing rather than seeing what you can do with X. On the up side I feel I have a regular team in mind – even if I don’t know their names.

    btw I noticed there are free agents already – picked up a decent RMF for 150k salary. Loving the % likelihood as it stops wasting bids. Apparently there is a 2% chance of Messi signing for Gateshead.

  12. I’ve got PES head – you know the fuzzy feeling when you wake up from far too short a sleep due to playing too much and then not being able to switch off?

    Anyway, I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that I will have to start ML soon and on Pro level as I just can’t create enough chances on Top Player with crap players. I can defend and keep the ball but the AI is brutal in defence without a decent player to unlock things. I’ll go up to Top Player or Superstar when promoted, as originally planned.

    I’m going to have another look around for an option file today then get cracking on editing what I can.

    Bad news on that lack of changeable details in ML. There’s always something isn’t there?

  13. #1—I don’t think the Brazilian-EPL thing will work out—it’s much, much too hard, even on Professional. I face having to go down to Regular to even start coping with the Brazilian sides.

  14. Lloyd—I have got to get this Heycory at some point in some PES…

  15. uncle turf—I was fiddling around last night and somehow fixed the Division 2 edit options thing—I think it was fixed by pressing Triangle to restore default options, then implement the changes, save, and things should work.

  16. John—possible fix for the ML details thing just above. It worked for me.

    And I have no worries now about difficulty. I’m back on Professional, thinking about dropping down to Regular. The Defaults are deceptively good to play with this year—a novelty with new names, but still just as poor as they ever were.

  17. so N-G, that’s good news re. the difficulty then, right? are you going to drop down or persevere for a short while till the complete OF hits?

  18. Not-Greg – Is the impending release of FIFA 13 testing your resolve or do you still have no interest? This will be the first year in a very long time that I will not buy it

  19. #1—I don’t know yet, will see how I feel over the next few days. It just feels nicer to be playing Master League, even if it does turn out to be a short term one, than it felt to be sitting and waiting.

  20. This championship option file update cant come quick enough. I dont want to be starting and restarting ML’s, once I start one, except for a major catastrophe, that will be the one i play through til whenever i get bored of the game.

    Had an oddity with PES13 yesterday, when the game boots up it displayed a server update message which i just dismissed by pressing X, then i got the ‘establishing comms’ message in the bottom corner, which took AGES then the game booted to the main menu but the controller would not work, i could not scroll through the menu at all or press any buttons.
    I tried using 3 different controllers, reassigning the controllers, rebooting the game 3 times, turned the PS3 off by the mains….., same everytime.
    It was only fixed by disabling the internet connection on the PS3, so the game doesnt do the ‘establishing comms’ thing.
    No idea if its been fixed yet but needs to be as currently wont be able to download any patch or DLC

  21. Danny—it’s not so much about resolve as it is simple logistics. When would I ever actually play FIFA13 right now?! Properly, I mean. Not just a few sessions. I can see it in my mind’s eye: one session, two sessions, then back to get on with Master League, and FIFA13 just gathering dust until I get another window of opportunity. I’m a lunatic who often buys games that I have no time to play, but in this case I’m definitely not tempted. I’ll wait to pick up a copy in a few weeks or months.

  22. Paul—that ‘establishing comms’ message popped up a few times and cycled for ages for me too, but seems to have stopped doing it since I stopped fiddling with OFs etc.

  23. its where it tries to connect tio the konami servers for online play, i never play online so am annoyed that it appears when booting, it should only instigate the comms process when you choose to go online.

  24. Paul—my game has gone through that trying-to-connect thing on first boot up and then again each time I’ve installed a new Edit file. I think it’s the game first checking for available DLC rather than teeing up an online session.

  25. still drawing a blank on changing league name and ball. I can now get the championship badge in there but it still says div 2 league and still get the 2013 ball. Bloody annoying now.

    btw seems form is almost impossible to influence once coach is chosen other than presumably by winning games? seeing players go from red to purple for no obvious reason.

  26. uncle turf—I had an Edit file calamity last night and spent half an hour uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. until things were back to normal. At some point in that process I must have pressed the magic button somewhere, because I can finally change those D2 options again. I think it was reverting to default options (Triangle on the relevant screen) and then changing that did it, but anything’s possible. Try this trick: transfer your Edit file to a USB stick, delete it from your PS3, then copy it back from USB. Then see if you can change options.

  27. cheers will have a look. It does seem that the major ‘broken thing’ this year is the edit setup. Or my playing – 5 games in, still not won – the AI on Pro with the defaults is hugely defensive and seems to enjoy trundling that bus onto the pitch.

  28. turn it up to Superstar, Turf, that should encourage more attacking AI!

  29. abbeyhill—when you move onto PES2013, you need to play with these settings: Superstar, 0 assistance passing, Defaults, and against all the Brazilian teams in D2. That lot’ll delay you until PES2024… 😉

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