The last week of PES2012

Sometime this coming week I will finish season 18 in Master League. After this season there will be no more PES2012 for me. I’m really enjoying the matches, partly—perhaps largely—because I know they’ll all soon be over for good.

I’m stuffed to the gills with PES2012. I’m itching to get into a few other games in the time remaining before PES2013, whenever that may be. (Still no release date. Mid-October looks more and more likely.)

I started out wanting a Treble in my last season. As things stand now, I’ll be happy with a Cup Double, or even a Single. I think the League has drifted out of reach already, after only 12 matches of the season.

I gave it my best. I met Arsenal, the current runaway CPU team (there’s one every season), and beat them 1-0 with a great free kick from Captain Barnes. He’s ended up with the armband this season after Neeskens was suspended early on. Results picked up, so I let Barnes stay as captain after Neeskens returned.

Going into the Arsenal match I was 9 points behind them. Defeat was unthinkable. Victory was very, very sweet. My 1-0 win left me 6 points behind the leaders. I could do this! So I thought…

Next I had one of my all-time PES classic matches against Stoke, away. I was 2-0 down and playing with 10 men after 20 minutes. That’s it, I thought. The league season is over.

Then: no, wait, hang on. I can do this…

I’ve got a long tradition of playing well and getting memorable results with 10 or fewer players in PES and ISS games. Back on ISS98, I often triumphed with 9 or even 8 players.

Somehow, digging really, really deep, I clawed things back to 2-2 with a goal either side of half-time. I was punching the air. This was the best match and my finest all-round performance of the season so far.

Sadly, the Stoke miracle wasn’t to be. Late on, Kenwyne Jones zigzagged through my defence and bagged a cruel, cruel Stoke winner.

I followed this up with a pitiful 0-1 home defeat at the hands of Shamrock Rovers.

Leaving me staring at this table after 12 matches:

Not looking very good, is it? I’m not writing the league off, though. Strange things can happen to the teams above you if you can get a string of good results.

One major highlight of my recent sessions was a cracking distance goal from Baresi, wearing the captain’s armband for the day. I love the hidden stats-boost.

I’ve got a couple of days off work coming up. I intend to have season 18—and PES2012—all wrapped up by the end of the week.


  1. I would aim for 3rd place at the very least now

    My second montage is finished but it isn’t uploaded yet

  2. And so, the end is near…..

    Funnily enough I’m in about the same point of my final season as you NG. I’m probably in my best ever form and just two points behind leaders Liverpool. This really is my best as well as last chance of the title.

    It’s weird though because as much as I’m loving this last season and the feeling that I’ve sussed the game finally, I still can’t wait to get to the end of this season. I’ve come to love my Brighton team – more than any other I this gen of ML – but it feels right to say goodbye now.

    I hope to finish this PES with a trophy or two by the end of the week then take a breather. I’ll probably save trying the Demo 2 as a bit of pre- season training for PES 2013. I just hope it’s out before Fifa.

  3. Adam—I’d do well to get 3rd from this position. Seeing as I’m not carrying on after this season, anything other than the title will be a disappointment.

  4. John—at this stage of the year it’s a question of having satisfied the appetite and then some. I felt I was already playing into the exhaustion zone about a season ago, and don’t want to prolong it any longer just because “I’m a PES fan and I have to”. I really don’t want to play on after this season and am looking forward to it being over. But alongside that, I’m also enjoying the current play-sessions, and I look back fondly on my best PES year since PES5. All those things at the same time make a warm fuzzy feeling. I’ll probably play about 15 matches on the PES2013 demo II for about 2-3 days this week, then nothing. No PES2012 or 2013 activity at all after this week, is my aim. It feels good to contemplate.

    Good luck with your last tilt at the title—although if you just miss out would you want to have another season?

  5. Here’s a professional goal montage and I dare say that it’s the shooting at its best. Some of the goals are quite special

  6. Adam—some lovely goals there. I love the placement of the two around the 1:00-1:30 mark. Sadly, I don’t think seeing any amount of great goals from anyone will save PES2012’s shooting for me. PES2012’s shooting is terrible, the worst PES shooting there has ever been. I do remember it seeming to get worse as the patches came in, so you’re probably doing well to stay on 1.00 (where the central/opposite-side tendency was still bad enough).

  7. I stalled 6 games into my new Benfica ML. The appetite to play PES just isnt there, playing a portugese league against the likes of xalhafo, Bencetezo, Iaxialofo etc isnt my idea of fun.
    Non-Branded kits, fake names, blahhh…

    I have now resumed my FIFA12 CM with Birmingham City, a run of 1 defeat in 14 matches has pushed me up to 2nd in the Championship, nut 10pts behind leaders Wolves with 2 games to play, so 2nd to clinch automatic promotion to the prem would be lovely.
    Plan to squeeze in at least 1 season in the prem before jetting off on my hols, which will take me through to end of Sept and hopefully the imminent release of PES13.
    Still no concrete release date I see!!! Abysmal.

  8. Paul—the release date thing is mystifying, and I don’t know what to make of it. Probably that it will indeed be mid-October before we see PES2013 on these shores. Can you really see the game coming out now at any time in September, and there being no forewarning of it at this stage in the last week of August? I suppose the first week of October wouldn’t be too bad.

    Interesting to hear about your FIFA12 exploits. I’ll be firing up that game in earnest myself very soon. I only wonder if I’ve used up all my footy game juice on PES2012 this year, and it’s now a case of doing other stuff until PES2013.

    Really can’t wait to finish and be done with PES2012 now. I feel as if I’ve been eating a favourite food for dinner every day for a very long time. It’s still nice. I still know why it’s a favourite food. But now it’s time to clear the table and wash the dishes and dry them and put them away. Metaphor ends.

  9. Great Metaphor to start the week!!
    I wondered the same – if I was oversaturated with football gaming as its been a staple of my daily routine every night for the last 11 months, but with the new real footy season now underway, the appetite is still there.

    It was a joy to play FIFA again after mny latest stint with PES. PES on regular with a decent team was enjoyable, i didnt really experience any scripting or BS CPU antics,but it was just stale, old, I’ve seen it all.
    Playing FIFA was a joy because the fluidity, responsiveness etc was there, and its something new as I’ve only had limited time with it.
    Admittedly im playing on assisted controls with the gameplay sliders tweaked slightly to introduce a litttle more error on CPU passes etc.
    FIFA has its issues,its by no means perfect but im really enjoying the games at present, and it will do until the mystical PES13 comes along for sure.
    Im actually quite looking forward to the FIFA 13 demo too.

  10. Still 1st and 7 points clear of Theeselvargen in 2nd. Europa League is one game away after an amazing comeback against Sporting. I was 1-0 down after a complete fluke of a goal by Rinualdo. Stephane Torres got a leveller and 2 minutes later my SS tackled the last man and ran through. A defender caught up.He hit a poor shot but it was deflected back to my CMF who hit a first time shot into the back of the net. I was screaming my head off! Now if I beat Valencia I’m in the Europa League
    I can’t wait!

  11. I thought the new demo was out today on Xbox Live? Nobody seems to be playing it so I assume I was wrong.
    The wrists improving – I managed an hour on Arkham City yesterday which is encouraging. Footy games are a whole different ball game in terms of the punishment your appendages take though.
    FM 2011 has also sucked me right in at the mo – it’s like the good old (sleepless) days of uni. I’ve been mulling over a new striker and formation this lunch… oh the joy!

  12. Chris – the PES13 demo #2 IS due for today on XBox, cn only assume the update hasnt gone live yet. WAs hoping to grab it when i get home from work.

  13. Paul—re. FIFA settings ‘n’ sliders, you’ve got to play with the ones that give you the most rewarding footy experience in the time you have available to play. The PESocracy tends to scoff at EA’s customisation features, but I’ve always approved in principle. I’m looking forward to having a few weeks of tinkering to my heart’s content.

  14. Adam—the classic PES moments, in Master League, cannot be bettered by any experience in all of gaming. I truly believe that. It’s that X-factor, if you’ll pardon the expression, that FIFA has yet to truly capture.

  15. Chris—I’m downloading the demo on 360 right now, it was up and live when I came in from Outside.

    I’d been wondering why the forums are gagging so much for these demos to appear, then it hit me: none, or few, of the ‘gaggers’ have played PES2012 very much, if at all. For them this is the end of a year-long PES drought. No wonder they’re thirsty. You’re pretty much in that camp too, sort of? Well, with 10-minute matches, I’m actually pretty intrigued myself now.

    And… Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition on XBLA?! When did that happen!

  16. NG – report back when youve had a few games as ive heard that the matches are still only 5 mins long despite Konami press release and tweets daying theyd be 10 mins?

    Some confirmation would be good.

  17. Paul—the matches are still only 5 minutes long. Big laughs to be had currently on the forums where they’re arguing about it as if there’s any doubt. It’s there in the settings list: Match length: 5 mins (greyed out). The matches last 5 minutes, plus halftime/stoppage time/pausing time of course.

    It’s not enough time to judge the game, particularly as you’re playing with top teams again, but I really enjoyed the 4 matches I played. I whacked the passing assistance down to 0 and had a great time misplacing my passes and slowly re-learning how to construct the simplest moves. I think I’ve found my starting settings for ML: Regular difficulty, 0 passing assistance. And, if the shooting holds up in the final release, with the Defaults.

    A good appetite-whetter for the full game, but how I wish I had 10 minutes. Maybe the usual forum pie-in-the-sky theorising will turn out to be correct and the PSN demo will have 10 minute matches.

  18. Oh that’s a bummer, I was looking forward to 10 mins. Tbh I’ve just downgraded to Silver for the next couple of months so won’t be able to download till next week anyway.
    You’re right, not-Greg, I am very fruity for the coming footy gaming season. Skyrim, real life and THAT shooting/scripting got in my way this year but none of that Outside shit or ‘real gaming’ this year. It’s PES/FIFA all the way and I’m fresh as a daisy for it! *Furtively looks at release schedule for ‘real games’ in October/November*

  19. Makes you laugh, Konami Ballsup again, they even stated via multiple sources that games would be 10 mins!!

    Oh well, look forward to trying it when i get home.

    Regular NG ?? No straight jump to professional, aka scriptfest mode?

  20. Chris—certainly 95% of the energy on the PES forums is being driven by the PES2012-skippers, from what I can tell. I could barely muster enough enthusiasm to download Demo 2 just now… But the 4 good matches perked me up somewhat. I’ll grab the PSN demo when it comes out and play a few matches on that too, and that’ll be me done until October the Whatever. I’m planning a PES-free month. Will play a few Other Games and possibly go Outside.

  21. Paul—I enjoyed the slice of PES2013 that it all-too-briefly presents you with.

    Regular is now PES’s Normal difficulty, the equivalent of 0 gamespeed. It makes sense to start there. Let the straight-to-Superstar macho men dash themselves against the reef. I want to enjoy my football gaming my way, and have the difficulty scale up again as the seasons go by. A PES-free September (barring inevitable spurts of activity on PES6(360) and maybe the PSP version of PES2012) will set me up nicely for the new game.

    I’m really happy I didn’t book that week off in September based on your say-so a while back! (Although I suppose it’s still technically possible PES2013 could come out at that time.)

  22. Still unbeaten after 11 league games, 3 CL games and 1 cup match. Just played Man City and smash and grabbed them in the 91st minute:-) 🙂 Felt great. This was going to be my last season, but my team is approaching its prime and Sibon is becoming an unstoppable force. I think this and the next season will see him at his peak and I will find the time to continue as long as possible. I will have to leave the goals video I was going to do until my holidays in October.

    I haven’t hit the PES fatigue point yet, but I didn’t get the game until February so will probably play right up to my holiday with wife and kids and have a week off before getting PES 2013.

  23. NG – I did originally tout 28th Sept as a possible release date based on retail go live dates that I was sent. That same document was updated today and said PES 13 – TBC OCT 2012.
    So make of it what you will. Oct 4th is looking most likely right now.

  24. Lloyd—after this week I’ll definitely be abandoning PES2012 for good. I’ve got a few days off work and have already played past the halfway point of the final season. It’s been a great ride full of memorable ups and downs, but I’m ready for the end now.

  25. Paul—don’t worry, I took your prediction with a pinch of salt, it’ll take the official Konami announcement before I’ll try to book the week off.

    That first week in October would be the next-best thing to a September release, but I suspect it’ll be the following week ending Friday Oct 12th. Of course I’ll be expecting my copy to come as usual on the Wednesday (10th of the 10th)—I know you got burned last year, but it’s worth doing. Law of averages and all that.

    Once again the UK & Eire will have to put up with the rest of the world getting one of our principal sports titles a few weeks ahead of us. Konami might just as well call the PC version ‘Pirate Me 2013’.

  26. Lloyd- I’m not unbeaten but my strikers are amazing- one is 89OVR and has 20 goals in 15 games and my other who is 76OVR has 7 goals

  27. I’m still enjoying a mini joyfest as well. I have a settled side, lie 2nd in Prem coming into the Winter break, still in Cup and through to CL k.o. Sibon is proving to be the Ribeiro-killer, Farinos and Heycory are awesome at both stopping and initiating moves, Rooney is my new captain and I have enough depth to swap out anyone if they dip into blue. I’d like to think I may win one of them but this time tomorrow I may be saying I’m finished with the scripted piece of shat…

  28. Uncle Turf- I’ve felt the wrath of Rooney before
    I’m guessing he’s number 10 and Ronnie is number 7
    I’m suprisedthat you not excited about the partnership that they had a Man U being restored
    My front two’s partnership is memorable
    Watch the second montage and you’ll see what I mean

  29. uncle turf—set your sights as high as you can. You’re going to win the Treble. All that cheesy self-help stuff has to come into play here. Of the three, the two Cups are probably the trickiest IMO, as the later stages get ridiculous in the CL, and in both cases the one-off final can be a lottery.

  30. Not Greg you are responsible for me getting back into PES for the first time since 08 . Well I should say trying to, I have high hopes for 2013 from the demo today. Keep it the same loose the cut scenes, make it possible to buy/sell players and I’m happy. Oh…..and no west highland terriers!

  31. Adam—a mature Rooney is almost the perfect PES2012 striker. For me, though, Forlan has been my top PES2012 striker—the Sibons etc. have been good, but Forlan was right time, right place for me, and he fits my playstyle too of course.

  32. METZ—PES2008 certainly has a lot to answer for—an entire generation of football gaming lost because of commercial pressures to release an unfinished game.

  33. NG – I would be more confident were Chelsea not casting a shadow over everything. They have replaced Liverpool as the dominant force. Liverpool sold Carroll to Arsenal (who in turn have transfer listed him!) and play Suarez alone up front, makes them easier to handle than Chelsea who have Mata, Neymar, etc all running at you. The big shock has been Man City now tumbling down the league yet with a front 5 of Silva, Milner, Tevez, Balotelli and Hazard. Sibon got a hat trick against them. Ironically the 2 games I’ve lost were Spurs 1-2 and Norwich 0-3!

    Adam – I play Rooney as an AMF just behind a front two of Sibon (attacking back post) and either Ronaldo as an SS or Inzhagi as another CF. I would like it to always be Ronaldo but his form is quite patchy, and Cocio my RMF is even worse (3 for form) so Ronaldo sometimes has to switch to the wing. Cocio is very frustrating, got him as a youth, he has developed to be 103ovr, a talisman and best passing stats I’ve ever seen but he is blue 2 games out of 3 and a moaner. Really thinking about selling him but with maybe only 1 season left (?) not much point. Rooney on the turn and shoot or 20 yard hit is tremendous, and can play right across the whole of midfield and attack with a really useful track back card. Wish I’d known how good that was earlier as it helps break up a lot of attacks, one of the few cards which seems to have an actual impact.

  34. uncle turf—the tried and tested ‘play as if for a 0-0’ approach against the uber-team(s) usually sees me right—unless you’ve already met them twice this season. It might be the case that you’re relying on them to drop points against other CPU teams. If so, 9 times out of 10 you can pretty much bank on it happening. I remember you saying you had the 1 time out of 10 last season when the CPU team(s) above you in the table didn’t ‘auto-balance’ in your favour, so you’re due.

  35. Had a session this morning
    My 10 point lead has been reduced to 9 as Theeselvargen thumped me 4-0, I responded by beating Netapolsk 5-2; if Barry is reading, Kholantsak couldn’t stop me! Theeselvargen only drew so I stayed top. I signed none other than James Morrison a day before my PES Cup quater final against Ganzoriaccio. He made his debut and his thumping shot that hit the bar fell to my midfielder who headed it in well. I also have two Shimizu’s now after I promoted the youth player. Semi-Final against Anchelmdolf

    Oh and next year by master league will be: Nottingham Forrest, Return to glory

  36. Downloaded and played the XBOX PES13 demo 2 last night, and must say its looking quite solid.

    For the first time in ages ive actually felt fully in control of my players and confident they’ll do what i want, not fight against me.

    The pace is spot on, the game flows well, passing has been refined, although they’ve totally stripped back the manual factor on 0 bar assists, on demo 1 it was totally manual, on demo #2, 0 bars is more like 1.5 bar assist. Works well though.

    They still need to sort the ballooney keeper throws out and remove the on rails feeling especially for lofted through balls but im quite excited about a new ML on PES13.

    I actually found 2 bar assits most satisfying when playing the demo, maybe thats because the short match times force you in to playing a very direct attack game though. could well start a ML on 1 bar.

    Its nice to be able to place shots EXACTLY where i want them, no central shooting here.

    Will give the PS3 demo a go tonight and try that also.

  37. Adam—hang on, TWO Shimizus?! One was bad enough for me. Is it your Option File that’s enabled two in the same ML world?

    And re. James Morrison, he was a great, great midfielder for me in my early seasons. A great shot on him, as you’ve found.

  38. Paul—I won’t be counting any chickens until I’ve got that controller in my hand on release day and the shooting and passing values are still as satisfying as they are in this demo. Playing 5-min matches with top teams in a polished demo presentation is one thing. We all know PES’s recent history of meddling with the game before release. I just cannot trust Konami not to fuck it up in some way.

    All that said, it does look pretty good. I never tried 0 bar passing on demo 1, or very much on PES2012 (where I was 99% a 1-bar man), so it’s a new departure for me with demo 2. Looking forward to playing the full game with it. As you know I dislike full manual settings so a tweaked, more ‘assisty’ 0 bar feels good to me.

    The cynic in me predicts a faster-paced final game with wonky shooting again.

  39. NG – fully agree. Past pain has embelished a sense of cynicism in us that will force us to expect Konami to balls it all up the minute before the master game image is sent off to be mass produced.
    If they in ANY way dumb down the AI, change the speed, fuck shooting up for final release then I think it will be the death of Konami and PES.
    they have used all their 9 lives with the PES community.

    Some more in depth impressions up on

    It plays very nicely, but will it stay the same, thats the kicker.

  40. Paul—history shows that Konami have infinite lives with the hardcore PES community. Personal identity, habit, and genuine delight in great football gaming—these three things form a trinity of influences that ensure Konami will get away with almost anything short of another PES2008.

    My personal threshold for PES2013 is quite straightforward. There must be no introduction of any PES2012-style wonky shooting or PES2011-style stumble animations. Konami WILL meddle with the game between now and release. The question is what they’ll do and how much it’ll affect things. I’m pretty sure that the final game will be faster across all speed settings, but -1 and -2 speeds will make up for that. If we get away with just that almost inevitable speed increase, we’ll have got off lightly this year.

  41. Ah I have no option file I play in the PES league
    I used a game to generate my team and my right midfielder was Ryo Shimizu and I made him a 72OVR RMF he’s a reserve for me as
    A. I have a better player
    B. I just signed J. Morrison
    I got the 75OVR version from the youths on the first day of Jan transfer window
    He didn’t play in the cup game but is on the bench for my next game

    Could be playing my fierce rivals Thesselvargen in the cup final
    Next match Saintragler at home, boy do I love this career

  42. Adam—sorry I thought you meant you had two of THE Shimizu, the maddening/brilliant youngster. The only way I knwo of for there to be two of the same player is through Option Files.

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