Mutu boo-hoo

Oh dear—my last-ever season on PES2012’s Master League has not got off to a good start. This is my worst start to a season in I don’t know how long. Probably 5 or 6 seasons.

No prizes for spotting who this season’s runaway, high-scoring CPU team is going to be.

I’m not scoring goals and I’m letting too many in. It’s a simple diagnosis really. I’ve played three of the top teams already and been soundly beaten by them all.

Liverpool were the latest top team to easily get the better of me. They beat me 2-0 at their place. A rampant regen Adrian Mutu bagged both goals. I wore my new (un)lucky all-black Away kit for that game.

It doesn’t bode well for the outcome of my absolute last and final season. I’m going for an unlikely last-gasp Treble. That’s the primary aim. Failing that, I’d settle for the league title. Failing even that, either of the Cups would do. I’d hate to finish my last season empty-handed, as I did last.

But I’m playing less and less PES2012 as the days and weeks go by. And I’m decidedly in the not-bothered zone when it comes to so much of the frippery and hysteria surrounding PES2013. All I’m bothered about there is the release date. I need to start making plans for the week in question. The longer this goes on, the less likely it is that I’ll be able to book release week off work. What is going on with this?!

Because I’m playing less and less PES2012, I’m experiencing a lot more instances of being caught out by the rampant AI. When I was playing for a couple of hours every single day, I was battle-hardened and prepared. I’ve gone a bit soft now that I’m taking regular days off.

Case in point: that 2-0 defeat at Liverpool. Both goals came about as the result of extended periods of AI pressure, where I’d had numerous opportunities to just put my foot on the ball and slow the game right down. But no, I had to go charging forward, forgetting all the lessons I’ve learned, often painfully, over the last 18 seasons.

Never mind. The top of the table might be 9 points away, but there’s a lot of the season left to go. And Master League is programmed to let me get back into the race, as long as I don’t lose too many more matches of course.

In other news, two wins out of two at the start of my Champions league group—against Napoli and Zenit St Petersburg—have set me up nicely for qualification. I won’t be counting any chickens there though.

And my first FA Cup match is coming up. It’ll be against Middlesbrough, who dumped me out a few seasons ago.

The Treble is on, but it’s hanging by a thread.


  1. Much better to drop 9 points at this early stage of the season rather than post January, the top teams rarely lose many games after that period.

    With my new Benfica ML, I totally agree that its not seeming more fun because of the removal of option files etc, its probably more to do with the fact that ive dropped down a level, its new, better players (than the defaults) and im not actually that bothered, so if i lose a game I just bshrug it off, rather than finding 101 different scripted reasons why I lost it.

    Also had a couple of matcheson the PES13 demo, using the ‘Live Broadcast’ camera setting.
    Really liked this camera and at first thought I could possibly use it for my PES13 ML, but its fundamentally flawed.

    The Isometric view is great, but needs to be zoomed out by a further 20%, currently you cant see much of whats going on around you, limiting build up play.
    Also when the camera changes and zooms in to your player when you are by a touchline, the control input completely shifts. You can be running Right to Left pushing the LS in exaclty the 9 o clock position to run straight up the wing, then when the camera angle zooms in the orientation of the pitch changes so continuining to hold the 9 o clock position makes you run out of play or into a defender.

    If Konami zoomed this camera out a little farther and removed the zooming in, this would be a superb angle to play the game from, even the graphics look smoother and more fluid on it.

  2. urgh, probably just as well we’re coming to the end if regen Mutu goes on to become a monster – I sold him for a couple of mill to finance my Rooney transfer.

    Ronaldo proving to be less than stellar – good in the air but maybe my lack of tricks is not getting best use out of him. Played an exhibition last night with Barca to see what I will miss – Messi’s shooting is ridiculous – no back lift and stupendous power, I’ve never seen anyone mention owing him or any regens and I wonder if you actually can? NG – is he regen’d somewhere in your world?

  3. Had a rather emotional reunion with Irjescu who is back from his loan spell at Real for the last season in my ML with Brighton. He came on a sub to sure up the midfield in a dirty 1-0 win at Fulham.

    I got a 0-0 at Liverpool in the opening game with a “thou shall not pass” attitude – in a defensive way of course.

    I also have a 23-year-old Riquelme back from a loan spell for this season but, alas, I doubt I will never see the best of him. He’s still a slow 79-rated sub at best.

    Knowing it’s the last season really does add a bit of spice to each match though. I can’t help but think back to those days of even greater struggle in Div 2 when Irjescu was a fresh faced young hopeful with a blunderbuss shot.

  4. Paul—attitude can be fully three-quarters of the deciding factor behind how good/bad any given PES session is (or anything at all, full stop). I still remember you loving the game a lot more on 1.03, though.

    I’d love t play with the Pitchside camera, but like you say it’s a problem with these non-Wide cameras of the angle not allowing you to see enough of the pitch. And that control issue thing is not acceptable even occasionally.

  5. uncle turf—Messi is still his original self in my season 81, aged 40 and still at Barca. 87 OVR now, but still with impressive back-page stats. I’d probably have to play to season 23 or longer to get a regen Messi who could do things.

  6. John—it’s frustrating indeed with these young players. I’ll never see the wonder of Hagi again—hopefully PES2013 will have a similar Classics unlock system. I’ll happily go down the Classics route again without any shame or remorse whatsoever.

    The last season spice is a spicy spice indeed. The season’s full of milestones. Last ever home game against Man Utd. Last ever Champions League group game. All of that.

  7. Messi Regen’ed in my ML world, funnily enough back at Barca, as a 17yr old, i tried about 10 times to sign him, i had over 200million in the bank i could have offered – he wouldnt even talk to me.

  8. Paul – and therein lies the major flaw in this year’s transfer system. Absolutely nothing you can do to sign players you want regardless of how much money you have.

  9. Haven’t played in a while as I am in Plymouth and my Xbox 360 is plonked back in Rugby
    I just found a new user on YouTube who’s 360 option files are breathtaking
    His username is TheProEvoGuy

  10. Paul—the only time I’ve ever played with Messi on any PES was in PES6(360), and he was pretty special. I still have that save…

    I think you had the cash but your ranking was still quite low—somewhere in the 20s?—and I think that’s a massive part of the AI calculation when it comes to transfers likelihood.

  11. uncle turf—I wonder just how much the transfer system is going to change in the PES2013 version. It’s all very well having an extra bit of info, but will we be able to do things, i.e. offer silly money, wages etc.?

  12. Adam—cheers for the tip. That username rings a bell, think I’ve bumped into a few of his vids a few times in my travels.

  13. Thoroughly recommend pantelic… top player!

  14. Had a couple of days off as I’ve been very frustrated with a pattern that has gone on for half a dozen games now; regardless of opposition or form I have dictated play in the first half only for them to score around 30-40 mins, me equalising 50-60mins and getting the winner 70+ (and maybe a third in last 10 mins). It’s getting silly the way that either the game or me is doing this, particularly as I like trying to bring on one or two younger subs and have been too uncertain of the result to do so. Not one game have I taken the lead, and not one have they been able to keep it. Very un2012 park the bus like.

  15. This is a complation of goals scored on regular during all forms of master league, enjoy

  16. Ray—I’m in my last season on PES2012 and not planning to buy any more players at all, but cheers for the tip, others are at different phases of their ML careers.

  17. uncle turf—that’s a bit of a pattern. I had a spell of 2-1 wins last season where I would go 0-1 down early on, then come back—but with goals at various times. There’s nothing like a break of a few days to recharge your batteries on PES2012. I’m having some golden sessions in my last-ever season.

  18. Adam—cheers for sharing, was hard to see some of the goals there but the rebound strike at 1:15 looked a bit special—did that go under the keeper’s leg?!

  19. Finished last season 2nd four points behind Arsenal. Sibon was top scorer with 46 goals in 46 games. Started next season and am 5 points clear at top after 9 games and still undefeated. First ever game in Champions League on Superstar and I beat PSV 5-4(crazy game, I was 5-3 up at half time)

  20. Yes. I’m still on 1.00 so the keeper is not as good as the ones in your game.
    Sorry I must of forgot to change the quality to medium

    I have some more goals that were taken after the montage
    I’m planning another one soon

  21. NG – you’re right, a 0-0 draw away to Roma secures CL knockout qualification, and breaks the pattern. I suspect it was me playing 2*, getting sloppy then having to go for it 5* second half, rather than any weird PES plan.

    So far I’m on track for a treble challenge but all it takes is a bad script/international/poor game to blow it.

  22. Lloyd—playing in the Champs League on Superstar is always a bit different from any other mode. Be very careful in every match. It’s easy to go in on the back of a good League run, thinking you’ve got this Superstar lark sussed, and twenty minutes later you’re out of the Champs League.

  23. Adam—why are you still on 1.00, better gameplay? Some have said it is.

    I don’t think it’s the picture quality of the vid that makes some goals hard to see—more the camera angle and restricted view. It’s best to get up and frame the TV screen in your phone camera horizontally. I know, I know—I hate breaking the ‘flow’ too, which is why my goal replays get scarcer as time goes by.

  24. uncle turf—the drawback of taking breaks to recharge batteries, of course, is that your edge gets somewhat blunted. Games you would previously have coasted through are a touch harder to get through, while other games you would have squeaked through by the odd goal are now turning into draws. The hard-fought draws of before are now actually defeats, and so on.

  25. alternatively…1min 49 secs into home game v Arsenal Sibon scores and I feel like I can beat anyone. Actually that’s another thing – why does the home team always get kick off, shouldn’t it be random?

  26. uncle turf—the kickoffs always going to the home side first is a Konami thing. A bit like them having the commentary say your shot has gone in the left side of the goal when it’s gone in the right (and vice versa). And like playing domestic cup matches at neutral grounds. And loads of other little things.

  27. NG – yes, I knew it had never been different just another small point to add to the ‘snags’ list. Sadly it seems that these will always be with us. Can you not have a word with your paymasters? Bring it up at the next board meeting??…;)

    I’ve got Farinos up to 109ovr aged 20. Apparently he peaks early but this is the highest I’ve had. Next best is Heycory on 103. Messi, that player I was asking if anyone had bought, that one club, impossible to sign, only interested in the highest level of football guy has just signed for PS f’in V! I’ve immediately slapped in a bid but I doubt they’ll play ball. I hate 2012’s transfer system.

  28. I haven’t bothered with Xbox live and I can’t get it now as I have to revise for an exam in September but I hope to be online by October when PES 2013 releases

  29. uncle turf—I do what Konami and a certain website tell me to do, and am not allowed to have opinions and ideas of my own.

    Re. Messi, if you play PES2012 for another 20 seasons you’d probably be able to get him as a young Regen. See you for PES2014 on the Nintendo PlayStation 720!

  30. Adam—you must have iron discipline to have resisted all the patches for PES2012, which have certainly improved the game in my view. 1.03 was the best version. If there’s any USB-related hocus-pocus you can pull to get 1.03 on your game, go for it.

  31. I’ve settled and there’s only a couple of shooting errors in my game
    This is portrayed in the second montage

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