Back with a bang

Just in time for the month of July’s final post, I’ve climbed firmly back into the PES2012 saddle. I haven’t played the PES2013 demo since Saturday morning. I doubt I will play it again now. I’ll take another brief look at Demo 2 when it arrives. Other than that, I’m not interested.

My PES2012 Master League appetite is back. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, revivified, revitalised, and… ah, is remoralised a word? It is now.

My very first game back after 3 days away was a proper barnstormer. I met the runaway league leaders, Manchester Utd, and thumped them 5-2.

Look at the stats for shots on target. Yep. All of mine went in. A true rarity on this game. Forlan got a hat trick.

Since the start of the season Man Utd have been the CPU uber-team. They’d won every game, scoring roughly double the amount of goals anyone else has scored.

Good finishing and a bit of defensive discipline stood me in good stead. But most important was my sense of playing with a new enthusiasm, having shaken off the jaded feeling of last week.

The victory has to count as one of my best ever—and what a welcome back to the game after a few days away. Almost suspiciously so in fact.

It’s as if there’s a line of code in the game that says ‘Hey, he’s had a few days off. Let’s give him a great welcome back…’

Not that the game was particularly easy. I conceded two goals, which would usually be enough for the season’s top CPU team to beat me or get a draw. This was a freak result on so many levels. The stats show that I made relatively few chances. I took them, that was the difference.

It cut Man Yoo’s lead at the top of the table. I’m still playing catchup, but now I’m 6 points behind them instead of 9. If I’d lost this match it would’ve been a 12-point gap and the League season would be effectively over.

I’m still in the FA Cup and also still—just—in the Champions League, where I will have to be very careful.

Bayern Munich beat me at home, and I only managed a draw in my next match against Besiktas—also at home. I often find it easier to play away in Europe, so we’ll see how those two return matches go.

All in all, it’s great to be back. Let the PES forumites tear each other apart while they play their hundreds of empty PES2013 demo games. They’re welcome to the fight. Me, I’ve still got plenty of unfinished business with PES2012 and Master League.

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  1. Its always nice to have a break now and then, fantastic result on your return! I’ve finally achieved my long awaited 10 years service trophy on PES2010 ML, am well into 11th season now, really enjoying the challenge of top player, my squad of mostly british regens is shaping up nicely, although more recently I’ve been playing Dead Island and………..George Foremans KO boxing on Megadrive lol

  2. NG – Great to hear your back in the swing of things, my winning streak (on professional) went on for 13 games before Bayern Munich beat me 2-1 in the CL 1st knock out round (I went in with a 2-0 aggregate lead so all good) I went back to it last night for a single game after a week off and beat Leeds 3-1 very comfortably my league winning streak now at 12 games.

    Those wins have pulled me from 9 points off the top to 3 points clear with 8 games to play… its mine to lose, I’ll be heading up to SS next season regardless of where I end up. The only change in my team for this winning streak is Belhanda who arrived mid-season, he is simply awesome – I can’t wait to get Hazard and Carzola on the pitch with him next season (both lined up on free’s)

    Like you, the demo has come too early – I’ve got far too much unfinished business left in PES 2012. Just a shame it took me so long to get into it this year.

  3. Mike—are you playing George Foreman on emulator or the real thing?

    Well done on the PES2010 progress too. I forget now how many seasons I played, but remember that as soon as I got a Treble the fire died a little and went out soon after, so don’t be too eager to get there. Try to time it just right for PES2013.

  4. Pete—the demo is neither here nor there for me, I was always going to resume PES2012 after having a taste of PES2013. The ones you see on the forums really racking up the hours and matches on the demo (especially the time-expanded PC version) will be mostly those with no further interest in PES2012 for whatever reason.

    Sounds to me like a good call to migrate up to Superstar next season. If you’re good enough to win the title on Professional, SS should hold no horrors for you. And you should be happy with the lessened CPU bus-parking. It’s still there, just not so much. The CPU gets you in other ways.

    Re. your winning return as well, I don’t really believe the game lets us win on purpose after a break. It really is the case that we return refreshed and start playing with extra focus and creativity.

  5. Welcome back N-G. I played three games on the Demo on Friday and that was enough for me. I love the shooting and the passing but it’s not amazing is it? No point playing on.

    I too am back after a week long break and I’m literally celebrating an IN YOUR FACE moment against the PES 2012 AI.

    Having won the CL last season, I started season 14 with a Super Cup Final against St Etienne. I was confident of winning but the AI had different ideas. It was one of THOSE games until…

    …cutting inside with my winger Dibril Cisse I beat three defenders with some R2 dribbling and then unleashed a drive from the edge of the box that the AI decided was going to go well wide but it hit a defender full in the kisser and flew inside the far post. IN YOUR FACE PES! 1-0 to Brighton and the Super Cup is mine!

    I now have the odd situation of having won ALL the European trophies but none of the domestic ones. That, I hope will all change later this season.

  6. John—ha! I’ve had a few of those, ah, CPU ‘facials’ as well. Congrats on the Supercup and your full haul of the Europeans.

    Re. the PES2013 demo, no, there’s little point in playing on when there’s nothing actually at stake in the matches. A demo is only ever a taster of the full game, and it delivered that. I worry slightly about what the folk who are currently playing it all day every day will start feeding back to Konami.

  7. Oh its the real deal my friend! Well, its the real game, but not a real Megadrive, don’t know if you’ve seen them in HMV etc but its by a company called Blaze, it plays all the cartridges but its a tacky piece of junk in reality that weighs about as much as a toilet roll and the control pads are infant size. In fact I think if I opened it up and looked inside there’d just be a piece of paper with “Megadrive circuit board” written on it.

    As far as a treble on PES2010 goes, I really don’t think I could be further away, in 11 seasons all I’ve won is the D2 league once (I suffered my first ever PES relegation 2 seasons later but came up finishing 3rd the next season) About 12 games of my current season left and I’d be happy with a top 10 finish and to maybe make the cup Q/F.

    Slow and steady and all that jazz…..

  8. Mike, is Dead Island as bad as everyone says!?!
    I quite fancied that before it came out but every review ive read says the games flawed in so many ways?

  9. New season commences and after 8 games W4 D2 L2. No European football this season so concentrating on the league and cup. 2 players came in, Jovetic and Brolin, 4th after 8 games.

  10. Paul, I’m ridiculed at work for my PES obsession, and the fact that I buy other games, play them once then trade them in, and most of them said I’d hate Dead Island and do the same, but it’s not been the case, I really enjoy it. To be fair by and large the only gaming time I get is after my wife goes to sleep, its pretty easy to play PES on volume level 1, Dead Island not so, so I’ve not had too much quality time with it, but when I’ve played it I’ve been pretty gripped. Its quite scary (not in a shit your pants way, more of an “Oh crap, there’s a group of infected charging at me and all I’ve got is a paddle, and a crowbar that’s about to break” kind of way) It’s not without its faults but it must be good if it keeps me from Pro Evo!
    You can pick it up pre-owned for around £15, HMV are selling the Game of the year edition for £18 right now(I work there) well worth it in my book.

  11. A megadrive is one of the few mainstream consoles I never owned. It wasn’t that I disliked Sega (I had a Dreamcast for some bizarre reason) it’s just that I never got the hedgehog thing, seemed to me you either powered up and aced it or flunked out straight away. Only console I really have disliked was the Xbox/360. Built for people with big clunky hands!

    Anyway I have a new top in-game irritation on PES2012 thanks to my ever increasingly ‘nippy’ striker Hooper. I play him on the right of attack as he is both good 1on1, turn and shoot and crossing for Ribeiro. When I play against a high defence I often try and send him away with right stick then triangle through a ball on the deck. Except there is a ridiculous lag sometimes between setting off on the run and getting the ball kicked, sometimes I’m pressing triangle twice without effect, so much so he can be offside by yards. Grr.

  12. Mike—the MegaDrive was my first true games console upon my adult return to gaming. Many happy memories of FIFA, Cannon Fodder, PGA Tour Golf, some baseball game with synthesised commentary that seemed like science fiction to me at the time, and so much more. I’ve seen those nasty-looking TV plugin things around but never felt tempted with all the emulators floating around.

  13. Paul—Dead Island is available on OnLive. I just played 25 mins of the Lord of the Rings game last night to see how good an action game can be on OnLive, and it was very good, so good that I nearly bought the game. I’m exercising discipline there…

  14. Lloyd—this is your restarted one after the savegame disaster, isn’t it? Are you finding history repeating itself or have things taken a different turn?

  15. uncle turf—liking/playing Sonic wasn’t obligatory on the MegaDrive! I played it a bit but even then when I was in my mid-20s it was too fast for me. What was your footy gaming console in the 90s, pre-PlayStation? I remember seeing a Dreamcast football game that everybody raved about on C4’s Bits. Remember those girls…

  16. YES! A lovely 77th minute dinked equaliser from the left foot of Maqualao gives me a 1-1 draw and saves my job. I suspect I’ll look back on it as my Mark Robins at Nottm Forest Sir Alex moment..

  17. bugger, sacked 3 games later. A red card auto-tackle from El Moubarki didn’t help

  18. abbeyhill—unlucky one—and you can turn auto-tackle off in the player settings. No Mark Robins for you!

  19. that’s the annoying thing not-greg, I had turned off auto tackle. I don’t know what he thought he was doing, ploughed straight through the back of a winger near the corner flag. Maybe he fell over and his momentum carried him through

  20. abbeyhill—so it wasn’t an auto slide-tackle? If not, it sounds like just another common & garden auto-foul for no particular reason that the CPU loves to gift itself, especially on Superstar. Those strange free kicks that it keeps getting around the box when you haven’t really done anything….

  21. Ng- was Emily Booth on Bits?

  22. mike—she certainly was. Yes, definitely….

  23. MMM Emily Booth …… she also did some hosting of late night horror films on the horror channel ….. dressed in some goth-chic pvc number…… Not too shabby.

  24. Paul, in fact she’s a regular on The Horror channel, she presents 15 minute preview show “Horror bites” always looking sleazy (if a little haggard) and they often show “Cradle of fear” which she is in, minus clothes 🙂

  25. Paul & mike—before this gets any steamier, just search for ‘Cradle of Fear Emily Booth’, and enjoy the Dailymotion goodness. Now, back to scrutinising my goal difference….

  26. Haha….. moving on ….

    I havent felt any desire to play PES12 as of late. I havent played it for over a week….
    Hoping to have a session tonight and at least finish my current season. I dont like uinfinished business.
    Just hope i can get back into it, and enjoy it again, after the demo.

  27. Paul—there’s no sense at all in forcing yourself to play something you don’t really want to, but the game should feel fresh to you after a break. I suppose it depends how deeply into the demo you’ve dived. It’s truly alarming to see what’s going on on the forums—the demo IS the full game to so many there—but I suspect you’ve got tired of the 5-minute games on consoles now.

  28. Lol,classic. For what its worth I ALWAYS play 5 minute games, maybe that’s why I score so few goals

  29. mike—five-minuters are over before they’ve even started, don’t you find? 10-minutes is also too short for many, but just right for me. Maybe trying a longer match time on PES2012 would have led to a better outcome for you and that game.

  30. Paul – just to clarify, are you less keen on PES12 because the PES13 demo was vastly superior, or because it looked a bit uninspiring?

    not-greg – I meant to compliment you on the use of ‘remoralised’, I love words like that! At work the other day I got an e-mail from a Polish woman who reckoned that my incompetence had ‘unabled’ (as opposed to enabled) a forex transaction, which I liked almost as much

  31. abbeyhill—I’m sure I remember Paul being hit with the old PES2012 fatigue. Couple that with what is a great PES2013 demo (and demo is all it is, regardless of the forums’ frightening efforts to make it a full game), and there’s the potential for anybody to suspend football gaming for the two short months we have left to go until the full game.

  32. NG – yep it’s that game. Had better results in Europe but have suffered in the league. I’m in the season that I originally went up to Superstar but I have no European distractions and it’s quite refreshing to have 6-8 days between games. Really focusing on league and training up the squad. Due to work commitments I can only squeeze in 1-2 games here and here, but in a couple of weeks the wife and kids going away for a break and I can see a few mega sessions on the horizon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. I have only played about 20 matxches on the PES13 Demo since it was released so not totally consumed by that at all, i think just near on 20 seasons of ML on PES12, with all its shortcomings and flaws more apparent than ever have worn me down a bit.
    Obviously playing a demo thats superior to PES12 doesnt help.

    I usually play PES late at night before bed as thats the only time i get, but recently rather than stay up and play those late night sessions, ive been either going to bed, or reading or watching tv or fiddling withe the new iMac.

    Maybe a week or so break will freshen it up a bit, id like to at least finish the season ive just started.

  34. Lloyd—in a couple of weeks PES2013 will be breathing down our collective necks. I feel a bit of pressure to get my PES2012 over and done with and move on. But that way lies defeat in PES2012—the matches just cannot be rushed.

  35. Paul—how’d your migration to Mountain Lion go? All smooth here. With Lion last year, it took days for my machine to feel normal again and stop Spotlight indexing. The whole thing took just an hour with Mountain Lion. #macnerdery

    Re. the PES2013 demo, I’m frankly horrified at what I’m seeing on the main PES forums. I don’t remember anything like this madness in previous years (people playing hundreds of matches), or at least not so seemingly widespread. I now firmly believe that Konami shouldn’t bother with demos at all—or if they do, DON’T LISTEN to the feedback of those who are racking up the hundreds of demo matches and choking on their own vomit.

  36. Mountain Lion Upgrade took about 45mins in all.
    very smooth, upgraded, restarted and bang, shiny New OS.
    I jumped from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and missed Lion altogether so was quite a substantial leap for me.
    Still very impressed with how everything Mac just ‘works’ !!!

    Stumbled upon a nice little programme too called Paragon NTFS for Mac which lets me know write to and manipulate my old PC Formatted Ext Hard drive, rather than just reading from it, so i gained an extra 400GB of space in effect.

  37. Paul—now that it’s been a few weeks you must have already had that moment back on Windows, at work or wherever, when it’s grinding through its gears and you think ‘WTF is this thing doing?!’. That’s it—no going back now 😉

  38. NG – When I leave work i cant wait to get home and use a machine that just works and is so streamlined!!!
    I am a true convert…. will never step back into the darkside for personal computing.

  39. Paul—that early sparkly feeling never really fades. One of the first things I did on Mac was set up a virtualized Windows (I’ve never liked the idea of dual-booting) to carry on using the few apps I wanted to carry on using—that lasted a month, with Windows getting less and less action. Still occasionally useful to have a VM of Windows around though, if only to stay in touch with the features that I have to use at work. If you haven’t already done so, grab VirtualBox and your favourite Windows ISO.

  40. I thought about Bootcamp/Parallels etc but i dont want to ‘taint’ my mac with the poison that is microsoft.
    The olnly MS app I have on the Mac is Messenger for Mac, so i can send files to my dad, photos etc.

    Of all the specialised software i had on my PC for video editing, music production etc I have found mac version of, and where i couldnt, i have found an alternative mac specific programme that has been better. so all good.
    I feel no need to windows-ize my Mac!

  41. Paul—I’ve never installed Windows on a Mac either—I dislike the whole idea of dual-boot on one HD—so what I meant was the very handy option of running a virtual Windows, within an application, from inside Mac OSVirtualBox is great and free. Don’t bother with it if you have no pressing need of course, but if there is that one teeny-tiny Windows app that you currently can’t quite do without, here’s your solution.

    I have instances of XP, Windows7, and Linux installed within Mac OS and available to use within seconds without any rebooting. You just open and close them like any other app. You have to see XP running like butter within a Mac OS window to believe it. You can drag and drop files from Mac OS to your window of Windows and back again.

    Like I said, it’s an option I gave myself at the start that I’ve used less and less as time goes by. I installed mine so I could use a Windows app called that I used to use to prepare screenshots for the blog. Then I played around with Preview in Mac OS some more and found it did everything I needed. Now I only fire up the virtual machine Windows maybe once a month if that, and only to refresh my memory of Windows, just for a playaround. Operating Systems are the grown man’s train-sets of the 21st century…

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