Just Seventeen

And here we go again, with Season 17 of my Master League career in PES2012. There really isn’t an end in sight, you know. A Treble might draw a dotted line under things, but I’d have to see how I feel if and when I ever get to that stage.

After season 16, my club ranking has gone up to 6th. Not bad considering I ‘only’ won the domestic League title. I suppose my semi-final appearance in the Champions League counted for a lot. The CL is massive in Japan.

A new Home kit for season 17. This time I’ve gone back to my favourite striped kit—except with black stripes instead of white stripes.

So far, I’m not really liking it. The effect is almost one of seeing a load of barred grates running around on the pitch. I’ve never disliked a new kit before, and I should really have a word with myself for creating it. I might change, or I might give it time to let it grow on me.

I’ve got other worries this season: FINANCIAL worries.

My free-and-easy transfer policy has come back to bite me. There was a stage when I wasn’t even looking at how much salary a player wanted. I was able to sign anyone, without a thought for money.

A couple of seasons ago, I had £300m in the bank. Last season, that went down to £170m. This season, despite selling two players (I finally got rid of Ribery and Vicente), that has gone down to £63m.

The tendency is clear. I need to do something to trim the budget. I have too many players earning too much money, and not enough coming in. I need to get rid of some players—and/or consistently win things, especially in Europe.

I thought I’d seen the last of financial troubles many seasons ago, but it seems not. At least I have the whole of this season to do something about it. If I can win everything in sight, I should be okay.

And so the season started.

In the league, my first two fixtures were Arsenal and Liverpool away. I beat the Arsenal 2-1 with a late Forlan winner. Prior to the Liverpool match, my coach warned me about their new striker, a certain young regen called J. Bothroyd.

I have to confess that I tittered aloud. The former real-life Coventry City lumper, Jay Bothroyd? Oooh, I’m scared…

Of course, you can guess what happened.

Bothroyd got both of Liverpool’s goals in a fine 2-1 win for them. One of his goals was an absolute rocket from the corner of the box that flew in like a cannonball. His other goal was a looping header from a corner. He looked sleek and lithe and deadly. The time of Andy Carroll and Emmanuel Thomas is past. I believe a new star is being born in my ML: Bothroyd.

And so I had lost a match almost as soon as the season started. No unbeaten record attempt this season. Never mind. That’s almost a relief.


  1. uncle turf—of all PES2012’s annoying little ways, the straight-from-kickoff bullshit has got to be up/down there with the worst. You know it’s coming, you can see and feel it coming, but no matter what you do, it’s coming.

  2. Paul—oh definitely there is an extra layer of manual with L2. It’s just not the truly ‘full manual’ passing option (FIFA-style) that it’s often touted as being. Player stats are involved and context matters. This is fine by me, I should add. I don’t want to see full-on FIFA-style manual passing/shooting in PES.

    Very nice video btw—my favourite goal is the ‘hook’ placement into the top corner at 1:19.

    The PES2013 demo is out nice and early on 360—downloading it now.

  3. why not take a few weeks off footy gaming & blogging not-greg to rekindle enthusiasm? Just take the comments filter off the blog, and we’ll keep ourselves amused discussing A Certain Website etc, no need to worry about us

  4. Post up some initial thoughts on the demo NG – ive watched a couple of youtube videos, the higher defensive lines and the increase in space to play in looks very welcome, the speed did look very slow though, not sure if its just youtube making it seem that way but wasnt very appealing.

  5. abbeyhill—my enthusiasm won’t take a few weeks to rekindle—it might already be back. I’ve just played two matches on the PES2013 demo and I’m very pleased with it. Felt really good.

  6. Paul—the new manual passing feels much more manual, and the manual shooting is great. Already scored my first manual goal and it felt sublime—replay on Friday. You really can aim for, and hit, the corner flags with manual shooting.

    Recommend playing your first matches on Regular, or even Amatuer, to get the freedom to put the new passing and shooting through their paces. A straight-to-Top-Player merchant I am not.

    I won’t edit today’s post, up at 12, where I’m all down about footy gaming.

    The speed is fine for me, but I’m predisposed to like slower gameplay. I settled on -1 after a couple of matches.

    Not happy that it’s only 5-minute games.

    Super AI looks as if it’s still in. I like that, many won’t.

    Experienced two instances of what felt like central shooting. Cut inside with Rooney and made to whip the ball across the keeper, but it went straight down his throat instead. Replay showed it was the exact centre of the goal—just like PES2012’s central shooting. Hmmmm. Oh well—with manual shooting, that might not be an issue this year, if it’s still in.

    Hey I even like the arrow on the pitch, appearing whenever you press L2.

    Defensive lines look all right to me. Nice and high, offering space between midfield and back 4. This on Professional difficulty.

    I have to say, PES looks fantastic on the 360. I’ve always found there’s at least a 10% improvement in graphics on 360 ever since PES2008. What a shame we still have the PS3’s blurry graphics all these years later.

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