You wait 10 seasons for one trophy to come along…

After 10 long, long seasons, with almost as many downs as ups, I have finally won something in PES2012’s Master League.

Not just one thing. Two things: the Premier League championship, and the European Cup.

These are my first honours in Master League since PES2010. A fine double. I’m happy.

I needed a point from any of my last three league matches to clinch the title. I got it straightaway against Fulham, at home. Beat them 3-1.

They’ve been a bit of a bogey team for me, have Fulham. It was not an easy match at all.

I took the lead, got pegged back to 1-1—and then scored an R2 beauty with Forlan. It was a textbook example of a finesse strike in PES2012—check the replay below, and watch how the shot animation changes mid-animation (rather clunkily, it has to be said) after I press R2.

At the final whistle, my team celebrated. NO trophy presentation, though, about which I was more than a little miffed.

The final League table:

So I met my pre-season target of scoring 80 goals with some room to spare. As can be seen, the nearest CPU teams went a bit crazy with the goals towards the end.

The end-of-season awards threw up something a bit strange and amusing. My left-back, HYAM, was the Player of the Season. That should amuse any Ipswich fans out there. Truth be told, Hyam has been a good left-back for me. His POTY status is a puzzle to me, though.

I was nowhere near the top of the top scorers’ list, but my two top strikers did a fine job between them. Forlan and Saviola are a great partnership, and kept van Basten out of the team for long periods.

And I had a few players in healthy spots on the Assist leaders’ list, too.

Barnes and Rivaldo feature prominently this season, but didn’t last season. It reflects my new style of play this season, which involves circulating possession until I see the killer pass into feet in the box, or around the edge of the box.

With the League tied up, my concern was to play well in the Champions League Final and win it. I thought I’d have to play very well. Liverpool have been relatively easy pickings for me in the League this season. I did the Double over them.

In the Champions League, however, things are different. CPU teams and players are all better, stronger, faster.

I went 0-1 down early on. Exactly what I didn’t want. Got it back to 1-1. Then went 2-1 up before half-time. Looking good. After half-time, it was Liverpool’s kick-off—and of course they got a goal straight from it.

It stayed 2-2 for an absolute age, and then I got a scrambled goal from a corner. A glancing Barnes header that didn’t even have any power but trickled over the line anyway.

I defended doggedly right up until the 85th minute. Then this total, unmitigated BULLSHIT happened:

My defender passed the ball straight to a Liverpool player, who played an instant pass forward, and they scored.

That’s scripting, right there. That incident, up above, is exactly the kind of thing I mean whenever I talk about scripting.

My defender, Nadal, is as cultured a passer as you could wish to have. Not under any real pressure. Not tired—he was not long on as a sub.

I wanted to play a simple pass to my midfielder. He’s off-screen at the start of that YouTube clip, but was NOT off-screen on my TV, whilst I was playing in real-time.

I’ve now played this game for 250+ hours. I must have played thousands of passes.

I know I was holding the stick aimed at 9 o’clock, aimed right at my teammate. I know I pressed the button for the right amount of power. I know that scripting is a reality in PES2012, as in all recent editions, and that the above moment is a glaring example of it.

The ball went straight to a CPU player’s feet, as it so often does when a script is running in contexts like this. Seconds later, Gullit made no mistake. That was Gullit’s hat-trick goal, incidentally.

I was very angry. Moments like that annoy me because they suggest that, you know, perhaps I’m not actually playing a game at all. Perhaps I’m the one who is being played.

I really struggled to concentrate for the first period of extra time. It just wasn’t fair. I’d been cruising, defending superbly. The game had blatantly manipulated this match into extra time.

Scripting is real. I don’t care what anybody says.

“Oh, you must have been aiming slightly off/your player was tired/under pressure/there was a plague of locusts…” No. NO NO NO. Just no. Okay?

Right, now that that’s settled, the rest of extra time was pretty easy, actually. I scored a cheap, deflected goal with van Basten that seemed to knock the stuffing out of Liverpool. Then I scored another two goals while they were upfield looking for the equaliser. I won 6-3.

“But you won so it doesn’t matter.” NO. I’m really not open to debate on this front.

As the final stats show, Liverpool just about matched me for shots on goal (at least one of which should never have happened, ever, in a million years).

Scripted BULLSHIT aside, the season was over, and it was a good ‘un.

It was my best single season of Pro Evo since the hallowed days of PES2010. Possibly even since PES5.

PES2012 makes life so difficult for the human player—by fair means and foul—that the sense of accomplishment really is very strong.

I sat back, just taking it all in.

Forlan—my personal choice for Player of the Season—was top scorer in the Champions League overall.

The final ‘tale of the tape’ made for happy reading. Getting that club ranking up to 13 is going to do wonders for my clout on the transfer market. I’m already planning a rather controversial change in personnel for next season. You’ve got to make the hard choices…

And so I move onto the next season.

New kits. New players. New targets to aim for.

In Season 11, it starts all over again.


  1. Nice work – congrats! That was a nice touch with the keeper getting interviewed in the celebrations. Seeing the highlights of the league win and the CL win, it almost tempts me to give PES2012 another chance. Almost. But won’t.

    For I live in the world of 2010, when Schwarz has long black hair, as he should have, and Andy Carroll doesn’t even exsist. Well done on keeping him quiet in the final by the way.

    Maradona on the radar now?

  2. Fantastic stuff N-G. Congratulations on an amazing double. What a journey it’s been from your “defection” a few weeks ago and then those covert PES games and finally the return.

    I didn’t watch your celebration vids – only because I want to save the experience IF I ever win anything on this damn game.

    I’m currently in the January transfer window in season 8 and seventh in the Prem. After a solid few sessions I had a wobble last night culminating in a thumping by that rampant Villa team. I think I slipped back into lazy ways because if it but recovered my composure with a 2-1 win Vs Fulham. You really do have to concentrate 100% of the time on this game. Even then, as you point out, there’s no garuntees.

  3. Liam—damn right, Schwarz should have long black hair. Always will in my eyes. Why did they make him suddenly blond and all surfer-dudey? There should be a lore against making such changes.

    I didn’t really keep Carroll quiet in the CL Final. Two of Gullit’s goals resulted from aerial knockdowns by Carroll. The big man nodding down for his fellow striker to smash the ball home. Classic footballing moves in their own way, pretty good to see in a football game.

    As for Maradona, no chance. I unleashed the Classics in my world 6 seasons ago now. Most of them appeared aged 29. That crop of Classics (Maradona among them) are all 35 now and not worth bothering with. It’ll be interesting times when they all retire and regen.

    The younger Classics who appeared aged 23 are all turning 29 now, and only a few of them would be worth pursuing for another season or two at most.

    No, my ‘personnel change’ teaser was more about who’ll be leaving, not who’ll be coming in…

  4. John—you can watch the middle video, the scripting BULLSHIT video, with no danger at all of seeing any celebrations. It’s just the clip itself.

    The other two do contain trophy-winning ‘spoilers’, yes 🙂

    That feckin’ Villa! They’re a nightmare in my ML world. A total nightmare. Thing is, they never actually win any trophies in the wider footballing world. They exist just to annoy me.

  5. Great Post and congrats on the double!!!
    Soured only by the moment of scripting and the complete lack of any premier league trophy celebration – why on earth did Konami remove this from previous versions? When you slog it out over near on 40 matches, you want some visual reward, a trophy celebration is essential.

    Onwards and Upwards then, out of curiosity what was the prize money for winning the CL and Premier League???

  6. Paul—I didn’t keep a very close eye on the finances. They haven’t been an issue for me for some time (another side-effect of having the Classics) so I barely paid attention. I think I got £8m for the CL, £20m for the Premier with bonuses from sponsors. Don’t quote me on either sum.

    As for the lack of a Premier League trophy presentation, it is very very peculiar. Once again the mysterious will of Seabass strikes. The general post-match celebrations are nearly as good though. They go on for ages.

  7. Congratulations NG – atleast you have the treble to go for as an incentive as well. I can just imagine your reaction if some non-gamer had asked if everything was alright seconds after that 3rd Gullit goal…

  8. Wonder if i could ask any of the posters on here, with NG’s permission, to thow in any names of players they have signed from the youths or just signed in general who aren’t big names that have developed into or already are very good players?! with their Position and why theyre so good.
    Its for a post im writing on PESUltra.

  9. uncle turf—even now, a couple of days later, I feel stunned at the sheer brazenness of what the game did there. And amazed that there are still people who deny the existence of scripting in PES.

    I’ll be going for the league title again in season 11 as my bare minimum target. The Treble, of course, is the ultimate.

  10. Paul—no problem with that, and I’ll start: MANFREDINI(CB/SB/SMF), popped up in my Youths at 70OVR about 3 seasons ago, seemed okay and I signed him up.

    Then he seemed to just stay at 70OVR and be rubbish and I tried to sell him. I thought I had sold him, but it turned out to be a loan instead (I really don’t pay attention sometimes).

    He came back from the loan pretty decent and is currently an 81OVR CB who can play at LB (at 74OVR) and LMF (at 73OVR). I’ve got high hopes for this one.

  11. Thanks mate, thats exactly the kinda thing im after!

  12. I’ll chip in with a couple too:
    SEITARIDIS (RB, CB, RMF – Long Throw Ability) signed from the youths at 16, aged 20 hes now 94 OVR.
    Absolute solid RB, his best position, develops fast, but may decline/level out quite quickly too.

    BENTEKE (SS, CF) Signed aged 29, at 84OVR, a solid meaty CF, good on the ball with a venomous shot and good shot accuracy.

  13. Paul – i would have to say Duffy has made the biggest contribution to my team.

    i brought him in in my first season as cover at RB for El Mob and surpassed all expectations. played virtually every game in my first 3 seasons due to his consistancy and durability . the ultimate utillity man was the last youth player that i released, unfortunatley had to be done as he could not keep up with the rapid growth of quality in my squad. i think he is still a free agent but if there was a reserve squad in ML he would definitely be in mine.

  14. Paul – OTAM, played for ‘other’, turkish international, signed him at 16, now 18. Nominally a CF but stats go up from 88Ovr to 93Ovr if played as an AMF (which he does for me on the edge of the box as the base point of an attacking triangle). Apparently peaks early but at 181cm and with a B for every attribute he is a really solid all rounder, in the Rooney sort of mould. 93 attack, 91 dribble, 92 shot accuracy. If I could raise his top speed from 85 and explosive power from 82 he would be my leading striker.

  15. Cheers guys! I have come up against Otam, whilst playing against Chelsea, he looks slightly ‘Obertan’ like if i recall?
    Also tried signing him, but he declined.

  16. Paul—I had that SEITARIDIS in my Youth team a few seasons ago and let him go. Big regrets now, hearing that. I have also let Owen, Berbatov, and Postiga vanish at various points over the past few seasons.

  17. Garry G—isn’t ‘Tintin’ Duffy* a bit too well-known to qualify as an unknown awesome player? I’ve used Duffy at various points over each of my last 4 or 5 PES editions. I first remember him in PES6. Haven’t seen him yet this year.

    [*as aficionados of obscure 80s pop singers might call him]

  18. uncle turf—like Duffy, that OTAM is also a bit well-known. I’ve definitely heard the name bandied about at various times over recent years—maybe from yourself too. Let’s hear about the, ah, FULMERFORDs and OSTROWSKIs of the ML world! (Just made those two up.)

  19. Awesome ng, congratulations! Seeing that still at the top of your GK holding the European cup aloft brought a big grin to my face, simply for the satisfaction it must have given you after all the crap the game has thrown at you. On a side note I LOVE the deflected goal in the final, for some reason they add a sense of realism to me. Anyway, a hearty well done and I look forward to seeing your playing staff changes for next season!

    I might just add that for some reason I’m struggling embarrassingly in the CL in my current career. A group containing Inter, Sporting Lisbon and Lyon has so far yielded just a solitary point from 2 home games and one away. Woeful.

  20. Mike – sporting are a beast of a team in my ML world, its always us 2 scrapping out for the 4th place slot in the prem!!!!

  21. NG – ah really (Otam), sorry bout that – I’ve not really looked at any forums outside of this one so 2012 player knowledge is confined to posters here.

    Hmm, I’ve got Chigrat, De Kaam, Kmou who are all known, I’ve developed Michel from youth into a good left wing back, Otam, Rib, Roux up front has been steady if unspectacular, Mellthrop has made a useful DMF – very fast (att80 def81). Dja DjeDje is a lighting fast SS but has never developed technically. I dropped a bollock selling Candreva but Belhanda is a good replacement. Pretty much most others are regens or youth development, I don’t really have much of a transfer history. Ask me in 3 years!

  22. My scout dossier says Kocaoglou should have a bright future ahead of him…. he is 19Ovr, the worst player of 5728 in my world. That is some development if he is going to be good!

  23. Mike—cheers, and my GK, Dordo, captain for the day, has been awesome for me, one of the best keepers I’ve ever had in PES. He pulls off saves when I think it’s a certain goal, time and time again.

    For all that I’m relishing PES2012 now, I stick to my firm belief that the greatest ever Master League, not just by a little bit but a lot, was PES2010’s. You’re in good hands there.

  24. Paul—how are your Villa? How’s your Stephen ‘Lionel’ Ireland?!

  25. uncle turf—I wasn’t trying to adjudicate or anything. My knowledge of the PESverse is by no means deep, never mind comprehensive. I bet somebody somewhere knows all about my suggested young unknown player, Manfredini.

    Most of those other players you mentioned could count as unknown youngsters from my perspective. I don’t remember hearing about Kmou, Michel, Roux, DjaDjeDje(?!), Candreva, or Belhanda. But then, I’d never heard of Heycory either.

  26. NG – too late, I’m flooding the keyboard with tears as I type, flamed by a fellow MLer…I just don’t have the heart to carry on…

    Or maybe not. Wasn’t taken like that at all mate. No, I don’t know why I haven’t tried searching for suggestions – I never really have on PES, in complete contrast to Champ Mgr(as was)/FM where it’s almost essential. 5000+ players is clearly enough to cause some to slip through the gaps. Dja DjeDje been with me from season 1 – must have been 24ish as I’m trying to sell him now at 29, he’s good RMF cover for Shimizu or pacy SS. Shooting has always been way better than his never developed accuracy implies (70!) One of those MLers that on paper is not a Premier League player but actually plays much better.

    I could really do with unearthing a good keeper – I have 3 flatlining. I go for 190+ guys if possible which makes life trickier.

  27. Paul- Isn’t it strange how there’s always a random team (or teamS) that the CPU decides will become amazing. Inter smashed me 3-0 and I couldn’t get near them, yet I’m in season 2012/2015 now and I had only heard of 3 or 4 of their players-and I consider myself to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of football! In my previous season Sporting played me off the park in 1st leg of a Europa League tie, there was a lot of BS going on though so I put the difficulty down a level for the return leg and whooped them 6-0 lol

  28. Also Paul I’ve just read your post asking about regen/unknown players, Simon KJAER a danish CB is absolutely immense, he becomes a high 90’s ovr within a couple of seasons, also a striker (can’t remember his nationality, possibly Senagalese but he plays for a french team) called SOW who develops well, oh and a left back called DRAME became awesome in just over a season, I signed him for about 400,000 with an ovr of about 76, just over a year later his ovr was about 85/86 and I was turning down 10-15m bids from Real Madrid for him, the swine took offence at that though and ran his contract down, god damn mercenary. A regen I remember was a striker from Sporting Lisbon I think, cant remember if he was brazillian or portugese, think his name was Edinho, he had a default face and he started as a regen with ovr about 80 and became really good. Will post more if I remember!

  29. Great Stuff guys, I’ll include it all in my article when I post it.

    This Manfredini NG ??

    Club: Atalanta BC
    Name: Thomas MANFREDINI
    Shirt Name: MANFREDINI
    Number: 5
    Positions: CB★, SB

    Nationality: Italian
    Age: 31 (27/05/1980)

    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 82 kg

    Foot: L
    Side: L

    Attack: 68
    Defence: 81
    Header Accuracy: 79
    Dribble Accuracy: 71
    Short Pass Accuracy: 71
    Short Pass Speed: 69
    Long Pass Accuracy: 75
    Long Pass Speed: 77
    Shot Accuracy: 65
    Place Kicking: 72
    Swerve: 70
    Ball Controll: 73
    Weak Foot Accuracy: 3
    Weak Foot Frequency: 3
    Goal Keeping Skills: 50
    Response: 84
    Explosive Power: 76
    Dribble Speed: 74
    Top Speed: 78
    Body Balance: 83
    Stamina: 84
    Kicking Power: 82
    Jump: 82
    Injury Tolerance: B
    Atk Awareness: 1
    Def Awareness: 3
    Form: 6
    Tenacity: 88
    Teamwork: 80

    As for Villa, non-entity, i smashed them 3-0 away from home last night and regularly beat them with ease.

  30. Sow is a monstrous centre forward. Hes very popular with the master league online crowd as well. Strong, good technique and a thumping shot. Duffy in my offline master league is 95 overall as a DMF but can play anywhere across the back four and is an essential squad player. Heycory has an incredible shot power rating of 94, he thumps it so hard i dont even bother aiming his shots. Once you keep it under the crossbar the keeper has no chance. Another quality youth is a centre back named SUTTO. Hes a bit short for a central defender but his pace and reflexes are outstanding. Another i recommend is a german youngster called METELGER who appeared in my youth team as an 80 overall. A fantastic left foot, very much in the van persie mould ive had him for six months and his development curve is an almost vertical line. Like my right back ITA i think this guy will break the 100 overall rating in the next two or three seasons. I have ROUX in my team also and i have to say that hes a great finisher. Shame he looks like a boyband reject with that hair lol

  31. uncle turf—I like to find my own players too. I don’t believe I’ve ever gone especially looking for a recommended player, although I like hearing about them so I recognise them whilst searching. If I like them when I do see them ‘naturally’, as it were, I’ll get them then. Heycory and Farinos are two recent examples of this. Heycory is a write-off until he Regens, I’m afraid, while Farinos is 20 and a mouth-watering DMF. I keep bidding and being rejected for the ‘keen on a move but hard to sign a First Team regular’ reason. Which tells me nothing about what to do.

    Re. your keeper woes, consider making any 90+ OVR keeper under the age of 30 a top priority. They really are a breed apart in PES2012.

  32. Mike—the bloody Villa have got SOW in my ML, and he really is a swine. (Sorry.)

  33. Paul—yes, that’s my Manfredini, although he’s a 20-year-old newbie on the scene for me.

  34. Played a 5 game session lasty night coming out of the Jan transfer window where I signed 3 new Midfielders, Isco, Bocinivic and Henrikksen. the latter two can play AMF, CMF or DMF, so signed as cover for my stalwart DMF Akman, and Isco can also play CMF or out wide. All in the high 80’s OVR.

    Last nights session saw me start in 5th place, behind Sporting, Chelsea, Man utd & Liverpool, i beat both Man utd, and Sporting, along with Wolves and AEK to move up to 3rd, and the 5th game of my session was against Liverpool.

    Liverpool have Andy Carroll and Drogba up front, so I setup my team and man marked them both. I knew id been winning alot sop checked the schedule and i had won the last 11 premier league games in a row, and started the game against Liverpool with all players on red/green or orange form arrows, I was quietly confident.

    By half time I was 4-1 down, with Carroll scoring 2 headers and Drogba grabbing 2, the marking made no difference,Carroll is an absolute beast and unplayable against in my ML.
    Half time came, i switched to all out attack, ramped up the attack levels, and just went for it, was 6-1 down within 5 mins.
    The game finished 6-3.
    After 11 straight wins and my whole team being on form i suddenly couldnt string 2 passes together in this match, players touches were poor, shots wayward, Another instance of PES Scripting at hand.

    Was gutted to lose as If I had won, I would have been 2pts behind Liverpool at the top, and pushing for my first league title in the game, as it now stands, im 8 pts adrift in 4th place.

  35. leroy getz—Metelger was one of the few highlights of PES2011 for me. A great striker with a thumping shot in that game. I’m tempted to look him up now.

  36. Paul—that’s this game in a nutshell, it can punish you in ways that seem fair or foul. As for Mr Carroll (and other super-strikers, super-dribblers etc), I find the best way to counter them is to cut off the service. Deep defence, and always have your controlled man tracking back to cut out the deadly through-ball. Man-marking doesn’t work for me, although it used to when I was dealing with lesser players in Division 2.

    I strongly believe that Master League has always tracked the human player’s performance and it penalises you for winning too many matches/scoring too many goals. It’s all part of the wider-world scripting.

  37. I don’t care what anyone says, that shooting animation with Forlan is bloody horrible. It makes me cringe just watching it un-fold, there is a total lack of fluidity. I really don’t know how you can be excited or impressed by that sort of thing NG.

  38. Batesy8—if you see the preceding paragraphs in the post, you’ll see that I acknowledge the R2 animation’s clunkiness. Nowhere do I claim to be excited or impressed by PES2012’s R2 shooting mechanic. I like the outcome, dislike the execution. What’s needed is a return to the original, proper, more intuitive use of R2 in PES, where you press and hold whilst shooting. That would stop the awkward change of animations happening.

  39. It completely ruins the whole ‘goal’ for me though. I wouldn’t even appreciate the outcome if i didn’t like what preceeded it. I suppose it’s similar to how you feel about the opposite direction shooting issue, aiming one way, ball going another….cringeworthy.

  40. Batesy8—opposite-direction/central shooting in PES2012 is a whole other issue for me. Both are unacceptable. Both make me almost dizzy with nausea just to think about, never mind to experience in the game (a lesser experience nowadays with better players, but they both still happen occasionally).

    As for the mid-animation R2 override as shown in the Forlan clip, it doesn’t appal me in quite the same way. I suppose I see it the same as watching a replay and seeing your striker’s boot actually fail to connect with the ball before thumping it in, or the ball coming off his shin, or somebody’s leg passing through another leg.

    These things have always been part of PES. They are the ‘cost of doing business’ if you want to play ML and enjoy what PES does have to offer (yes and yes on both fronts, for me).

    That’s about the size of it really.

    I’ll be very interested to see what Seabass has up his sleeve for PES2014 on the Sony Orbis or the Xbox720 or whatever we end up with.

    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting back to FIFA12 eventually. It’s probably going to be a summer game for me. Maybe even a late summer game. I was always going to stick with ML – it’s mother’s milk for me, in footy gaming terms – until I’d extracted every last ounce of value. A way to go yet!

  41. Batesy – The R2 animation for that Forlan shot was horrible, never would a player so drastically change his shot technique mid swing in real life, but as NG said, its down to poor implementation, Holding R2 AFTER the shot cause that, holding it BEFORE the shot would trigger the correct animation before it started.

    However, its not just PES, how could you ever feel good scoring a goal in FIFA after this happens???

  42. and for the record, the above happening in a footy game is 10,000 x worse than a non-fluid shot animation.

  43. Congrats NG, great scenes at the final whistle as always in PES.

    I just wanted to mention my one outstanding young player who come from the youth team. A young English DM/CM called Alexander who at age of 20 is 106 ovr and the best rated player in the game. This season he won both the Uefa and world player of the year titles (which makes a nice change from Bosingwa winning).

    Not my best player though, that accolade goes to Benzema, a perfect striker for my style of play.

  44. I really don’t know what to make of that video Paul…..i’m both shocked, amused and appalled at the same time! Thankfully Shaun Miller hasn’t run through on goal and been bummed to within an inch of his life in any league 1 games so far.
    Here is a question though….. If you would end up scoring a goal, to a packed stadium, playing for your country against Brazil……would you let the keeper hump you for a few seconds before you smashed the ball into the net?? What a conundrum that is…..

  45. LMAO. probably contender for reply of the year there Batesy !!!
    One of FIFA’s much maligned impact engine hiccups, i just posted it to show that evenw ith EA’s superior tech, budget and animation library, their game still doesnt animate properly 100% of the time.

    As for your question … depends who the keeper was 😉

  46. Paul—cheers for that link, made me smile. I remember hearing about the clip a few months ago but never actually viewing it. OMG!

    What I want from PES2013 is a better ML and no wonky shooting. I’ll settle for that, but alas, Konami have not shown they have any common sense whatsoever or real respect for their own game. Only a bunch of morons would strip down Master League from its PES2010/11 richness, right? Right!

  47. Cook—ye gods, I need a top DMF with shooting boots on. I keep saying it, but it’s true that my current DMF, Neeskens, is probably the best single DMF defensively that I’ve ever had in PES. He’s a great passer too. But his shooting is terrible.

  48. Batesy8—talk about Hobson’s choice… You don’t say what kind of match your scenario is taking place in, so I’ll say it’s the World Cup Final. In those circumstances, if it was just rapid, doggy-style dry-humping as in the clip, I suppose my masculine pride could take it considering the prize on offer.

  49. Well done on winning those trophies – sorry I’m not really following the blog as much at the minute, as I’m going back and reading over lots of the older posts.

    Anyway, I’m back with another question! I went out the other day and got hold of a few more old PES games (and some not so old). The end result is that I have decided to start a Master League on PES 2009 PSP/PS2. I think I’m right in saying you didn’t get this game but you may be able to help me from your experiences playing PES 2008 on the PSP/PS2.

    My question is, if you unlock classic players AFTER starting Master League, will they then in the future crop up in your ML? Or do you have to unlock them before starting the ML?

    Thanks in advance!

  50. Stevenage-Chris—I bought PES2009 for PSP but hardly played it. I can’t help with the question about Classics in particular, but if PES2009(PSP) follows the old-school ML template then you should have to unlock Classics in the shop before starting ML to be on the safe side. I don’t know, though. You might get away with unlocking them after.

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