You wait 10 seasons for one trophy to come along…

After 10 long, long seasons, with almost as many downs as ups, I have finally won something in PES2012’s Master League.

Not just one thing. Two things: the Premier League championship, and the European Cup.

These are my first honours in Master League since PES2010. A fine double. I’m happy.

I needed a point from any of my last three league matches to clinch the title. I got it straightaway against Fulham, at home. Beat them 3-1.

They’ve been a bit of a bogey team for me, have Fulham. It was not an easy match at all.

I took the lead, got pegged back to 1-1—and then scored an R2 beauty with Forlan. It was a textbook example of a finesse strike in PES2012—check the replay below, and watch how the shot animation changes mid-animation (rather clunkily, it has to be said) after I press R2.

At the final whistle, my team celebrated. NO trophy presentation, though, about which I was more than a little miffed.

The final League table:

So I met my pre-season target of scoring 80 goals with some room to spare. As can be seen, the nearest CPU teams went a bit crazy with the goals towards the end.

The end-of-season awards threw up something a bit strange and amusing. My left-back, HYAM, was the Player of the Season. That should amuse any Ipswich fans out there. Truth be told, Hyam has been a good left-back for me. His POTY status is a puzzle to me, though.

I was nowhere near the top of the top scorers’ list, but my two top strikers did a fine job between them. Forlan and Saviola are a great partnership, and kept van Basten out of the team for long periods.

And I had a few players in healthy spots on the Assist leaders’ list, too.

Barnes and Rivaldo feature prominently this season, but didn’t last season. It reflects my new style of play this season, which involves circulating possession until I see the killer pass into feet in the box, or around the edge of the box.

With the League tied up, my concern was to play well in the Champions League Final and win it. I thought I’d have to play very well. Liverpool have been relatively easy pickings for me in the League this season. I did the Double over them.

In the Champions League, however, things are different. CPU teams and players are all better, stronger, faster.

I went 0-1 down early on. Exactly what I didn’t want. Got it back to 1-1. Then went 2-1 up before half-time. Looking good. After half-time, it was Liverpool’s kick-off—and of course they got a goal straight from it.

It stayed 2-2 for an absolute age, and then I got a scrambled goal from a corner. A glancing Barnes header that didn’t even have any power but trickled over the line anyway.

I defended doggedly right up until the 85th minute. Then this total, unmitigated BULLSHIT happened:

My defender passed the ball straight to a Liverpool player, who played an instant pass forward, and they scored.

That’s scripting, right there. That incident, up above, is exactly the kind of thing I mean whenever I talk about scripting.

My defender, Nadal, is as cultured a passer as you could wish to have. Not under any real pressure. Not tired—he was not long on as a sub.

I wanted to play a simple pass to my midfielder. He’s off-screen at the start of that YouTube clip, but was NOT off-screen on my TV, whilst I was playing in real-time.

I’ve now played this game for 250+ hours. I must have played thousands of passes.

I know I was holding the stick aimed at 9 o’clock, aimed right at my teammate. I know I pressed the button for the right amount of power. I know that scripting is a reality in PES2012, as in all recent editions, and that the above moment is a glaring example of it.

The ball went straight to a CPU player’s feet, as it so often does when a script is running in contexts like this. Seconds later, Gullit made no mistake. That was Gullit’s hat-trick goal, incidentally.

I was very angry. Moments like that annoy me because they suggest that, you know, perhaps I’m not actually playing a game at all. Perhaps I’m the one who is being played.

I really struggled to concentrate for the first period of extra time. It just wasn’t fair. I’d been cruising, defending superbly. The game had blatantly manipulated this match into extra time.

Scripting is real. I don’t care what anybody says.

“Oh, you must have been aiming slightly off/your player was tired/under pressure/there was a plague of locusts…” No. NO NO NO. Just no. Okay?

Right, now that that’s settled, the rest of extra time was pretty easy, actually. I scored a cheap, deflected goal with van Basten that seemed to knock the stuffing out of Liverpool. Then I scored another two goals while they were upfield looking for the equaliser. I won 6-3.

“But you won so it doesn’t matter.” NO. I’m really not open to debate on this front.

As the final stats show, Liverpool just about matched me for shots on goal (at least one of which should never have happened, ever, in a million years).

Scripted BULLSHIT aside, the season was over, and it was a good ‘un.

It was my best single season of Pro Evo since the hallowed days of PES2010. Possibly even since PES5.

PES2012 makes life so difficult for the human player—by fair means and foul—that the sense of accomplishment really is very strong.

I sat back, just taking it all in.

Forlan—my personal choice for Player of the Season—was top scorer in the Champions League overall.

The final ‘tale of the tape’ made for happy reading. Getting that club ranking up to 13 is going to do wonders for my clout on the transfer market. I’m already planning a rather controversial change in personnel for next season. You’ve got to make the hard choices…

And so I move onto the next season.

New kits. New players. New targets to aim for.

In Season 11, it starts all over again.


  1. Weird isn’t it – choosing just 2 of the players mentioned; Sow on mine is 31, 77Ovr and struggling for a game with his club – decidedly average, whilst Duffy at 21 is merely 71Ovr, up for loan and already flatlining.

    Invincibles attempt gone – Chelsea and Liverpool both successfully negotiated but Everton – who I thumped 7-1 last season – beat me 3-2. With Fellaini defending corners I couldn’t summon up that Ribeiro last throw of the dice.

  2. uncle turf—in PES as in life, Everton are just one of those teams. You never know what they’ll do or be like from one week to the next.

  3. Pleasure!
    Not sure if you’ve ready any of the forums lately, i had a quick peek earlier, but theres rumours surfacing that ML will see massive improvements and that animations have been bumped up as much as possible within the limitations of the current engine.
    Also ‘someone’ who has hands on involvement withthe development said that Konami have ‘absolutely nailed’ player individuality, right across the board. So we’ll see.
    Im certainly not jumping aboard the hype train before its even left the station.

    If they fix the opportunistically wobbly shooting, tone down the scripting and remove the on-rails feeling then PES13 will be sublime, PES12 (after heavy investment) is the best PES ever in terms of playability and depth IMO.

  4. Thanks n-G, will unlock them before starting then just to make sure.

  5. Paul—I think PES2012 itself has pretty much nailed player individuality, so I’ll be interested to see what that ‘someone’ saw in a pre-pre-demo demo of PES2013.

    Your phrase ‘heavy investment’ is sadly true with this game. How many seasoned PESites started an ML with the Deafaults (or even with a lesser, original squad), then saw regular instances of wonky shooting and left in disgust? I know of a few just from the comments section here.

    The scale and speed of the PES2013 hype train is irrelevant. After three years in a row (PES2010, PES2011, and PES2012) of the final retail product playing notably differently from the summertime previews and demos, I expect exactly the same to happen this year.

  6. Everton are always a pain in the ass in my ML.
    Used to be my bogey team aloing with Rosenborg Ballklub in Div 2.

  7. Very true although you know full well come september you will be cuffing through various iobscure sites looking for PES13 info and ultimately, rushing hoime to grab the demo, then sitting watching the postbox come release day!!!

    Its all about how Konami market/deliver PES13 this year, last years attempts to involve the community with 2 demos backfired bigtime as it led to panic tweaks to the game based on probably minority but Loud feedback, which in turn led to the quality of the original demo that everyone loved being degraded come release day.

    Konami should release one demo, 2 weeks before release, then NOT make any late changes to that demo, instead save it and address any major issues affecting gameplay (not moans that the pitch colour isnt green enough) for one big all inclusive patch within the first month of release and a promise then to support PES13 throughout its entire lifecycle. Reinstall confidence in the fan base.

  8. Paul—I think that business about Konami overreacting to feedback is just forum hearsay. One of those things that’s been mooted so often that it’s gradually become accepted as truth, despite a singular lack of any confirmation.

    It’s happened three years in a row. It started with PES2010, whose demo was a wonderful slow-paced, sturdy affair that I played a few matches of almost every day until full release (unprecedented for me and a demo). The final game was ridiculously fast.

    At least PES2010’s core gameplay was the same in the full game, albeit a ton faster. PES2011 and PES2012 underwent radical changes in gameplay. Stumble animation and shooting for just two.

    It’s a consistent pattern for three years now. I think it all indicates that the demo/retail difference is a standard working practice for Konami, rather than an aberration arising from overreaction to fan feedback.

  9. ng- The Sow/Swine crack- **kisses fingers** genius!

    I remember having Metelger in 11 or 12 and he was amazing, I turned down a massive bid for him and he pulled a Drame and wound his contract down.

  10. Mike—Metelger was a PES2011 player for me, definitely. He had a Schwarz-like left foot on him. One of the few highlights of that game for me.

  11. NG – uncovered a couple of hidden gems last night, reckon they’ll end up in the heart of my defence, maybe at full back. Dallow, 99Ovr and Spicer 98Ovr.

  12. Id disagree to some extent. Take one of the patches, might even have been patch 1.02 – konami tweaked long range shots, so they were harder to score, yet that was never a widely complained issue in the first place, wasn’t being banded about on every forum, was just a few comments that were shouted about loudly by a certain few.
    Konami panic-tinkered and ‘fixed’ something that wasn’t a problem, which led to a lot of forum groans about weak feeble shots.

  13. uncle turf—Totally unfamiliar names to me, those two, so I’ll allow them onto to the list that I didn’t even start making 😉

  14. Paul—close-range shooting was weak for many players from the outset in PES2012—a change for the series that, on the whole, I think is a good one. That semi-mythical PES2012 great DMF with a great shot will be all the sweeter when the search finally ends.

    What Konami altered in that patch (1.02) was the keepers’ efficiency at dealing with long shots, and that took place a long time after release. I still believe that the whole issue of demos for PES2010/11/12 not being representative of the final product has little, if anything, to do with post-demo feedback no matter how strident. Although I remember prominent voices on PESfan whining a lot about the PES2010 demo’s slowness.

  15. NG – add Pinky and Cubit while you’re on… ; )

  16. uncle turf—I’m lost with that reference. Is it—could it be—a Brighton Rock reference? (The book. I’ve never seen the film.) It must be. If so, how does it compute?!

  17. Ah, I sneaked one through! – “now my heart is full” by Mr Morrissey….’Dallow, Spicer, Pinky, Cubitt’ is a line in one of the verses – it’s actually my favourite solo work of his hence the names came to mind when considering trying to string you along. It is Brighton Rock. Patric Doonan the 50s actor also gets a mention in what is quite a baffling bit of pop if truth be told. Hope you didn’t go searching for them, wasn’t the intention to go too far!

  18. uncle turfahhh, now I get it. I won’t pretend it was your misspelling of “Pinkie” that threw me 😉

    That entire song, chorus and all #Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cubitt…# – just popped into my head. Nearly 20 years have passed since I had that song on cassette tape. 20 years have passed since Brolin’s star turn against England. The day will come when all of this—PES2012, and 2012—is digital dust, too.

  19. NG – yes, i noticed i’d mistakenly used a Y. If you listen closely though he actually sings it as a ‘Y’…ahem…

    Apparently it was BD commentating, although weirdly You Tube shows a foreign (Swedish?) clip where the commentator replicates his naming and timing almost exactly. I guess there wasn’t much else to say in such a quick exchange of passes.

  20. uncle turf—I came across that too. Maybe it was a tribute commentator. At the time, Sweden’s victory was a very big deal in Sweden, as those was the good old days when there was still clear blue water between the top footballing nations like England (lol) and the supposedly lesser nations of Europe and the world.

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