Well, shoot

After Friday’s 2000-worder, a much shorter post today.

Season 10 is well and truly up and running. Before it began, I received news of the UEFA Player of the Year awards. I was pleasantly surprised to find that two of my boys made the grade for their positions:

I’m going for honours in Season 10, big time. I need something this year. I’ll take any Cup. I’d love the League. The Treble would be a dream come true.

I had to get through a qualifying fixture against Vitesse to make it through to the Champions League proper.

After winning the away leg 1-0. I was confident before the home match.

It was a massively important game for me and my season. I have an almost Abramovich-like need to play in the Champions League.

Right from kick-off, the CPU was running its ‘1-0 down script’. Aggression was turned right up to 11. My own players’ abilities were suppressed in a very familiar kind of PES dampening field.

I’m not even slightly embarrassed to call it SCRIPTING.

My top-rated players, playing at home, on a healthy mix of yellow and red form arrows, suddenly couldn’t pass the ball a few yards. They couldn’t tackle. All so that the CPU could get back in the game. Scripting in PES is a bona fide, cast-iron reality.

Call it balancing, momentum, whatever you like, but it’s a mean and dirty trick. Control of your players and of your team is brazenly taken away from you by the game code and handed to the CPU.

Such spells can be resisted, of course. Getting a goal always helps.

I made a few chances and got through on goal a couple of times, but I was not allowed to score. The shots went straight at the keeper each and every time.

Vitesse were allowed to hoover up every loose ball, win every header, disrupt even the simplest of passing moves. By some miracle, it was still 0-0 after 60 minutes.

I was getting more and more wound up and frustrated, and remembering why I’d tried to give up on this game in the first place.

Then the best thing that could possibly have happened, happened: Vitesse scored. The score was now 1-1 on aggregate.

And suddenly, as if by the flick of a switch (which it was, actually), I was allowed to play some football.

The passes started connecting. Tackles were made. The Vitesse players were no longer waltzing through my formidable DMFs for fun.

I couldn’t get my own momentum rolling quickly enough to avoid extra time, but at least I got the winner pretty early in the first period, and that was that. I shut the game down like a pro. I made it through.

Here’s the draw—looks like a Group of Death to me:

The league campaign got going. I was pretty relieved to lose the unbeaten record from last season in my second match.

Aston Villa are almost unstoppable in my ML world. They beat me 3-1 at home. One of their goals was scored by Albrighton after a pitch-length dribble that saw him beat five men en route to goal. Stephen Ireland got a nearly identical goal late on.

But I’m playing well overall, and scoring more goals than last season. One of my aims this season is to score 80 goals. To achieve that I’ll need an average of slightly better than 2 per game. After 7 matches, my average is exactly 2 goals:

Then came the FA Cup, and the Treble was over before the campaign even properly started.

I was knocked out of the FA Cup, at home, by Blackpool, in the very first tie. It was hugely disappointing, and came in the middle of that first bad patch with the game since the Return.

I had 22 shots on goal, 14 on-target. Blackpool had 5 shots on goal, 1 on-target. I lost 0-1.

I won’t bang on about it all here. I already have, to some extent, above. The shooting is the #1 issue for me, and the #2 issue, and the #3 one…

PES2012’s shooting hasn’t got deep and hidden subtleties. It’s pretty wretched, actually.

The instances when shooting does work are satisfying, but what a price we pay for that satisfaction.

Finally, below are three goals that were all satisfying in their own ways.

The first two are R2 placed shots (with a lovely auto-trick from Stoichkov for the second). The third goal is an almost Di Canio-esque leaping half-volley from Mancini—more about him on Wednesday…

I have no idea why the first two shots in particular worked on these occasions, and not on others.

I’ve been playing these games for 15 years now. I know all about context-related shooting etc., thank you very much. I know enough about it to know, in my footy-gaming marrow, that PES2012’s shooting just doesn’t work. It’s a shameful, cynical, deeply insulting mechanic. It does what I believe it is intended to do very well indeed: it keeps scorelines down.


  1. NG – The dodgy shooting will be what defines PES2012 for me. Most of my goals are headers from crosses because of it. What’s the “turn and shoot” tactic that I’ve heard mentioned? I’m still ploughing on though and am now starting the build up to season 8. Finished 10th last season.

    Like you, I’m going to go for it next season. I HAVE to score more goals. My aim is to get into Europe. My hopes have been heightened by the realisation that I have been defending while not using the X button to contain. It must have been the FIFA sessions that threw me. I was just using R2 and the occaisional SQUARE. No wonder I was shipping so many goals as I have suddenly found I am much tighter at the back now (oo-er!).

    Having just beaten Werder Bremen 2-0 in my now traditional “win or your sacked” friendly, it’s on to rebuilding for the new campaign. Ribeiro could be on the way out as his clone (Sibon) is not giving him a look in.

  2. John—my late-March PES2012-in-a-nutshell: arguably the best build-up play and tactical depth of any PES in history, combined with definitely the worst shooting in PES history. I said a few months ago that no matter what I end up thinking of PES2012 overall (and I will end up thinking highly of it), I would knock a whole point off my final September out-of-10 score, because of the shooting. I will be doing that.

    There are ways to cope with the shooting and minimise its horrible effects. The main one is: get better players. Favour strikers and midfielders with 85+ for shot accuracy and power. The higher the better in those two stats. Do detailed searches for players with the long-ranger card—there aren’t many. If you had the Classics unlocked I could have recommended one Roberto Mancini, who has that card. Whew, does he have that card…

  3. NG

    I just started season 2 myself. Horrible start too. I think you and I are destined to argue pes 2012’s shooting for the foreseeable future! I agree the 1v1’s can be scripted to favour a centrally placed shot most of the time alright but I don’t know why, but I convert 75% of my chances. Saying that I only create about 5 a game on superstar!

  4. Barry—as the PES gods would have it, a bad session yesterday was followed by a just about perfect one today. I really do believe that PES2012’s shooting is as bad as I often claim it to be. I don’t see any way around the conclusion that scripted shooting—in the proportions that PES2012 doles it out to us—is a bad thing. There is no saving grace for me, not even PES2012’s awesomeness in other areas.

    When it ‘behaves’, however, it marries up with what I can only describe as possibly the best pure PES football gaming I’ve ever known. (I’ll see about removing that ‘possibly’ in September-time.)

    I’m very excited again about Season 10, despite going out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle. More about this on Wednesday.

  5. Not-Greg … glad you liked the graphics and stadium stuff.
    Funny you should mention about my PESUltra site being geared towards editing etc, as i posted a new article this morning touching on exactly that!!!


  6. John—forgot to cover the ‘turn and shoot’ advice that you asked for.

    See this post, particularly the last few paragraphs, and see Twigg’s second goal in the replay—a typical ‘turn and shoot’ goal.

    It’s an effective technique in PES2012 because in that position, side-on to the goal, you can pop the ball into either corner of the net with more reliability than when face-on. In fact there’s more danger of dragging the shot wide than placing it centrally.

    NB: I’d now say a tap of R1 is a better method for teeing up the shot. The ball can get stuck under your player’s feet with R2.

  7. Thanks NG.

    I’ll factor that little gem into my game. I feel I need to exploit every trick/skill/tactic if I am every going to win any silverware in this game.

  8. Paul—the Ricoh is actually smaller and has lower capacity that the Europa Moderno that I was playing in, so I’ll just pretend I’ve played in it all along…

    And even though I’m only a very casual Editor in PES, I’d say Editing is one of PES’s secret weapons. The whole concept of a fantasy football world in ML that you make yourself and go adventuring in yourself, is another. On FIFA12 the thought of playing in the same kit, season after season, was just deflating.

  9. John—try positioning your front two and an AMF in a tight little trio on the edge of the penalty area, and then spam the hell out of the technique until you know you can do it. Use one-twos and the R3 runs to get your turn-and-shooter in prime position. Don’t worry about scoring too many. The game ‘knows’ when you’ve got one or two in a match and won’t allow any more.

  10. Yeah i designed that Ricoh with the size in mind.
    Just saved my ML game with one match left of the current season as i Have to go play real footy, but basically a win in the last game will see me clinch Champions league qualification in 4th place. Only team that can catch me is sporting, 2 pts behind and they are away to Celtic!!! even a draw would do me.

  11. Well done on that unbeaten season even more so on this years edition!!

    Heres a little tip to turn some of those draws into wins. I can’t stress enough how important this is when playing againt the “better” teams in CL or playing against scripting.

    The R1 chip shot, although its more of a dink over the keeper. While 1-on-1 in old versions of pes the shoot-X fake shot would send the keeper to the floor to leave an open goal but this year the deffenders have a nack of getting back intime to get in the way.

    Now this year the R1 dink is about 90% effective when in 1-on-1 situations. run straight at the keeper but try not to sprint so the timing is easyer then just as the keeper gets close shoot half bar or more and press R1 to see the keeper dive to the floor your player dink it over him a-la messi. Only rearly will the keeper stand his ground and block the shot and its normaly only the very best keepers that do it.

    I honestly think i score 9-10 1-1’s when i try this method to the point i almost think its cheating and wont do it if i’m already winning. But on the flip side if theres a lot of scripting going on or i really need to score i will do what ever i can tacticaly to ensure i get my self a 1-on-1 situation and an almost garantted goal.

    About shooting at the keeper. I do think the shooting system is the worst ever in pes and i also think its the most complicated ever. My personal opinion is that shooting takes into account much more factors then ever before. I wont list them all but i do think the game calculates much more info then before and as a result of these calculation players may shoot straight at the keeper and some more then others. I also belive there is a rondom factor ontop of this. What ever happens in the game it has been programmed to do so, i think Konami have just over complicated things and the programing/calculating isn’t good/fast enough which results in more shots down the middle.

    One of the main reasons i think its so player based is that playing ML i hardly ever shoot at the keeper as i know my players so well and what they are capable of in different situations to the point i don’t even notice it and if i do shoot down the middle i blame myself for letting it happen! I have one player Belhanda who has a great shot but only while not sprinting and there is no deffender near by otherwise he will ALWAYS shot to the LEFT. Yes the left not down the middle. I play regulary agaisnt friends mostyly using my ML saves but when I use other teams i don’t have the same feel for the game/players and notice more shots down the middle. Although its not just me that plays PES on my PS3 it has logged over 1,000 hours of play…

  12. Paul—exciting times. Are you still going up to Professional after the current season? Great timing if so. If I had my time again I wouldn’t have come up until I knew I’d cracked Regular.

  13. Max—thanks for the tips, needless to say I agree about the shooting system. Such a shame on the one hand, but on the other I know that even I—an average player—would get 5 goals per match, easily, on Professional if we even had the same shooting as PES2011’s. So I know why Konami have done it this way, but I object to their method. They should have made the shooting obey player input but disguised the scripting of the shot more effectively by taking it the other way—wide of goal. As it stands, it’s just stupid to aim for the corner flag and see your shot thump reliably into the keeper’s chest, straight down the perfect geometric centre of the goal.

    Never mind. I’m on a massive high with the game today. I think I’ve cracked Professional at last, and am scoring lots.

  14. Unlucky on losing in the cup, hopefully you can win the double.

    In PES4 I came so close to winning the International Cup on 4*. I cruised through the group stages, beating Latvia 4-0, Tunisia 4-2 and finishing with a 3-1 loss to Finland after I had already qualified.
    In the knock-out stages it was a similar story. I swatted Ireland aside (3-0), before taking my chances well against France (2-0) and Germany (3-1)
    I was confident, perhaps too much so going into the final against Argentina. It was a relatively even first half, but they went in with a 1-0 lead. Midway through the first half I equalised with a Beckham penalty, and I brought on, erm, Kieran Dyer up front in an attempt to win the game late on. Unfortunately they scored as soon as he was brought on – one of those goals where you feel you had no way of stopping it.

    I carried on pushing but all the balls fell to their players, and I knew by the 85th minute it wasn’t going to be my night. Then a lifeline however, deep into stoppage time I ran into the box with Michael Owen and he was brought down. Surprisingly, the game awarded me a penalty. Unsurprisingly, it hit the post and Beckham stood there as the rebound trickled past him and it was cleared by an Argentine defender …

    I’m still loving it though, and am now going to try my hand at an International Cup on 5*.

    One question – do you choose before Master League starts whether to use Classic Players or not? And if so, will all the Classic Players be there even if I haven’t unlocked them yet?

  15. Stevenage-Chris—I can’t remember how it worked in old-school PES. I believe it was just a case of unlocking them. I.e. a case of, if you don’t want the Classics, you simply don’t purchase them from the Shop. But I’m not sure. If during setup you don’t see the option, carry on anyway and then in-game look for Platini or George Best or someone in the Transfer search.

    Good luck with the tournaments, you’ll probably need to win a few to unlock all the Classics. Interesting that you’ve homed in on PES4. What is it about that edition in particular?

  16. I’ve so far got 850 points after three tournaments – so yes, I expect I will need to win quite a few to unlock them all. Still, it gives me more time to learn the game.

    As for choosing PES4, it’s mainly that it’s the earliest PES I got – I played through a couple of games on each first and they all seemed quite similar (at first glance – obviously as you play a game for a long period of time you realise all the changes made each year). So it’s more a chronological thing than feeling it was much better than any of the others.

    Also, a couple of questions about your book that I’m sure I’ve read on here before but not remembered! How much will the book cost, and how will you make it available to download? I also seem to remember you wondering whether or not to reveal your real name in it. I don’t know whether you made a decision on that, but IMO you shouln’t reveal your name – after all, everybody already knows of you as not-Greg!

    (Sorry for rambling on again!)

  17. Stevenage-Chris—I’ll decide after I’ve written it how much (if anything) to charge for the book. It all depends how good it is. What’s taking so long is my desire to make it a proper booklike book, rather than just a load of blog-style posts strung together. I think I can hit that mark, but we’ll see.

    I’ll also decide after completion whether to publish it under my real name. That largely depends on what biographical elements do and don’t make the cut. As things stand, just by the content of the sample chapters already available, I’d be happy for anyone who knows me to read it. But there’s stuff coming in the later sections that I’m really not sure I want my family or friends or colleagues knowing about.

    After completion (sometime this side of PES2013, is all I can say) it’ll be out in all ebook formats and available from the Amazon Kindle store (mobi version) and Apple’s iBooks store (epub version). I’ll probably give away free copies here to everyone who’s left at least one comment prior to publication.

  18. Id definitely say stick to the Monika or alias in line with this blog,for the book, adds to the mystery!
    Also it’d be nice to get a few copies printed up properly, physically, one for yourself for keepsake of course and maybe charge a fiver or so for a proper copy, make a few quid or even donate any proceeds to a good cause?

    blurb.com print books and are really good. Ive used them before for a photo memories album i did for my girlfriend.

  19. The Secret PESer is better than us finding out you are called Reg – like the Guardian’s Secret Footballer (who I have variously seen definitely confirmed as Murphy, Lampard, Parker, Barry, Bellamy…)

    How is your Ribeiro doing? Mine is relatively quiet after 16 games of this season, mainly as young Otam has been doing well and I’ve been blooding a Crespo regen. He has still scored important goals but not the 2s and 3s he had been on. I’m loaning Yero out – he was a freebie in the summer and seemed a good back up if Rib got injured but his power is way too much for his poor accuracy, loads over the bar.

  20. Paul—if the book’s any good, Amazon themselves offer a very decent Print On Demand service, where they will make a physical book if one is ordered. There are a few other places like the one you mentioned too. I’ll see what I end up with when I eventually get going again, and take it from there.

  21. uncle turf—Ribeiro news coming up on Wednesday. All I’ll say is: he got me a big goal. I won’t spoil the details now. I brought him back just to offer something different from all my silky-skilled thunderbolt-shooters, and he certainly does that.

  22. Cannot wait to read the book, loved the short ‘teaser’ that’s available on here already.

  23. Really loving your recent posts not-Greg. It was that sort of immersive detail that got me hooked on your blog in the first place (which seems like a long, long time ago now). In a way I can’t relate as much as usual because I’m still playing FIFA – you were right by the way, it was my sliders producing the 6-4 scorelines. For anybody currently playing FIFA and looking for a good slider set, I can definitely recommend Altimus’ set from the Operation Sports thread.

    I’d also like to echo Stevenage-Chris’ comment, looking forward to the book – especially the scandalous later chapters…

  24. Well, played my final league game of the season last night, clinching the last Champions League Place with a 1-0 win to finish fourth.

    After my finances were paid in, taking into account my outgoings I have around £55 million to spend. My main focus is a good striker, as competition for Saha and Benteke, Good cover in the RMF position, and also a good CB.
    Its proving increasingly difficult to sign players as my club ranking only went up 10 places to 71.
    I finished 4th in the Prem and got to the quarter finals of the Europa League so not a bad season but still no silverware.
    Ive been going for a few big names and high OVR’s, some are kean but their clubs dont want to sell, others such as Di Vaio and Kewell (Regen) simply dont want to know.

    I was happy with the transfer business i have done so far though. I signed a 84OVR GK for £3.2mil, a 84OVR CB for 900k (bargain) and a Right winger for 2.4mil, total spend about £7million.
    I sold Badu, a quality but whingey CMF who has fallen out with the club for 9.2mil, my backup keeper, Soderberg for 3.6mil and Lovenkrands, whom i promoted from the youth team for 2mil, total incomings – 14.8mil. So i actually gained 3 fresh new players and made 7mil in the process.

    I still need to find a good goal poacher style striker though as if Benteke or Saha get injured, the cover is thin.

    My stadium has seen a facelift with new adboards, banners and hoardings, and I will be sporting a brand new Puma Home & Away kit for the coming season.

    Champions league qualifying round draw has just been made – Atheltico Madrid await, Champs league proper isnt a done deal by any means just yet!

    Im undecided with the step up to professional as of yet, one to ponder.

  25. Stevenage-Chris—cheers, and all of the sample (with a few more editing passes) will make it to the final cut, so it is indicative of the final content. I’d like the final book to be a bit more lighthearted, though. ‘My life in PES’ shouldn’t be ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

  26. Chris—your suggestion of Altimus’ sliders is duly noted and filed away for the re-return to FIFA12. With a whopping 5 months still to go until FIFA13, and 6 to PES2013, FIFA12’s time will come for me. It was too soon before—I was still immersed in PES up to my eyeballs via writing and prepping the book.

    And I’m loving PES2012 a lot now, genuinely and deeply, faults aside.

    The scandalous chapters of the book will be roughly parallel to the PES2-PES6 years. Those years saw me do a lot of living in amongst my football gaming…

  27. Paul—the only thing to fear from Professional, in my new opinion, is being too cautious. Whack it up for your pre-season matches and go all-out for goals and see how you get on. Like I always say, we’ve got to play the footy game we want to play, individually, not the one we think is mandated by any sense of honour or community. There are posters on the PES forums who refuse on principle to play PES2012 below Top Player. They haven’t had a good time with PES2012, on the whole.

    You’ll find your club ranking will severely hamper your ability to sign great players. If I hadn’t had the Classics, I don’t think I would have attracted any 80+ OR players at all. Possibly the game will shepherd you towards a Youth policy.

  28. NG – Do I see a sudden change of tactics for you with your advice to “Whack it up for your pre-season matches and go all-out for goals”?

    Funnily enough, I’ve been trying to be a little more attacking having realised that I had become so scared of the AI I was almost playing all-out defensive in every game.

    I had a big clear out in pre-season ahead of season 8 last night. Club legend and captain Comacho went to Man Utd for £22m! I couldn’t turn it down – especially as he was starting to decline in stats. Rodallega has also gone (now 32) as has Ribeiro. I sadly lost Diop just at the point he had become good enough to start for me. He got all stroppy when I turned down two previous bids for him. Thankfully Benjani is back from his 8 months injury! He’ll lead my attack with Forlan as SS. I just need a three others to bolster the ranks.

    On the book, I would just like to add my appreciation for your efforts NG. It will surely be a unique insight into the life of PES and it’s followers.

  29. John—you’re quite right, after a bad start to the season I got tired of playing cautiously and decided to just go for it. The change has been phenomenal. I’m peeking ahead slightly. Tomorrow’s post will have more.

    I’m routinely putting lots of goals past the AI now. Spurs away this morning, a game I’d have huffed-and-puffed to win 1-0 last season. Today I won FIVE-nil and it was pretty easy, with three coming in the first 30 mins. Saviola hat-trick. It’ll be in tomorrow’s post, but basically I go out with a 4-4-2, diamond midfield, AMF pushed way up. If it looks like it’s not working after 30 mins, I go into the formations screen and push my midfield EVEN FURTHER UP, making almost a front 5 and splitting my team into two. It works. Effectively I convert all that 60%+ possession that I’ve always had into goals. I shamelessly work a turn-and-shoot opening if nothing else is on, but a broader variety of goals tends to arise naturally when you go all-out.

    It can still be a nightmare at the back, but somehow it’s easier to defend when you’re sitting on a 2-goal cushion and bossing the game.

    Exciting times, so much so that I’m wondering if I’ve cracked the game finally, and might have to move up to Top Player…? Nah. I’d better actually win something first.

  30. Blimey NG, what a turn around!

    That’s it then, I’m going to whack up that attacking slider. Are you still playing deep defence? and what suppport set up?

    God, look at that, I wrote the above quite happy that is was a relevant question. I think I’m going mad!

  31. John—I haven’t touched my tactical sliders, which are still set to standard. All I’ve done is thought ‘fuck it, I’m tired of fannying around with formations and tactics. Let’s score some goalssss…..’, and it’s working.

    My lone DMF is still very deep, right in front of the CBs. I leave all the attacking to my three midfielders and two forwards. And the two full-backs coming forward, of course. Crosses are a regular source of goals, as you already know.

    You’ve seen the players I’ve got and probably wondered why I’m not tearing up trees with them. I bloody am now! I’m working on tomorrow’s post and prefer to save it all for then… All I can say is, go for it and see what happens.

  32. Paul – I also had difficulty signing new players due to a low team ranking, the only way to do it really is to concentrate all your activity on either regens or bosmans. Therefore January 1st and February 1st should be the busiest dates in your calendar. Don’t skip past these dates. On January 1st search all 16 year olds, and on February 1st search all out of contract players.
    Using this as my transfer policy, after 9 seasons my squad rating is almost 99 in every category.

  33. nG – almost exactly the same thing happened to me. At some point I just suddenly ‘cracked’ Professional and was banging in as many goals as the top clubs. I won the league twice and the Euro League before moving on to Top Player. It’s really tough on Top Player, and I just finished the season in 7th, just in the Euro League spots, and was dumped out of the FA Cup and Champs League early on, and thats with the aforementioned 99 squad. Enjoy Professional a bit longer is my advice….

  34. Grilled Seabass—it’s only yesterday that this breakthrough happened. After 14 or so league matches I’m keeping goal-scoring pace with every team except Man City. It’ll all be in tomorrow’s post. Suffice to say I’d want to win at least a Double (League+any Cup) before thinking about moving up a difficulty.

  35. Thanks for the advice, As they say b eing cautious invites pressure, which ultimately will lead to more goals conceded.
    The best form of defence is attack!

    Seabass, great stuff, cheers!!! Will give that a go and 6 of my first 11 are all promoted youths whom I’ve nurtured. Very rarely do I ever have any major names playing for me in any PES ML.

    For those that are interested, i’ve now added a request form to my blog site where i will be taking requests for custom PES Gfx.

  36. Paul—there’s a crying need for somebody, somewhere, to offer exactly that kind of on-request service away from the specialist sites and the forums. I’ve left a special request 🙂

    In PES2012 gameplay I’ve always enjoyed better possession, but never converted it to goals on account of being more worried about the opposition. No longer. Quite a change in the works.

  37. Not Greg, Thanks for the request – Go Check your email 😉

  38. Paul—cheers for the files again, and you should brace yourself for a busy October-December period if word gets around and you keep your site going.

  39. I had time to play 3 games of PES4 today – the group stages of a new International Cup on 5* difficulty, with England of course.

    I started off with a decent 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland, and secured qualification with a 2-0 win over Finland (albeit through two own goals) and a 2-1 win over Sweden (much more satisfying). In the round of 16 I face Spain, will be interesting to see how I do against another top quality side.

    I also unlocked Classic England – I will be unlocking each classic team before starting a Master League.

    Now I should probably get on with doing the Maths coursework I have which is due in 9am today!!

  40. Great work on the blog paul. The only only thing better than one top drawer pes blog is two! That mancini goal was a belter not greg. In the summer im definetly firing up another master league with the classics. Early tonight i was playing master league online and scored what i thought was the best goal ive ever scored in any football game. The ball bounced in front of my star midfielder jose pedro right on the halfway line so i wanged it full power. It cracked the underside of bar, bounced a good few feet behing the line before rebounding out and the game never gave it!! I could have cried. At half time my opponent sent me a msg asking what happened. I had a goal not given in a similar situation in my pes5 days, but you can bet the next shot from that distance wont bloody hit the target!

  41. Stevenage-Chris—if memory serves (and it is patchy, hence the hiatus on the book front), you should automatically also have the Classic England and other teams’ players available in Master League from the start, after you unlock them.

  42. leroy_getz—are you sure it was over the line? Did you see a replay and verify that? I don’t think you could have in MLO. We’re dealing with a computer intelligence, not likely to make a human error. The whole of the ball must be over the whole of the line, remember – the game applies that to the letter of the law. I’ve had what I thought were clear goals denied me because a few pixels of the ball weren’t over the line.

    There’s a belter of a Mancini goal coming up in today’s post. I couldn’t imagine this career now without the Classic players. You’re in for a treat if you do start that other ML career. Start with your new club’s original squad and budget and you’ll have the cash to sign a few Classics in that first pre-season period.

  43. Thanks Leroy Much appreciated. Ouch, Lampard in the world cup all over again!!!!
    You must be gutted, great effort though nonetheless.

    I have a nice Long ranger from Seedorf I plan to post up, i rarely ever score long rangers so this was a treat.

  44. Paul—without long-rangers any football game would be a lot less enjoyable for me. Since I started playing ‘optimally’ in PES2012 and my goals went up, the long-rangers have gone down accordingly, but I still get a healthy proportion. I think it’s just the willingness to try them, really. The mechanic is definitely still there.

  45. I must admit, i rarely try long rangers, unless the situation begs for it, ie right positioning, right player, favoured foot etc.
    Im not an opportunist loing range shooter, maybe i should try a few more.

    To touch on player individuality again, it is massive in PES12.
    I was trailing in a cup game and needed a goal fast, I had hellebuyk on the bench, a lad i promoted from the youths a few seasons ago, hes not great, adequate, and doesnt get alot of playing time but packs a wicked shot, and has the long range drive card.

    He typically plays as a LMF, but can also play across the middle of the park. I bought him on as an AMF and tried at every opportunity to pop a shot off, if it was on his weak foot it was often a feable inaccurate shot but i managed one opportunity on his left peg, a quick stab of R1 to push the ball ahead and BANG!! low corner piledriver for the equaliser!

  46. Paul—PES2012 has indeed taken player individuality to a new level. My left-back, Hyam, handles like no other player I’ve yet played with in the whole game. Rivaldo is ageing but has still got it enough of the time to be a wily old campaigner. I’ve got a clutch of youngsters, all promising but poor compared to my established stars, who can put up a good performance on their day, but I’d better not pick too many of them at once or I really feel the difference. It goes on and on really.

    Long rangers are another case in point. I’m a long-range aficionado, and this is the most nerfed the long-range shooting has ever been in PES. Only a few players can pull off a long-range effort at all consistently, which is fair enough really.

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