They shoot football games, don’t they?

Season 7 has ended. PES2012 has challenged me in many ways. Since it arrived, back on October the whatever-it-was, I’ve been intrigued, delighted, disappointed, appalled, thrilled, delighted again, appalled again, frustrated, aghast, confused, content, and indifferent. Often all at once. I’ve documented the reasons quite exhaustively over the past few months. I won’t rehash them again now.

PES2012 is a good game. Its main problems have tended to dwindle in prominence the more I’ve played of it.

Shooting is the big exception. PES2012’s crazy, inconsistent, random shooting is the one issue that won’t recede into the background. It might yet end up being the issue that finally kills PES2012 for me.

My apologies to anybody for whom a) Shooting in PES2012 is not a problem, or b) Shooting in PES2012 is something you have learned to live with or tolerate, or even c) You’re just sick of hearing about it.  Shooting in PES2012 is experienced by me, subjectively, as unsatisfying and erratic, and there’s nothing I can do about that. I cannot pretend that it is not constantly on my mind when it is.

At the moment, though? With my super squad of Classics—good players all, most of whom can pass the ball and strike it decently—I’m in a good place with PES2012. When this game plays well, it really plays well, I find.

Here’s the final season 7 table:

The goals column went up slightly with some epic games at the tail-end of the season. The highlight was a 4-1 victory over Aston Villa. That match included a certain Hagi free kick that I love so much I’m shamelessly recycling it from Friday’s post (you know, just in case you missed it):

I also beat Manchester City 2-1 at their place, but didn’t feel like celebrating. Both my goals were wrong-side goals. They were in Friday’s post too, but I’m not interested in showing them again here. PES2012’s shooting: damn it all to hell.

Post-season came, and my Chairman approval rating plummeted below 10%. I’d failed to meet his main target: Champions League qualification. At least I qualified for the Europa League  again next season, despite only finishing 9th. The FA Cup winners and the runners-up were above me, so I inherited a place. Nice. I’ll try to do better in Europa this coming season.

My squad needed trimming. I had 27 squad players. I fancied a lean squad of 24 players. In any case, I had a serious cash shortfall to deal with. I was £14,000,000 in the red.

I received a bid for Van Basten. There’s no way I’m ever selling him. I don’t think I’ve posted any of his goals, but they’ve all been very welcome. Proper striker’s goals, from inside the box. All crucial. Here’s a shot of the Premier League top scorer’s table, a few matches before season’s end:

Van Basten got a few more after that was taken. He finished on 18 goals.

A bid came in for him, from Juventus. They wanted Van Basten and were prepared to pay £55,000,000 for the pleasure.

I was not even tempted. I declined the offer—which sent Van Basten into a red-faced strop. I don’t need this, I thought. But I clicked the option ‘we don’t want you to leave’ and he seemed to calm down. At the time of writing, he’s not angry.

I sold Brehme instead. It cleared up my financial worries for another season. £24,000,000 was the offer—from Marseille or someone, not sure—and I accepted.

Having already released my other right-back, I needed two new ones. I ended up with Cedric Soares and Luke Young, both decent players in the low 80s OVR. I didn’t manage to sell anyone else. I released Jacobs, not needing a third goalie at this stage of the career. Fingers crossed.

My club is ranked 104th in a world of 180 teams. With a squad like mine, that’s nowhere near good enough.

My target for season 8 is to win a trophy, and to finish in the top 4. At least. Winning the FA Cup and qualifying for the Champions League would be a great season for me at my current skill level with the game. Let’s see how I do.


  1. That looks like the best Premier League season of all time – 4 teams got over 100 goals and the defences for the top few weren’t too hot either.

    You haven’t really mentioned van Basten much before – £50m is an awful lot….

  2. I had Cedric Soares in my team last year in PES11, he’s a quality, reliable full back.

  3. good to see Lukaku is living up to the potential you spotted in him last year!

  4. Liam—with the openness and high scoring of this PES, at least the table relfects that. Konami have allowed PES to drift more towards the high-scoring side of things over recent years. Not necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself, but still not something we really like, no?

    The only reason I haven’t mentioned van Basten at all is that he never gets ‘Hagi goals’ (of which there’s another stonker coming up on Wednesday; I was stunned this morning when I scored it).

    Van Basten is my top scorer and as such probably my most valuable player. I really would take him over Hagi (but having both is very nice). v-B’s only 24 as well, and Hagi is 31 now.

  5. Paul—Soares is great so far, better than Brehme in his first 8 or so matches. I made the right decision. And Luke Young is not a bad understudy at all, although he’s constantly moaning right now.

  6. Saha and Seedorf, 16yr old regens have been immense for me last season, Seedorf ran the show since joining in Jan.
    Cant wait to see how they develop.
    Any tips for life in the Prem greatly appreciated.

    Also NG – if you want some new updated, premier league specific, adboards or gfx just let me know.
    Will be kitting out my stadium with new boards and ‘upgrading’ the away end stand ready for the new season 😉

  7. Enrico Chiesa, is a must have for next season N.E. im currently in my maiden season with Bradford City on top player including the addition of classic players as inspired by yourself. to say its not going so well is an understatement, bottom at christmas W0 D4 L12. this could have been so different if Konami had provided me with a better back four than the ones i was given, bring on the window!!!. the reason i keep plugging on despite the many obvious setbacks is Chiesa. LW,RW,SS,CF he’s the 1990’s version of messi, he has it all. by far the best all round player on PES12 for me.

  8. Paul—I’ll see your Saha and Seedorf, and raise you a Forlan and Raul! I’ve only mentioned their arrival in passing over the past week or two (you might have missed it), but they have arrived, both still raw teenagers, and both looking great prospects. I’m intrigued and excited to see just where they’re going and how my team evolves over the next few seasons as I start moving towards that fabled Treble. It’s this kind of compulsion that’s keeping me from FIFA12.

    My #1 life in the Prem tip: even on Regular, you’ll need more and better players to survive, never mind do well. The top and middling teams will slice and dice you like nothing you’ve seen yet. Hold onto the attitude that you’re playing for a 0-0 and will take any scraps that fall your way. Watch out for the scoring-straight-from-kickoff bullshit, too. It got worse for me in the Prem.

    Otherwise, just feel your way and enjoy. Oh, and enjoy the £1m+ per home match too 😉

  9. Garry G—Chiesa is one of the great PES players going back years and years. I had him in PES4 and 5. Don’t remember PES6. I think I had him in my PES2008(PS3) team, and he was one of the few highlights of that game for me.

    And it’s so true that having Classic players DOES NOT equal automatic success and easy wins in PES2012. At the time I got my first influx of Classics, a few weeks ago now, I remember someone commenting that I should easily win the Treble. It doesn’t work like that. It might work like that for other kinds of PES player, but not for me and not for you either, it sounds like. Will you be able to afford a Classic CB or two in the window? If so, Ruggeri is awesome, as is Nadal. I was tempted by Maldini and Baresi but their ages put me off—they start at 29 and I was already dubious about getting Hagi at the same age.

    If you get Hagi, all I can say is, enjoy.

  10. thanks for the advise not greg. i have been looking at a few classic defenders one being a japaneese bloke called Bo who looks decent. the thing is that my budget is not great. i have just promoted a couple of defenders from the youth squad Schmidt and a Korean fella (i forget his name) which should will put me in good stead for the new year. hopefully results will change and i will resist the tepmtation to drop a level. i got promoted within two seasons on PES11 with out the classic players last year, PES12 is a different ball game though but i remain confident as i can be in compleating this feat again. i will not be beaten!!!

  11. I’m still on my PES holiday and dabbling in Fifa – which I must say I’m enjoying.

    Your league table looks amazingly like mine NG, before I took my break. Look at that difference in goals scored – clearly the AI does’t suffer the same broken shooting system as us humans! Are you really thinking you cn make the top four with such an unfair handicap N-G? It’s not like you are waiting to get far superior players.

  12. Professional difficulty is kicking my arse like a good ‘un! My season started ok, got a couple of wins and it seemed to be going well, then all of a sudden the AI tricks started, I could barely get chances, never mind goals, and teams like Blackpool/Cardiff/Shamrock scored ridiculous wonder goals against me, one in particular that Cardiff scored- all one touch incisive passing, pulled my defence all over the place before Earnshaw finished when one on one with my keeper (Rob Green no less) Things like that made me decide to sim the remaining third of the season, I finished 17th. Bizarrely despite that I’ve never had a single waring from the chairman or anything like that. Weird.

    Started the new season with renewed optimism brought on by some decent signings. Fortunately I managed to shift my under performing created players (Luigi Bruins and Echille Emana) for a combined 5m and brought in Robert Aquafresca, Richard Keogh, Seamus Coleman, Mika Varynen and Ishmael Miller…….and it’s got even worse! Cant even get shots in games now, feel like giving up. Even though they were created players, I had Emana AND Bruins because I’d signed them in previous games and didnt feel it was cheating (since they both had real faces too) but I’ve made a decision which goes against everything I stand for in PES- Raiding the created players. After some tight fisted negotiating I’ve managed to acquire the following for mid season window- Fat Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Rafael Marquez. Wages are high but I’m hoping that either the advanced quality in my team will improve my enjoyment and results, or at least I’ll get mega bids for the players at the end of the season. I feel like its make or break for me with PES 2012 now, especially since I’ve got a load of new games to play.

  13. Garry G—if you continue with no wins and the AI running rings around you, it’d be best to drop a level rather than quit the game, surely? (The Chairman will intervene if nothing else!) I find Professional to be still very difficult, and very rewarding when playing well. The days of ‘Top Player or it doesn’t count’ are behind us now, if they were ever here.

  14. John—I’m not worried right now, as my ability to score goals and defend against the AI should start getting a lot better this season. In any case, titles are mostly won and lost on points accumulated rather than goals scored/conceded. In PES as in real life, a title-winning team usually only loses 3 or 4 matches throughout the whole season. Look at the matches that the AI teams lost in my season 7: the champions lost 6 matches. This theory all depends on me starting to score goals and shut out the AI, of course—no easy task in PES2012, where if the AI decides it wants a goal, it just brazenly takes one.

  15. Mike—tell me about it. The AI tricks appal me at times. I had one instance this morning where I’d just taken a late 2-1 lead in a cup tie, and naturally thought: right, that’s it, just ease the game out and take the win. But no. Straight from the AI kick-off, as usual, the most incredible one-touch passing from the AI culminated in a diving header (as if the AI player had jetboots on) that rocketed into the top corner of my net. I defy anyone to say that that sort of PES2012 AI goal is defensible. The lightning-fast one-touch passing means your players can’t put in challenges. It’s the very definition of a scripted goal.

    You’ve probably done the right thing in going for the uber-players. I was similarly inclined to give up, then thought I might as well bring in the big guns and see if my overall experience improved. If nothing else, as you say, you’re boosting your bank balance. But I found the game is a lot more tolerable with better players, although it never gets easy.

  16. not-greg, it angers me to the level that during my late night to early morning sessions, the only words that come out of my mouth are “That was f****** Bull****” or “This game is a f****** pi** take” It just completely ruins the enjoyment of the game, yes my players aren’t as good, but when its such low teams (or pre update its the completely made up teams) running rings round you its not easy to take. There are times where you may as well just put the controller down and have a sip of your brew (or Relentless in my case) because no matter what you do, that corner is going to be headed directly in, that midfield clogger is going to bamboozle your Bobby Moore-esque CB and trickle in a 25 yard daisy cutter, Mr no name striker will twist and turn his way past 3 players and shoot past your keeper with his eyes closed.

    Screw you Seabass

  17. @ not greg,

    i cant give up on my first attempt though and to be honest PES for me is all about the emotions that you go through playing the game. its the main reason i play it. i understand that i would probably get more enjoyment playing at a lesser level but the feeling of spending 6-7hrs losing will be totally worth it if i get promoted next season and if i dont maybe then i’ll think about taking it to another level.

  18. Mike—I saw the unstoppable one-touch AI goals described as a circus act somewhere, and I think that’s very true. I try to sense when the AI is up to no good and take them out with a dirty foul – problem is, the AI is a machine and can easily avoid even the most certain tackle if it wants to, and it often wants to.

  19. Garry G—I wasn’t trying to persuade you to compromise your own PES values, just saying that if you do get worn down by the AI, there’s no shame in revising those values. This is a very different PES AI and the old difficulty levels are just not the same.

  20. I love having classic players in ML, they certainly do not equal instant success though. Unfortunately I unlocked them all before I started ML, so I couldn’t snaffle any for a while. My option file still has the made up names, but I have IWAM RUSSELL (Ian Rush), who’s fantastic and Begrstaron (not sure who he’s meant to be, but definitely unlocked in classics), a left winger who’s 34 and still not in decline! I also have 17 year GALBONE (Gazza) and ZORU (Zoff), who should develop nicely. I picked up regen Seedorf, who’s already looking amazing, and regen Dejan Stankovic, Zambrotta and Ashley Cole, so I’ve got some exciting young players coming through. I’m playing quite a bit of PES again at the moment, as I’m waiting for the upcoming patch for Skyrim which supposedly fixes the PS3 lag issues (which I haven’t experienced yet, but live in fear of!). I suspect the patch won’t work completely unless you start a new game, so I don’t want to commit much time to Skyrim for now, until it’s clear how effective the patch is. Then I can make a decision whether to start over or press on with my existing character.

  21. Filbert—I’m not sure, but you may be able to hand-edit the player names and so have the proper names of RUSH, GASCOIGNE etc in your ML world. There’s an issue with some Edit data carrying over to ML mid-stream, though, so don’t bank on it.

    It sounds like you have a nice mix of Classics and Regens there. As you correctly say, PES2012 is the kind of game where having top players is almost immaterial.

    I’ve still only played the usual token 30 mins of Skyrim, to my shame.

  22. Mde the mistake of taking the shrink wrap off Modern Warfare 3 last night, OMG its immense!!!
    torn between that and PES at the mo, and uncharted 3 is near completion too!

  23. Paul—I’ve never had an online shooter habit, unless CounterStrike counts. Coming back to PES freshened up is probably a big part of what’s keeping you going with the game (I’ve found mini-breaks very therapeutic), so it’d be no bad thing to take some time off.

    p.s. – all this time and Uncharted3 still isn’t completed with you? Is that a bad sign? I’m due to pick up a preowned copy soon (that won’t get played for another 6 months or so, but still—is it worth it?).

  24. Star Wars the old republic is what turned me off to pes this year. I feel pes can be enjoyed and I did play the heck out of it, but the scripting just wears you down. The only good thing about the insane ai is when you do win the champions league it is immensely satisfying. My best champagne football team though was still severely lacking in goals though compared to the rest of the league.

  25. Very difficult to sell players this year, don’t you think?
    Anyway, I’ve played a number of games now with my 4-5-1 formation. It’s working a treat! I went the last 5 games of last season unbeaten and and have started the new season with 4 wins, 1 draw and a defeat, including wins away at Liverpool and Man City. I’m playing a DMC and an MC in middle, with 3 AMCs in front of them, and Del Piero playing as a false 9 SS. In the close season I signed two great AMCs on free transfers, 88ovr Dzagoev and 95ovr Diego (of Wolfsburg). I’m now much more solid in midfield and a lot less predictable going forward with the AMCs and SS swapping positions.
    I know Konami follow tactical trends and 4-5-1 seems to be the sweet formation for this edition.

  26. Fox—I’ve always suspected PES of artificially preventing you from scoring more than one of a type of goal per match. By this I mean, I can score long-range, 30-yard curling beauties one match after another at times. But in the same match? Never—the game won’t allow it to happen. Ditto headers. If I get one header from a cross, I’ll never be allowed to score another one in that same match. I’ve always felt that this is true.

  27. Grilled Seabass—I’ve had a similar satisfying experience with my 4-5-1 so far. The two deep-lying midfielders (one DMF, one CMF like yourself) seem to have shut up shop against the AI. Giving it a bit of its own park-the-bus medicine. And while there’s always the trusty 4-3-3 on a strategy button to switch to, oddly, I rarely make use of it—the 4-5-1 just seems to work as-is.

  28. Not-Greg – I dont play Online, just play MW3 for the offline campaign mode.
    As for Uncharted 3, Its the absolute pinnacle of PS3 gaming, it really is jaw dropping, the reason I havent yet completed it, is that my Missus nloves playing it with me, she likes to solve the puzzles so i play it at weekends when she is here, hence its taking longer to complete, but its very well worth every penny that you will pay for a copy, trust me.
    I spent nearly 2 hours last night editing PES12, ready for my maiden premier league season.
    I edited my players to give them decent boots, designed a new home & away kit, upgraded my stadium with new premier league specific adboards and new sponsors, assigned more realistic stadiums to every premier league team and changed the names of the stadiums to the real ones. I also added team specific chants for game play, after a goal and after a win for every premier league team.
    Agfter all that it was late so just had a couple of exhibition matches to test my new stadium and chants out.

    Thought Id have a look at professional difficulty. First match i was Man Utd and beat Newcastle 3-0, then I loaded up a saved ML team from a few seasons ago so its mostly the defaults and drew with WSigan 0-0. Then for a laugh I tried Superstar level, I chose 2 random teams, I was Spurs and I played against PSV, I beat them 1-0!

    What really suprised me was how different the ebb and flow of the game was on pro and Superstar compared to Regular.
    On Regular its mostly park the bus then CPU attacks with 2 forwards very directly, everytime.
    On Pro and Superstar, there was more midfield play from the CPU, more sidways passing and little triangles, more crosses put into the box, it was very enjoyable.

    Difficulty on Master League is probably different from friendly matches but am tempted to start my prem season on professional now.

  29. Paul—knowing your love for the Uncharted series, is it fair of me to speculate that if Uncharted 3 was as good as its predecessor you’d have ploughed ahead and completed it by now on your own, regardless of the girlfriend? I remember hearing a few negative murmurings about Uncharted 3 at the time of its release.

    As for PES2012 and Professional, back in October I played all my pre-Master League stuff (International Tournaments & Exhibition games) on Professional, and it’s a completely different proposition. Not really a guide to what you’re in store for in Master League. Regardless, it might be a good idea to start Premier League life on Professional anyway, just to orient yourself and get an idea of where you are. If it turns out you can already go up to Professional and live there (entirely possible), all the better.

  30. In all honesty mate no, As i only get a max of 2hrs gaming time a night, and not every night, i just play what i feel like at the time.
    I currently have Battlefield 3, MW3, Uncharted 3, PES12, FIFA12, WWE12 all on the go, where i have started campaigns or career modes, so as you can imagine and i guess its the same for you, some games have to miss out.
    PES usually gets the nod as its pick up and play, and as my PS3 goes through a 5.1 ch DTS surround sound system, even on low, its beefy, so not sure the rest of the house appreciate uncharted’s explosions and gunfire post 10pm.

    U3 is the best uncharted of the lot, graphically, storywise, and gameplay wise, the only one slight negative about U3, and it applies to all Uncharted games, is that it can be a little linear, as in you are assisted, or can ONLY move from A-B-C, there is no other way.
    I guess its done that way to keep the intricate storylines on track, a GTA style sandbox approach just wouldnt work for Uncharted. Apart from that, you wont regret your purchase, i promise.

    As for PES difficulty levels, im going to stick to my plan and start the prem on Regular as normal. Im hoping the increase in team quality and player quality I’ll be facing will be like a step up in difficulty itself, but if i start to get too comfy, I wont hesitate in shifting up to pro, and also wont hesitate to shbift back down again if im struggling and not enjoying playing.

  31. Paul—I don’t mind a bit of linearity in games these days, lacking the time for the open worlders. I picked up Saints Row 2 a few months ago, a great game, but I just haven’t got time for it. Ditto Skyrim. Football gaming is my routine.

    Maybe try at least a pre-season match on Professional, just to see what you’ve got ahead of you at some point? It’s an eye-opener regarding what the game is capable of doing to you, for good and ill, I can tell you that.

  32. I may have found a workaround,well not a work around, but an alternative shooting method that drastically reduces the ‘wonky’ shots, ie, centrally placed shots.
    More testing is required first,as my initial findings were only based on a few games with better players, so i will test more rigorously tonight and report back.

  33. Paul—if it’s the method where you release the directional controls, and then press shoot, and only then apply direction, it’s just another thing being said on the forums, I’m afraid. I’ve already tried it and it did not effect a change in shooting for me. And besides, a change to the shooting system of that magnitude would’ve been in the manual.

    If it’s something else I’ll be very interested to hear it.

  34. No its not that mate, already tried that myself and made no difference, was just awkward to pull off. As I said, needs more testing before i share any details as may not be anything in it, the games i did use it in, every shot went where i intended, but that was with better players as i said. I’ll keep you informed.

  35. Paul—okay, I’ll look forward to it. Don’t let it slip your mind! This morning I was playing a match in which I must have had 6 shots aimed at corners* that went straight to the keeper instead. The 7th time, I had the thought: “If this shot goes straight to the keeper, I’m quitting PES2012 for good.” I meant it too. It didn’t go straight to the keeper on that occasion, but one day it will.

    *by which I mean, aimed at corner flags, of course.

  36. it really is the only gripe in a thoroughly enjoyable ML for me so far. Have learnt to live with and even chuckle at the player talks, chairman missions etc, and can even see some logic in the training system now. Its just the shooting, n ot such a worry on regular as chances are aplenty but when I step up to pro, one golden chance a game is all i may get, if the game ignores me and directs a shot at the keeper and i dont score that chance, i can see it being very problematic.

    Will have an update for you later this evening after 9ish.

  37. Paul—I’m much the same. Having loved old-school ML I can live with (not like, but live with) this return to Master League basics, which is what all the new ‘features’ constitute. But a consistent and satisfying shooting mechanic that takes player stats into account is the heart and soul of a football game, and PES2012 shits in your face far too often by ignoring controller input. I still say it’s a deliberate design choice by Konami, though, to keep scorelines low.

  38. Apologies for not posting last night, had an unexpectedly busy night so didnt get on PES til really late and only squeezed in an hour before bed.

    As for the shooting ….. still undecided, im erring towards the stance that PES12 shooting is what it is, and as you said, is deliberately intended to nerf high scorelines.
    My ‘technique’ that i was testing was nothing revolutionary, but it was utilising the R2 button for shooting. Not holding R2 AFTER powering up as you do for a controlled shot,but literally clamping R2 down as soon as you have pressed shoot and holding it through the power up and shot process.
    I spent 20 mins in free training trying it and nestled some peaches bang in the corner from close range and distance, but havent had chance to thoroughly test it in a match scenario.
    It definitely improved shooting for me during a few friendlies that I played, but that was using better teams so could have just been the increased player stats kicking in.

    The idea is holding R2 during shooting produce a more ‘instep’ orientated shot which equals greater accuracy, any noremal shot is a laces driven effort. I know people who use this method and have sworn they never have any issues with shots going straight at the keeper, could they really be playing a different game from everyone else? i doubt it, so there might be a little something in it.
    Worth a go though and try it for yourself, see if it makes any difference.

    Remember, hold R2 literally straight after you have pressed shoot and hold R2 during the power up and shot/aim process.

  39. Paul—my opinion is that all these efforts to find an accommodation with PES2012’s shooting are doomed to fail, because it’s not a glitch or a bug that’s causing the wonky shooting—it’s how it’s supposed to be. Konami would have patched it by now if it was a bug or glitch. In our hearts we know this is true.

    I’ll be trying the R2-and-shoot regardless, of course… 😉

  40. not-greg, How right you are! Last night I had a great session that began with 4 created players arriving, Ronaldo, Daly, Doolin and C Kane (seems I jumped the gun on Roberto Carlos) They made a HUGE difference to my play, feeling much more in control and that what I wanted to do generally did. Their combined wages (half salary) came to about 1.6m and in the summer I managed to move them all on for the following:

    Ronaldo 3.2m
    Daly 6.2m
    C Kane 5.2m
    Doolin 6.7m

    So just over 20m brought in for 4 free players, not bad business. These deals were part of the most truely intense transfer window I’ve ever been part of in any pES game, the “Targets” window allowed me to sign Berg CF 3.2m, Evans CB 4.5m, Inkoom RB 3.75m, Cathcart CB 1m as well as Rondon CF and Taarabt AMF both on frees. I then decided to release all my remaining defaults apart from Ettori and Lothar(as I only have 2 keepers) but didn’t realise how threadbare it would leave me- A squad of just 19, only 5 outright midfielders in total and Inkoom suffering a 26 week lay off before he’d even kicked a ball. Tought but exciting times ahead, promotion beckons this year.

  41. Worth a go if nothing else!

    Can i just say i absolutely HATE the finances section pf PES12. It reeks!! Its horrid.
    I say this because you never quite know what financial state your in and thus makes it hard to plan transfers etc.
    My season finished, i was promoted, i then had to play 3 pointless training (friendly) games before the game even recognised it was the start of a new season, so 3 extra games, with no gate receipts, straight after the season ends, that cant even be used to try new signings out as you cant make any cause the transfer window hadnt even opened yet!!!!!! GRRR
    Then the finances section doesnt show incomings, new sponsor deals or anything, just expenses, makes it very hard to know quite where you stand financially, yet another thing they changes from previous PES’s for no reason.

    I signed a new improved sponsor deal, with me being promoted to the prem it was a few million, had £4m come in due to fan club fee’s and some merchandise sales.
    my finances showed i was +£5.8m in profit.
    I immediately upgraded all my staff levels to the next level, which left me about £3m up still.
    So i signed a couple of players, an 84OVR rated 34yr old Brazilian CB, which im hoping will provide some cover in defense for a season or two, a new keeper as back up, and tried to get a 16yr old regen Robhino who agreed the move but we couldnt agree on a salary.
    So in the end I signed Renondó, very promising looking 82OVR CF. I managed to negotiate down his fee and all looked good, he played 2 games, looked promising and all was well.
    I lost my opening premier league game to Man City 3-0, i was destroyed, drew my next Game 1-1 with Wigan, then beat Boca Jnrs at home 2-0.
    Then the announcement came, i was severely in the red (£4.8m) and had 2 days to sort it out or the game would make cuts for me, how had this happened!?!!? After reducing all my staff upgrades again, i went through my squad looking for players to release to reduce the debt, and to my dismay, and no idea how i missed it, the CF I had just bought, Renondó had a yearly salary of £6.8m!!!!!
    I HAD to release him, after just 2 games, and had to pay a £1.3m release fee – but this left me £3.8m in profit again, so i upgraded all my staff once again.

    So a very mixed start to my maiden premier league season, 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat, with upgraded staff. Not too bad.
    I am raking in around £1.5m each home game in gate receipts though so things are looking quite cosy at the moment.

  42. Mike—ahhh the financial slingshot manoeuvre, the saviour of PES2012 for me. I’m having trouble enough with the game even with the better players, so God knows where I’d be if I hadn’t used the slingshot. Probably given up by now.

    As it is, the better players make such a great difference, not least in energising your whole attitude to the game.

  43. Paul—I take it you went ahead and stuck with Regular?

    That bloody pre-season/post-season/whatever-it-is Training Matches are just the most pointless things ever. As you say, without even the chance to blood some new signings, what are they meant to be for? Master League 2012: the unfinished one.

    You’ve really got to watch out for the sneaky multimillion wage demands. But the fact you’re getting those kinds of wage demands means your club is on the up and up.

  44. I did, I played Trabzonspor in a pre-season friendly, one of those pointless ones, and lost 2-0 on professional, I got battered, they seemed superhuman, even magically walking through tackles. And as i Got smashed 3-0 by City, who were a class apart on regular, i decided to stick with it, for a season anyway, hopefully i’ll avoid relegation and amass enough ££’s to bolster my squad, THEN up it to professional where i can stand a better chance of competing.

    Talking of relegation, I was told by my coach/chairman that we want to avoid a relegation dogfight as we had worked hard to gain promotion, we dont want to see the club slide back down again, was pleasantly suprised as i thought the default would be to qualify for the Europa league.

  45. Paul—I think the time to go up to Professional is when you’re winning most games comfortably on Regular and you know it’d be largely academic to carry on. Then when you’re struggling on Professional you’ll know there’s no going back and you’ll have to adapt and survive. It’s quite rewarding when that stage comes, but as I’ve remarked before, the fewer shooting chances means the PES2012 shooting horrors have a greater chance to ‘shine’.

  46. Totally, thats the exact point where i will move up. As of yet, im not winning every game on Regular and am still challenged by it, and dont have the squad to compete up there just yet.
    It will happen though!

  47. Paul—PES2012 will always be challenging, through fair means and foul, and for that reason I have to take my hat off to it, albeit rather grudgingly. Actually, hang on, that’s not fair. Reading my last few posts I don’t think I’ve represented by recent experience of PES2012 very well. I’ve had some amazing matches that consist of great, tense, intricate play in defence, attack, and midfield. I’ll try to redress this balance on Friday’s post. The shooting issue tends to distort everything for me, and possibly for readers of the blog too. I’m not still playing PES2012 out of masochism or habit—it really is a great game of football, much or even most of the time.

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