The Three Stigmata of Palmieri-Jaric

I’ve played to the end of season 2, on Regular difficulty. I’ve evaded all further trouble with the Chairman, mostly. I finished third from bottom in the Division 2 table.

Still enjoying PES2012. I feel there’s a need for me to affirm this regularly, lest my continued play of the game—reviled and abandoned by so many, it seems—appears to be just a stubborn habit rather than the absorbing pleasure it mostly is.

Something happened to one of my players that I’ve heard about from others but never experienced myself until now. The player was Cork, one of my 70-something OVR midfielders. This season he’s been an essential part of whatever small successes I’ve had.

I lost Cork to another club and couldn’t do anything about it. I had no idea about it until it had happened and was all over. I knew that Cork was stalling on signing a new contract, so it wasn’t the total shock that many others have reported. It even has a weird kind of Konami logic. As long as this only happens to ‘contract rebels’, I can accept it.

Before the season was even nearly over, Giersen announced his retirement (at age 27) and I forgot about it. After the final game—in which he had not featured—he paid my avatar a nice sulky visit:

Is it crazy that I actually felt GUILTY about it? If I’d remembered, I would definitely have played him. Giersen isn’t the best player in the world, but he deserves a peculiar kind of respect. It’s a sliver of the kind of respect that all long-term ML players have for the Defaults and for the mode. (Look at the veneration of Castolo over recent years, out of all proportion to his actual ability. Exhibit no. 1, right there.)

Goals are coming easier on Regular, although stopping them at my end is still surprisingly tough. If there was a single sentence that sums up PES2012 defending it would have to be “Stay with the runner”.

Palmieri and Jaric are both awesome and they do a lot of mopping up, but both lack that extra bit of pace that would make them a truly formidable partnership. If the CPU runner gets half a yard on them, and then the inevitable through-ball comes, I’m usually in trouble. I’ll be looking for a pacy CB in post-season.

The time has surely come to stop feeling confused and conflicted over the new Regular/Professional/Top Player levels. I thought I’d be on Superstar by now, imagining that it’d just be a fancy-pants version of the old 6* difficulty. In the PS2 days I used to move onto 6* difficulty about now and stay on it.

My favourite recent goal came from Twiggy, my dependable, solid man up front. He will be sold in a heartbeat when the time comes, of course. He’s very much a ‘seasons 1 to 4’ sort of striker. They’re often the ones you remember with most fondness.

I love goals that go in off the post or bar. Better yet are goals that go in off post and bar, rebounding from one to the other and in. Related to this species of goal is the kind that strikes the angle of post and bar at the same time:

Chairman weirdness crept up on me after the season was all over. The end of the season triggered a decrease in the Chairman’s trust over not getting promotion.

On the final day of the season I demolished Blackpool 4-0, but there were still rumours in the boardroom about me being sacked.

Ridiculously, before my first Training Match of post-season, I was told that if I didn’t win I would be fired.

I won it, but only just—1-0—and got myself back on the straight and narrow.

And then I plunged into the transfer market. With no real money to speak of. But I had to have some new players, especially after Cork’s departure. I’ll cover that and the beginning of season 3 next time.


  1. Filbert—that’s a very stern House Rule that you have there re. the same difficulty level for each ML. It seems very masochistic—and time-consuming. Why not have a trigger level for a change up in the same ML? E.g. as soon as you qualify for the Champs League, you must step up to Top Player and stay there, etc. This year’s ML is so challenging that you might end up never ‘finishing’ ML on Professional anyway. My old criterion for a completed ML was always two successive Trebles, but I allowed myself to move on after one Treble if I felt like it.

    It’s cheering to hear about your Chelsea nightmare. But get this: I just got thumped 5-1, by Norwich, on Regular. I was all like, WTF Norwich? Morison was like a cross between Batistuta at his peak and Conan the Barbarian. I don’t mind this, really. It’s a necessary artifice that we must embrace if we want to play football games, just as when we watch a film we have to forget that they’re all actors. That’s how I see it.

  2. I dont get the whole obsession with playing the game on the hardest possible difficulty.
    Surely you pay your £40 for a game that you ENJOY playing. If you enjoy taking a battering on Superstar level, and that pleases you then play it on that level, similarly, if you enjoy smacking 10 past the CPU on Amateur level then play it on that, simple.
    Far too many people are hooked up on ‘beating the game’ these days rather than playing for enjoyment, which is evident online, where people use every glitch, scam and trick to win at all costs.

    Has anyone else had the feeling that Night matches on PES incurr a downgrade in quality of game play?

    I say this because my last few PES sessions have been glorious enjoyable affairs, and have all been day/overcvast matches, that have felt fluid, smooth, responsive and just damn good.
    I had 3 or 4 similar matches in last nights session, then came a night match.
    It was like a different game, all my players were on red or yellow arrows due to a good run of wins so should have been as responsive as they could be, but the game just felt like a struggle.
    Lack of response, felt clunky, the game didnt flow as normal,was a chore to play.
    I know teams in real life even with their full strength squad out have off days, and play badly, maybe this is Konami’s attempt at recreating a real life nuance, but just only ever seems to occur in night matches… just me???

  3. Yeah, I think I’ll be staying on pro and possibly in Div 2 at this rate.

    End of season three and Brighton finished 11th with a record of 12 wins, 11 draws and 11 defeats. Not bad and massive improvement on my previous two seasons. BUT…. I now have to win a friendly to save my job. That lovely chairman is giving me one meaningless game to save my arse despite a positive season and £2 million in the bank.

    I have also picked up three very good players on frees who are due to join up for season four. Included is Rodallega who had refused a contract at Wigan. He’s 28 and has very impressive stats.

    Now I just need to save my job!

  4. Paul—never noticed the night match thing, although I’ve seen a fair few reports about it around the PESverse so wouldn’t discount it. I’d guess that it’s an unintended by-product of something technical rather than a gameplay decision by Seabass.

  5. John—I was talking to two Wigan fans over the weekend and they seemed to have a special loathing of Rodallega! I have to say though he sounds like the perfect early-seasons signing for ML.

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