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After all the drama of the past few days, I have re-oriented myself to PES2012. Master League seems to be back on track.

As I outlined in Monday’s post, I was having serious problems with PES2012’s shooting mechanic. You didn’t have to read between the lines of that post to see that I feared the worst for the future of PES2012. I feared that I would soon be quitting yet another next-gen PES game prematurely.

Who knows, that might still happen. But disaster has been staved off for now by deleting patch 1.01. I have reverted to ‘vanilla’ PES2012, ver. 1.00. The shooting is better in 1.00.

I won’t rehash the long process that led to my findings. (See the comments section of the last post for details.)

Below is an example of the type of shot in 1.00 that just wasn’t working for me in 1.01.

Cinalton, 25 yards out, side-on to the goal, on his favoured left foot. I love clipping shots across the keeper to the far post from positions like this. In 1.01, it just wasn’t happening for me. In 1.00, it does happen.

No, it’s not a goal. It’s just an everyday sort of weak-ass shot, but it illustrates the point. It went towards the far post, where I was aiming. Normal PES aiming protocols were used in the taking of this shot—none of the ‘overaiming’ workaround that I’d almost got used to on 1.01..

My conclusion? The random shooting error factor that has always been present in PES to some degree, is turned UP to a higher degree than ever in PES2012 ver. 1.01. It’s still pretty high in 1.00, as it happens, but it’s tolerable to me.

I still have the queasy suspicion that it could all just be a placebo, but I really haven’t got time to stop and carry out endless experiments.

I just want to get on with Master League and enjoy playing.


So I’ve played on in my Master League season 1 as my edited Coventry City, and continued losing.

I came to the mid-season transfer window, where I needed to bring in more players but couldn’t afford any. I also have contract rebels—Cinalton among them. He’s become pretty important to me playing as an SS in my current First XI.

I failed to sign any of the players I tried for, so had to make do with a couple of familiar names from the Youths: Schwarz (52 OVR) and Palmieri (68 OVR).

Schwarz seems to be starting from way behind where he was last year. Palmieri is the same competent young CB he was before. We’ll see if I can keep them, or even want to keep them.

I went down to Regular difficulty after a 5-0 spanking on Professional like no other. The CPU is programmed to indulge in what I call ‘flash attacks’, where they start out all innocent-like in their own half, and then seconds later the ball’s in the back of your net and you wonder if there was anything at all you could have done.

Here’s the very latest league table, after 31 matches:

I’ve started scoring a few more goals on Regular. And with the extra time and space on the ball, I’ve started seeing a lot more of Shimizu.

Yesterday morning I brought him on in the 85th minute of a match that was clearly heading for a 2-2 draw. All my players were knackered and I had no ideas. Shimizu, on the bench with a blue form arrow for this game, started and finished a move in the 92nd minute that gave me a precious 3-2 win. The camera is focused on him in both views:

I thought the PES2 replay music was appropriate on this occasion.

I love two things about the goal. First of all, Shimizu’s mazy run to get on the return pass. Finally, a concrete example of the famous ‘diagonal runs’ (or at least wavy-line runs) that we were promised in the summer.

And then there’s the finish. Shimizu’s useless at shooting from outside the box currently, but this is just on the edge and it’s a lovely R2 finish in off the far post (exactly where I was aiming towards).

I’ll wrap up this season on Friday’s post and take stock. I have a feeling the season 2 finances are ging to be brutal. I have a Master League tradition of jettisoning players and then having to make do with skeleton squads for a while. I think that tradition will be upheld in PES2012.


  1. ali—I’m happy to hear that you didn’t get promoted first season, the difficulties have been rebalanced very well this year, although I worry about the AI seeming too ‘cheaty’ on higher levels. It’d be great to play ML for 20 seasons or more and end up on Superstar, and loving it. I want that to happen.

  2. Messing with hairstyles adds a bit of colour to the team. Animal heads are definitely off limits though. I don’t know about this year but last year you could unlock an Easter Island statue head…
    IMO the earthquake would have had minimal effect on Konami. We had a couple of weeks of rolling power cuts, a few hours every few days. Factories were told to stagger their production and neon signs were largely switched off. It really shouldn’t have effected the production of PES apart form the personal lives of the workers. Most people in Tokyo just got on with life as normal.

  3. Grilled Seabass—to me PES2012 feels the least polished edition of the game probably since PES2009. It’s not just the graphics (especially on PS3), but a few sticky-out bits and missing bits in the modes. The training thing in ML for example—intentionally ‘streamlined’, or just plain unfinished? I thought there’s got to be a reason for this incomplete feel and the ‘word on the forum street’ about it being due to the tsunami could be true, at least partly. I couldn’t see how it could be true, with Tokyo being unaffected by the disaster(except emotionally of course, and the powercuts etc.).

  4. ive just discovered this site and i love it. now to read all those older posts……….

  5. gramswagon—thanks for your comment, and if you haven’t already, check the site FAQ. I really never, ever play online.

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