The Myth of PES5

So I’ve been giving PES5 a few days’ play. I picked it up again whilst messing around on my PC recently.

I’ve continued a Master League career that I started many months ago now. This is my umpteenth ML of this football game year, and I haven’t finished a single one of them. Shocking. Curse you, PES2011!

Where I picked up, my team—Coventry City (an edited PES United)—were about 9 matches from the end of our second season in Division 2.

I have since played all the way to the end of season 2, with sheer unadulterated enjoyment. PES5 was the greatest time I’ve ever had on PES. It’s always a pleasure to revisit such hallowed territory. This game has become one of the PESverse’s foundational myths. But PES5 is one myth that still holds power over me.

I love the gameplay in its offshoot, WE9LE, perhaps a little more, however borderline-sacrilegious that might be to say. But currently PES5 has a fully-featured and logical Master League component that the fan-edited WE9LE lacks. As I have said many times (many, many times, just recently), I’m a Master League fan first and a football game fan second.

Here’s a brief goals highlight reel I made. There are only a few goals, none truly amazing, but all of them decent enough. And there’s a nice susprise for those with their PC speakers on who recall with affection a certain other old-school game called PES2:

I think I’ll set all my goals to that music from now on.

I achieved promotion to Division 1 by the skin of my teeth. Going into the final match, I was 6th in the table on 19 points. The four teams above me were all on 21 points, including the 2nd-placed team. I knew if I won and they all lost I could make it, but I didn’t think the game would actually let me do it…

When my players’ arms went up at the final whistle, I was incredulous. I’d done it!

The final table:

Okay, it stinks more than a little. We all know how that Master League tables are frequently moulded to keep the human player involved, but I still loved the moment.

I have played on for a few matches into season 3. I snapped up Schwarz as a 17-year-old from the Youth list. I signed a young Jesus Navas in a swap deal for Castolo (not so much of a Myth in PES5, but still tradeable). When the action started I drew with Spurs and beat Newcastle.

I might get a few more sessions in before the first 2012 game lands on my doormat next week.


  1. I’ve just came back from a games convention and played PES2012, which I’m guessing is the final version.

    I played 2 games on the Xbox360 and 2 on the PS3 and played FIFA12 on the PS3 twice.

    And my verdict – FIFA12 plays like FIFA11 except for the defensive side, which is really a great idea and gives you time on the ball to pick passes out and wait for runs.

    The full collision thing is a bit dodgy. I’ve seen players run into each other and both players sort of stumble leaving the ball between them. Also one incident I had was with true injuries. I think Ozil went down in the penalty box injured and the play carried on until the ref stopped play. This meant a drop ball situation in the penalty area.

    There were some problems but I feel for online play it will be really good. The keepers for FIFA were really good, a bit too good really. I didn’t really see any keeper make a mistake. Even though they were realy good it was still too easy to get one-on-one with a lobbed through ball, which I dont like. I won both matches 3-0 and 3-1. Both games I started messing around after 60 minutes as I had a 3-goal lead. Doesn’t feel a challenge.

    On Pro Evo the goalies first of all are rubbish. They still can’t save a lot of the shots and hardly keep hold of a shot from outside the box. I was really annoyed seeing this and hope this patch sorts it out. I played one game on the Xbox and it felt terrible to me. Passes weren’t going where I wanted them to. Players felt sluggish to me. I dont know why but it felt worse than the second demo on the PS3. I only played 1 and a half games and lost both 1-0. I’m not sure if they will feel different but on the PS3 it felt much better. I could pass the ball much better. I won both games on the PS3 1-0 and, I think, 4-0. The 1-0 game was with Roma and Arsenal. I scored with Totti with a fantastic strike from miles outside the box. Anyway the game felt a good speed. Wasn’t too fast. Good build-up play, had time on the ball. It is really hard to get a 1-on-1 situation which I liked.

    Anyway the next match was Barca vs Madrid and it felt like a different game. The game was so fast. Little time on the ball. Maybe it’s the teams which make the game feel fast. One thing i have to say is the player ratings on pro evo. It felt so wrong. Liverpool felt so underrated, Suarez was 77 I think and Adam was 69. Joe Cole was 81. It felt very wrong. Barca seem a bit overrated. Iniesta and Xavi 96/7. The defense was 90+. Valdez 89. Seemed too high for me anyway. Will need a lot of editing for me before I play.

    Anyway my overall opinion is FIFA12 is too easy, for me anyway, to score. The true injuries gets annoying sometimes when players get injured after falling from trying to win a header and end up with a dislocated shoulder. I did hear if you tackle a player it is possible to snap their leg and see it dangling. Not sure if this is true just heard it, but FIFA12 too easy to score.

    PES2012 is much harder to score, great movement of the ball by players and off–the-ball control realy helps. Keepers are still rubbish and really stupid and hardly grab the ball. The speed seemed fine with Roma and Arsenal but super-fast with Barca and Madrid. Ratings seem all over the place and wrong. For me the game feels so different on Xbox than PS3. Not sure if it’s the controller that I’m not used to or the TV I was playing on. I will never know as i don’t have an Xbox. But I loved the PS3 version.

    Mmmm dat seems about it, sorry for it to be all over the place. Hope you all understood what I was trying to say, overall I can’t wait for the game to be released now. ML is going to be great with the difficulty to score.

  2. ali—first of all, thanks for leaving your mini-review here. I’m very impressed with its content and can only hope my eventual first impressions are as concise and to-the-point.

    Because I think it’s such a good mini-review/preview, I’ve taken a liberty that I hope you don’t mind, and edited it slightly. I haven’t touched your content at all, nothing added or taken away. I’ve just added paragraphs, capitalised Barca etc., and changed some text-speak words to their full words. I don’t mind that at all, but in this case it’s just for ease of reading really, as I think your review deserves to be read more widely.

    As for what you have to say, there’s a lot there for me to think about. I’m disappointed to hear about the PES2012 keepers but not surprised, and yes, there’s a lot riding on that patch now—if it even exists. I’m also slightly deflated about FIFA12 now, but only have a few days to wait to find out for myself. As for all the positive stuff you say, all I can say is—bring on Master League.

    Cheers again for the review – a great piece. These are popping up on the forums as people in America start getting the game, but I enjoyed yours the most.

  3. yeah, thanks very much ali, extremely interesting. Bet you it’s not possible to snap a player’s leg and see it dangling on FIFA though!!

  4. hopefully the player transfer in ML is sorted so its hard to buy big players or even great young players. if so than i can see ML very hard when starting with the default team. i would love this to happen. if transfers were made realy hard it would be the best ML. it would take ages for an all start team to be made whihc is what ive been waiting for in pes ML. y cant pes come out next week 🙁

  5. not-greg – thanks for taking your time to edit my post. i do froget to put paragraphs in my long post and jsut keep typing away. much appreciated 🙂

  6. Oh here we go ……..
    All over the t’interweb this morning im reading various reports from people who have the retail version of the game, that in contrast to the demo’s, speed has vastly increased, AI pressure is insane and that the catch up bug from last year is apparent!
    If this is the case then i will personally fly to japan and mount seabass’s head on a large stick!!!
    Why oh why would konami produce 2 demo’s and completely revamp the game, just to at the last minute, completely balls it all up !?!
    memories of last year are resurfacing and im not liking it.

  7. ali—you’re more then welcome, your mini-review was very well-written and more informative to me than any of the blizzard of forum postings I’ve seen over the weekend.

  8. Paul—yes, I’ve been following the developments very closely. I almost can’t look away. It’s a very familiar feeling to last year. The early rumbles are too consistent to be anti-PES/pro-FIFA partisan activity. So I wouldn’t discount the reports, particularly, but I wouldn’t take them to heart either. What can be an issue for one player can be trivial for another, as I proved with my stumble last year, and also with my love fr PES2010 the year before. Ultimately it’s not other people who play PES for us, but we ourselves.

    There is a way I could play PES2012—the full retail version—today and test it all out for myself, but of course I would never do such a thing. And I won’t be doing such a thing.

  9. how so??? pc version??
    I’ve tweeted Jon Murphy asking if hes aware of any major changes in speed etc to final release.

  10. Paul—the PC version (German, with English language text) has appeared in certain places and been confirmed as legitimate. So I hear. I won’t be dabbling with it, for more than one reason. There might come a point next year when I ask Konami for permission to use their registered trademark “PES” in a book title. Even if they say no (and they probably will say no), I’d like to maintain a certain professional appearance, and that couldn’t happen if they come for a look on my site and see me advocating or practising piracy of their game.

    I’m following the thread on EvoWeb where a few posters whose word I trust are discussing the pressure/speed issue. Other than that, I’ll be playing FIFA12 this week, and then waiting for October 12th.

  11. Good approach.
    I once asked Rockstar games if i could use the GTA logo for something, completely non commercial non profit, one off, and was bluntly refused.
    Im still irked that PES 1`2 comes out this friday yet w wont see it ehre for another 3 weeks almost(from today).
    I too shall be buying FIFA 12 on Friday and literally jumping straight into a career mode, to tide me over until Oct 12th/14th.

    On the subject of following the forums, the very fact that people are saying these things at all is a concern for worry.
    If its a repeat of last years demo/final release fiasco then that will be it. No more PES for me ever, that would be a step too far.

  12. Just had a reply from Jon Murphy.
    Retail code is identical to Demo #2.
    GK patch will be out for release. speed hasnt changed, neither has anything else. (that he’s aware of)

  13. Paul—good info, and: ooooh, look at you, swapping tweets with Mr PES UK himself!

    His answer is reassuring, but while the underlying code might be identical, the various dials related to passing and pressure etc could be changed. Right now we need to get our hands on the full game. Until I play it for myself I’m strangely detached from it all. Still interested enough to keep an eye on the forums though…

  14. To be fair Jon Murphy is pretty good at replying to fans questions, as long as its worded and delivered in a decent manner.
    lets just hope its all true and the forum naysayers are just over-negatising!

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