Seedorf Fortress

Before heading back to WE9LE, I wanted to finish my Champions League tournament with AC Milan on PES2011. 15-minute matches on Professional difficulty have shown me the best and worst of PES2011 all over again.

I won the thing, beating Marseille 3-0 in the final. Along the way I had a memorable 4-4 semi-final second leg against Inter. (I went through on away goals.)

Prior to that, in the quarter final, my opponents were Chelsea. Or London FC as they’re still called in the 360 copy of the game. (I refuse, on point of principle, ever to refer to PES2011 on the Xbox360 as another version of PES2011. It’s not. It’s exactly the same game that it is on PS3 and PC.)

The Chelsea/London FC matches were my most enjoyable since the opening match that I thought so highly of.

AC Milan’s squad is a large and impressive one. I was never short of quality players to replace blue- and purple-arrowed ones. Since the earliest days of ISS/PES, I have never taken to the field with blue-arrowed players unless I can help it.

One of my discoveries is that it’s great to play PES2011 with great teams and great players. I know: this is something that everybody who plays online discovered a long, long time ago. Welcome to the party, granddad. Etc.

Pato and Ibrahimovic have been my main strikers. In midfield, Pirlo and Flamini have excelled.

But my star player for the tournament would have to be the old man, Clarence Seedorf. As many readers will know, I love me some long-range shooting in PES. Seedorf’s real-life skills in that department have been very ably reproduced in PES2011.

The discovery of Seedorf has been a highlight. I’ve played him as a DMF in a midfield diamond, with Van Bommel dropping to the bench.

It’s as hard as ever to create the space to make the shot, and harder still to get it on target and use the right power, but when it comes off, it really comes off. This one is a bread and butter distance strike for me in PES2011:

I love the technique of the shot, the direction and slight bend on the ball, the way the net ripples, the goalie’s despairing dive…

And most of all, the context. The quarter final was a tight, tense affair, with a 1-0 win at my place followed by a 2-1 defeat at theirs. For the longest time I was 2-0 down and on the verge of elimination. Having never won a CL tournament on PES2011, I would have been disappointed. The above goal was the late, late away goal that clinched victory.

After the tournament was over I had time to mess about in the Master League menus. I was very tempted to set up a career with AC Milan, using the original squad. I should be able to breeze to a Treble in a few seasons, right? Maybe. Probably.

But no. I already have a perfectly fine ML career going in another football game entirely. I want to spend some quality time with it. So I leave PES2011 with a twinge of regret, and head back to WE9LE.


  1. Nice goal!
    Another session of my PES11 ML took place last night, it saw me crash out of the champions league in the first knock out round to Marseille.
    I lost the home leg 2-1 and was quite confident i could manage at least a 2 goal win in the second leg to go through, but oh no….
    I lost 3-1, sending me crashing out.
    2 of Marseille’s goals being 100% down to the absurdly awful player switching issue, not being able to take control of a defender 2 yards from the ball, which allowed the forward to walk in on goal unchallenged and score, both times.
    its beginning to leave me very frustrated and angry whereby it didnt bother me too much before.
    Theres about 8 games left of my current season, whether or not il venture into a 17th season is uncertain at the moment, might just find myself playing FIFA online for the remainder of the footy gaming year.

  2. Paul—wouldn’t it be a shame not to have some sense of completion from your ML after all these seasons? Even if you did quit it now—or play it so seldom that you don’t get much further this footy game-year—is it the longest ML career you’ve ever played?

    It sounds like FIFA11 is showing you its best side. For all my dismay at the auto-tackle sprint-clamp thing, I love how FIFA10 and FIFA11 move and handle, and dream of PES stealing the best of FIFA whilst retaining its essential PESness. That’ll always be the dream. I believe in this dream, I really do.

  3. superb goal! I was trying to sign Seedorf for my 3DS ML (where players are ageless) team, but no luck yet

    even in terms of FIFA’s movement and handling I still reckon there’s a bit of work to be done – compared to PES at its best there’s a certain lack of crispness and precision. Not to mention intertia and momentum. You don’t get the feeling that every touch and foot plant is crucial. Passing is the one area I reckon is excellent on FIFA

  4. abbeyhill—Seedorf is billed as a general midfielder but has been superb as a DMF for me. The DMF role is a classic PES position, as they see so much of the action and get a lot of long-range scoring opportunities. Mathieu, Bradley, Camacho, Prieto—all top, top DMFs for me down the years.

  5. …Garrincha, Karpin, Di Livio, Cellini – top, top, top DMFs for me….

  6. Not-Greg, Indeed this is the longst ML campaign ive ever played on any PES. PES10 regrettably didnt come out of the cellophane wrapper until september last year so only managed 2 seasons on that.
    I think I may have found a saving grace, I started a champions league tournament with Liverpool last night, playing 10 min matches but using the Broadcast camera angle.
    Absolutely loving the down low pitchside view this gives.
    Admittedly you dont see a lot of the pitch when the ball is on the nearside but it plays really nicely and really does look like a genuine tv broadcast.
    I plan to finish my current ML season using this camera, and from there ‘ll see how i feel about continuing on.

    I wouldnt even say im getting great joy from FIFA, i dont rush home wanting to play it, i just more joy from playing online than i do against the insanely congested pressure ridden AI.

  7. I’ve just won the Europa League with my new ML team, the epic game was the semis against Arsenal, lost the away leg 2-3 and then won the home leg 3-2 with a stoppage time ‘winner’ to take it to extra time. It was a spammy double tap cross and tap in but I was jumping round the room – scoring a winner like yours must have made it all the more jump-worthy.

    In my previous ML on 2011 Ogylan (from Blookrows(?)) was prob my all time fav DMF signed at 72ish OVR was at 95 OVR 4 years later class. Always the key role in my ML teams

  8. abbeyhill—I think it could safely be said that a DMF in PES is as classic and swashbuckling a role, in its own way, as the no. 10 is in South America.

  9. Paul—next time I’m on PES2011, I’ll give that Broadcast camera another ttry. The last time I looked was in PES2010, and I disliked the view of the action being restricted. That was only a brief look, though.

    And something curious has struck me for a while now: what we most love about PES and FIFA is the experience of controlling a match that looks like something we’re watching on television. The more closely-focused, sim-like football game modes (BaL and BaP etc.) are still relatively niche interests, and even at their best have never been as enjoyable to me as the Wide-cam, TV-style, all-team game. So our football games at their best are simulations of football as it’s seen on TV. An odd thing in many ways, that.

  10. Pete—all-time favourite DMF… a hard one. I’ll do a top 3—an entirely personal one, of course:

    1. Mathieu
    2. Bradley
    3. Prieto

    That name, Ogylan, is duly noted and added to the list. Not that I’m planning another PES2011 ML career—-there’s no time left this footy game year, even if I wanted to play one. I just like collecting DMF names.

  11. May have been Oglyan… something like that!!

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