The heat of the night

The past few days have been the first truly hot days of the English summer. My little laptop’s cooling fans have switched often into super-high-overdrive mode, and stayed there.

It all reminds me that, currently, I have become something of a PC gamer. Never thought I’d see the day…

I’m nearly at the end of season #1 in my ML career on Winning Eleven 9: Liveware Evolution.  I am playing as Standard Liege, using their original match squad. I’ve had enough of the Defaults for this year, thank you very much.

The patch I’m using is not ML-friendly at all. In fact, it’s a bit of a mess. However, as I remarked on Friday, I played many seasons of the limited ML in PES6(360) with great enjoyment. PES6(360)’s gameplay was great, arguably the best yet on a next-gen console. Its Master League was still good enough to captivate me. The same spirit is sustaining me in WE9LE.

In the mid-season negotiations I only picked up one new player. I tried for several, but missed out on many. A bit of naivete with the old-school negotiations window meant that I was making bids for players far above Standard Liege’s current stature. And then the time ran out.

Still, my one acquisition was a decent one: Aaron Lennon will be a welcome addition to a threadbare squad. My favoured formation is 4-3-3 with wide midfielders. Lennon will slot right in on the left.

I was in with a chance of clinching promotion at the first time of asking, which would have been the first time I’d done so in I don’t know how long.

I never, ever get promoted in my first season. I think I have to go all the way back to one of the very early PES games, PES2 or PES3, to find a year when I did get promoted first time. It’s one of the major differences between me and the majority of Master League aficionados, for whom I believe first-season promotions are the norm.

Sadly, it’s not to be this season. Not unless I can win my last few matches by a shedload of goals, and Copenhagen slip up. That is not impossible in a Konami football game, as we all know.

But it’s very unlikely as I just cannot score in WE9LE. Not yet, anyway

It’s still a new football game to me in so many ways. The chances are coming, but the conversions are not. The fan-made patch makes it very difficult to score from outside the box. In one four-match session there were no goals scored at all, either by me or by the AI.

The patched shooting in general feels a lot like PES2011, as it happens, which is no bad thing. PES2011’s shooting is one aspect of that game that I don’t think I have ever really moaned about.

I have no doubt that the goals will start to come. The familiar momentum that we all experience with football games will start to build.

Finally today, a short note about The Book.

After initially dashing off 6000+ words I paused to consider what I had, and didn’t like it. In style and content it was pretty much like a long blog post, which is not what I want to achieve.

I have now gone back to do a very detailed outline of the book’s content and consider precisely what I want to put in and leave out, instead of randomly chucking it all together as I go along.

I expect to resume actual writing in a week or so. It’s still on target for that October release.


  1. Have you got a guide on how to structure a book? I wouldn’t know where to start.

    The beauty of e-books is that you can update it after publishing right? That way you can keep to the October deadline and then maybe update with any late changes?

  2. Liam—there are plenty of how-tos out there about writing fiction/non-fiction, structure, pacing, and so on. Basically there are two schools of thought. One is to start writing almost at once with no more than a sketchy plan, fling lots of paint at the canvas, then whittle everything down and shape it up afterwards. The other is to meticulously plan everything in advance. I tried to do the former and am now trying the latter. Probably the plan won’t be very meticulous, just better than it was before. Somewhere in between the two schools.

    If I release it in October (I’m now thinking a week or two after PES2012’s release, as we’ll all be preoccupied with that) I’ll be able to update it any time with new content, yes, particularly stuff relating to PES2012 itself.

  3. Well at least you don’t have writers block!

    I’m actually reading a book based around a guy trying to put Ghost write an autobiography – there’s plenty of goo tips in the narrative to help the story along too! It’s called The Ghost by Robert Harris. It was made into a film last year I think.

    No mention of Pro Evo, but a cracking read with some good tips!

    I’m going to attempt another WE9LE session tonight. Hopes are low but I have to give it a shot!

  4. 4 wins from 5 goals, that’s pretty efficient! That 2 goals against column is a bit of a concern however, one every 6 games, reinforces my main reservation with PES5 (and its derivatives) that defending is too easy. Occasionally the AI pulls out an undefendable through ball, but it never really puts you under sustained pressure. Unlike, for example, PES 3DS, where you sometimes go through long periods of being under complete siege, leaving me clamping X + square (albeit not R as well!) in desperation as waves of attackers cut straight through the middle…

    Liam, so you’ve still not managed to install it yet? How far did you get – just as you reported on the ‘For the Winning Eleven’ thread?

  5. Liam—part of me regrets shooting my mouth off about writing a PES book, but I spoke up deliberately knowing it’d egg me on to do it!

  6. abbeyhill—many matches feature no goals at all. 0-0 has been the outcome of about 2/3rds of them this season so far. It’s hard for either side to score. The AI makes chances, as I do, but—more frequently than in other football games—often can’t finish them. The tweaked shooting is very, very particular, as you’ll have seen. I like it, with my only real worry about WE9LE being the future for ML.

  7. Hi guys, havent been around for 3 weeks, have been on holidays sunning myself so have missed out on lots of posts, so not suer what you’re playing or where your at with your footy gaming now NG.
    Have you been keeping up with the PES12 rumblings? what are your thoughts so far based on the impressions coming out of the E3 build?

  8. Abbeyhill, I gave it another go from scratch, aided by a step by step guide from not-Greg, but unfortunately its been to no avail. Tried again last night, but can’t even get the programme to open now and my lap top seems to be suffering as well. Gonna try and delete everything no longer needed and see if that helps

  9. Paul—I have been keeping up with PES2012 news, and today’s a big day with the WENB playtest impressions—I’m looking forward to their write-up and podcast later today, despite what I’m about to say.

    I haven’t mentioned PES2012 much in the posts or comments. I felt burned last year, with PES2011 sounding so great and then being so great in the demo.

    Alas, those last-minute twiddles introduced elements that, for me, ruined PES2011 as a football game. So I’m going to be sceptical no matter what emerges about PES2012. Because we have no guarantee at all that the game we play in October will be the game that’s being played this summer.

    Sorry to be a damp squib, but that’s how I feel… Hope you enjoyed your holiday 😉

  10. Liam—have you right-clicked the .exe and changed compatibility to Windows XP? That’s a common reason why XP-era games don’t start on Vista and Windows 7.

    Otherwise, start over. Uninstall everything. After uninstallation, manually delete the Documents>KONAMI>Winning Eleven and Program Files>KONAMI>Winning Eleven folders, if they’re still present. If you allow either of those folders to remain, your new attempt is unlikely to work.

    Ensure you’re starting completely from scratch, keeping just the downloaded game and patch files.

    With each step of the new installation, make sure your screen matches all the screenshots in the guide exactly. If your screen shows different files or folders, you’ve already gone wrong somewhere.

    You’ve had the game running, albeit with the wrong patch, so you know that it’s possible.

    I wonder if it could be a Vista problem. It’s unlikely IMO—poor old Vista has an undeserved bad reputation—but possible, I suppose. There’s nothing Vista-related that leaps out of’s technical support forum, but you could try asking in there, you never know.

  11. Yeah, like you said, i’ve had it running albeit with Korean language, so I don’t think it’s that. It won’t even load at all now.

    The attempt last night was following everything detail by detail – but I fear something has gone wrong with the actual lap top as it takes about 10 minutes to load up now.

    If I do ever get it to work,it will be a glorious day!

  12. Liam—I thought you said the game doesn’t load at all now—? What is it that is taking 10 minutes to load? Or do you mean your laptop’s boot-up time?

    If the latter, you won’t have harmed your machine by messing about so much with WE9LE. Even if you misclicked something or dragged something somewhere that it shouldn’t be, nothing should make your PC take 10 minutes to boot up. Run any system maintenance software you have (CCleaner, Spybot et al), perform shut down/restart, look in Task Manager for a CPU running at or near 100% and track down the culprit programs—you know, the usual Windows routine 😉

    If you want to skip all that, try doing a System Restore to a few days ago, before the PC problems began or even before you started trying to install WE9LE.

    The downloaded WE9LE files would still be there, but everything else will be as if it never happened. (Still double-check for stray folders in Documents and Program Files before trying any new installation attempt, though.)

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