Stumbling on

I’ve played another three matches in my Become A Legend career on PES2011. I am taking things quite easy at the moment. Mainly this is because my non-gaming life needs some quality attention right now. And it has to be said that PES2011 just winds me up too much nowadays for it to withstand more frequent play.

Oh, there’s no doubting the game’s many good qualities. I got a good few months and a good few hundred hours out of it. But when I think of PES2011 in years to come, this will be what I think of first:

That’s the stumble animation. I’m thoroughly sick of it.

In BaL it’s especially bothersome. It takes your player out of the game for a few precious seconds. It effectively wrecks whatever idea you had of getting into the box or whatever. Opposing players only have to brush past you to trigger it. You don’t have to be clattered. The slightest clip—as in the above example—will set it off.

Training up Body Balance won’t help, in my view. The stumble seems to be an integral part of PES2011’s gameplay. It’s one of the factors that drove me away from Master League, where my top-rated superstars frequently went careening around the pitch like marionettes.

I am still enjoying BaL enough for me to want to carry on with PES2011. I do have plenty of other football gaming options available to me, and  might end up taking one of them. But that’s something for a rainy day.

It’s the back-end of season 3. My current club, Catania, are an upper-mid-table kind of team. We have no chance of finishing in the top 3 and qualifying for next season’s Champions League, which I managed to pull off with my previous club, Willem II in Holland, two seasons in a row. The standard is much higher in Italy.

Of my three matches I lost 1, won 1, and drew 1, in that order. It was an interesting session.

The defeat was unavoidable, a nightmare game where I seemed to just twist on the spot looking for the ball and not finding it.

In the win, I scored both our goals. The first was a routine tap-in. I enjoyed the second, which came after a free kick. I went on a speculative run to the centre, feeling that if I did, the ball would come. I took a smart first-time shot and placed the ball neatly into the bottom corner:

Oh, yes, the defender obviously had to send me into a partial post-goal stumble, just to get at me even more.

I also scored in the drawn match, another tap-in. Still, they all count, and my haul of three goals in three games is one of my best-ever ratios. I’d like to keep it up.

Sadly, only getting that one win has seen us drop out of the European spots. We’re still in with a very good shout of finishing high enough to make it—but it could be close.


  1. Just played PES 2011 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.
    Quite impressive!!! and a full Master league mode.
    When you turn the 3D effect off as well it actually makes the ‘flat’ picture look very crisp and very good graphics, a high end PS2 equivalent id say.
    Much better than the previous NDS.

  2. Paul—Sounds great, how is the 3DS 3D-effect, overall?

    I’ve been tempted all week to get a 3DS, as I know I will get one eventually, so why not now? But no, PES2011 on its own is not enough to tempt me among a very weak launch-day list of games. And I’ve no time at the moment. I know the thing would get maybe an hour’s play from me today and then gather dust for a day or two. Then another snatched hour, then another gap of another day or two…

    The one I’m really looking forward to is the NGP this Autumn. I’ve still got a lot of time for the much-maligned PSP. The next-gen PSP is something I’ll make sure I’ve got on day 1. I bet PES will be great on it too, but there’d better be none of this stumbling nonsense.

  3. WAs quite impressed by the 3D effect to be fair.
    Its mnuch more noticable in player cam mode, you can really get a sense of the space betwen players and how far away players are etc.
    Wide cam still looked good just not as 3D-eccentric.
    The num circular cushioned joypad on the 3DS feels very nice too.
    even in 2D mode it looked and played like a souped up modernised PES6 on PS2.

  4. Paul—good to hear that—and does the 3D effect hurt your eyes, give you a headache?

  5. I only played for 5 mins mate so can’t really say but it didn’t affect me at all. You have a slider to alter the 3d effect so can always tone it down if it wears on you.
    Even in ‘flat’ 2D the screen and gfx were very sharp and a big improvement on the NDS.

  6. I think it will be a long while until I get a 3DS. Maybe Santa will bring it for me at xmas.

    Yes I believe in him!

    Where else do the presents come from?

  7. Paul—I’ve warmed and cooled towards the idea of getting a 3DS now. I hear good and bad reports, but the ones that stick in my mind are the ones that describe the 3DS as really just a newer, better DS that happens to have a 3D capability. I will pick one up later in the summer after my OU course is out of the way. It’ll be my reward. And hopefully a few more games will be out by then. I like the look of PES and the Rainbow Six game, but nothing else right now.

  8. The Dribbler—there aren’t enough games right now to justify getting a 3DS in my view. Is this the weakest launch line-up for a major new console ever?

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