The oldest winger in town

Above is the current League table in my BaL career in PES2011. I’ve played another 2 matches since Monday’s post—both of them very enjoyable, I have to say. I haven’t wanted to play any more than that. I’m satisfied by the current schedule. At this rate I should finish this career just in time for PES2012.

Both matches were away from home. Playing away is often a formidable prospect in PES2011 due to the game’s infamous balancing protocols. In both matches I was the only player on a red form arrow. Most of my teammates were on green or blue. The opposition were all on oranges and reds.

Fixture 1 was against Cagliari. We went 0-1 down inside the first 15 minutes, to a well-taken goal from the AI. One thing I have noticed in PES2011 is the AI’s propensity to shoot from distance. A Cagliari striker was put through 30 yards out and took a speculative shot with my keeper off his line. The ball sailed over his head into the net. It was the kind of goal I’d have been delighted to score myself.

Just before half time I played a few simple passes around the Cagliari box, and finally laid it off to Maxi Lopez, who slotted it home for our deserved equaliser. Maxi Lopez is to Catania what my old buddy Sheotahul was to Willem II: just a very reliable striker. The match ended 1-1.

Fixture 2 was against Juventus. They were above me in the table, with a cushion of 7 points too. I figured it was my last chance to haul myself up into the Champions League positions. Lose or draw this match, I thought, and there would be just too much ground to make up.

Again I went 0-1 down early on. This time it wasn’t a good AI goal, but one of the bad kind. The kind that comes from the 5th AI corner in suspicious sequence—where you feel that the AI won’t stop getting corners until the goal has come.

I feel that the PES2011 AI blatantly forces goals from corners, much more so than its predecessors (also guilty, to a lesser extent). It’s all part of the scripting that is the beating heart of Pro Evolution Soccer. I know this isn’t a widely shared view. But I know I’m right! In the same way that the faithful know God, I know that dark shenanigans go on under the hood of PES.

Anyway—once again I came back to 1-1, and again I laid on the killer pass, again for Maxi Lopez. Game on, I thought.

Did I mention that Juve still have Del Piero in 2013, in my BaL world? In traditional PES fashion, he’s still the best player in the world at the age of 50 or whatever he is. Just when I got back into the game, he sprang into life. Two mazy dribbles from the wing later, and Juve were 3-1 up. There was no coming back from that.

And that was my slim chance of reaching a Champions League spot gone. I’ll do well enough just to finish in a Europe League spot now. I’ll settle for that.


  1. A sign of the times or rather, with the state of this years game for you to be happy with only playing 2 games every other day.

    out of curiosity, when you have ventured back into ML over the last few weeks, what game speed and match length are you playing on?

  2. MENTALITY and TEAMWORK are somewhat hidden X-factors in matches that I think can be mistaken for “scripting”. Player performance is not all about controller input. Don’t get me wrong–I’ve logged hundreds of hours in ML and have seen all the shenanigans possible (there are most definitely glitches). Player switching is far and away the biggest issue for me.

    Keep up the good writing.

  3. Player switching is first and foremost the biggest most essential fix Konami need to address!!
    apart from all the obvious issues like having to drag a player from 30yds away to get a ball when there is a player 2 yards away but you cant switch to him….
    0-0 last night in a tight game, against a better team, ball comes into my box and bounces lose amongst a meleé of players, i press the clearance button but as the game had switched to a player nowhere near the ball, my player just slide tackled a random cpu player and gave a penalty away!!!

  4. Paul—I have had various things going on this week and last. That OU course I’ve been doing has entered a very time-intensive phase, and it’s not over yet. Lots of reading and essay-writing, and I’ve chosen to reduce my PES playing time to get it all done. That would have been unthinkable to me before this year. So yes, a sign of the times indeed 🙁

    I’ve played my ML mini-sessions on Top Player, 10 mins, -1 speed. They haven’t been bad, as such, just not good enough or trouble-free enough to tempt me back.

  5. KillerChelsea—it’s the degree to which player stats, teamwork, mentality etc. affect your controller input that determines everything else, and I feel that this year the delicate balance is all out of whack. The wandering side backs is a good example of a game feature that’s hard coded, nothing to do with team settings. I’ve tried ’em all! I’m used now to seeing my SBs popping up at centre forward positions.

  6. i used to love juventus in pes 06 and 2008. i thought they were the best team. buffin in goal, nedved and del piero all at there peaks. i never lost with them against anyone :D. i do miss the teams in pes 06 and 2008, they just seem a bit better than teams in pes 2011. mabey its because of the difficult shooting or fast players not being able to outpace defenders. i would like to play pes 06 again but i no agains the AI its going to end up with a stupid score line where i destroy the AI.
    ive almost completly stoped playing pes. hvent played in a while now. i just feel it takes forever for your BAL to get good stats. it hardly seems to go up after a guessing once i complete what i wnt to do on other games ill com bakto pes and finish BAL. hopfully the move to marseille will help.

  7. ali—I’ve finally got my not-Greg player up to 68OVR and it does seem to have taken forever. My ‘proper’ back-screen stats, though, are much more healthy. Remember in the old days how we judged a forward player mostly by his Attack stat? Mine’s currently 74—not too bad at all for a 20-year-old, and the other stats are okay too. So the OVR rating can be more than a bit misleading.

  8. my BAL is 74 overall i think. sopmwhere in the low 70’s but he still dosnt play that good. he has got som individual stats in 80 mark. it may be a while before i strt playing pes again but i can only manage 3-4 games in a row. before i was willing to play a whole virtual month before changing game or turning ps3 of.

  9. ali—I’m right there with you in the same “can take it or leave it” boat with PES2011 just at the moment. And I don’t think this is going to change for me. I’ve had dozens of little ML sessions since I ‘gave up’ and the spark hasn’t rekindled yet.

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